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A warm welcome from all of us at FatWallet. We're glad you're here!

Please say "Hi" and let us know about yourself...

Who are you?
What do you do?
Where in the world are you?
When do you surf the net? At work? We won't tell!
How can we help you?
Why fatwallet?

Welcome Forum is an AskAnyQuestion, FlameFree, PositiveOnly kinda place.
It's for less experienced members, and veteran FatWalleteers are encouraged to be 100% helpful, 0% harmful.


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Hi, I'm Steve. I am accountable for the life of our community and love my job here at FatWallet. My focus is on forums organization/categorization, moderation/interactions, and Cash Back customer service.

When I'm not at HQ, I enjoy time with my wife and three kids, water skiing (barefoot, hence the username), watching baseball, and car stuff.


*Looks around furtively*

Howdy folks, Ted here. I get to hang around the office here and keep an eye on the forums. I'm the first shift mod during the week, so I tend to focus on community quite a bit in my day to day activities.

*backs out of the thread quietly, and pushes the next guy in*


The forums know me as Mars~, and I have been at FatWallet for over 5 years. I was the first paid full time moderator. I have moved to a couple of different positions at FW, and am currently working on adding content, and categorization for forums (see Grocery Coupons). I don't mod any more, but I always liked it, and try to keep up on it. If you have any questions about FW, or just want to say hi, shoot me a private message.

GeezLouise here. I am a journalist in Washington, DC. I do primarily features writing, with a particular love for technology as well as theater reviews (live, not films). I am extremely involved with several nonprofits and do volunteer teaching overseas several times a year. Since I am constantly on my computer for work, I am always taking breaks and checking FW for deals. I have become the go-to-personal shopper for all my family and friends. While I do check out that "other" site periodically, FW is far easier to navigate and search IMHO.
Keep up the good work!

BTW - it's getting lonely here. I hope someone else besides staff starts checking in


I'm Richard, part time evening mod. I'm also known as Virgil, and in some circles, errr . . . Bean (don't ask). As I said, I'm a part-time moderator, and when I'm not modding, I'm reading, and as my avatar shows, its usually comic books.

I also don't believe in pants, but thankfully, I do believe in shorts.

If you have any questions, just reply to one of my posts or send in a PM. We're here to help, after all!


I am Melissa, Cash Back minion here at FatWallet HQ. I add my thanks that Richard believes in shorts.

Um let's see outside of work..I read - a lot, play on the computer (waiting for Warhammer Online) & my Wii (trying to master Zelda) .... uh ok that is all I am going to admit to at this time


The WHO: SchlingBlade, aka "Danno".

The WHAT: Systems Administration!

The WHERE: FatWallet HQ, of course.

I surf the 'net just about all the time, except when I'm driving or sleeping. I've been a Systems Administrator for over 14 years, and enjoy working with all types of operating systems and hardware.

I'm fairly new here at FW, and trying to keep my finger on the pulse of the forums, while learning the ins and outs of the software and hardware that powers FW!

Outside of work I spend time with my family, work on open source projects at home from time to time, and I am recently getting back into working on cars/trucks as a hobby.

1> I'm Glen, I guess an old fogey around these parts. I haven't been "atuf" for years...
2>I'm an EE and work for a large Si company.
3>I live in Tx right now...
4>Eh, I check in all the time, sometimes my friends monitor the site for me and just Im me the deals I need, often I do it for them.
5>Just keep collectively working to "beat the system" and get good deals.
6>I was originally on Anand-ech hot deals forums way back when, but they wouldn't let us post coupon codes. This one stuck. I haven't ventured much over to the other sites, it's just deja vu.

Welcome to FW: We were web 2.0 before it was cool!


I am Tina. I am the accountant here at FatWallet, otherwise known as the Money Lady. I try to help out in other areas when available to do so. Love my job here. Wonderful smart people - and lots of fun.

My interests would be spending time with my kids playing on the Wii or playing Guitar Hero on PS2. And yes, I like to geek on the computer too.

