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Official "Store Coupons & Clearance" Master Thread

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2/4/10 4:36 PM
In order to make these official threads more accessible and easily found, I have compiled a non-comprehensive list of "Official Threads" found in Hot Deals. We will be doing our best to keep these threads current and up-to-date, but please feel free to add to the quick summary with coupon codes not listed by clicking the edit button in the box below this message. Also please let us know if you are aware of a coupon that is no longer valid. For stores that we have a relationship with, we've been able to set up a special area of the quick summary to auto-update with all the latest codes provided directly to us.

Advance Auto Parts Coupon Thread 

Alibris Coupon Thread  (Thanks to purduephotog)

Barnes & Noble Coupon Thread  (Thanks to canydavid)

Bath & Body Works Official Coupon Thread 

Chuck E. Cheese's Coupon Thread  (Thanks to ahecht)

Clinique Coupon Thread  (Thanks to turtlebug)

Dell Home Coupon Thread 

Dell Small Business Coupon Thread

Designer Purse Deal Master Thread

e.l.f. Cosmetics Coupon Code Thread 

Fry's Electronics FAR Thread  (Thanks to Elric428)

Godaddy Promo Code Thread  (Thanks to groundctrl)

Harbor Freight Coupon Thread  (Thanks to MrLateNite)

HP Home Coupon Thread 

J Crew Discount Code Thread  (Thanks to noidyho)

JCPenney Coupon Thread  (Thanks to leeese)

Kindle with Special Offers - Promo Thread  (Thanks to 116sloppyjoe116)

Kmart & Sears Coupon Thread  (Thanks to Elric428)

Kohl's Coupon & Clearance Thread  (Thanks to uafgrad)

Lenovo Coupon Thread 

Lowe's Coupon Thread 

Macy's Coupon Thread  (Thanks to pecanpie)

Michaels Coupon Thread 

Newegg FAR Thread  (Thanks to sakrlewu)

Office Depot Clearance Thread  (Thanks to jschuman)

Office Depot Coupon Thread 

Old Navy Weekly Coupon Thread  (Thanks to DaddyCulver)

Papa John's Coupon Thread  (Thanks to zefyx)

Redbox Coupon Thread  (Thanks to powerhungry)

Restaurant.com Promo Code Thread  (Thanks to PopTart777)

RockAuto 5% Discount Code Thread  (Thanks to kangoo & comprx)

Sears & Kmart Coupon Thread  (Thanks to Elric428)

Senior Discount Thread - 108 Stores & Counting  (Thanks to SinglePapa & blueribb )

Sephora Coupon Thread  (Thanks to pecanpie)

Sierra Trading Post  (Thanks to vinotinto)

Sony Style Coupon Thread 

SquareTrade Warranty Discount Codes  (Thanks to cjtrue)

Staples Coupon Thread 

Staples Clearance Thread  (Thanks to jschuman)

Target Clearance Thread  (Thanks to jschuman)

Target Coupon Thread  (Thanks to lordoffire)

Tracfone Bundles/Deals/Discussion Thread  (Thanks to jimates & uncartie)

Tracfone Bonus Codes Thread  (Thanks to luppo)

Travel Coupon Code Thread 

Victoria's Secret Coupon Thread  (Thanks to nithome)

Vitacost Coupon Thread  (Thanks to edias)

Vitamin Shoppe Coupon Thread  (Thanks to WillysEmptyWallet)

W Hotels Bed Discount Thread  (Thanks to BigDealDaddy)

(FatWallet Deal Hunter staff posts are certified ad-free. No money, bribes, or candy have been accepted.)
2/4/10 4:36 PM
Great idea!!!!!!!!!!! idea
bvcb [ image/jpeg - 361.82kB ]
thanks [ image/jpeg - 7.09kB ]
2/4/10 5:19 PM
This should be "stickied".
2/4/10 6:09 PM
Are you saying it should become official?
2/4/10 6:26 PM
GREAT idea! I agree, "stickie it".
2/4/10 6:35 PM
BigTen333 said:

GREAT idea! I agree, "stickie it".

It's "officially" stickied, thanks!
2/4/10 9:15 PM
Great Idea! A+++ poster
2/4/10 10:12 PM
Will we also have a Unofficial Master Thread of "Unofficial Threads"?
2/4/10 10:29 PM
katzmandoo said:

Will we also have a Unofficial Master Thread of "Unofficial Threads"?

Hear, Hear....I unofficially support that idea.
2/5/10 6:37 AM
Great idea!
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