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madmaxmedia said:   If you normally only sell within the USA, then I think using this Global Shipping Program is fine. Potential overseas buyers may be turned off by the added fees for customs, etc., but prior to this you weren't getting them anyway. So at worst you get some more eyeballs and watchers, and quite possibly end up with higher final auction price due to overseas bidders (even if your buyer is domestic.)

For sellers who already ship international, then this seems somewhat questionable, it depends on the extra fees the buyer will be paying, which will have an effect on international bid amounts. Shipping internationally is a great way to get maximum value for your auctions, but you do need to know what you're doing. I generally always ship Priority or Express which normally offers tracking/delivery confirmation, and only offer First Class for low value stuff. It's still possible to get scammed of course, but it's a calculated risk you take for higher selling price.

This is completely false logic, as any international buyer who sees the GPS Scam is simply going to avoid the listing completely. They won't bid it up. Think about it for a minute - the seller has to pay a shipping AND HANDLING fee to these GPS scammers, and the buyer HAS to pay a duty that is 30-50% higher than if the package had just crossed the border and got stopped at Customs - which happens less than 10% of the time!!!

The best retaliation is to give sellers Negative Feedback for using the GPS system. If consumers cause enough problems for eBay, either the sellers will figure it out, and/or eBay will dump it when the sellers start flipping out about their ratings.

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I agree with Viridel. I, for one, will avoid ANY auction if I see this GSP crap. I love shopping on eBay but, please, there are other places (Etsy, Amazon, Overstock, Shoes, Freshpair - that's just a few I online-shop on) to get stuff. That "item" must be very special, or extremely hard to find AND at a very good price for me to even consider spending extra money on the GSP fees. What do I, as a buyer, get from spending this extra money? Nothing. No faster shipping (it might even be SLOWER as the item now has to go through yet another shipping center). No faster customs clearance. AND an extra pair of hands, hopefully clean ones, and not covered in snot or warts, that's going to be touching the item I bought? NO, THANK YOU. This extra charge is of NO benefit to the buyer, especially international one. It *maybe* is of benefit to sellers but, frankly, I'm not so sure. Once the sellers see that the buyers have started to avoid their auctions, they might dump the GSP.

eBay will not let you change a listing that is already listed with the Global Shipping Program & you cant "opt out" of the GSP for that listing -They give you a B.S. excuse from the "technical dept." that says the the local "Laws" wont allow this commodity( a record album) to be sent to these 25 different countries -This is total garbage and is also fraud -I wish someone would file suit on this unethical behavior...How convenient that they cannot fix one of their problems..

Furthermore, and that's from my experience from 3 days ago, if you don't have a Buy It Now option, you don't know the cost of the "import charge".

There was a clothing item I was interested in buying (auction, no BIN option). It listed the shipping cost, which was at the higher end, but I was still fairly comfortable with. It also listed that there will be an import charge. How much? No idea; I would only find out how much that is AFTER I'd win the auction. How retarded? How can I bid on something without knowing the total shipping cost I will be saddled with if i win the item?

So, I sent a message to the seller asking if she knows what that import charge is going to be, approximately, +- 5 dollars. She replied that she HAD NO WAY OF KNOWING THAT COST (and was funny enough to add "hope that helps", LOL). Well, she's just relisted the item, again. I don't buy a cat in a bag, and I'm pretty sure not too many international buyers would either. And, if you think about it, we are a better deal, so to speak - the shipping charges are always higher to send stuff out of your country and into the buyer's. You can make more money on international shipping than on a domestic one. So, who's untimately losing at this game? The sellers. The very same people who fell for this "convenience" scam.

Hard for me to figure out what all the gnashing of teeth is about. If you don't want to use the program, don't use it. At least for me I've had all sorts of trouble with international shipments... I don't LIKE subjecting my customers to import duties and all that crap, but after a couple of bad sales due to this stuff I just gave up and started selling only within the USA. With this program it's basically the same cost to me as "USA only", and I get at least SOME incremental customer base from the global shipping program. For overseas customers who aren't willing to pay the additional fees I do feel sorry for them, but we're not going to solve international trade/tariff problems on this board... and I wasn't going to get those customers anyway because I'm not willing to risk another set of painful "where is my stuff? what do you mean stuck in customs?" conversations.

