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Werner 22 ft. Aluminum Telescoping Multi-position Ladder 300 lb. Load Capacity $125 Free Shipping HD

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12/5/13 7:58 AM
Thanks. got one $125 - $10 + Tax. Because there was not available online so can not get the free shipping, I had to order online and pickup in store last night..
Try to use my Home Depot Card to get 5% discount when order online, but no way to ask (enter). Called Home Depot online customer service and spoke with 3 different department persons. At the end I was told the 5% discount with†Home Depot Card only for store purchasing.

Few days ago, I went Home Depot and bought something with my Home Depot Card (2nd time use. Applied the†Home Depot Card and got 5% discount when bought a refrigerator 2 weeks ago.), but did not get 5% discount, asked the cashier, she said I had to ask 5% discount before scan the item. Waited in line 10+ minutes and the representative said no more 5% discount. †Spoke with the store manager, finally canceled the purchasing and re-bough the items with 5% discount. I like Lowes, automatically get 5% discount on Lowes card purchasing† without asking the 5% discount.
12/5/13 10:16 PM
Ordered one yesterday with $10 off coupon = $115.

Picked up today, then returned/re-bought with Harbor Freight 25% off coupon = $86.25 ($115 * .75) + tax. †
12/9/13 11:09 PM
Still in stock, great deal.
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