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AT&T Unlimited Family Messaging - $20/mo YMMV

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1/8/14 6:22 PM
First time poster, but I did a quick search and didn't see anything about this.

I just had a 6 month promotion expire with AT&T which was listed as 'Promotion for FT Msging Unl with Mobile to Any Mobile Calling'. This was essentially $30 off per month, and took my 2 line family account total from $146/mo to $116/mo. If you've never had this promotion, you may be able to get it added via retentions (I did live chat, and they had a retention representative call me back and tell me it was applied to my account within 45 mins. It was a very easy process)

However, they only allow this promotion to be applied once every 12 months. Since they couldn't renew this promo for me, I was offered $20/mo unlimited messaging on my family account instead of the usual $30/mo, and they said that it is good for the life of the account. I was also instructed to call back in 6 months and they could re-add the 'free family talk for 6 month' promotion. Hope this saves somebody some cash - thanks for reading
1/8/14 6:22 PM
AT&T Unlimited Family Messaging [ image/jpeg - 25.56kB ]
1/8/14 6:34 PM
I'm getting a $10 Credit every month & I'm not completely sure why, this might explain it. I call & complain about everything once a month, it lowers the bills.
1/8/14 7:52 PM
I use StraightTalk and have unlimited talk,text ,mms and 2.5gb LTE data on att network
1/8/14 8:18 PM
AT&T is ripping off its customers. Use T-Mobile $50 everything unlimited with no f$%$% contract.
1/8/14 8:26 PM
I have this promotion already. They applied it even before I renewed my contract.

I did renew my family contract, and the breakeven point with new phones is in 24 months.

ATT has a better network than T Mobile in some parts of the country, so T M is good for some but not everyone.

OP: Did you speak with the retention department? Now that I am under contract again, I wonder if I can get that monthly discount.
1/8/14 8:47 PM
Yeah the live chat person had someone from retentions call me, and it only took a couple minutes to get the deal. The funny thing is how he tried to make it hush-hush... he actually said 'If anyone asks you, you pay $30/mo for your family messaging, this $20 rate is a special rate for you'. Which I'm sure is what he tells everyone, but obviously those who don't call in are just paying the 'grandfathered' $30/mo rate without realizing it.
1/8/14 9:56 PM
sleepygaint said:   

AT&T is ripping off its customers. Use T-Mobile $50 everything unlimited with no f$%$% contract.

That's what I thought after being with AT&T for nearly 3 yrs. I went from 3 family basic phones (only one with 200 texts) for $95/mo with AT&T ...

To Smartphone ($250 cost to me) with 250 min/mo, unlimited texting, $25/mo plan (no contract) & 2 WalMart phones with 1200 min for a year for $80/ea (phones included)

Ended up saving around $40/mo (for at least the next 2 years) over my old $95/mo AT&T plan when all was said and done.
1/9/14 4:05 AM
why why why
if you using a android phone, install Google Voice.
it lets you send and receive texts for FREE!
1/9/14 8:39 AM
Google Voice is available for iOS too. While text messaging works between phones Google Voice does not receive text messages from other sources... like getting a text from Amazon to track a shipment, or being notified by an airline for change in a flight's status. I wish they'd change that, and then Google Voice would be perfect!
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