Hey, this is John and I'm a Cash Back Guru here at HQ. Got a question about Cash Back? I'm your guy. I also play a mean game of shuffleboard. Why FatWallet? It's a unique place to work. There are cool people and a great community.

Outside of work I love watching movies, especially anything on Blu-Ray. I also like playing and listening to music. I'm sure you can guess my favorite band.

I like posting in the forums from time to time so maybe I'll see you around

PS Go Cubs Go! This is the year!


I'm Jason S., overnight mod & the 3rd Jason to join the FW team (thus the inclusion of my last initial).

I like watching movies & I'm also addicted to the Discovery & History family of TV channels. I am in front of a computer most of the time, playing games or surfing the web.


,...IM?....IM+...~MD,.......=MMM+ . :MMMO,.......,8MMM:.?MMMMMO,.=NMMMD,..:....,7.....8MMM$......[OMD
=...:M:....~M:...7M:...~I:...=MM+ ..:MMD:...~?:...=MM8.~MMMDDMMO..ZMMMD,..............+MM$...:?....M8
Z....O......Z....M8...,MM8...]DM+  .~MM$...,DMZ.:+IMMD:7MM=..IMMI.=MMMN,...7+....7I,..:MM,...NMZ...?8
D+.........,:...?M?...........OM+. .:MM+...~MMMMMMMMMM~OMZ...,DM$..DMMD,..=MD,..~MN,...ND,..:77I...=D
D$......?+......OM?...........ZM+. .:MM=...~MMMMMMMMMM?OM7,8Z,OMZ..8MMD,..=MN,..=MN,...MD...........D
8M......O$.....,MMO...,NMMMMMMMM+. .:MM$...:NMZ.:+7NMMNDM7$MMO8M7..8MMD,..+MN,..=MN,...ND...=8DD8DDDD
DM?.....NM.....IMMN:...~7=...,NM+ ..:MMD,...=?,...~MMMMMM$[DMMM8:.,NMMN,..=MN,..=MM,...MM~...OMZ+?IO8
8M8....+MM+....DMMM8,.......,8MM+  .:MMMO........,DNMMMMM8.,+??,..=MMMD,..=MN,..~MM,...NMO....,...:ND
DMM:...OMMZ...~MMMMMN?,...:IDMMM+.  =MMMMDI,...:IMMMMMMMMM~......,NMMMD,..+MN,..=MN:...NMMO=.....+NMD

Hi All, Welcome to the BEST community on the net. I am FrugalFreak and always available to help any new member or veteran with any help I can lend. Let me know if I can be of assistance figuring out this maze called Fatwallet and how to post deals, find your way around forums, or just whatever! The Search feature and FAQs at FW will help alot too.

About me;

I am a new member at heart no matter how long I've been here because I tend to learn something new everyday here.
I am Single guy with a black lab and am from Alabama and My friends call me the "Discount Man". I love being on the hunt for super extreme bargains cause I'm cheap

Greetings hunams!

I am Gordon Shumway from the planet Melmac. I chase cats and I can make milk come out of nose. On casual Fridays, I go to work topless and then grab a t-shirt from the FW stock room. Feel free to send me a PM. I'm not allowed outside of the house anyways.

/ALF voice/ HA! I kill me!

I'm the ghost with the most baby! (Beetlejuice) How can I help you?

You can call me JayRay, or you can call me Jay, or you can call me Jason, or you can call me JR... but ya doesn't hafta call me Johnson

Night Moderator, Spaminator, Crasher of Segways, Golden Tee Pro, and Master of Ceremonies (M.C. Jray)

I live @ FatWallet HQ S-TH from dusk till dawn.

When don't I surf the internet? When playing Volleyball, at a Cubs game, or riding my Motorcycle.

Why FatWallet? OMG it's a geeks dream.

Laptop $300, SERO air card $50, Pair of shoes $10, Credit Card sign-up bonus -$100, Cash back -$35, wearing a FatWallet grin while your walking around geeking, Priceless!
Jason Quit Bugging Me Spray

Welcome to FatWallet!

