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The popular Robinhood brokerage app has opened up registration for beta program of Android app

Here is the link to request access - https://robinhood.com/android/beta/

Credit due to the "other" site

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<![CDATA[How and where to get a job after long-term unemployment?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1435259/ Rating: 0 Posted By: CottonMather
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I got an IT degree and worked a few years after college, saving up over 50% of my income every year. I proceeded to take 4 years off from the working rat race and enjoy life while living off my savings. Now it seems that no one even wants to look at my resume due to the 4 year gap on it. I'm single and not tied down to any particular location. Where should I look geographically speaking? How can I overcome the HR employees who throw out my resume as soon as they see the gap?

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<![CDATA[Banks with cheap/free outgoing international wire fee. No foreign exchange]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1435250/ Rating: 0 Posted By: AmexPlatypus
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I am in US, with USD bank accounts. I have a lot of suppliers in Europe and Asia that want to be paid in USD.

I was using CitiBusiness, which gave 5 free international wires a month. That was great. Now they've sold my account to BB&T which charges $30 a wire, which isn't too bad but I'm hoping to do better.

Let's not discuss foreign exchange in this thread. There are many other threadsfor that, using CurrencyFair, Xoom, XE, Transferwise, etc. This is not relevant to me as my suppliers want to be paid in USD, not their local currency.

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<![CDATA[how can I fight this unfair dental bill?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1435235/ Rating: 0 Posted By: jiaojiao
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I went to the dental office and consulted the dentist for a fixed bridge work. They gave me a quote of $800+. I thought this is a cosmetic work and the insurance will not cover it. I also told the doctor that I will pay on my own. When they gave me the quote, they did not state how much the insurance company would have to pay. As a result, I did not contact the insurance company since I thought they will not pay anyway.

Then, it turns out that they billed the insurance company $1500+ and it was denied because of the missing tooth clause.

I would not have done the fixed bridge if I had know it costs $2300+!

Is there a chance I can win this fight? Is there any patient advocate organization that can help?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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<![CDATA[Large Medical Deduction for 2014 taxes, ways to best utilize?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1435233/ Rating: 0 Posted By: spanky42
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Don't want to go into specific details but last year we had a huge medical expense that insurance has so far denied to pay for (we will be pursuing legal action soon). I've never been in this situation but wonder if there are ways to maximize this deduction by rolling other expenditures into our taxes? Meeting with CPA Saturday to work on taxes, but I want to see if there are 'non obvious' things I can utilize.

Also what happens if insurance ends up paying after litigation...will there be an add-on to subsequent tax returns?

Specific non insured medical expense (fully paid last year)...$52k
Other medical expenses that were covered under insurance...out of pocket expenses (paid through an HSA) were $5900.
AGI around $150k.

Thanks for any advice.

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<![CDATA[Where to apply the Roth IRA? ]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1435216/ Rating: 0 Posted By: yohk
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HI all, I am new for the ROTH IRA, and need to get it before April 15th. Any suggestion?

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<![CDATA[Increased Price of the car on Invoice]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1435172/ Rating: 0 Posted By: nitrags
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Dear FWers,

I recently leased a new 2015 Subaru Impreza and I found that the price of the car on invoice is different (higher) then the True Car price the sales person promised.

The sales person started with the True Car Price as we were seeing different trims he kept changing the numbers. He showed me the True car price is what I am going to pay and gave me a monthly payment of $279 with $4500 down. Which did not make sense to me, but he kept telling that you are actually putting down $2000 rest is all fees etc. I also had my 07 Accord Ex for trade in which he valued at $8500. I think the trade in caused all the confusion and incentive for sales person to play with numbers. At the end the price on Invoice is at least $2000 more and even the monthly payments are $20-30 higher compared to competition dealership.

Is there anything that can be done?


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<![CDATA[Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1435156/ Rating: 0 Posted By: elptrainerny
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Trying to apply for a 15,20, or 30 yr Home Equity Loan that's fixed rate. Found TD Bank has decent rate BUT you need to open their checking account before applying. Anyone have any suggestions on who else offers a Fixed Rate Heloc and where to apply?

Floating is easy to find, fixed not so much

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<![CDATA[Free Home anyone?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1435148/ Rating: 1 Posted By: mikef07
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Looks as if the law states that too much time has passed to foreclose. While this is not over, it is an interesting read. I might be more appalled except I know firsthand how many laws the banks have broken over the past 5 years.

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<![CDATA[TurboTax Easy Extension Request Accepted by IRS]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1435126/ Rating: 0 Posted By: ussrfw
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Your Extension Has Been Accepted!
What this means:Good news! The IRS has granted you an extension to file until 10/15/2015.

I received this email, but no confirmation# included.
When I submit my Tax Form 1040 later, how can IRS know I have been granted an extension.


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<![CDATA[International wire transfer from India to the U.S. (Texas)]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1435089/ Rating: 0 Posted By: fartsunknown
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My current bank is Wells Fargo. It charges $15 for every wire transfer from India to the U.S. (I live in Texas).
I am looking for a free (or cheaper) option for wire transfers ($3000 and up).
Right now, I am using a Forex card, but the issuing bank in India takes a fee to load money in the card. Then, I get charged $5 every time I take out money from an ATM (Wells Fargo, Chase) using the Forex card.

