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Google Play 2nd birthday deals

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3/6/14 7:53 PM
3/6/14 7:53 PM
Happy Birthday: Celebrate Google Playís second birthday with this goodie bag of great deals! Be our guest and join the storewide party by picking up these limited-time gifts, from movies and music to exclusive offers on apps, games and e-books. Enjoy!† by the Google Play Team†

Badland† (by Frogmind, + 50% discount and a new menu theme, free)†
Dr. Seussí Green Eggs and Ham (by Oceanhouse Media, Inc., $0.99)
Dr. Seussí Oh, the Places You'll Go! (by Oceanhouse Media, Inc., $0.99)
Dr. Seussí The Cat in the Hat (by Oceanhouse Media, Inc., $0.99)
Dr. Seuss's ABC (by Oceanhouse Media, Inc., $0.99)†
Dr. Seussí One Fish Two Fish (by Oceanhouse Media, Inc., $0.99)
FIFA 14† (by EA Inc, + win an exclusive tournament to score Gold Players Premium Pack + 5000 coins, free)†
Heroes of Dragon Age (by EA Inc, free)†
QuizUp (by Plain Vanilla Games Corp, free)†
Royal Revolt 2 (by flaregames, + exclusive levels, free)
The Hunger Games Adventures (by Funtactix, + $5 in-game credit, free)†
The Sims FreePlay (by EA Inc, + 50% off Adopt a Toddler, free)†

Grumpy Cat (by Grumpy Cat, $1.99)†
Inside Game of Thrones (by Bryan Cogman, official companion book with set photos, storyboards, insider stories, etc. $3.03)†
Sherlock Holmes Handbook (by Ransom Riggs, a readerís companion, $3.03)††

Marshmallow Madness: Dozens of Puffalicious Recipes (by Shauna Sever, $3.03)†
Tartine (by Elisabeth Prueitt of the famous SF bakery, $3.03)††

Entertainment Weekly (50% off annual subscription, weekly guide, $2.99)
Every Day with Rachael Ray (50% off subscription, $1.99)†
Family Circle (50% off annual subscription, $1.99)
InStyle (50% off annual subscription, $1.99)†

Amazing Spider-Man (Action & Adventure, $7.99)†
Bad Grandpa (Comedy, HD, 50%, $3.99)
Big (Comedy, digital HD, free)
Cupcake Wars (Season 7, $0.99)†
Duck Dynasty (Season 5, $9.99)†
Real Housewives of NYC (last 4 seasons of the show 60% off, $6.99)†
Red 2 (Action & Adventure , HD, was $8.99, now $3.99)†
Regular Show (Season 8, Episode 1, Mar 3, 2014, free)†
Star Trek Into Darkness (Sci-Fi & Fantasy, 50% off HD, $9.99)†
The Dark Knight Rises (Action & Adventure, conclusion to the modern Batman trilogy, $6.99)
The Great Gatsby (Drama, 50% off, $6.99)
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Action & Adventure , extended version, 50% off, $6.99)
The Real Housewives of New Jersey (1st season, full season, $4.99)†
World War Z (Drama, $9.99)†

50 Cent "In Da Club" (MP3 single, free)
Bee Gees "Saturday Night Fever" (MP3 album, $3.99)
Black Sabbath "Paranoid" (MP3 album, $3.99)†
Icona Pop "I Love It (feat. Charli XCX)" (MP3 single, free)
Jay-Z "The Blueprint" (MP3 album, $3.99)†
Prince "Let's Go Crazy" (MP3 single, free)†
Notorious BIG "Greatest Hits" (MP3 album, $3.99)
Google Play 2nd birthday deals [ image/jpeg - 298.07kB ]
3/6/14 8:01 PM
We will never see .10 apps again. I heard Google lost their butts on credit card processing fees!
3/6/14 9:15 PM
Pretty lame choices from what I see
3/6/14 9:30 PM
Definitely considering Biggie. My love for him knows no bounds. I have Spotify but gah...
3/6/14 10:03 PM
Disappointing almost beyond belief
3/6/14 10:45 PM

a. Microsoft
b. Google
c. Apple
d †All the above.

No longer a round block among square holes, all are square now.
3/6/14 10:45 PM
Badlands for $1.99 is the only thing worth it. It's an awesome game.

Buy that, then close the tab. There is nothing else worth considering.
3/6/14 10:54 PM
Doctor Suess books for a buck, that's not a bad deal. †All these years later, I still love me some Green Eggs and Ham, and The Cat In The Hat, why, he's as large an American hero as Huck Finn! †Or so it seems to me.

Good deal on those, but that is all that I saw that blew my skirt up at all.

Thx for posting, OP.

3/7/14 12:10 AM
If I didn't already spend my hard time and missed phone calls downloading those albums back in 1999-2002, I might have considered buying some of those albums.
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