To me, this basically puts all the work/pain/suffering for international shipments onto eBay. and yes, I'm quite sure they are making more money by doing it, but if people don't want to pay for it then they don't have to... if I was a high volume seller I might make more of an attempt to "roll my own" intl. shipping and deal with it, but I'm not... so I don't.

Again, I'm in no way saying that it's perfect... but to me it's like people griping about toll roads... if you don't want to pay, no one is forcing you to do it and there are alternate routes that are cheaper but maybe less convenient...

Hi, I'm some what new,I just staredted to sell autographed phot's again on eBay after being away from selling on eBay for little over a year,But I have been in the business for over 25 years,And keep seein the Gsp start now,all the time .I don't want to cheat anyone on a sale nor do I want to get cheated,but what I have been hearing about the GSP,I don't think I want.Even though I mite pick up some buyer's in other countries.I sent a item over sea's to South Africa proubly 2 month's ago and the buy'er did not get nor was it ever returned. So that was like $60.00 shot all to hell.,But I don't think I'm to fall fort Gsp deal.

I you ship through the USPS site or Click N ship or eBay it does have a tracking number.

I don't think calling someone that you don't know 'a moron' reflects well on your character.

I regularly buy items from the USA & am in Australia.
The items i buy weigh normally 10 - 15 pounds and are at least 18 x 13 x 12 inches.
I did pay an import charge for my first parcel through global shipping and made an official complaint to eBay.
Australia does not charge duty for items under $1000au and it is illegal in Australia to charge a fee for import duty when no import duty is payable.
I have not paid duty since.
I have been charged between $95 & $125 for items posted USPS, while the same items cost $45 - $65 all up when buying from a seller who uses the global shipping program.
This allows me to generally go a little higher on my bidding.
The global shipping items also arrive much quicker than the USPS sent items.
The items I buy usually sell for 50 to 100 percent more than similar items that are listed for sale only in the USA.
My experiences are all good from a buyers point of view.

I just had my best result with the global shipping program.
Maryland to Australia, 10 pound 18 x 12 x 9inch package 11 days from winning the auction, to delivery here in Australia.
Total postage cost $43.00

This Global Shipping Program is the biggest ripoff yet! I am located in Canada and have been ordering a lot of items from eBay sellers over eight years and have had to pay custom fees once. It seems to happen with expensive items only. I have ordered items from the US, not through eBay, and have also not been charged custom fees. I have been a shipper of books and other merchandise since 1981 and have found that my customers in other parts of the world don't get charged customs fees at their end. This is another eBay money grab. I am going to call customs tomorrow and see if they know how this program works at their end, or if they know how this extra fee is divided. I placed an order for a pillow a few days ago on eBay and thought a mistake had been made on their invoice to me. The Global Shipping Program added and extra seventeen dollars to my order. I have ordered seven pillows through eBay without this program and was not charged custom fees for any of them. I now look to see if a seller has chosen this program and if they have I don't bid. I won't order from a seller who has signed up with eBay to screw buyers over by allowing this extra fee to be added on to an order. AVOID SELLERS WHO USE THE GLOBAL SHIPPING PROGRAM!

I just wanted to buy something for 38$ + 18.90$ shipping cost.
The GPS added another 16$ of fees.

Well.. i didn't buy this item and gladly took another one for 3$ more, but without GPS.

i thought the idea of gsp was so the buyer knew the fees upfront and there were no hidden surprises once the item was delivered yet you still dont find out what the fees are untill you bought the item add that to the extra shipping handler/shipping time and the fact you are probably paying extra for an extra shipping destination and the extra to line ebays pockets then it seems that its just not worth it one bit, ive had parcels land with handling charges that i wasnt informed of before so i just wrote to the courier company and told em i was prepared to pay the tax but not their hidden fees as they were illegal as i wasnt informed of what they were and added to the tax they were wanting half the cost of the item again for fees, i never heared from them since and have also moved house so tuff luck to them the way i see it is they had their handling charge when i paid international postage costs thats the idea so i pay you postage to handle my parcel all the way to my house so they can suck a fart out my poo poo hole if they thinking theyre getting another handling charge for the same parcel, and on researching the problem it is actually illegal for them to charge it as i made no contract with them nor agreed to pay this fee as the contract was between the seller and the courier so i am within my rights to refuse to pay it though unfortunately you are still liable for the tax and duties

I just got an email from FedEx, saying they can't deliver the item I bought from eBay (where I paid Pitney Bowes separately to cover all the import charges) because I still have to pay additional duties, VAT and handling fees. And I have to wait an additional week for them to process it all (from the time I pay them the extra cash I suppose) before they will deliver the item.

