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Under 25 Drivers

If you are under 25 use the Big 10 contract code. If you are under 21 use this code code.

Update 10.16..07

Triple miles Double Upgrade US Air

ND2119071Q - $35 off weekly rental – must stay over Sat Night – exp 12.31

Double Upgrade

American Casino Guide 20% discount free day, upgrade

AMEX Double Upgrade

Free Weekend Day

$30 Off Weekly Rental

Visa - 20% OFF plus One FREE Day with the rental of a compact through midsize car in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Caribbean or Asia Pacific – 5 Day Minimum

Free Weekend Day, One Car Upgrade Worldwide

20% Off, 1 Class Upgrade, Unlimited Mileage World Wide - Use MC

$15 Off 3 Day Weekly Rental Exp. 12.15.07

$20 Off Weekly Rental

$34.75 a Day For Fullsize - $6 Less In FLA - 5004625

Free Emerald Club, $2 Discount For Online Booking (compact $36, Double Car Upgrade, $15 Off 5 Day Rental – No Expiration Contract

CDN Discounts on National Through CATA

AMEX Two CarUpgrade

Mastercard/National - 20% Discount + One Car Upgrade In Europe

Mastercard/National – 20% Discount + Two Car Upgrade In USA and Canada

$79 Per Day One-Way Rental

Two car upgrade, free weekend day, $25 off 5 day rental of SUV – EXP. 12.31.07

Free Emerald, 2 Car Upgrade, $15 Off Weekly Rental

Triple miles Double Upgrade Continental Airlines Exp 12.31.06– Page Still Active

University of Pennsylvania Rates – 21 OK

State of Nevada

Big 10 Rental Rates

Washington University – St. Louis Travel Rental Rates

State of CA Rental Rates – All Rental Car Companies

Double Car Upgrade and Free Weekend Day From Geico

State of CA Discounts

Bunch Of Deals – All Rental Companies – Double Upgrades, 2X & 3X Miles, $$ Off, Free Days

Free Emerald Club

Free Weekend Day - Minimum 3 Day Rental - Visa

2X Car Upgrade $15 Off Weekly Rental

Discounted Park and Fly Rates - All States

Free Emerald Club

Mastercard 20% Off Rental One Car Upgrade

One Car Class Upgrade - Expires 121.31.07

Two Car Upgrade + $15 Off Weekly Rental

Discout National

National Two Car Upgrade Expires 12.31.07

Triple Miles + Double Upgrade United - Exp. 12.31.07

$15 off Weekly + 2 car upgrade

Master Card 20% Off One Car Upgrade – No Expiration Date

Free Weekend Day

Get $50 a month off rentals

Vacation Outlet Rental Deals Freebies + discounts

52-4 4562 1 – IATA # for Link

Sato Travel - Great Deals

Best Deal on European Car Rental - 17days to 6 mos.

BJ's Promotion Check the 3 Printable Coupons (1) Free weekend day, (2) $20 Off Weekly rental,(3) 1 car upgrade.

UC Santa Cruz Discounts


Discount prices too high? Make a confirmed reservation using one of these links and then a couple days before your travel, go to Price-line and bid a lower price for your car than your confirmed reservation states. To find out what price you need to bid, go to Biddingfortravel.com and look it up. Use the Price-line link through Amazing-Bargains.com. Nationwide, the prices for full-sized cars run around $15-$20. For you Orlando, Florida visitors and if you are renting over a weekend, try $14 a day for a full size car and $19 a day for a minivan.

It takes a little patience putting in playing around with the different combinations, but you will save $$ and get upgrades if you spend the time.

Here are the National Contract ID's:

TRAVEL AGENT CONTRACT ID 5063773 + IATA # For PRT Travel - 52431993
Leads To Some Incredible Pricing
6600330 - Priceless Vacations
5436624 – UC Santa Cruz 21 OK – All California Universities
5185011 – University of Chicago $2 discount for booking online
5299328 - Can get lower than Carlson sometimes with this one* -new 7.22
5005467 - United Transportation Union
5004461 - Univ of Iowa LDW included
5160502 – Rutgers – midsize rate - drive off the Emerald Aisle in vehicle of your choice
5002341 – Ithaca College – 21 OK – Insurance Included
5004143 - UNLV - under 25 OK
5420154 – University of New Mexico
5710068 – American Veterinary Medical Association
5282865 – National Association of Broadcasters
6100253 – AAA
5004625 - State of GA - $37.37 a day fullsize 4dr, LDW included, Florida rates $6 below standard rate
6100497 – Illinnois Bar Association
5766241 - University of Milwaukee $231 a week for full size -
1991867 - Duke - Select ay car from the Emerald Aisle, and pay at midsize rate - 25 and under no upcharge, Free CDW
5400322 – University of CA
5036929 – American Airlines
5282865 - Michigan Farm Bureau
5003447 - Caltech - CDW/LDW included at no cost - Can Rent at 18 - no upcharge Link
5300743 - Washington University St. Louis
3614638 - National Corporate ID - Government of British Columbia, CA
5001856 - UPenn LDW/CDW included - 21yr OK.
75796 - Alamo $37 a day for fullsize, 21yr OK, CDW/LDW included - from UCLA
5125601 - special American Express promotion code - low rates
5400321 - $33.90 a day set rate - state of CA
5001856 - UPenn rent at 21 LDW included $41 Midsize
5004463 - $40 full size, $36 Midsize if reservations are made online - State of WI
5760339 - Try this one first. It ususally gives the best rates. It is Carlson Travel. Here is a .zdl file which can be opened in Avery Design Pro.
5706352 - Illinois Farm Bureau 20% discount ...and more
524992 - MA Higher ED Consortium
5004462 - $2 discount for internet booking, free LDW, no under 25 surcharge - Univ MN
5000491 – Has been known to be great
5004463 – University of Wisconsin
5766241 - Premium $280 a week
5004143 - UNLV
5400322 - UC Berkeley School of Law - Under 25 Contract ID 54366245001856
5601333 - APA
5282921 – IEEE
5710540 - Contract ID for SIU - Free LDW and automobile liability of $100,000/$300,000/ $25,000 is included regardless of rate selected. Rate works for under 25 also.
5004463, 5766241 - Contract IDs for the State of and University of Wisconsin - Rates look good
5160279 - Contract ID for Penn State University. ID works in Canada, Australia, Austria also.
5004462 - Contract ID for University of Minnesota. $2 off per day if you reserve online
5400325 - UC National code good for under 25 drivers
5000491 - Ohio University Contract Code. No upcharge for under 25 drivers.
5037126 - Continental Airlines Contract ID
5004459 - Purdue University Contract ID additional $2 per day discount if you book online.
5001661 - University of VA pretty good pricing
6666666 - Contract ID for University of North Carolina
5004172 – State of Louisana - $240 a week for premium, $299 Lux
5400321 - State of CA
5006897 – Boston College
5282865 – Hawaii State Bar Assn. – 20% Discount
5904196 - UCSD
5001514 - MSU Free loss damage waiver coverage
5000491 - Underage code - use if you are under 25 for a good rate
5185011 – University of Chicago
5282905 - MasterCard 20% discount
5185011 – University of Chicago
5450173 – AMS Users Group (insurance software)
5004461 – University of Iowa - must be 25 ink=Link
6100120 – AARPLink
5766241- $79 a day one way rental for all classesCheck it out
5004462, 5004458 - New 9/23/05Big 10 Contract IDLoss Damage Waiver is included in the rate.

Other Rental Cars

One Way Rentals Post – Scroll to Bottom of Page for Post

Coupon Bonanza All Car Rental Companies

Discounts, $$ Off, Upgrades, All Car Rentals


Discount Car Rentals - All

Rent at 18 – Great Prices - No Surcharges

University of CA Irvine – All Rental Company Codes


Word of Warning on Enterprise – At Enterprise a Reservation Has a Different Meaning – We'll be glad to take your reservation. When you get here, we'll see if we have any cars left. Make sure they have your car on the lot before you go.

9 Confessions From A Former Enterprise Rental Agent – Thanks Canoer
Multiple Discounts + Upgrades

20% Off Local + One Car Upgrade

Enterprise Entertainment Book Code ETBX7B

Enterprise - UVA - Personal Rental OK - 21 OK

Enterprise - Secret Rates

State of CA Rates - $32.39 Per Day – Rent at 21 – No Charge LDW Contract - Travel Site

Enterprise - Hawaii State Bar - 36a7933

Enterprise – IEEE-EE - 36a7933

Enterprise - California Alumni Association - ucbalum CA Alum - Rent at 21 No Upcharges - Printable

