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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454836/ Mon, 03 Aug 2015 13:15:46 -0500
<![CDATA[5 RecycleBank Points - Market Haul: Cucumbers]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454818/ Rating: 5 Posted By: ctgolfer
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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454818/ Mon, 03 Aug 2015 12:10:52 -0500
<![CDATA[Free Ebook: Musings of a Wayward Philosopher: Volume 1: Of Mindfulness, Capital, Asset Allocation, Entrepreneurship, and]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454807/ Rating: 0 Posted By: joegalt
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Free ebook!


Musings of a Wayward Philosopher endeavors to blend free market economics with sound personal finance and personal wellness principles to illustrate a particular outlook on life that enabled the author to reduce clutter and insecurities while embracing the finer things life has to offer. This collection of essays places a heavy emphasis on the merits of private capital, asset allocation, entrepreneurship, and mindfulness with an emphasis on self-empowerment.

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454807/ Mon, 03 Aug 2015 11:27:44 -0500
<![CDATA[Over 15 FREE sample legal documents for California and Federal litigation]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454770/ Rating: 0 Posted By: divparalgl
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Check out this page which contains over 15 FREE sample legal documents for California and Federal litigation. All documents are in Microsoft Word format and can be easily modified.http://www.legaldocspro.com/free.aspx

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454770/ Mon, 03 Aug 2015 04:45:26 -0500
<![CDATA[Free GPS Fitness - Weight loss App Premium Edition]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454737/ Rating: 4 Posted By: bearcloud
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Here's the voucher code once you've downloaded the application from Google Play:

Voucher: stacksocial15


  1. Download the free version of FitApp.
  2. Open the app and go to the "Settings" page. Once there, navigate to the "Redeem voucher" page.
  3. Copy the vouchercode above and paste it into the given field to unlock your premium account.


I had to tweet this from stacksocial to get the voucher, so it should work, but if not, you can go there to get your code.

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454737/ Sun, 02 Aug 2015 21:01:40 -0500
<![CDATA[Qualified Lifeline Participants--Free Cell Phone & 250 Monthly Minutes]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454710/ Rating: 1 Posted By: MrsGuin
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You may qualify for Q Link Wireless Lifeline Assistance if you already receive government benefits like Medicaid, Food Stamps, or Welfare.


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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454710/ Sun, 02 Aug 2015 16:27:59 -0500
<![CDATA[Firemans Wife, Maltese Cross, or Star of Life Sticker]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454707/ Rating: 3 Posted By: MrsGuin
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Choose 1 of the 3 Dove Designs stickers. http://www.dovedesigns.com/pages/free-sticker

"To complete your order, please click the link in the email we just sent you."


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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454707/ Sun, 02 Aug 2015 15:41:08 -0500
<![CDATA[Free Camp Mac sticker - Choose 1 of 4]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454653/ Rating: 5 Posted By: MrsGuin
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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454653/ Sun, 02 Aug 2015 00:47:45 -0500
<![CDATA[Free Sqwincher Electrolyte products]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454651/ Rating: 6 Posted By: MrsGuin
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Choose a product here

Form - http://sqwincher.com/products/request-sampleor click SAMPLE @ product page bottom.

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454651/ Sun, 02 Aug 2015 00:31:05 -0500
<![CDATA[Free sample lanyard keychain - organizations]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454647/ Rating: 6 Posted By: MrsGuin
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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454647/ Sat, 01 Aug 2015 23:59:09 -0500
<![CDATA[Missha BB Cream, Time Revolution First Treatment Essence & Night Repair Skincare Samples]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454646/ Rating: 2 Posted By: MrsGuin
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Top right samples are free; Bottom left gift is not.

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454646/ Sat, 01 Aug 2015 23:46:58 -0500
<![CDATA[Free Bible in the New Living Translation from Way FM]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454611/ Rating: 5 Posted By: MrsGuin
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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454611/ Sat, 01 Aug 2015 16:40:27 -0500
<![CDATA[4 Free Plastic Beer Growlers]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454607/ Rating: 2 Posted By: MrsGuin
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Direct Link You can get 3 64 oz and 1 32 oz without caps


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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454607/ Sat, 01 Aug 2015 15:32:39 -0500
<![CDATA[3 Free 2 Minute Miracle Gel Samples]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454605/ Rating: 9 Posted By: MrsGuin
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Enough for 3 facial treatments

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454605/ Sat, 01 Aug 2015 15:18:08 -0500
<![CDATA[Kelloggs Family Rewards 7/31 100 points]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454559/ Rating: 47 Posted By: SweetClover
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FREE Kelloggs Family Rewards Points Code

FREEPTSFREESTUFF 100 points (posted on 7/31)

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454559/ Sat, 01 Aug 2015 00:39:47 -0500
<![CDATA[SkyRun Snow Sports Stickers]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454537/ Rating: 5 Posted By: MrsGuin
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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454537/ Fri, 31 Jul 2015 17:46:30 -0500
<![CDATA[Join Radio Flyer Birthday Club; Get $10 GC]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454533/ Rating: 5 Posted By: MrsGuin
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Get a $10 gift card for each birthdate entered.