Am I stuck with one of the above options?
What about online only banks? I do not withdraw money from the ATM frequently, maybe once or twice a month.


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<![CDATA[Tax Question: Tuition Statement 1098-T]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1435075/ Rating: 0 Posted By: mrng
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I apologize in advance, I could not find the Tax thread normally used for these questions:

I use a tax program to do my taxes every year, but I am stumped how to handle my 1098-T

I received a 1098-T from my university. This is for a graduate program. Item 1 on form has 13,500.25. Item 5 has 2902.50. Item 6 has 4379.63. Item 8 and 9 are checked.

1) These scholarship essentially is tuition reduction due to a tie up with the company I work for.

For 2014:
1) What do I do with Item 5. Since this is purely for tuition, I assume this is not taxable income.

For 2013:
Since I have an Item 6 - the form hints I may need to amend my 2013 return. Unsure if I need to do this, since for 2013 I did not get a 1098-t AND I did not claim any tuition deduction OR education credit. Tuition fees were paid in 2014 and none in 2013.

Essentially my understanding is I don't need to do anything with any of this data ?

Thanks for any help.

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<![CDATA[NLRB to weigh in on McDonald's labor dispute]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1435066/ Rating: -3 Posted By: tuphat
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From The Hill newspaper, lede below, link to full article: http://thehill.com/regulation/business/237246-nlrb-to-weigh-in-o...

A high-stakes legal dispute pitting McDonalds Corp. against labor unions is set to enter a crucial phase this week, when the National Labor Relations Board takes up consideration of a case with major implications for franchise businesses.

An NLRB administrative law judge on Monday will begin weighing whether McDonalds should be responsible for what employees say are poor working conditions and low pay at many of its franchise restaurants.

A finding in the affirmative would mark the first time that a major franchisor would be found culpable for labor violations at individual chains, following a finding last year by the NLRBs lead attorney that McDonalds should be treated as a joint employer.

That status would expose the corporation to liability for worker rights violations and force it to the negotiating table in collective bargaining situations.

The joint employer finding is among the most contentious actions taken by a labor board that has emerged as a political lightening rod under the Obama administration, and a top punching bag for business groups and congressional Republicans.

McDonalds argues it is not a joint employer, contending that independent franchise owners operate the restaurants. Any ruling to the contrary would do grave harm to the franchise model, business groups say.

Its not going to stop at McDonalds, explained Elizabeth Milito, senior legal counsel of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). This is really an assault on the entire franchise business model."

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<![CDATA[Question about estate planning and inheritance]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1435063/ Rating: 1 Posted By: hambirg
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Here's the situation. My mom would like to leave her house and her cars to me. My brother keeps telling her that is fine, but it would have to be deducted from my other (financial) inheritance. So in essence, I would be "paying" market value for them. I'm not sure I want to do that and that really isn't my mom's intention of wanting to leave them to me. In a moment of clarity this morning, I just thought there is no hard and fast rule that that's how it has to be set up, is there?

Of course, there is a lot more to the story. But I'm most interested in making sure that my mom's wishes are met. She has a will currently that splits her estate evenly between me and my brother. She has been wanting to set up a trust for years, but it never seems to get done. I really think it might be because she wants to leave an equal amount, like $25,000 to each of her four grandchildren, but 3 of those are mine and 1 is my brother's.

I have an OK relationship with my brother. But "fair" depends on your perspective. He has told my mom that if my kids get a total of $75,000 between the three of them, than his one child should get $75,000, etc.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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<![CDATA[3D printing stocks - a good investment or pure speculation? ]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1435017/ Rating: 1 Posted By: RhizzleBop
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Recently a guy artwork said he was investing in 3D printing with the belief that it is a market poised o explode like cell phones of the early 90s. Our company just bought a small desktop model for rapid prototyping parts. It is rather amazing that they can even print teal nowadays.

It is possible that it coud eventually replace a lot of common manufacturing, where facilities will just printheir parts. I'm not sure if it will ever be quite that much.

Any thoughts opinions or ideas would be great to discuss.

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<![CDATA[Update - Considering a mortgage...is now the right time to buy a home?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434973/ Rating: 0 Posted By: t1m0thy
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Since it has been closed I am posting an update to my original thread posted here: http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1376332/

My wife and I are still considering purchasing our first home. Our financial situation is below.

We would be using Navy Federal's 100% financing program (i.e. zero down) which would give us a resulting 4.875% interest rate with a 1% origination fee and 1.75% funding fee for a conventional 30-year jumbo loan. We are also required to pay into an escrow account as part of the mortgage to cover taxes and other property fees. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are looking at houses in the $600k to $650k range. Because we do not have nearly enough for a down payment (currently $30,000 in savings available) we are using Navy Federal's zero-down program and accepting a higher interest rate as a result. Estimated all-in monthly payment for a $650k mortgage is $4,300.

