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Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Refurb - $259.99 FS - Canon Store

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3/6/14 8:24 AM

Great deal if you missed the new one bundled with a calculator for ~$300 from Adorama.

If you're considering this versus a 55-250mm IS II, I'd recommend the 70-300. I think the 55-250mm is great for the price, but I'd tell you to pay the extra $100 (right now) to get the better lens. Note that this one will be bigger and heavier. It's not an L, but I think it'll get the job done for most people. (Personally, I'd love to buy the 70-300 L someday.)
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3/6/14 8:24 AM
lens [ image/jpeg - 46.67kB ]
3/6/14 2:38 PM
I recently purchased the Adorama deal for $301, so I have both 55-250 and 70-300 for the time being.

Everything OP says is true, I'd just reiterate the 70-300 is a fair bit larger, and I'll wager it weighs twice as much as the 55-250.
This might be important if the user plans on carrying it all day, or is of smaller stature, like a youngster.
Otherwise a great lens at a super price.
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