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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454533/ Fri, 31 Jul 2015 16:59:42 -0500
<![CDATA[Straight From Eden haircare product samples]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454524/ Rating: 6 Posted By: MrsGuin
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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454524/ Fri, 31 Jul 2015 15:07:23 -0500
<![CDATA[25 RecycleBank Points - The New Paper Playbook]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454519/ Rating: 12 Posted By: MrsGuin
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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454519/ Fri, 31 Jul 2015 14:36:22 -0500
<![CDATA[Play: Country Hits Free MP3 Album at Google Play]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454507/ Rating: 18 Posted By: shipyard
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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454507/ Fri, 31 Jul 2015 13:08:23 -0500
<![CDATA[7-Eleven Free Medium Fanta Lemonade Slurpee on 8/1 - 8/2]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454489/ Rating: 1 Posted By: CltrAltDelicious
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Download the 7-Eleven app and scan you app for a new free item every weekend after 12pm CST in August. On August 1-2,present app and scan for a free medium Fanta Lemonade Slurpee no purchases necessary.


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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454489/ Fri, 31 Jul 2015 11:25:42 -0500
<![CDATA[Magic Duels for Xbox One]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454486/ Rating: 3 Posted By: ctgolfer
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Magic Duels for Xbox One

Game Description:
Every origin Begins with a spark. Enter the worlds best strategy card game with Magic Duels, an all-new digital experience! Immerse yourself in the world of Magic: The Gatherings exciting new Origins campaign as you play through the stories of five iconic Planeswalkers. Hone your skills and build your deck of spells from an ever-growing library of collectible cards, then take on your friends or thousands of AI opponents in Battle Mode. Enjoy virtually endless gameplay with regular card and content updates, quests and achievements, multiple play modesincluding fan favorites like Two-Headed Giantand fully earnable content. The new Skill Quest training system and enhanced Deck Builder with step-by-step guidance ensure an epic Magic experience for new and veteran players alike. Join 20 million Magic fans around the world and begin your journey in Magic Duels now! Game content available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Standard and Chinese Traditional only.

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454486/ Fri, 31 Jul 2015 11:04:42 -0500
<![CDATA[Race the Sun digital steam game Free 7/30/2015]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454351/ Rating: 9 Posted By: Nov032007
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Game is free today only. Requires free steam account

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454351/ Thu, 30 Jul 2015 13:30:44 -0500
<![CDATA[FREE Subscription to Scuba Magazine]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454345/ Rating: 7 Posted By: CltrAltDelicious
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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454345/ Thu, 30 Jul 2015 13:12:37 -0500
<![CDATA[FREE doTERRA Essential Oil Sample]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454344/ Rating: 1 Posted By: CltrAltDelicious
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Sample Request & Wellness Consult FormJumping into the world of natural solutions and essential oils can be very overwhelming. Sometimes we are unsure what we really need and how to use it. That is where I am going to help you! My doTERRA team is offering free samples and free wellness consults to anyone who is not already a part of doTERRA! We want to let you "test drive" the essential oils, because we believe the quality and the results from using them will speak for themselves!Fill out the form below, and a member from my team will contact you. We are beyond excited to share essential oils with you and to help you begin your journey into discovering more natural and effective solutions!In Good Health,Jackie Ritz, "The Paleo Mama"

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454344/ Thu, 30 Jul 2015 13:11:01 -0500
<![CDATA[FREE Amazon Fulfillment Center Tours]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454337/ Rating: 10 Posted By: CltrAltDelicious
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TOUR AN Amazon FULFILLMENT CENTERWere proud to offer tours of our fulfillment centers on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. local time.Come see the magic that happens after you click buy on Amazon.