We currently live in a relatively inexpensive one bedroom, one bathroom apartment but given that 1) we have an infant baby, 2) Fed actions seem to indicate a rise in mortgage rates soon and 3) the San Francisco Bay Area housing market seems to be going nowhere but up, we are strongly considering becoming homeowners now.

I would love to hear more of your feedback!

Current Situation

  • Yearly gross income of $154,000 ($89,000 + $65,000)

    • Net income of $8,000/month or $96,000/year
    • We save about $4,800/month or $58,000/year
    • The $89,000 salary will jump to $95,000 in July 2015
    • The $65,000 salary will stay the same

  • Debts

    • Monthly rent = $1,150; we are locked into a lease through July 2015 and this will likely jump up to $1500-$1600
    • Credit card debt = $0
    • Student loan debt = $31,000

      • 2.5% Interest
      • $280 minimum monthly payment
      • We are making the minimum payment and after 10 years the laons should be forgiven for government service

    • No car payment (and do not plan on adding a second car)

  • Other

    • I work for the local government so our health insurance is really cheap
    • 11% of the $89,000 salary goes to a pension

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<![CDATA[Suggested advice RE: Retail bank financial advisors, investment advisors, brokers and the like ]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434943/ Rating: 0 Posted By: baplus8
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Advice I wrote after learning of someone's experience at a local retail bank branch. Grateful for your input on how to improve this:

This is in regards to "financial advisors," "investment professionals," or "securities brokers" in retail bank branches (like local Bank of America, Citibank, Chase branches) and probably in other financial institutions that cater to personal investors without much experience in financial markets. In my view, people working at these banks provide very poor service and violate what many may assume is a fiduciary obligation to customers.

I recommend anyone getting help with making an investment to ask these questions:

1. What are all the one-time and annual fees, commissions, load charges, etc. incurred from each securities investment? Both Chase will charge you fees and/or the securities you purchase or invest in will also charge you fees. The charges are not "itemized" for customers normally, but don't you think it would be fair to ask? You might even ask for the information to be written down for you rather than for you to go and do the research to find out all the costs. Note that you are able to buy the same securities elsewhere, often at a lower cost to you. Unfortunately, you are not provided this information.

2. How is person giving you advice (broker, financial adviser, etc.) to buy or sell securities or invest is compensated (e.g. f they earn commission somehow or points for obtaining more of your money)? If the person is awarded more points for selling more investments, the person may not be working in your interest only--similar to a salesperson who tries to get you to buy more things and more expensive things.

3. Ask the adviser if the risk of the value of the investment declining. Ask, How much can I lose from the investment in the future? What is the future risk of potential loss, from each securities investment? It will be hard to calculate probably, but ask about the amount you could potentially lose in dollars from your investments in the future. You can ask if the Great Recession happened again how much would you lose. Note that people lost money on investments in the beginning of the Great Recession, because they did not know when to sell. In the future, you may not know when to sell, like many people at the start of the recession. Though investments may look good if given reports on how well it has done in the past 1, 3, 5, 10 years, it is possible the investment could turn bad in the future. Again, think of the people who lost their retirement savings in investments at the beginning of the Great Recession in 2008. Before 2008, investors were making positive returns, so they made even more investments based on historical gains. Sadly, history did not repeat itself, and those investors lost a lot of money.

4. So be sure to ask yourself how much you are willing to lose from each investment you make. Often, investors have made gains in the recent past, they feel good about investing but forget to ask themselves about the risk, and invest more without being careful. The investor may then take on too much risk, and like in 2008 lose a lot. One reason why people say investing in stocks is like gambling, is because it can be addictive and destructive if you are not careful.

5. If you imagine the financial adviser able to help you obtain a lot of investment earnings, ask yourself why the financial adviser is working at the bank branch in the first place. If the financial adviser does so well investing, why would the adviser be working there? My point is here that it is hard to become a millionaire investing. If it was so easy, the adviser and anyone else would be making millions.

In the past I've recommended Motley Fool, but the bias with that website is to peddle information on what stocks to buy, which I believe to be faulty information. I have also recommended John Bogle's book, but not sure if it really helps inexperienced investors faced with encounters with investment salespersons at banks.

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<![CDATA[Co-sign wife's Refi of Student Loans, or save credit for Mortgage Refi?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434934/ Rating: 1 Posted By: guapo131
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I have a question about what do regarding some student loans in my wifes name.

