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REQUEST - Need cheap business class fare BOM_PHX

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11/27/12 11:35 PM
Cheapest I've found for my parents is $3400 each + 1% CashBack from onetravel.

Mumbai (BOM)
Paris (CDG) 02:50am - 10Dec , Mon
08:00am - 10Dec , Mon Nonstop
9hr 40min
Air France Flight 217 332
Paris (CDG)
Salt Lake City (SLC) 10:35am - 10Dec , Mon
01:55pm - 10Dec , Mon Nonstop
11hr 20min
Air France Flight 8990 767
Operated by Delta Air Lines
Salt Lake City (SLC)
Phoenix (PHX) 03:10pm - 10Dec , Mon
04:48pm - 10Dec , Mon Nonstop
1hr 38min
Air France Flight 8504 320
Operated by Delta Air Lines

Layover Time : 3hr 50min Total Trip: 26hr 28min


Houston Intercontinental (IAH)
Paris (CDG) 04:25pm - 07Jan , Mon
08:35am - 08Jan , Tue Nonstop
9hr 10min
Air France Flight 639 77W
Paris (CDG)
Mumbai (BOM) 10:40am - 08Jan , Tue
11:55pm - 08Jan , Tue Nonstop
8hr 45min
Air France Flight 218 332

Layover Time : 2hr 5min Total Trip: 20hr 00min
11/27/12 11:35 PM
11/28/12 11:38 AM
Do a Kayak search, and check FlyerTalk but I don't think a "cheap" business fare is going to pop up for a flight less than two weeks away.
11/28/12 12:35 PM
I should've said relatively cheap. above results are from kayak. Maybe i'll use my AA miles instead.
11/28/12 3:59 PM
Does it have to be business class? There will be a HUGE price difference between Business and Economy at this point.

Flew this time last year YYZ->DEL (Toronto to Delhi) and paid $1200 return.

For two people, you'll be spending almost $7k and I'm sure the economy fares will be $2000-2500.

$5k is a lot of money for a 20hr flight. Yes, I realize it's a long flight but no segment is over 11hrs and they'll be sleeping on most of those flights anyway.

I'd buy them a lounge pass in Paris (and maybe in SLC), a set of Bose noise-cancelling headphones, a Kindle each, and they'll have a great time.

I sat in economy all the way to India and back, and while it wasn't as nice as Business, I would NEVER spend that kind of money on Business. Slightly better food and a seat that folds flat is great and all, but it's a HUGE amount of money to spend.

Just my opinion....
11/28/12 7:44 PM
Avoid CDG at any cost.
11/29/12 8:40 PM
Business class...but you want it cheap....something doesn't add up.
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