Hello Walletiers,
KayK here from RutgersLand (errr.. I mean NJ ). I am expert in surfing the Off-Topic forum.. so any questions, PM me . I also like to find bug in FW and harass the mods with those bugs. I surf from work on fatwallet.mobi, surf from home with regular site. I dont think any of you can help me.. I'm totally helpless
Why fatwallet? Cause they gave me a custom title

Greetings fellow Walleteers! I am Jeff and I am a Gemini! I enjoy traveling, playing the gee-tar, and writing music! I am the first shift content minion and I do tags, categories, and fix broken links for you all! I am also the resident eBay guru! If you have any questions, you can pm me at any time!

Helllllooooooo out there. I'm Repairman Jimmy, which means, I made this name as an allusion to Repairman Jack. Which, means, I like reading, or I just like being thought of as a Repairman. That went off track, quick. I meant to start with, you can call me Jimmy or Alex. Also, I am part of a duo that handles adding the offers on the Cash Back & Coupons page. I'm partly responsible for all those coupons and deals on the those merchant pages. I just explained that twice, didn't I? Oh well.

Outside of work, as I already established, I read frequently. Use FAQs to finish video games faster, attempt to establish a comic book figurine collection without being teased by Virgil, Funnyman & Dolphin. So, thanks and enjoy your stay. Exits are to the aft, bow and two over the wings.

Perhaps this thread should be retitled to "Introductions from FW mods and staff"?

HotStuff2 said: Perhaps this thread should be retitled to "Introductions from FW mods and staff"?

For a user driven website, FW has a lot of staff!!!!

HotStuff2 said: Perhaps this thread should be retitled to "Introductions from FW mods and staff"?

Mods are people too Riggght?


Who am I? Jen

What do I do? hmmmmm.....I am a part of the operations dept here. I help keep things stocked and clean for everyone, assist the accounting dept, and help where my help is needed. Oh yeah, I make sure lunch is put out everyday with a selection large enough to satisfy anyone and everyone......this is probably my most important job of all!!!!!

Where in the world am I? FW headquarters

When do I surf the net? I don't have much time for surfing the net what with two kids and every day normal routines, but I try to fit some time in after they're in bed for the night.

Why Fatwallet? There is no where else I'd rather be then here!!! This is the first job I've had where when I'm driving to work in the morning I'm not wishing I was on my way home instead.

Who am I? I'm Deb
I'm the receptionist here at FW. I answer all the millions of calls that come in, order all the lunches for the staff and send you your Cash Back checks and I am the person responsible for organizing the FW social hour "Beer 30". Watch for "Social Hour" videos coming soon to YouTube.

When do I surf the net?
When I'm not working I'm taking care of my husband and three boys ranging from the age 7 to 18 so I don't really get much time to surf the net (unless I do it between naps and social hour drinks while at work).

How can you help us? Thats simple just continue visiting our site and joining in the forums and tell everyone they should be members too.

Why FatWallet? Do you really have to ask?!?!?!? It's little slice of heaven here. I wouldn't work any where else. Besides where else can you work and get paid to eat, drink and be merry?


I'm Laura P., 1 x 2 Lauras at FatWallet. I dabble in Marketing here. As our approach to marketing can be unique, so is my job description. But you should like me; I track you down when you win something from FatWallet.

I surf the interweb by day and play mommy to a toddler, wife to a gear head, and avid equestrian (as in horses) by night. I pretend to golf and think I enjoy it, hence the title.

Why FatWallet? I started taking advantage of the savings while ordering supplies in previous employment, had a few friends behind the same HQ door in which I wedged my foot (wedged in the door not the friends). I love it here. Personally, I'm excited about my 4 tens schedule - a day without commuting, however short the commute, is a bonus these days. Professionally, I'm in extremely proud that we (Walleteers and FatWallet members) get to share the ride of change and growth.

I LIKE GUM! - can't be outdone by Mars!

If we don't introduce ourselves, how the heck am I gonna know who to bug about which thing?