Heres our financial situation:
Husband (me): Own a house. Mortgage and Title are in my name (bought before we were married). Own car outright. No student loans. Pay off credit card balances every month.
Mortgage: Principal left: $162k, 5% APR
Credit karma credit score ~809 (FWIW)
Income: $75k/yr
Student loan #1: $24,000 balance, 8.5%, $295/mo payment, private loan
Student loan #2: cumulative $9,500 balance, 6.5% & 2%, $157/mo payment, federal loan
Car loan: $7,700, 5%, 226/mo (car is worth 10-11k)
Pays off credit card balances every month.
Credit score: 787 (actual transunion score)
Income: $35k/yr

As you can see, the glaringly bad number here is the 8.5% rate on that student loan. We would very much like to refinance that 8.5% fixed student loan. I have looked around and found a few banks that claim very low variable rates to refi the student loan, ex: down to ~2% variable, or 3.5% fixed. She has applied for some of the student loan refis (using just her credit/income, not mine), and the rates are not that good. Example: DRB declined her outright because of income. SoFis best offer: Variable rate, 4.55% for 10 year, or 4.93% for 15year. Wells Fargos best offer: Variable rate, 4.99% for 15year. This is where she stopped applying for student loans on her own. We want to know if I co-signed for these student loans, would she get better rates. I would think that answer would be yes, the rates would be better (based on my credit score and income), but theres another consideration regarding that student loan debt showing up on my credit history, along with the hard pulls, etc. This may matter in a question I will ask later.

To add to the refi options A local community credit union is running a deal on a credit card. 3% APR for balance transfers, no BT fee, no expiration date on the BT rate 3% for the life of the transfer. Yes, you read that right; no BT fee, and no time limit on promo APR. Its like a 3% loan, but interest is compounded like a credit card (3%APR). After speaking with the loan specialist at the credit union, they will only give my wife 25% of gross income in unsecured debt. So that would be about $7k (based only on her income i.e. I dont co-sign). If I co-sign, lets assume they will give her/us the maximum they allow on the card, which is $10k for a balance transfer. On the down side, I would have that $10k in credit card debt on my credit history increasing utilization, adding a hard pull, etc.

Now, as we look toward the future. In the near future, I am interested in refinancing the mortgage to the Penfed 5/5 ARM which is now at 2.75%. I would like to keep my credit score high, and potentially apply for that refi using just my credit. I assume I should apply for that mortgage refi by myself because my wifes credit has the student loan balances, and she has lower income. I doubt her credit history will help much with the mortgage refi (and may actually hurt the refi) because she now has a bunch of hard pulls on her credit, plus all those student loan balances (and perhaps ~7k added to her revolving credit utilization).

So heres the main questions:

  1. Do I co-sign for the student loans?

    1. If yes, do you think this would negatively affect my options for a mortgage refi in the near future?
    2. If no, the student loan APR rates are not that great of a deal, should she refinance any of it? Or maybe just do the 3% credit card deal leave the balance in the 8.5% private loan (balance goes from 24k to 17k at 8.5% and 7k would be at 3% on credit card BT).

  2. Should she go after the 3% credit card BT deal? If so, do I co-sign for the credit card?

Thanks for your advice

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<![CDATA[Can I track this money on my own]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434929/ Rating: 0 Posted By: robertmorganirrific
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I really need people to help me here,My mom sent money to one of my friend at Turkey for the past two weeks and I am yet to receive the money here that I am schooling.. The man I used his IBAN is insisting that nothing reflected in his bank account but wells Fargo are insisting the money was received by my friend..Is there anything I can do from here without travelling to Turkey?? I am stuck here in american university here in cotonou..Is there anything like a tracer that I need as evidence??

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<![CDATA[New cash.me service from Square, up to $250 transfer per transaction]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434927/ Rating: 0 Posted By: Redbeard25
Views: 595 Replies: 1

Just signed up. If you get a friend to sign up, you both get $5. Android and iOS

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<![CDATA[buying investment property which houses a running business]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434901/ Rating: 0 Posted By: romittal
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HiFirst time on the forum so I am hope I am on the correct board.I am buying my first investment - SFH in which the owner was running his own business treating patients. Owner went into foreclosure. now its a REO property. Bank only cares about selling it for max price. its upto me to have the owner as tenant or not.I plan to keep the tenant. the numbers work out well. the rent is quite high and he want to continue to run the business at the place. so i don't have to find a new tenant.Are there anything I need to be careful about? Will I have to be liable for his business -eg he doesn't pay his biz tax and I get into trouble.

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<![CDATA[Is 2015 the real estate bubble year?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434861/ Rating: 12 Posted By: dougan778
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I've basically been either actively or passively home searching since 2009. A few years ago I bought a house, but as a remodel/flip, so that didn't stop me from passively looking for the next home. I was still in college in 2008 and so I don't really remember what the housing market was like before the bubble burst.

Anyway, the last month seems different to me than the last 5 or 6 years. Maybe it's because it's spring and the market's heating up. But it seems like everyone I know is looking to buy a house right now. Everybody I talk to is pretty quick to cite the fact that interest rates are going to go up soon. I'm in a rural area that is less affected by ups and downs in the housing market. But friends of mine in larger urban areas are telling me stories about people they know who list a house high and sell it for 5 figures above asking 3 days later. Houses around here are also moving quicker than I am used to seeing. The home prices around here are certainly higher than they were a few years ago, but I have a hard time deciding how much of that is recovery from the 2009 low and how much of it is overvaluation because people are trying to get in on the current interest rate situation.

