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Get a Starbucks reward Star when sending a GC - combine w/ holiday dash today

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12/4/13 2:17 PM
Starbucks.com posted a new promo, get a Star for your rewards account when you send someone a gift card.

Anyone who has not yet gotten all their stars for the holiday dash promo that ends today, can get an easy star toward a $5 or $10 gc.

Starbucks Coffee Company [ image/jpeg - 55.21kB ]
12/4/13 2:17 PM
12/4/13 2:33 PM
<oops, never mind!>
12/4/13 2:49 PM
Thanks OP. It worked.

All these Starbucks hot deals... I have $66 on my Starbucks card, mostly my own money. Haha.
12/4/13 2:49 PM
I'm still 3 stars shy of a $5 reward, so I think I won't be getting it. BUT, I did send an e-gift card and there was a message that the first 75,000 who send e-gifts using a Visa will get a free $5 egift for themselves.
12/4/13 2:53 PM
FYI, you can use your existing gift card balance to send a gift card to yourself and then remerge balance.

Basically get a free star.
12/4/13 3:12 PM
Thanks for posting.  I was 1 star short of the $5 GC, so it worked out great.
12/4/13 3:14 PM
Is there a link?  I logged into my account but do not see it.
12/4/13 3:21 PM
summer2005 said:   

Is there a link?  I logged into my account but do not see it.

  Look at the bottom of your rewards page.  

Dec 4 – Dec 10
Let us show you around a while and turn your clicks into rewards. Consider it a little motivation to get to know us better. Complete the tasks below and earn more from My Starbucks Rewards. Check back frequently to see what’s up next because we always have something new. Your reward, our pleasure.
12/4/13 3:24 PM
never got the holiday dash, and I sent a GC on Monday. Sucks that they put this out now. AFAIK, the bonus GC is only one per account so I cannot send a GC to someone else and get another $5 eGC.
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