I suggest that you make it super clear to the suppliers and eBay that this is a BAD IDEA, and eventually they will get rid of the notion. It would cost me a lot less to pay the duties and VAT myself at the post office - and it would have arrived by now, no delays! I also suggest specifying in advance that you DO NOT USE FEDEX for shipping. I tried to call them at 5pm, but at 5.01pm they switch off their phones and don't take calls. What kind of "international" 24/7 company is this? I had a much better experience with TNT, who called me from the other side of the city to say they were coming and collected the (relatively small amount of) duty and sales tax from me while they delivering the item to me.

Thanks for all the info and advice

I've never had a problem shipping International but it seems like every time I do I get scared for a few days waiting on a chargeback or someone to say they never received the item. My best advice is just to steer clear. I like doing a set price with best offer slightly over what you expect to sell it for, so that way when you get an offer it also gives you a chance to check out the seller's feedback and location before coming to terms.

I didn't have to pay any other charges as imports to Australia don't attract a tax if they are under $1000 (my item was $969 AUD). BUT GSP couldn't ship my item as it was too large for them to send. They are offering a refund though, super annoying considering I had to wait two weeks to find this out AFTER paying for the item. I will be avoiding any listings that use GSP from now on.

Well gee! Reading comments like yours, makes me feel that I should take my hard earned cash straight to the source, ie. China! I don't think I will be buying much on eBay from now on. Oh and by the way, I wonder what would happen if all international buyers felt the way I do and stopped buying from eBay, and for that matter, from the USA altogether?
droppunx said:   
Treefarn said:   I stopped selling overseas. While overseas sales made up anywhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of my profits, they made up 100% of my hassles. Never have had a problem with a US sale that wasn't easily remedied. But my overseas sales - items mysteriously getting lost in customs, or getting opened in customs and being resealed without my merchandise in it, or 'there's a scratch, can i have $50'. ALL from overseas buyers.
EXACTLY, very well stated. Not worth the hassle. The comments in this link illuminate some other issues, the ones I'd be concerned about:
%99 of the sellers who sell overseas cheat the system. They use USPS, under weigh and undervalue the packages and send them as GIFT as apposed to merchandise. eBay customers (who as it is, email all the time and ask sellers to value the items for way less then they are) are NEVER going to pay ''the full boat'' for those items. As soon as they see they have to pay full shipping prices (items weighed correctly), customs, duty, tarrifs etc - they will cancel the sale! They are used to getting that ''bargin'' and wont ''stand'' for full price. Of course this is what you get when your customer base is comprised of liers and cheaters.
Just my $0.02... I won't be subscribing!

Shenanigans! I'm calling "Shenanigans!" on this whole Pitney Bowes/eBay shipping program. I'm an American expat now living in Sweden so I know exactly how long things should take to arrive from The USA to Europe....and if and when Sweden will charge me import duty.

Pitney Bowes not only made the seller who I bought a used $25 CD Box Set off of collect $16 in import duty from me, but they are now closing in on an entire MONTH since I paid for this, yet I have no box set in my hands.

First of all, it takes 7-10 days to get a package from USA to Sweden and secondly, I should not have to pay any import duty on an item less than 500 Kronor ($75).

There is no "real" tracking number provided by Pitney Bowes to the eBay seller or buyer. It just seems to be a Pitney Bowes internal number that is not recognized on the USPS or Sweden Posten websites (All normal packages from America have "US" at the end of the tracking number, but this one is all numbers.)

It's also funny that through eBay the tracking says a delivery attempt was made to me....at 11:17pm on a Saturday night! We don't have Saturday mail here in Sweden and the normal mail comes between Noon and 2:30pm. So I don't buy this "delivery attempt" claim whatsoever (where is a package pickup slip if that is true, too?).

I will never, ever make the mistake of buying anything from an eBay seller who uses Pitney Bowes. You pay unneeded fake customs fees, it takes 3-4 times as long as regular mail, and they flat out lie about the whereabouts of your package!

Caveat Emptor indeed!

They have changed the privacy policy in the past many times. they make it more complicated every time.

