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check your local stores
100 Unit Airtime Card DB0104K $9.88
260 Unit Airtime Card DB0260K $19.88
Tracfone Nokia 252 Cellular Phone TF252CF $9.88
tracfone at compusa

Mostly out of stock in the Bay Area...

Too bad...

Awesome! There are still a few 100-minute cards left at the Santa Clara CA store.

Figures...there's some 100 and 260 minute cards left at my local store, but they're out of the phones!

I'm not sure if this is a regular service, but my CompUSA offers to transfer OOS items from near-by stores if in stock. It takes a few days, but you'll get it.

I looked on the Tracfone website and did a google search and can find nothing on these 2 cards that seem like such good deals:

100 Unit Airtime Card DB0104K $9.88
260 Unit Airtime Card DB0260K $19.88

All the other cards start out with TFxxxxx

Why does a 100 minute card cost $2 more than a 10 minute card? I would have my brother in Boise buy me a dozen of these if I was sure they work on my son's Nokia 252 Tracfone.

Can you buy the cards now and activate them later? They say you need to
purchase and activate every 60 days, but it seems like I could load up
on the 260 cards and activate them every 60 days. Is this true?

OMG!!!!! this is such a good deal!
I called the number they give you online 1800-8 direct
they research if available in your area, mine was out but they did tell me who had them. I called a store 130 miles away who will ship it to my store right away and hold for me!
thankyou so much!

Anyone know what CUSA, PM policy is? I bought 2 of the 260 cards a couple days before Christmas for 49.88 each....Can I get the credit for the price change? I checked the website it states 14 days for competitors....but what about themselves?

BTW: The Nokia 252 phones do not work in many areas despite what the website says. The 252 is an analog phone and would not work in the area I was sending it for use(Miami) Only the digital Nokia 5165 will work in most areas now. You might want to call Tracfone before buying the Nokia 252 to make sure it will work in your area.

Also: You could try PM'ing staples on the 100 unit card, The 260 card will be hard to find anywhere. Most places like OD, Best Buy and staples still carry the 100 unit card for 49.95. Good Luck!

Wow! Instock for me! RUN!!! <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-cool.gif"border=0><img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-shocked.gif"border=0>

hussaro..who did you talk to? I tried to call one of the stored about 100 miles from me to see if they would do that and got this guy from across the country telling me that they don't do that anymore..<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-mad.gif"border=0>

Northeast Ohio- Beachwood has them. Just picked up 3 cards. Guy behind the desk couldn't believe the price. You need to go to the corporate pick-up desk and ask for them specifically.... whassup rocks!

Anyone know what CUSA, PM policy is?

On the other hand, CompUSA had a special return policy for purchases made up to roughly a month before Christmas that extended the terms of the return to 14 days after Christmas (check your receipt for details). By my calculation that period ended yesterday, but your local store may be willing to work with you.

Thanks for the info....I went to one store that was not willing to do the PM with the new lower price, they were also out of Tracfone cards....I went closer to home and tried another store and they returned and resold without a problem. They were also OOS on Tracfone cards. But they did mess up on my return. At the orginal time I bought the cards, I also bought a Sony 802.11b card that was 49.88 on clearance, they returned all of my transaction including the Sony card and resold to me at the new Tracfone price of 19.88......Yeah for me.

Hey, I got a few - Whassup Rocks! Does Fatwallet still do the MVP thing?

Anyways, they sold them to me and I am wondering if they were supposed to activate them by swiping them or something, like how WalMart swipes calling cards? They pulled them out of the secret room by Corporate pickup and sold them to me at the register.


I bought two of these tracfones at Compusa Sunday, I have spent 3 days and countless hours on the phone trying to get one activated, still no luck. I will be returning them tomorrow, not worth all the trouble.
Racin66<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-mad.gif"border=0>

It's very easy to activate the phone over the web...
matter of fact, they give you 10 free minutes

Racin66, I would like to buy one of your phones, please private message me!


Don't forget the $30 rebate (include in the nokia 252C tracfone box)if you keep your service activated for 90 days- that way you actually make $20 off the deal- I got the nokia 252 and a 260 minute card for $30 bucks- after activating online I got a total of 320 minutes (the 260 card gives you 300 minutes somehow!) and 90 days of service- after rebate its all free!!!!!! Another great fatwallet deal

Anyone know if these are active right away from CompUSA or are they supposed to activate them somehow? I would hate to mail them out to someone and they not be active...