It's really interesting to me. When I bought my house 3 1/2 years ago, interest rates were the "lowest ever" and people were speculating rates would go up soon. I always figured the rates would go up and the demand would plummet, because anyone remotely interested in home buying had got it done. Here we are 3 years later and rates are down a full percent and the demand appears to be higher than ever. Is there a bubble here? If everyone I know is searching for a home, how could 2008 possibly have seen higher demand?

Having been searching for years, I've racked up a pretty decent savings, as well as equity in my current home. I have to gauge that situation-- say mortgage rates do raise to 5% next year, and this causes the real estate demand to drop and cause a bit of a price correction, even if it's not like 2008/2009 intensity. The cheaper price I might get on a house might help me more than a lower mortgage rate.

Edit: I am looking at the market in the Midwest.

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<![CDATA[Credit Report Inaccuracies]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434857/ Rating: 0 Posted By: sam008
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Some research on this seems to suggest best way to remove inaccuracies is go to each credit report website like equifax, transunion, etc and file a report. Is this the best way and how long does it typically take to come off?


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<![CDATA[Car Lease aggregator]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434854/ Rating: 0 Posted By: dfonticiell
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Hello all
Is there a website that show all the best car lease deals or maybe brokers so that I can avoid the negotiation process and get a great deal?
Any experiences?
Thanks. I am in Miami.

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<![CDATA[pension rollover to IRA?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434825/ Rating: 1 Posted By: josefismael
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Hi - I recently left my employer, and have a pension accrued with them. They
have opted to rollover this pension amount directly into a "qualified
account at Vanguard" (their words). I called the Pension group at my former employer and they
informed me that this would be added to a Vanguard IRA.

My concern is that I have already maxed out my Roth IRA contribution limit,
and to the best of my knowledge I can be penalized for "over-contributing"
to IRA(s) within the same tax year.

Just looking for some advice on how to limit my tax exposure for this
payout. Is there a period of time that I can just get a lump sum
back (minus tax of course)? Otherwise, is there a way to "re-rollover" this money
into another investment product without getting penalized twice?


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<![CDATA[New LLC - need advise]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434778/ Rating: 1 Posted By: americano
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We are starting a Pennsylvania LLC. The LLC will own a sandwich shop, a yogurt shop and possibly a rental property. We are first timers into business, and excited about it. I have several questions where FW comments would help:

1. Is it a good idea for one LLC own all 2 (possibly 3) businesses?

2. For rental property, is it better for the LLC to buy it or we buy as individuals and then transfer? Or just keep the rental property as individual owners?

3. Want suggestions for accounting software that can do tax filing paperwork, payroll and basic HR (vacations etc). Cost is a major concern since we are just starting, so want to minimize paying a CPA.

Other related comments welcome. Thanks!

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<![CDATA[AmEx Blue Cash Everyday/Preferred Sign Up Bonuses ($125/$200)]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434745/ Rating: 3 Posted By: doctorofcredit
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Slightly higher than normal ($100/$150), although the Amazon prime deal last year might have been better for some. Direct link to offer:https://www262.americanexpress.com/apply-card/uni/039/uni-hol-1

Blue Cash Everyday:

  • Earn a $25 Statement Credit after you use your Card on a Universal or other purchase within your first 3 months of Card Membership.
  • Earn $100 back after you make $1,000 in purchases on your new Card within your first 3 months of Card Membership. You will receive $100 back in the form of a statement credit.

Blue Cash Preferred:

  • Earn a $50 Statement Credit after you use your Card on a Universal or other purchase within your first 3 months of Card Membership.
  • Earn $150 back after you make $1,000 in purchases on your new Card within your first 3 months of Card Membership. You will receive $150 back in the form of a statement credit.

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<![CDATA[Payoneer is a scam: How they steal your money]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434718/ Rating: 0 Posted By: tedteddy
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Payoneer is a scam. Some companies operate in a grey-area, but Payoneer operates fraudulently.

They charge a cross-border fee for all purchases in the USA. These fees are huge! They charged me an $18 fee for my last trip to WalMart.

Let me make this clear: I live in the USA, I work in the USA for an American company, and I make my purchases in the USA. Doesn't matter to them. They charge a foreign transaction fee even if you don't leave the country!

I've called them several times and they seem to think these huge fees are normal. They said the bank is based in Belize, so unless you make purchases in Belize, you will face a hefty cross-border fee for each purchase.

They have refused to refund the fee. I told them that I will close my account and transfer the money out. They said they DO NOT SUPPORT ACH TRANSFERS (or billpay, or any other reasonable way to get the money out).

So now my money is stuck in an account where I need to pay huge fees to withdraw it. I asked how I could withdraw my money without paying a fee. They seemed delighted to answer that I'd need to fly to Belize in order to make a fee-free withdrawl.

Learn from my mistakes. Avoid Payoneer.

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<![CDATA[conduit IRA]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434715/ Rating: 0 Posted By: gremln007
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I rolled over an old 401K a while back to Vanguard. I was unsure if it was considered a Traditional or Roth IRA. Vanguard has advised it is a conduit IRA which they say is basically a traditional IRA. I am thinking it makes sense to convert this to a Roth now while it is a small. To complicate matters (I didn't know at the time), I contributed to it last month. What is the best way to move forward? Do I need to rollback that contribution before converting to Roth?