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454337/ Thu, 30 Jul 2015 12:59:58 -0500
<![CDATA[Redbox Free 1 day DVD Rental or $1.50 off Game/Bluray Rental. Expires 7/30]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454318/ Rating: 10 Posted By: ctujackbauer
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Works for online reservations, multiple reservations require separate transactions.

expires: 7/30 11:59 PM CST

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454318/ Thu, 30 Jul 2015 11:33:41 -0500
<![CDATA[ Select Apps and Games $0 at iTunes update]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454275/ Rating: 2 Posted By: Apr11smile
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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454275/ Thu, 30 Jul 2015 04:47:27 -0500
<![CDATA[Free Jay Mafia T-shirt]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454222/ Rating: -2 Posted By: CltrAltDelicious
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* Telephone and Email are highly recommended to expedite your order in case of any errors or mistakes during shipping.

** Fitted Request are for WOMEN ONLY. The shirt will fit your body and compliment your curves. If you do not click the fitted request button you will recieve a standard JAY MAFIA 100% cotton T Shirt as shown on the site.

*** INTERNATIONAL REQUEST: If you are ordering from any other country other than the united states do not request merchandise from our online merchandise form. Instead email a written request for a CD and/or Tshirt to fanclub@outbreakrecords.com Please include what CD's you would like and shirt sizes. Most importantly type your address EXACTLY how it should appear on the package.

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454222/ Wed, 29 Jul 2015 18:52:48 -0500
<![CDATA[Free Simple Micellar Cleansing Water Sample]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454193/ Rating: 17 Posted By: CltrAltDelicious
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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454193/ Wed, 29 Jul 2015 15:56:48 -0500
<![CDATA[Free Together We Rise Sticker]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454182/ Rating: 5 Posted By: stephenmiller
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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454182/ Wed, 29 Jul 2015 15:20:19 -0500
<![CDATA[FREE Steam key for EPIGENESIS]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454170/ Rating: 5 Posted By: ctgolfer
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Grab your FREE Steam key for Dead Shark Triplepunch's Epigenesis, courtesy of Bundle Stars and Razer. Simply complete the steps below, and we'll send the code straight to the email you provided. It's that easy. . .

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454170/ Wed, 29 Jul 2015 13:36:45 -0500
<![CDATA[Playstation Plus: Free Games for August 2015]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454168/ Rating: -2 Posted By: ctgolfer
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Playstation Plus: Free Games for August 2015

Lara Croft and the Tempole of Osiris (PS4)
Limbo (PS4)
Sound Shapes (PS4, PS3, PSVita)
Stealth Inc 2 (PS4, PS3, PSVita)
God of War Ascension (PS3)
Castlestorm (PS3, PSVita)

Source: Playstaion blog

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454168/ Wed, 29 Jul 2015 13:33:42 -0500
<![CDATA[FX Photo Studio Pro Picture Editor for iPhone - FREE @ iTunes]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454166/ Rating: 3 Posted By: ctgolfer
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FX Photo Studio Pro Picture Editor

Free today to celebrate 15 000 000 downloads!
FX Photo Studio is the biggest collection of photo filter effects available on iPhone, with stickers, borders, fonts, textures and frame effects to help you snap the perfect photo.

Whether youre looking to take the perfect selfie or create professional-quality pics with filter effects, FX Photo Studio from Macphun is the only mobile editor youll ever need.

Dive into the most amazing collection of filters and effects available on for your phone! Easily turn your pics into vintage shots, apply stickers and textures with a touch, and crop and edit photos in seconds. Achieve unique styles by combining different filters and effects. Personalize your favorite memories with text in a variety of fonts. With over 200 premium photo filter effects available, youll always take the perfect photo.

FX Photo Studio can be as flexible as you want. Edit pictures like a pro with a color edit and any unique camera filter or snap a selfie for friends. With stickers, textures and text built-in, its also the perfect selfie editor.

Create unique masterpieces and by editing your favorite memories with FX Photo Studio!

FX Photo Studio Features:
Over 200 Premium Photo Filter Effects
- Vintage
- Unique 3D effects
- Groovy Lo-Fi
- Color Lenses
- Hollywood FX
- And many more

Edit Pictures to Make the Perfect Photo
- Crop pics
- Add borders on pictures for extra style
- Unique textures for a variety of looks
- Adjust brightness and contrast
- Bring color pictures to life with Saturation and Hue
- Edit pics with text in many fonts

Make Your Selfie Shine
- Never take a bad selfie again
- Distorted mirror effects
- Blur and tilt-shifts
- Vignettes
- Painting and pencil effects
- Stickers

Make Pics Pop With 3D Effects
- Unleash your creativity with 5 brand-new 3D editing options
- B&W 3D
- Red and Green 3D
- Bokeh
- 3D Glitches

Endless Flexibility
- Adjust the intensity of filters
- Combine filters and effects for unlimited creativity
- Adjust filters mask
- Create your own presets
- Download presets from other users

Other photo editing apps cant compare to the flexibility and power of FX Photo Studio. Discover your inner artist with premium camera filter fx, add text on photo images and use the powerful color editor to make your snaps look like they came from a pro.

