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crazyacorn - Tuesday, June 19th 2012 12:48 PM
I ordered a motherboard for my laptop, but it did not work. I re-installed the dying motherboard, which worked as it did before, and sent back the nonfunctional one, expecting a refund. Only a partial refund was given.

I worked with customer service for days trying to understand why the refund was so stingy, and trying to get them to understand that the motherboard did not work. It was like talking to a very sarcastic and rude wall (customer service, really?). There was no willingness to listen, and no attempt to even understand to any small extent why they were liable for shipping a faulty product.

If you are considering buying something from ascendtech, just take half of the money you were going to spend and flush it down the toilet. You'll have just as much for your money, you'll save a lot of stress, and at least you'll know where your money went.

nospamirrific - Tuesday, May 29th 2012 10:44 PM
I wish Choff had posted a few days before. I think more and more that this company should be investigated. Stay away from it, or at least look around for other real reviews on different sites. Pricegrabber is overwhelmed with one-liners that were all posted the same day. That should be enough to raise suspicion.

$220 monitor ordered online with no obvious mention that it was refurbished, and I am sure I looked for this info. Only worked for half a day and cannot be replaced since it was (surprise) the last unit. No other similar product and they agreed for a refund, but: I have to pay to ship the $20lbs back. Exact same condescending tone from 'Steve' saying that I must be a little 'confused'.

Since I argued that they should incur the cost of their mistake, I was told that they kindly waved the 20% restocking fee (for a dead product), and that they would put it back since I was (sic) childish and vindictive to think about filing complaints and posting reviews. They also mentioned that they are not affiliated with the BBB, which in itself says a lot. I now read on several reviews that they also ship for free, but add this charge back if you return the equipment. In my case, I would lose $178 for nothing and they get the monitor back to rob someone else. Save yourself the hassle. Pay $20-$50 more and get something new from a reliable and honorable source that will arrive on time and work.

choffmanosaurus - Saturday, April 28th 2012 10:51 AM
I read the reviews before buying a video card for my laptop. Despite the fact that there were so many negatives, I stupidly ordered from them anyway. I thought I was buying a new card as it NOWHERE stated anything different. So, I got the card which was in a crumpled up anti static bag and looked a little abused. I knew right away I was in trouble, and, sure enough, the thing was defective. I e mailed them with the problem and got the slightly condescending reply from Steve indicating that I must be an idiot to think it would be new.
(quote)"Iím sorry, Iím a little confused. We are a overstock and surplus warehouse. We carry and sell pulled parts.No where on the site, does it say we sell brand new parts. And by the price,,, I think that is more than clear ? (unquote).
Strangely, this line is included in their website "Ascendtech.us carries a mixture of new, used, surplus, and recertified products."
Anyway, I returned it at my cost and did receive a refund of $12.95 which was about half of what I paid. When I questioned it, I was told that the original free shipping was back charged to me. I returned it for $2.97 but they charged me $12.00.
So, the moral of the story is this: if a company has a record of shoddy customer service, don't be tempted by cheap prices. Pay attention to the reviews and don't get burned. By the way, they have a BBB rating of D-.

fuzzyaces - Friday, February 24th 2012 8:55 AM
RMA'ed a monitor I purchased from their website. These guys are a JOKE!!!!!!!! I've been doing this stuff for years, and will never turn back. I (have) always purchased from Newegg/TigerDirect/Microcenter, and now that will be even more true.

nightnemesis - Sunday, January 8th 2012 2:45 AM
For those of you Who are thinking of Placing an order with this Company know this.....I bought a full built PC for a customer of My Own I requested a 250Gb HDD 2GB memory CDRW DVD RW Intel 2.4Ghz Cpu Custom Window Case What i got Was a Stripped Down PC with No DVDRW CDRW 512MB RAM White Label 40GB Drive The PC basically Died Within 30 Mins Of starting it I called and Emailed Ascendtech.us No Response When i finally Got someone they treated me like a POS and hung up on me This Company Has been Reported to the BBB and Ohio Attorney generals office Who Is Currently investigating this company for numerous Amounts of Fraud They Buy their Equip From 3rd Party Recyclers and advertise it as being brand new OEM DO not fall for this The Serial Numbers I got from most of the PC components Showed they were End of Life and Discontinued Or Sold as Scrap to a recycler None of it was New But was at least 1-5 years old I lost a customer and $400 with this So called Company Take your Chances I would not Bother Ordering from these So Called merchants You wanna get conned and scammed then place an order want what you ordered and have it right and work the first time then FIND ANOTHER DEALER!!!!

Lancetion - Thursday, July 28th 2011 5:59 PM
Easy to use website. Found what I wanted quickly. Pricing was less than half of what I would have paid if I ordered direct from Dell.

Lancetion - Wednesday, July 27th 2011 3:31 PM
I had no problems whatsoever. Product as described. Very fast shipping. A+

bjbinc - Friday, July 8th 2011 2:24 PM
I recently bought a motherboard from this company to swap into a customers Dell. It started to boot, but then froze in the exact same spot every time, before I could get into the bios.
I put in some known good memory and processor with the exact same results. So, I send them an email explaining the situation and asking for an RMA# so I can ship it back for a replacement.
I get an email back from "Steve" saying it's a memory compatibility problem. I email him back explaining how this is the EXACT same board as the original one the memory came from and I even tried other memory just to be safe.
Steve emails me back with:

"Iím sorry, Iím not sure if your kidding or not ?

I donít have time for a course in memory and how it works"

So I give ol' Steve-O a call and chew his ass out for a completely inappropriate and unprofessional email. He continues his condescending and arrogant behavior, but agrees to give me an RMA. He said they would test the board and if it tested good, they could send it back with "compatible" memory. I said fine and sent it back.

A few days later, I get an email from "Val" (a sarcastic and smug B) telling me the board tested good. So, I get the board back along with a $30 POS off-brand stick of memory. I open up the box and immediately can tell it's not the board I sent back. It had less scratches and missing a small sticker. And guess what...it boots just fine with my old original memory. These people conned me into buying memory I didn't need. CROOKS! A job that should have cost me around $60, ended up costing me $100 and took 3 weeks to finish.


RADFORDRIDGE - Saturday, January 29th 2011 4:37 PM
THE worst company I have ever dealt with!!! EVER !! Faulty products, HORRIBLE customer service, rude, and abrasive. This company is clearly a SCAM run by idiots that have NO reguard satisfaction or quality. TOTAL RIP OFF!

aaronst - Tuesday, November 2nd 2010 2:37 PM
Really awesome people to deal with! Excellent
website design and navigation. Seamless buying process. The shopping cart was updated when switching from one browser tab to another, which I found a great feature. Before making the purchase on-line I called the tech team and spoke with a tech person who seemed to be extremely professional and answered all my questions promptly and in details. Sent me all info by email, so i can easily and comfortably make my decisions. The fact that he could not answer how much memory my video card would have I believe that it shows an opportunity for improvement in service. But again, with turbo cache specifications - I kind of understand that it varies. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the website & the product company provided!!

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