Amount is under $2,000 if that has any relevance.

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<![CDATA[While buying a house, why would anyone use an agent other than Redfin's?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434712/ Rating: 12 Posted By: king0fSpades
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While buying a house, why would anyone use an agent other than Redfin's?

We are buying a house and so far our experience has been pretty good. The agent is doing everything on time. Cash Back is more than 1%.

Is there something that I am missing? How are other realtors even in business?

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<![CDATA[Is WARRANTY DIRECT cost effective?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434701/ Rating: 0 Posted By: SinbadS
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I am considering WARRANTY DIRECT, INC. for a car (Mercedes SE350 2009). Has anyone on this board have any experience using them for auto services, repairs, etc.?

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<![CDATA[Want to buy an apartment - any way to leverage parents' financial flexibility?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434699/ Rating: 0 Posted By: br435
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Have gotten very good input here in the past so wanted to run this one by and see what people thought:

My wife and I intend to ultimately buy an apartment in NYC. Unfortunately with the market as it is the upfront cash requirements will be quite high (my estimate is another 10 years or so before we have enough). At the same time my parents wouldn't mind investing in a property in NYC and have more cash on hand than we do but don't want to be landlords. An ideal "solution" would be for them to buy a place but for us to live there and handle all costs (mortgage, maintenance, upkeep, etc.) as well as gradually pay them back the upfront costs at an interest rate that makes this a worthwhile proposition for them.

I know one of the primary objections will be to not mix money with family - definitely something we will consider. I will say the primary risk is to my parents here and I'm fairly comfortable that it won't be a problem. Even if our situation changes we're in a position where we'll be able to find a reasonable resolution (and we will certainly agree on how to deal with those kind of issues before proceeding).

My primary question is in whether there's a way to make this economically viable? The problem I see is that this will be a secondary property for my parents so we will run into tax problems with us paying them rent, erasing any benefit we get overall from buying early. Is there any way around that? I'm also not sure how we could ultimately transfer ownership from my parents to ourselves without incurring additional costs in taxes/legal fees.

Any thoughts welcome! And please let me know if there are any other details that would be pertinent in evaluating this.

Thank you.

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<![CDATA[IRA questions]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434682/ Rating: 0 Posted By: ccmg
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I want to open a Roth IRA and use it as an emergency reserve, so the type of fund has to be low risk. Money market funds are a problem now from what I have read because of record low interest rates and new regulations, so I was thinking about an ultra short or short term bond fund or laddering cd's meaning buying cd's with different maturities to reduce interest rate risk and maintain liquidity. Bank MMDA's are another option. I like Vanguard so which Vanguard bond or cd funds would be a good choice for low risk with decent returns in today's terms? Thanks for any replies.

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<![CDATA[W-2 or Corp-to-Corp or 1099]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434582/ Rating: 0 Posted By: shalein
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Checking on the options for payments from Vendor for consulting services.
Which one is better and why?

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<![CDATA[Is it possible to "pre qualify" for a mortgage with more than 1 lender?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434580/ Rating: 0 Posted By: jimmywalt
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Is it possible to pre-qualify for a mortgage with more than 1 lender?

I ask because I'm going to pre-qualify with a local bank, but if I find another lender later with a lower rate can I then pre-qualify with them, or am I locked in to the first one (the bank)?

Thank you.

UPDATE - I'm looking in a really tight housing market where houses are generally sold within 1 week and could have multiple cash offers. So I thought that if I get "pre-qualified" that would be almost as good as a cash buyer.

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<![CDATA[Taxbot - Track Deductible Expenses - $9.99/mo with code]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434570/ Rating: -14 Posted By: RxJPK
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Use code "save50" (without the quotes!) to get this cool little app for tracking your business and personal mileage and other expenses, such as meals

This supports multiple automobiles and multiple business entities.

I harvested about $500 in deductions the first week that I used it, mostly on mileage that would have been missed otherwise.

Also includes an education component, in the form of a video library, and a toll-free support line.

If you have a small business - YOU NEED THIS APP!

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<![CDATA[Which of these credit cards to use (if any) when in another country? ]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434568/ Rating: 0 Posted By: blbk7653
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I am at the airport traveling to Saudi Arabia for 2 weeks and typing this from my phone so my ability to search is limited at the moment.

Is it recommended that I use any of these credit cards of mine while abroad or are the fees too high?
- Chase Slate Visa
- Fidelity Retirement Rewards AMEX
- BoA Cash Rewards Visa
- AMEX Blue Cash

Am I better of taking cash out from an ATM at the airport now and doing a currency exchange even with the bad FX rate? I haven't traveled outside the US in many years so any information would be greatly appreciated.

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<![CDATA[Earn 1.25% APY with an HSBC Promotional Premier Savings account]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434548/ Rating: 0 Posted By: SinbadS
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I received the following offer this morning. Is this something to pursuit?