Enterprise – San Diego State University - NASDSU

Enterprise – State of Illinois – ILGOVT1

Enterprise - Cornell University

Enterprise - University of Texas - no drop-off charges on one-way rentals between any two Texas locations

Enterprise - State of Louisana - NA1403

Enterprise - State of CO - Personal Rentals OK - 21 OK Link

Enterprise - ESCOD Industries

State of SC - 26A4456 - Limited to the State of SC - $200 a week for premium - 21 OK - Personal rentals OK -

Enterprise - State of NC - Personal Rentals OK - 21 OK

Enterprise - Rutgers Alumni

Enterprise - Stanford for Over 21 Drivers

Enterprise – University of Utah – 21 OK

Enterprise – Princeton University – 18 OK

Enterprise - Yale University - 21 OK

State of Mississippi

State of New York - Contract – Best Prices of All In NY

Enterprise – Washington State University Link

State of Utah – Password “STA”

University of Kentucky Pricing

University of Chicago More

Enterprise – Washington University STL – Personal Use OK – 21 OK

Enterprise – State of CA – 21 OK

State of Nevada

University and State of Oregon

State of West Virginia

San Diego State Univ – In state rentals

San Diego State Univ – Out of state rentals

Universtiy of California – All Rental Car Companies

State of NC

Enterprise – University of Oregon – 18 OK – Students OK

Enterprise - Brown University


University of Arkansas

University of Pennsylvania

State of CO – All Departments Rent at 18

Enterprise - State of MI - 21 OK - Great Prices

Enterprise - State of Utah


Budget - Great Budget Pricing, Upgrade, $15 off Week, free weekend day

Budget - Under 25 Budget

Canada Discount with Budget - $44CDN per day – Full Size

Budget - BCD X201400 - 25% off Worldwide

Budget - BCD U030094 – May be the best Budget Number

Budget - T255400 - Harvard University

All Rental Codes and Free Hertz Gold – UCLA

Budget - 1X Upgrade, Free Weekend Day, $15 Off Week Rental

Budget - Cheap Rentals in Alaska

Budget - Free Fast Break, $15 Off, Free Weekend Day, Good BCD - Expires 12.31.07

Budget - 25% Off 250 Miles AA

Budget Truck Rental - 10% Off One Way and Local Rentals

Budget - BCD Number T356877 – Ctiy of Seattle – OK to rent at 18 – No drop off charges in Washington.

Budget BCD U030093 weekly intermediate SUV $179 before taxes
standard SUV $199 before taxes - YMMV

Budget Federal Gov BCD + Free One Car Upgrade


C031529 (may be black listed as of 10.07) - or - X848306 - or - G298100 - Best AWDs

D302003 – Sears and it saved me more than C031529 – Check it out!

A074800 - Citicorp Leisure Travel – May beat them all! – Check this one out!

D005927 – Best AWD For European Rentals

UUGA043 – Double Upgrade

TUGB348 – Free Weekend day when rented for 3 consecutive days

Avis one car upgrade – coupon UCNA024

Avis - D453800 25% off Worldwide

Avis - A6791000 – Hawaii State Bar
D002807 (Amateur Sports Assistance Program (ASAP)
State of Florida AWD #A113400 – Midsize $28.95 - FS $32.95 – Link ContractPricing
K312601 (American Express)
B900000 (generic AAA code)
C031529 – Great Code
B790000 (Entertainment Book)
V125600 – Ohio State University 18 OK Avis - Ohio State University Coupons
K197800 (Alaska Air)
A555500 – US Government – Free Upgrade Use Coupon UULA004 - Linky

K817200 (Starwood)
K860600 (Starwood - seems to be geared towards higher Hawaii discounts)
K851000 (Hilton HHonors)
A205700 (Inside Flyer)
K0205700 (Continental)
K817200 (American! )
B335100 (British Airways)
K817700 (Hyatt)
K019300 (United)
A108325 or A108300 (Costco)
A415900 (BJs Wholesale)
C031529 – Good rates
D002807 – Great rates
A108325 - Costco

Avis - State of Texas - F999303

Avis - Free Weekend Day

Avis Preferred Select

Avis - 1X Upgrade

Avis - A113400 State of Florida – 200 free miles per day - $200 a week for Full Size – No drop off charges in Florida