Create your own unique masterpieces with as many filters, effects and other options to help you express yourself and whatever youre trying to capture. Download FX Photo Studio and unleash your creativity today!

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454166/ Wed, 29 Jul 2015 13:22:08 -0500
<![CDATA[Aces Gin Rummy Pro for Android - FREE @ Amazon App Store]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454165/ Rating: 0 Posted By: ctgolfer
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Aces Gin Rummy Pro

Product Features
Cast of Characters
Gameplay For All Skill Levels
Traditional Scoring

Product Description
Get ready for a card game that makes all other forms of entertainment look like deadwood: Aces Gin Rummy!

The cards are dealt. You pass on the up-card and draw from the stock. Two melds already and youve only drawn once! Sort the high cards down and discard that king. Not much deadwood, but if you knock now, you might get undercut. Its risky either way, but you hang in there, hoping for a spade or a seven.

One more draw...and...GIN!

Cast of Characters

Want to play Gin Rummy against an elegant Victorian skunk? Weve got you covered. How about a dapper beaver in a collar and waistcoat? You can do that too. With 11 different animated characters to choose from, including a variety of well dressed ladies and gentlemen (and equally well dressed farm animals and robots), our cast of quirky characters will charm the aces out of you.

Gameplay For All Skill Levels

If youre new to Gin Rummy, dont worry. The EASY difficulty setting is a great way to ease into the game. If youre looking for more of a challenge, HARD will have you planning every move and really watching the discards. Whatever your skill level, our adjustable difficulty system has the right setting for you.

Traditional Scoring

Games in Gin Rummy can be customized to be played to 100 (if youre looking for a quick game), 150, 250 or 300 (if youd like a game that lasts a bit longer). Scoring follows classic rules with a 100 point bonus for winning, a 20 point bonus for each hand won, and double points for shutting out your opponent!

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454165/ Wed, 29 Jul 2015 13:18:29 -0500
<![CDATA[A&W Restaurants Celebrates National Root Beer Float Day On August 6th - FREE Small Float]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454163/ Rating: 3 Posted By: ctgolfer
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A&W Restaurants Celebrates National Root Beer Float Day On August 6th


As National Root Beer Float Day approaches, we want to honor our company's roots by continuing to provide support in the homecoming of our service members. So we ask you to join us on August 6th as we celebrate National Root Beer Float Day at A&W Restaurants across the U.S.

Stop in to your local A&W anytime between 2 p.m. and store closing (times will vary) for a FREE small A&W Root Beer Float*. As a part of the celebration, we will be collecting donations to honor and empower wounded warriors across the country through Wounded Warrior Project.

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454163/ Wed, 29 Jul 2015 13:16:11 -0500
<![CDATA[L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Sample - Nutri-Gloss]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454161/ Rating: 19 Posted By: ctgolfer
Views: 2726 Replies: 7

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454161/ Wed, 29 Jul 2015 13:12:49 -0500
<![CDATA[Coinstar offers a free Redbox movie night from July 18 to August 1st when you cash in $20 or more at a Coinstar kiosk]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454149/ Rating: 2 Posted By: CltrAltDelicious
Views: 2045 Replies: 2

Coinstar offers a free Redbox movie night from July 18 to August 1st only when you cash in $20 or more at a Coinstar kiosk.


Terms and Conditions
*While supplies last. Promo code expires 2 weeks after issuance. Limit: 1 code per transaction, regardless of # of rentals. Valid for a 1-day standard DVD rental or a discount worth the value of the standard DVD daily rental rate off the first night's daily rental fee for a Blu-ray Disc or video game. Not valid for prior rentals. Your payment card (necessary for any rental) will be charged the excess daily rental fee for a Blu-ray Disc or video game and the full daily rental rate for any additional items, plus applicable tax (except for MD rental transactions for which additional tax is not charged) for the first night of rental, if applicable, and will be charged the full daily rental fee for all items plus applicable tax (except for MD rental transactions) for each day you do not return your rental by 9:00 pm local time (at the box) after first rental night. Void where prohibited by law. Code must not be copied, sold, or otherwise offered. Any other use constitutes fraud. Cannot be combined with other offers. Not redeemable for cash. Offer subject to cancelation or change at any time. To qualify, your coins must be redeemed in a grocery store for a No FEE eGift Card, for one of 25 popular brands, a cash voucher, or a charity donation.