At HSBC, we're committed to helping you build an even brighter financial future. That's why we'd like to invite you to apply for an upgrade to HSBC Premier1 today and take advantage of some of the most prestigious banking products and services that we have to offer. Plus, if you start a Premier relationship now you can benefit from a limited time HSBC Promotional Premier Savings Account Offer2 to help grow your personal economy:

As an HSBC Premier client, for a limited time, you can earn 1.25% Annual Percentage Yield (APY)3 through June 30, 2015, when you open and fund an HSBC Promotional Premier Savings account with New Money from January 5, 2015 through and including April 30, 2015. New Money is defined as deposits or investments not previously held by any member of the HSBC Group in the U.S.

There's still time to take advantage of this exclusive offer. To begin an HSBC Premier relationship and take advantage of the HSBC Promotional Premier Savings Account Offer, visit an HSBC branch to speak with a Premier Relationship Manager or call 866.909.1297. This promotional rate offer is not available online and can only be opened in a branch or by phone.

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<![CDATA[Home Alarm & Monitoring]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434545/ Rating: 0 Posted By: rascott
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We bought a home last year that had an alarm system installed...The main control is the GE Simon XT and it has door sensors, some glass breaks, etc...and then in the basement there is panel that looks like was used to tie into the phone line.

I know nothing about alarm systems, have never had one. What do I need to do to activate this thing and get monitoring setup? Also we'd need the cellular monitoring, as we don't use a landline.

Any recommendations for companies? I've heard that ADT is over priced and one can get a much better deal elsewhere.

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<![CDATA[HSA contributions before April 15]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434494/ Rating: 0 Posted By: rascott
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I was married in Sept last year, which requires filing married for 2014 taxes. This threw my taxes all out of whack...and we now have a pretty big tax bill. Mainly because I can no longer deduct passive losses from rental property along with some other breaks that I was getting as single, but we make too much for jointly.

The only option I see at this point to reduce my amount due is to make a HSA contribution, up to the max.

I see that the max for a single is 3300 I believe, for 2014. Total contributions have only been 1200 for 2014, so I believe I can throw 2100 in there before April 15, and reduce my AGI by that amount. Correct?

Also, we're having our first child later this year. He will go onto my wife's insurance, which is a low deductible PPO. Is it correct that I can still use my HSA dollars to pay for her or the babys medical bills, even though they aren't covered by my HDHP?

If so, this seems the most logical way for me to go.

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<![CDATA[BofA fraud alert]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434493/ Rating: 0 Posted By: mdee
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FYI - quick head's up - you may want to check your BofA credit card accounts
On 3/25/15 (2) $40.63fraudulentchargeswere made from a site "WWW*BUSINESSSHOPPINGMA"onTravel Rewards card.
BofA did send email/text alerts.
The rep closed the account and addedthe charges originated from China.
New card # to be issued.

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<![CDATA[Taxability of employer-provider EV charging stations]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434481/ Rating: 1 Posted By: tuphat
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Despite the lack of IRS guidance, I think that most employers that provide employees with free electric vehicle charging treat it as a de minimis fringe benefit and do not input income to the employee. Seebelow-linked letter from Senate Finance Committee ranking member Ron Wyden (D-OR) to the IRS Commissioner, urging the IRS to confirm this treatment. He says that the average value of the benefit is around $13 per month, and that added clarity would encourage more employers to provide this benefit.


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<![CDATA[IRS 'baby bust']]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434477/ Rating: -2 Posted By: tuphat
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via Tax Analysts --

The IRS is facing a "baby bust" of an aging workforce that is not being refreshed by younger employees, threatening the long-term performance of the agency, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told the Tax Executives Institute's midyear conference in Washington March 24.

The IRS has only 650 employees born in 1990 or later, out of a total workforce of 87,000, Koskinen said in his speech . The Service has about 2,000 employees who are age 30 or younger, he added.

"So five to 10 years from now, when we're looking for the management level, that leadership level in the agency, there isn't going to be anybody there unless we change the way we manage," the commissioner said. "So I've said this is the last year in which we deal with budget constraints by simply saying we're not going to hire."
Speaking to Tax Analysts after his address, Koskinen said all options are open for dealing with the IRS's human resource management challenges.
Koskinen said it has only been in the last week or so -- after he got reports on IRS employee demographics -- that he concluded this was the last year the IRS could deal with budget cuts by not hiring. "We can't continue to hollow out the organization," he said.

"Right now, we're OK," Koskinen added. "We're going to see what happens with the [fiscal 2016] budget. But if the '16 budget comes out either flat . . . or another cut, then we're going to have to be taking a hard look at, across the board, what are the most effective ways to go."

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<![CDATA[Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express: Get $150 back after you spend $1K]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434449/ Rating: 1 Posted By: SinbadS
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I received an offer for Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express. Get $150 back after you spend $1,000 on purchases on your new Card in your first 3 months. You will receive $150 back in the form of a statement credit. Annual Fee: $75
I already have a Blue Cash. Is Blue Cash Preferred Card different from Blue Cash because mine doesn't have an annual fee?

