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Windows 7 Permissions Issue

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4/16/13 11:56 AM
I have a weird problem that has had me pulling my hair out for a few weeks. At work I'm forced to support a program written in the old XP days that doesn't fit in well with the newer security paradigms of Windows. It is basically a front end for a SQL database that stores the db path in the registry. Windows 7 handles the registry a little differently, but I've had success most of the time recreating the key in the WOW6432Node folder. But every once in a while this has not been enough. In each case any Administrator can log in just fine. But all Users cannot reach the database. Experience tells me that this is most likely a failure to locate the registry key with the path.

I think I've ruled out a registry key permission problem as that seems to throw a very specific error. I'm convinced that the program is just using the wrong location since it is behaving just like a Windows XP installation missing the needed key. This problem has been popping up at about one in ten installations. But the one in tens have added up and I'm out of time for an answer that I can't seem to find.

Any help would be most appreciated!
4/16/13 11:57 AM
4/16/13 7:38 PM
Could it be that it requires the users to have administrator rights to a database folder or program folder? Are these workstations part of a domain or a workgroup/homegroup?
4/16/13 8:23 PM
They are part of a domain. But the clients log in to the database with SQL authentication using the SA username. Windows credentials shouldn't make any difference. But I do appreciate the idea!
4/17/13 7:14 AM
Could it be a local user permission issue? On the machines that work maybe the user is set, locally, to Power User while on the ones it is not working on they are set to Guest?
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