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REBATE NOW UP! FAMIR up to $20 ZANTAC 50ct+ (free at CVS or RA after all offers) PRINT Q NOW!

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6/29/14 2:13 AM
vickh said:   

web form contact link??

Call them, you'll get great customer service, they escalated my claim and said the brand manager was personally going to talk to the fulfillment center. 1-800-243-0127
I wouldn't waste my time with the web contact form, it was a 3 week wait that led to a 2nd denial letter and me calling them in the end. https://www.bi-druginforequest.com/contactUsWeb/Controller.jpf?c...

7/2/14 12:13 PM
Got the $20 check yesterday
9/8/14 3:56 PM
Never received my rebate. Good luck if you try.
9/8/14 4:05 PM
I received it back in July
10/28/14 9:41 AM
I am so tired of trying to find the 20.00 dollar refund form.
I've even tried to down load the form and NO luck.
This is absolutely absurd.
Last protocol I've emailed and sent a response to the company about this and to please just mail the form to me!!!!!
10/28/14 9:46 AM
Hello there, how did you get your refund form for the 20.00 refund? I've searched and searched and also tried to download it but no luck here. Today I replied to the company for a request to please just mail one to me.
10/28/14 10:40 AM
save yourself the cash by not eating fast food. *boooooooya*
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