Please heed my warning I stated above BEFORE buying the Nokia 252:

The Nokia 252 phones do not work in many areas despite what the website says. The 252 is an analog phone and would not work in the area I was sending it for use(Miami) Only the digital Nokia 5165 or 5180i will work in most areas now. You might want to call Tracfone before buying the Nokia 252 to make sure it will work in your area.

I just called my brother in Boise and he went down to CompUsa and bought 6 100 minute cards for me. Said he was hesitant to bring them to the register because they still were marked $49.95 each <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0> Did say he left 3 or 4 there for the next guy who comes along....

I just wonder if I should have had him buy more. I purchased the phone for my teenage son - an emergency phone to call home if he needs to or for us to contact him if need be. $8.00 for 10 minutes made it too expensive for any other use - but $10 for 100 minutes starts making it almost affordable <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0>

Thanks Whassup for the headsup on this one

Yeah, these are a great deal! Thanks Whassup!

<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif"border=0><img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-tongue.gif"border=0><img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-cool.gif"border=0> Woo Hoo! Just got back from my CompUSA with 5 of these babies!! The lady took them out of the locked cabinet, walked me to the register, watch them ring the cards up and then asked, how did you know these were marked down?! LOL

Thanks OP! Great deal!

Yeah, I've learned that when you find a deal at CompUSA - you buy, get out, and throw it in your car asap. If you want to shop for more, you can - just after you put them in the car. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0>

I hate to repeat the question, but they never did anything to activate mine. Did anyone else's cards need swiping or activation after they bought the card? I am going to be sending these out to a Tracfone user (for a modest profit!) and just want to make sure that they are active already.


RedHot - the owner of the tracfone MUST active the cards themselves because the minutes can only be assigned to one phone.

Of course, I meant activate the card in the sense of:

Is the card ready to use in a tracfone phone as soon as you buy the card? I am assuming so, and that's why CompUSA keeps the cards in the back room locked away.

Motorola Tracfone now only 4.88 at Compusa.. comes with 10 mins free.. and 30$ rebate.. make 25$!

282549 is the sku

What really sucks is that you can't get the rebate til you activate the phone, and I can't activate the phone 'cause there's no lines available in the Twin Cities for this phone....

What is the UPC number for the Nokia 252C cellular phone?
Is the UPC printed directly on the box or on a label glued to
the box? I can't seem to find it.

Combine the 260 Unit Airtime Card with Nokia 252 which comes
with a $30 MIR and you get the following:
- 120 days of tracfone service.
- 290 minutes(if activate and register through web)
for almost free.

>>Is the card ready to use in a tracfone phone as soon as you buy the card? <<

Yep! Just scratch off the serial number on the back and enter it inat the Tracfone website, or callthe automated CS phone number to activate it anytime. There is no expiration date as to when you need to activate a card by.
So you can wait and do it when they give a good promo to go with it. Check the website for promos.


Will staples or Office Depot price match these?

Thanks, Whassup, got the 100s and took a friend who bought the Tracfone and the 100s. He wants to know what this Fat Wallet is! There were 5 Nokia 252s left for $10 and 10 260 minute cards left for $20 when we left the McAllen, TX CompU yesterday, Thursday, Jan 10.

hi, I also bought 2 100 unit airtime from compusa, how about the expiration of this kind of card, i cannot find any info from the card

Thanks a ton. Great deal. Picked up 6 100 minute cards and one 260 minutes. My GF thought I was getting greedy.<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif"border=0>

tell her if they lasted this long, no one was going to get them. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0> So they were all yours!

Thanks for the info , I went to a Compusa in St Louis they had 2 of the 260 cards for 19.88 and some 30 minute cards for 4.88. Also they had 2 of the 252c phones left and 2 of the 282c flipphones. The 282c flip phone was clearanced to 19.88 but the cashier couldnt find a bar code on the box to scan and just let me have it for the 9.88 price of the 252c.

Got the phone but was not able to get any of the cards. The closest one that had them was 100 miles away, which I was going to drive to, except they are already gone.

If anyone has extra 100 or 260 cards they want to sell at a premium to me let me know.

It appears that the cards are selling on eBay at the rates:

100 min for $32.50
260 min for $52.50

Plus or minus some. Post in the for sale board that you are looking to buy, and if your rates are like the amounts above, I am sure you will get a seller.


Wait, the 30 minute ones were on sale too? The website has them at $19.99..

Skipping 71 Messages...
LOOKS like eBay didnt like him either get*it*now*now8 Not a registered user!!! This guy needs some help bad!!!

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