I'm Char, have been here since the dawn of time. Okay, so only since 2000 when the new forums started up (yes, that's my cot you've always seen in the corner). I've worked for FW a little over 6 years now. I work with a couple of dedicated teams of great folks: those that get those deals up for you on the Cash Back & Coupons pages, and those that provide Cash Back customer service. I do some other things as well, but nothing as entertaining.

Why FatWallet? Because one day, forever ago, there were several of us here & there at different sites, looking for a new "home". Then along came FatWallet, which fit the bill. Tim hasn't been able to get rid of me since.

Away from work, my time is spent with family, and doing stuff around the house like gardening, building things, crafts, etc. Oh yeah! And, I'm in Texas.

If you have questions about how Cash Back works, you can find some answers to the most common questions in the Cash Back FAQ. If you have questions after that, please feel free to send us a Support Request so that we can help you out.

,` spreading the love `,

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(me, chasing my tail)
Who am I? Still working on that one (hey, its a hard question). But for now Ill go with Bo.

What do I do? I moderate across varied hours. Mostly Im on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, but I cover other seemingly random days as well.

Why am I here? After I arrived, they duck-taped me to my desk. (This stuff really works!) They feed me well, so I cant complain. But it has been a year and a half. I tried gnawing my way through the tape, but I kept getting my tongue stuck to the chair. Surely, they have to let me get up sooner or later. Either that or the tape will get old and give way. I doubt that I would go very far though. I like it here!

When do I surf the net? Uh, if I say at work are you really not going to tell?

Hola - the original Laura here. I love receiving your Support Requests, and recovering your Cash Back! I've been here over 5 years and have also modded in the past, but Cash Back is my true love (second only to the second hubster). Why FatWallet? It rocks! Wouldn't want to work anywhere else.

Other responsibilities include: I don't gnome nuthin' about those random gnome placements, bursts of sarcastic humor, unsuccessfully avoiding the M&M container, and playing with co-Walleteers' dogs when they visit Headquarters. Edit by Moderator for important update: I sit near Erin and we trade margarita recipes.

When I'm not at HQ, I enjoy landscaping, quilting, playing guitar, coloring my hair to match the seasons, writing poetry & short stories, rearranging the furniture when the hubster is out drinking with the boys, painting, being an eternal hippie, and my family (hubster and teenage son).



What do I do here? I am the other half of the offer entry team. Been here 3 years in August...Speaking of which: annual raise time?? haha

Where in the world are I? I mean am I? Umm...most of my coworkers think I've been fired (since I just bought a house) but actually Alex aka Repairman Jimmy & I have gone on a rotating 4 on, 4 off schedule. One of us is guaranteed to be here between 7am-5:30pm CST EVERY SINGLE DAY adding offers, coupons, discounts, deals or any other relevant info to the CB & Coupons page.

Surf the net? Well I'm addicted to myspace. I like leaving my friends random & embarrassing comments that they can't view until they get home from work. If I've seen you do it, you won't live it down! I also check out foxnews.com regularly & forever21.com...

Why FatWallet? Well it certainly isn't to maintain my svelte bod
It's because of the freedom to excel. There are no limits to your potential and no ceiling for success. We're valued and rewarded for the work we do...oh yeah, and we have skittles...ahhhhh!!!! I just gained 10 pounds thinking about them!

Otherwise I'm an extremely outgoing, loud, obnoxious, hyper, sarcastic social girl who likes to go out, have fun, laugh and just be around people. Oh yeah & I have big, red curly hair.

Peace to yo motha

Don't forget the awesome waxing job the duct tape gave you when you tried to rip free! VBMcGB said:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Who am I? Still working on that one (hey, its a hard question). But for now Ill go with Bo.

What do I do? I moderate across varied hours. Mostly Im on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, but I cover other seemingly random days as well.

Why am I here? After I arrived, they duck-taped me to my desk. (This stuff really works!) They feed me well, so I cant complain. But is has been a year and a half. I tried gnawing my way through the tape, but I kept getting my tongue stuck to the chair. Surely, they have to let me get up sooner or later. Either that or the tape will get old and give way. I doubt that I would go very far though. I like it here!

When do I surf the net? Uh, if I say at work are you really not going to tell?