I do not sell internationally. However,unbeknownstto me I somehow got enrolled into "GSP" program and a buyer fromCanadapurchased my item. I did not know that initially because the paypal ship to address was to ky and to which I dutifully shipped my item and forgot about it. Today I receivemessagethrough eBay mail system from buyer stating that he received an empty package. There is a note from theCanadianpost office that they received the package with the package seal open. the buyer wants to know how I want address the situation. Based oneBay GSP program terms and conditionsit seems I am not at fault because the package made it through PBI without any damage notification. Anyone have experience with this type of situation ? If buyer opens item not received case....will i win ?

Thanks in advance

haramkhor said:   I do not sell internationally. However,unbeknownstto me I somehow got enrolled into "GSP" program and a buyer fromCanadapurchased my item. I did not know that initially because the paypal ship to address was to ky and to which I dutifully shipped my item and forgot about it. Today I receivemessagethrough eBay mail system from buyer stating that he received an empty package. There is a note from theCanadianpost office that they received the package with the package seal open. the buyer wants to know how I want address the situation. Based oneBay GSP program terms and conditionsit seems I am not at fault because the package made it through PBI without any damage notification. Anyone have experience with this type of situation ? If buyer opens item not received case....will i win ?

Thanks in advance

You should win, but I don't know if it will happen automatically.
You may have better luck posting on the boards on eBay. It seems there are some eBay employees there who are intervening and helping sellers with some issues with the GSP.

While I was initially very skeptical about GSP and indeed had some nasty comments, I must admit that this is one of the the very few truly helpful things e.Bay has done in the last few years. I was getting very little business from overseas buyers after the last two huge yearly international USPS rate increases: for example, a 2lb package to Australia was something like $45 or thereabout, to Canada over $26, etc. With GSP, those rates are much lower (about $24 to Australia), and all my responsibility ends with having the package delivered to the Kentucky distribution center. I can use FedEx business rates for heavier stuff, very cheap PM flat rate boxes, etc. My international sales have rebounded, and my profit margin for those sales is good.

As a buyer with delivery via gsp my advice is, STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE, the seller was brilliant, did exactly as they should, stateside all went well, but once in the uk, my item went missing, although marked as delivered, to an empty house, and left in an outbuilding, the only problems here are, on the day in question, the house wasn't empty, and unless the guy has my key codes to get onto my property, he could not have left the parcel anywhere but in my driveway.
Ebays answer was basically, tough, we have your cash, now f### off! I for one will NEVER buy anything that has to go through Gsp again.

As a buyer my item is now doing a round trip of the United States mainland when it would have been (obviously) much quicker to for it to board a plane in San Fran (origin) and fly across the Pacific.

In addition, Pitney Bowes have debited my credit card twice: First time, for an amount I had agreed to pay. They then a couple of days later refunded that payment and debited for a higher amount (only 30c more). This suggests to me they are even waiting to see if the exchange rate changes within a small window in order to squeeze and extra 25 or 50c out of me.

I have paid more to Pitney Bowes than ordinary int'l post would cost for the luxury of having my item trucked across the USA for no reason, opened by an intermediary and repacked, potentially tampered with, all so Pitney Bowes can make a few cents.

I want to share my experience with the Global Shipping Program. I live in Canada and I just bought a guitar in USA for 120$, a great deal. I was charge 18$ for import duties (!!!). The seller shipped the item using GSP, but I never got it. It got stuck in Erlanger, Kentucky. The reason why? Importing a guitar is illegal according to eBay because it has a rosewood fingerboard. I told them only Brazilian rosewood is illegal under international regulation, and since it is illegal no company uses it anymore, but nevertheless they refused to send me the guitar. If importing all rosewood was illegal, we could not build guitars in Asia and send them to North America. I got my money back, but I've wasted hours arguing with eBay. DO NOT BUY GUITARS WITH GSP!!!! I got another one shipped with USPS and no problem.

I also avoid ALL overseas sales...UNLESS it is for something cheap that is worth the aggravation to ship but i have had 2 iPhones disappear from customs and no compensation from eBay because the item (however missing) was signed for? So now I am opening small sales again and will only ship cheap things - under $50? and will try this GSP thing b/c the forms ARE a hassle and the feedback is worth getting a guaranteed 5 stars or NOT neutral. So for me it sounds good - so long as buyer wants to pay for the extras - not me!
As for the big ticket items ! It is NOT worth the hassle and scammers out there and I HIGHLY doubt e.Bay will protect you if the USPS cant and wont even with insurance paid for! I got screwed
twice and will NEVER get burned by international BS again !!! e.Bay blamed USPS, USPS blamed e.bay, everyone blamed the Israel Postal, it was ALL just a big nightmare!!! Save yourself ALL aggravation and let someone else lose their money. mine is too hard to come by and my wife is enough AG - i love you pooky !!!

