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Ansmann Energy 8, One of the best battery chargers ever, made in Germany! $42.99 + ship.

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2/10/14 10:28 PM
Ansmann Energy 8 Plus Battery Charging & Maintenance Device for 1 to 6 AAA or AA Cells, 1 to 4 C or D Batteries & 1 to 2pcs 9V Batteries, 5207442/USManufacturer Part # 5207442/US

  • Features:

    • Suitable for NiMH/NiCd rechargeable batteries
    • Charging currents: 1000mA for Mignon AA, Baby C and Mono D cells, 400mA for Micro AAA cells and 60mA for 9V E-Blocks
    • Capacity quick test of the inserted cells for approx. 5 seconds
    • Auto-diagnosis of the inserted cells with automatic start of a refreshing process and/or pre-charging process, if required
    • Microprocessor controlled charging
    • Five-way over charging protection
    • Individual supervision of each cell position
    • Battery status of each charging slot is displayed by an LED
    • Faulty cell detection
    • Alkaline battery detection, revere polarity protection
    • Trickle charge
    • Switch mode power supply for world wide use (100-240V)
    • 3 year warranty

2/10/14 10:28 PM
Ansmann Energy 8 [ image/jpeg - 38.10kB ]
2/10/14 10:39 PM
$50 at the 'Zon

Good, albeit mixed reviews. Not having an LCD display to show capacity is a drag. Personally still prefer the LaCrosse for more informative charging.
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