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<![CDATA[Problems with signing up for Union Plus]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434444/ Rating: 0 Posted By: Greatness
Views: 942 Replies: 3

I tried two times to sign up with Union Plus, but I keep on receiving the following error:

We are unable to process your request for a UnionPlus Card at this time. Some of the identification information you provided could not be validated.

You may want to check the information you entered and try again. Thank you.

The support is useless. Any ideas on what to do?

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<![CDATA[5%/6% Interest Savings Accounts at 5K (or less): NetSpend, Mango, Union Plus, Control Card, Others?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434408/ Rating: 5 Posted By: GrimeyOne
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Along with utilizing other methods to save/invest money (Cash Back credit cards, Employer 401K, etc.), I've been looking for savings account investment options. Currently I have the family savings account in our local credit union and the interest rate is way below 1%. I ran across many posts on these prepaid debit card company savings accounts at 5%/6% (up to 5K) and seems like a no brainer. I've also begun selling on eBay, so I have a PayPal account that I need to setup bank accounts to ACH to. I was thinking I could simply ACH 5K to each of these savings accounts, and then do monthly $5 ACH transfers from PayPal to each of these accounts and reap the 5%/6% interest rate on each. I'd also do the referral link signup bonuses for extra $20, etc.

I just wanted to verify that this is a sound savings account investment option.

List of companies: NetSpend, Mango, Union Plus, Control Card, Any Others?

Thanks everyone!

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<![CDATA[Must I file final taxes for deceased mother?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434396/ Rating: 8 Posted By: marysm
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Hello all. My mom passed away last year. She left no estate-- there was no probate opened. She had a small, ~$2000, bank account and most of that was used for her funeral. She owned no real estate, cars, or jewelry, just personal effects-- clothes, books, etc. In recent years she has owed federal and state taxes. Although she had a fair amount of out of pocket medical expenses in 2014, I do not expect they would be enough to offset taxes due for 2014. As there was no probate, there is no official executor. I was nominated as "personal representative" in the will (and sole beneficiary).

My question is, do I really have to file her last tax returns? I don't really want to take that responsibility.

I called the IRS and they said "whoever is taking care of dealing with the estate" should file the tax return. The "how do I file a deceased person's tax return" wizardsays:
IRS website said: ...write the decedent's name on the name line of the return and the personal representative's name and address in the remaining space. The person in charge of the decedent's property must file and sign the return(s) as "personal representative". The return(s) must be filed with the Internal Revenue Service Center for the state in which the "personal representative" lives. The personal representative is responsible for paying, from the decedent's assets, any additional taxes that may be due.

As there is no money with which to pay any taxes due, why should I file? I expect that, like with her other creditors, I would send them a letter stating that her estate was insolvent. My concern is really, signing the return. It feels like that is agreeing the return is correct and that some payment will be coming.

What do you all think? What happens if no return is filed? As there is no official executor, who can they force to do the work of filing?

Thanks much, Mary.

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<![CDATA[Do I leave my job?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434385/ Rating: 0 Posted By: ryanomac
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I have been working 10 years for a municipality at a decent salary (~$65k) and that offers a 457 and state pension. I am approximately 30 years old and have tried for a salary increase with no success. I also own a side business.
I have an opportunity to work for one of my largest clients who is restructuring and is looking to bring me (or my company) on board for the services we/I provide. I don't see it being feasible for me to continue at my current place of employment and providing the level of service this client would need in the long-term.

First, I need to figure out what "salary" would I accept and also whether or not is a good deal to leave the current position. Or better yet, what kind of package should I receive in the new position to be comparable to what I have now, taking into consideration the need for a significant salary increase since the workload would be significantly more than what I handle now.

Trying to figure out all of the economics (including health care package, retirement package [457, pension], salary) seems a bit difficult. I do want to take on this new position or work completely for myself, but the thought of giving up a pension and the attractive retirement package is weighing on my mind. I am not as concerned about the health as my fiance has a decent health package from her employer that I can sign up for when we become married.

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<![CDATA[Umbrella: Chubb (group) vs State Farm (indiv)]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434381/ Rating: 0 Posted By: SavvyUser8739
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My employer is now offering a group umbrella insurance policy through Chubb. It seems pretty good, though I would have to increase my car limits on my State Farm policy (~$120 / year increase). State Farm also offers an individual umbrella policy, though the cost seems higher and I don't quite know all the terms. Anyone have any experience comparing the two umbrella policies?

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<![CDATA[Leverage Amex BCE to make cash/check payment?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1434364/ Rating: 0 Posted By: Logan71
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I have an Amex BCE with about 12 month of 0% interest remaining on - I use it primarily for groceries and GC purchases via Kroger.

I'm slated to pick up a vehicle at the transmission shop later this week (rural area, highly recommended shop), where they only take cash or check.

I have surplus cash on hand to pay the shop, but it always seems to make sense to use someone else's 0% money (Amex) whenever possible, so as to not tie up my own cash and earn a little rewards.

It looks like a cash advance isn't won't fall under the 0% promotion (not a surprise). Anything else I'm overlooking? I know this is pretty low-hanging fruit but feedback is appreciated...

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