$30 Off Weekly Rental

Best Hertz CDP code 1757580 – its from Car and Driver

Hertz CDP discount code 1757580 – supposed to be very good

760900 - CDP Code Travel Partners Club
31570 – CDP Harvard University
0081555 – CDP Federal Government Rate from EANGUS (enlisted National Guard)
0083080 – CDP Unknown
224764 – CDP FEMA
472871 – CDP American Red Cross

— Coupons —

One Car Class Upgrade - PC# 962161
$10 off a weekly rental - PC# 962220
Up to $15 off a weekend rental - PC# 962216
Free child seat on a weekly rental - PC# 934732
1 free weekend day - PC# 924932
Hertz Double Upgrade - PC # 102815 – Exp. Dec. 31. 2007 – Quantas

Free Hertz Gold

Free Hertz Gold

Discounts, $$ Off, Upgrades, All Car Rentals

Dollar and Thrifty Rental – Use Code – PHONE – for best rates or just go without any code. Seems to give better rates sometimes. Dollar really jacks up prices in FL during holidays. Example same car for the same length in September v. December (Xmas) is $600+ higher i.e. $100 v. $700


I.D. #430710
Rate BY
Coupon AD1462JOO – Excellent rates. Not sure what the coupon is for though.

Alamo Rental Car - Code BY and ID #253173.
Coupons—One free day for a rental of at least 5 days - Coupon FD6B - or $15 off a rental of at least 4 days - Coupon DT3B. Up to 15% off weekends. Reqest ID number –

Alamo Free Day When Renting For 5 Days – Expires 6.30.08– Printable Coupon

Alamo: 20% Off + Another $10 Off

Alamo: Rent 5 get one day free


Use Thrifty with Discount # 1660228069 to waive underage fee.
-No underage driver surcharge for drivers aged 21-25
-No mid-week or one-day surcharges
-No additional driver fee


Discount Airport Parking - Many Airports

15% Discount Off Park and Fly in Canada


Cheapest Entertainment Book is Binghampton, NY - $25 Link. You can get 50% off rack rate at Hilton Hotels in Hawaii most of the year.

Real Cheap Hotels. Attend a 90 minute timeshare presentation from Marrxiott, Hilton, Sheraton – absolutely no pressure and get super deals like - Grand Wailea in Maui for $699/5 nights, including 6 days rental car and $100 resort voucher. Schedule the presentation early in the AM and tell the presenter you have another appointment in 2 hours. They will not pressure you but lay out all the benefits and ask for you to sign up. Check It Out

LaQuinta code DUKUNI from Duke University is good for a 15% discount has expiration date but may renew – thanks diazfranco

Travel Website

Discount Hotels

Discount Hotel Rates

Discount Hotels Nationwide

Marriott Discount Codes

$58 a night Las Vegas Hotels - For UCCSN Volunteers - University and Community College System in Nevada - UNLV Vendor Code: F521481337

Discount Chicago and IL Hotels

Discount Hotel Corp ID.

Club Quarters - Password YALE


Discount Travel, Hotels, Car, etc.
12/5/07 10:47 PM
Now all we have to do is move that to the first page and keep it updated
12/5/07 10:53 PM
riaesq said:

Now all we have to do is move that to the first page and keep it updated

Good idea, I was 2 minutes ahead of you...
12/5/07 11:05 PM
Thanks for that. And many thanks to mlhm5, who started it all. You have saved many people many $$$ and you have my eternal respect and gratitude.
12/6/07 12:32 AM
riaesq said:

Gone gone gone! We'll miss you!!!! Please give us all another chance.

Well I am sure curious what finally did him in. What a loss for all of us- his info was just invaluable. Wondering if it had anything to do with the rather rude language just posted??? (dmoney- appreciate your info and your righteous indignation, but maybe you could clean up your post just a tad?) Up til now this forum had been remarkably free from that. It does, of course, have the same boring questions posted over and over again by those looking for someone else to do all the work for them....

Anyway, what shall we do? Start a new thread? I have a fair number of the codes floating around somewhere and they can also be found on Flyertalk. I'm up for suggestions.

Szy, Across? Your thoughts?

I have started another thread for car rental codes - http://www.fatwallet.com/t/63/788985/
I plan to do more of house keeping and keep all the codes listed properly under each company. This way we can search the code easier. People please support this new thread and post there.
12/6/07 1:18 AM
Hey just wanted to let everyone know that is subscribed to this thread, or views the thread by last message first:

Thank you for participating in the forums. This thread has become to big and hard to navigate. It has been replace by a nice clean brand new thread.

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