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Wireless FM Transmitter Car Audio iphone mp3 players Meritline today $7.85 shipped.

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2/7/14 1:08 PM
I had to buy one of these today-fm transmitter It got 24 good reviews and was only $7.85. It's rechargable through a usb port.
I'm thinking of coupling it with this deal it's a $4.50 charger  (use  promo code PAYDEALS = $4.49-----tnx sd)

If everything works good, I saved myself $50 on a fm transmitter from a name brand. (I only paid $18 bucks for my Sansa mp3 player, so it didn't make sense to pay more for the transmitter.)
2/7/14 1:09 PM
fm transmitter [ image/jpeg - 38.96kB ]
2/9/14 1:04 PM
In my view, FM is not the way to go. Even at more cost, direct connect is so much better.
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