Who are you? Marge (well, Marge in Charge is my full title). I am not a mean king crab, it's just an anagram for my name.
What do you do? Cash Back investigation and credit.
Where in the world are you? I work from FW HQ in tranquil Rockton, IL.
When do you surf the net? At work? We won't tell! Joining FW has dragged me (okay, kicking and screaming) into the 21st century. My primary passion is creative sewing, but surfing the web for patterns, thread and fabric is nearly as fun. There was that one time I shopped from work, sure I am a recently minted dog fan, and sometimes bring one of my corgis to work.

Why FatWallet? Not only because they hired me! Seriously, the FatWallet community is a great answer to the advantages that retailers have in the marketplace. Whether you lurk or log in - and we do hope you'll log in - get consumer-based advice here for great products at fair prices.

Hello! I'm a graphic and web designer for an online trading company in Orange County, California.

I surf the web all day because ... well it's part of my job. Gotta love that!
I want to get the word out about the site 1) to draw traffic to it and 2) to get feedback from peers on it. What do you love, what do you hate, and what would you do differently?
I'm here at fatwallet because I believe you are the biggest and the best. And who doesn't want a fat wallet?

Thanks to footn200 for the welcome.


Edit by Moderator: Thank you for joining our community! As stated in our User agreement, we do not allow users to post link to sites they are affiliated with, so that information was removed from the post.

Highlow my name is joe my job is caregiver. My best deal found on fw was my xmradio. Favorite Term is fatwallet effect. Also a couchpotato member from san diego since 2000.


Who: My name is Roger

What: I currently work with the great team of employees responsible for dealing directly with the various merchants. We constantly look for the best offers and Cash Back Sales while being loyal to the FatWallet Community first. Our loyalty to the Community can sometimes make negotiations more difficult (or impossible), but that loyalty is non-negotiable.

Where: I'm one of the few (but fortunate) remote employees. If I were to commute to work at the main office, at the end of the day I would have travelled over 8,000 miles.

Why FatWallet: When Tim first asked me to become a volunteer mod for this venture I declined by saying I knew nothing about being a moderator. A week or so later he asked again, but before I could come up with an excuse, I was assigned a username and given access to the site with mod rights. While I greatly appreciate the job the moderators do, I'm very glad to no longer have that difficult responsibility.

Hi to every one

Moderator Comment: Hi, and welcome to FatWallet! :) — Jul. 14, 2008 @ 8:13am
poordealguy said: HotStuff2 said: Perhaps this thread should be retitled to "Introductions from FW mods and staff"? For a user driven website, FW has a lot of staff!!!!I know, right? And yet, I still can't get Tim to hire me.

FrugalFreak said: HotStuff2 said: Perhaps this thread should be retitled to "Introductions from FW mods and staff"? Mods are people too Riggght? Uh, no...? (Hey, it sounded like an answer I could give!)

FW needs a FL office...I got a corner of my living room available.

Moderator Comment: Is that an invite? — Jul. 15, 2008 @ 7:56pm
Who are you? Chance, yes thats my real name.. and no I am not Homeward bound, yes I like monopoly, and yes I take chances.

What do you do? I'm a computer science student and run a web development firm

Where in the world are you? South Carolina, unfortunately

When do you surf the net? At work? We won't tell! When I am procrastinating like right now. Anyone want to finish up this program for me?

How can we help you? Can I supersize that please? kthx

Why fatwallet? Is this questionnaire aimed at determining whether or not I need rehabilitation in shoppers unanimous? You thought I wouldn't catch on? psh

Hi to every one

Ramanadham said: Hi to every one

Ramanadham said: Hi to every one


AirheadFW said: Hey!

I believe there's an (un)official rule that female members of FW who make statements like that must post a recent photograph of themselves. Nudity and/or provocative poses not required, but highly encouraged.

Skipping 1254 Messages...
xtreem said:   New guy here. I am wandering around, looking for something that interests me. ANd my interests are somewhat strange, from music to pyrotechnics
Glad you found us then. We cater to all kinds of interest.

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