I hate f*cking eBay. They make this global shipping the default so that I have to waste hours fixing mistakes that shouldn't exist to begin with. Did I say I HATE f*cking eBay?

he GPS nonsense is effectively stopping Canadian buyers from buying anything from the U.S. I've been buying from eBay for 11years, and have only paid duty(not taxes) on maybe 2 items. Most things,especially low priced items, don't have duty on them anyway. Ebays OWN policy says the BUYER is responsible for duties, andwhen there was duty on something,Ijust pat for it at the post office,no problems at all.
Some sellers don't even know what amount they are charging customers for GPS. and most are willing just to send it regular mail(about half the cost)if you ask them.

If you want to REALLY add to the hassle, try dealing with MULTIPLE winning bids from one international customer when the GSP is in effect. As much as you might like to help out the customer by adjusting the invoiceS, and reducing the ship charges that will now be ONE package, you are helpless. It will not even LET YOU IN to that program....and then in 3 out of 4 times, the customer informs you he wants to cancel the sales because your "doubled" ship charges PLUS the added GSP fees and charges are outrageous. Once you jump through all the hoops to make that happen, eBay GENEROUSLY "lets you" back out and then RE-list the items....BUT it still shows up on your seller record as a negative, an incomplete and cancelled sale! EVEN IF the same guy buys those very items from you WITHOUT activating the Global Ship Program.

IMPORTANT NOTE (confirmed by eBay)! Do not think that if you click the box for the Global Ship Program, BUT THEN ALSO INCLUDE what you think are helpful "alternative ship choices" for the international customer, you are "fixing things". You are not. When you click the box for the GSP, it OVERRIDES (ignores) everything else. You are wasting your time if you fill out any alternative international ship choices or charges below that. Your international buyer does NOT see any of that, NOR has a "choice". They see (and must deal with) ONLY the added charges and fees determined by the international third-party shipper, ON TOP OF your (domestic) ship charges. Meanwhile, you are blocked out and blind at that point. You see none of that, and are allowed zero input. You must wait to see if your buyer has agreed to THEIR added ship terms AND THEN PAID IN FULL. Then you are only told "ok to ship". (and meanwhile, that buyer is most likely blaming YOU for all those costs!) eBay KNOWS choosing GSP when you enter the item OVERRIDES anything else. And they will lament that and WARN you (for next time) to not click on GSP UNLESS YOU WANT ONLY THAT. But they do not publicize that. PERHAPS they are "working to fix it"? who knows.

I have bought ( and a wee bit sold ) to USof A for many years - I am in France now and find yes many problems with "customers here on E**Y" !!! Today is the first time I have encounted GSP . The IMPORTATION BROCKERAGE FEES TO ME ARE ****????***** In all the years I have bought goods AS A PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL from outside EU I HAVE NEVER BEEN CHARGED TAXES - VAT ( sales tax ) - DUTY . Goods on E**Y from a Buissness seller / private seller who is offering through E**Y BY PRIVATE TREATY in the main out of production / secondhand goods DO NOT GET TAXED .( If high value then there is a negotiation of tax due being the notional value of the goods here versus price actually paid ( OUTSIDE EU ) BUT THE NEGOTIATION IS QUITE FAIR BY OUR CUSTOMS SERVICE!!) I agree with the many blogs on this issue ITS A SERIOUS ISSUE . My $107 goods cost me today in the end $211 through PP ???????????? Shipping before was about $55 . If customs service in EU countries can't or don't charge Custom Charges GUESS WHO POCKETS THAT MONEY !!!!

As a seller, the program is crap, Pitney Bowes or whoever they outsource the overseas part of the shipping to is incompetent and eBay will not stand behind the bad actions of its agent. I'll never use it again. They unwrap all you properly packaged items to clear customs and rewrap poorly. Whats worse is that they apply stickers and basically ruin the packaging which is the worst thing you can do to a collectors piece. Although they admit fault they will not make you whole for their negligence. The program sucks, never again.

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