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454149/ Wed, 29 Jul 2015 12:35:11 -0500
<![CDATA[Free Museum Admission for Bank of America Customers on August 1 &2]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454138/ Rating: 1 Posted By: CltrAltDelicious
Views: 2298 Replies: 1

This Weekend (August 1 & 2), get FREE admission to 125 different museums for all Bank of America or Merrill Lynch customers! Must present photo ID and any valid Bank of America or Merrill Lynch credit or debit card. One free general admission limited to cardholder at participating organization.

Upcoming Free Museum Admission Weekends:
August 1 & 2
September 5 & 6
October 3 & 4
November 7 & 8
December 5 & 6


Limited Eligibility Deals

http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454138/ Wed, 29 Jul 2015 12:18:20 -0500
<![CDATA[Free LEGO VIP Loyalty Program]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454123/ Rating: -1 Posted By: MrsGuin
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As a VIP Member, you will enjoy these benefits: $1 Spent = 1 VIP Point Earned
100 VIP Points = $5 VIP Reward
Get access to exclusive member-only gifts
Be the first to purchase exclusive and hard to find sets before anyone else
Be invited to member-only LEGO Store events
Take advantage of special bonus and double points offers

Surveys & Rewards Deals

http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454123/ Wed, 29 Jul 2015 10:52:00 -0500
<![CDATA[20 Recyclebank Points - Be An Eco-Friendly All-Star]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454090/ Rating: 17 Posted By: Connman
Views: 2449 Replies: 6


And don't forget to take the Daily Pledge for 5 points!

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454090/ Wed, 29 Jul 2015 07:40:08 -0500
<![CDATA[Massachusetts Only: Free Meals ages 18 & under - No other requirements]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454084/ Rating: 0 Posted By: Gauss44
Views: 2001 Replies: 2

Scroll down, click on town name.


No need to be enrolled in any program or school to get a free meal at an "open site":
"An 'open' or 'area' site provides free meals to any child at the site. No registration is required to attend the meal site." See definition of "open site" here,http://meals4kids.org/summer-food-service-program-overview

Food & Grocery Deals

http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454084/ Wed, 29 Jul 2015 07:13:39 -0500
<![CDATA[ Free Sacred Heart Badge & Key Chain ]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454038/ Rating: 0 Posted By: letterbomb
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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454038/ Tue, 28 Jul 2015 20:44:22 -0500
<![CDATA[Free Daddy's Tool Bag DVD - San Mateo County ]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454036/ Rating: 1 Posted By: letterbomb
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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454036/ Tue, 28 Jul 2015 20:41:31 -0500
<![CDATA[FREE Neighborly Greetings Gift Bag - Kitsap County, Washington ]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454034/ Rating: 0 Posted By: letterbomb
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Request a Bag
A warm Washington welcome to you! Are you new to Kitsap County? Fill out the form below to request your FREE Neighborly Greetings Gift Bag! Your gift bag is full of coupons from local merchant, maps and community information.

Please do not request a Neighborly Greetings Gift Bag if you do not live in the area. We are unable to mail our gift bags at this time. If you are unsure if we deliver in your area, fill out the form, and we will contact you shortly. If you would like more information about Washington State or the Kitsap County area, please contact any of the chambers of commerce. Thank you!

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454034/ Tue, 28 Jul 2015 20:35:57 -0500
<![CDATA[Free Minnesota Book Awards Winners Bookmarks ]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454031/ Rating: 2 Posted By: letterbomb
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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454031/ Tue, 28 Jul 2015 20:12:58 -0500
<![CDATA[Free Patagonia sticker ]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1454030/ Rating: 4 Posted By: letterbomb
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Sticker request (Sticker requests are limited to one request every four months per person. You will receive 2 stickers, chosen at random from a variety of designs.)

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Visit our online free white cane application form now or complete an accessible PDF application online. Completed applications should be mailed to:

Free White Cane Program
National Federation of the Blind
200 East Wells Street
at Jernigan Place
Baltimore, MD 21230

Any blind individual in the fifty states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico may request a cane for their personal use. Requests may be made as often as every six months.

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