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shivan364 - Wednesday, May 5th 2004 8:49 PM
I'm with you man. Every day we get some mooron or 5 coming in with the same coupon code and trying to use it. It's people like this and sites like this that is going to ruin the online coupon deals thing. We at our store have pretty much given up on taken online coupon codes because of this. Plus we are getting people trying to return stuff after using an online coupon and expecting to get the full amount back on there order, or they are using the coupon fraudulantly in the first place. We have to call the 1-800 number to follow up on these things and Staples is charging these people back the amount of the coupon. Isn't using fraudulant coupons a federal crime. Hmmmmmm. Any way. These people need to get a life and stop using these fake coupons before they ruin it for everyone who does it legitemily. Oh, Staples only issues you coupon in you email. Never at


So if you didn't get the coupon in your email it ain't yours to use.

defuseme2k - Friday, April 30th 2004 10:31 PM
I work for staples, as a sales associate. I have been with the company for 4 and 1/2 years. I will start off with the fact that fatwallet.com is notorious for fraudulent and sometimes totally unethical methods of lowering prices, and sometimes its to the point I think some people have no shame.. but anyway. I just read a comment posted about the fact that a manager told someone they can't split a coupon. Well he was telling the truth, as in the store our hands are really tied by the corporate office on things of that nature. If you order anything online, or through the catalog you should return it in the same method if you have a coupon or any other discout, as the marketing and "money control" system are completely different. You have to remember that a lot of people try and pull a lot of different things, not that I'm accusing anybody here, but there are so many people that try too hard to rip you off sometimes it hurts everyone. Even us with having to pay for pickups...

kittywater - Wednesday, March 31st 2004 10:08 PM
3taples.com is extremely easy to use, but my local store SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS ! I just can't bear them any more.

I bought two AT&T phones($59.98 each) with answering machine and two VTech phones($19.99 each) in the same order online to use a $30 off $150 coupon. The first shipment I got was the two Vtech phones, and the other two AT&T phones are still on their way. After I opened the box of the VTech phones, I immediately noticed that the packages of the two phones seemed opened before, the tapes were dirty, even though the inside machine seemed okay. After some consideration, I still decided to return the two VTech phones. I thought if I go to the local store, I might save Staples a pickup trip and I can get my credit back quicker.

But unbelievable thing happened there: Since on the packing slip of the Vtech phones, they placed the $30 coupon completely on this shipment, so they charged me only $10 at this time, thus the manager there wanted to credit me back for only $10! I told him that my second shipment is coming soon, and the coupon should be split between all items, he even said that he has never split a coupon in last 20 years! How dare was he to say that? Was he able to be a manager without knowing the basic stuff? We argued about this for a while, and he still insisted on that. I was so mad him and I couldn't help but to say that "you are stupid, and I will never come back again".

After I got home, I used live chat to return the two phones within just a few minutes and the CSR gave me the full credit without even a second thought. They will come to pick up the phone, and I don't even need to leave my home at all. I just don't understand why when I wanted to help them save some shipping, my stupid local store wouldn't even let me to do that.

The manager at my local store was just a stupid jerk and he will finally cause his store to be closed soon.

Now I remebered something else. Two months ago there used to be a sub of a 120GB Hard Drive, which is a 160GB one, and many people had got the 160G ones successfully. I once tried to do the samilar thing, I went to the same store, and the tag on the shelf said clearly that there's no stock any more. But after I told the same manager that there should be a sub of 160G, he reluctantly found out another 4 120G ones to persuade me to buy the 120G one. He was lying to put "OOS" tag on the shelf for the 120G one! He's so mean!

I hate this local store manager! Maybe somebody else had the same experience as mine with him. let's kick him out of the business!

shenluming - Monday, March 29th 2004 2:00 PM
Staples can't follow what they have promised! Staples change the confirmed order without prior contact with customer! Be Careful!

I ordered a pack of uni-ball pen and the Altec Lansing ATP-3PC
Speaker System with $40 off $71 coupon from Staples on March 17, 2004. I
checked out with the coupon available and the total amount was $37.80 after the
coupon discount and tax. Staples emailed me an order confirmation and showed
that coupon was valid. The email also says "If there is a problem with your
order, you will receive a follow-up contact". The packages arrived on time
though separately. Speakers were from local store and the pens were from CA.
However, they both came with original prices. I didn't realize that they
charged me with the original prices on my credit card without the coupon. So I
sent the UPC and receipt for the rebate. On March 23, 2004, I checked my credit
card account and found that Staples charged me the total amount of $80.69 without the coupon. So I emailed Staples, and was told that the coupon was used improperly
and Staples decided to charge me with full prices. Staples processed the
modified transaction without informing me. First they should had blocked me before I placed my order. Second, they should had told me that the coupon was invalid and asked me if I still wanted to process the order without coupon if they later on found they had made a mistake on their website. However, Staples just sent me the packages with the modified total amount without any prior contact. Since I have
slightly damaged the original box for the rebate, I can't return the order. I
emailed Staples regarding this issue for five times. Staples didn't want to
credit the price difference or let me return the order. Staples never had my
permission to charge my credit card with the modified amount. That is illegal! Be careful when you use coupons. Staples may claim them invalid and charge you full prices without any prior contact. I called my credit card company for disputing transaction.

CheapSammi - Monday, March 22nd 2004 2:55 PM
This store suck big time!!!! Keep giving me timeout errors (from login->add to cart->checkout)when I try to buy a laptop through Fatwallet.com. At first I was thinking maybe it was my connection. When I access it without Fatwallet.com, there was no error!

Fis - Wednesday, March 17th 2004 10:06 PM
Staples is my favorite place for deals hands down. Good sales, Extremely fast online rebate processing, coupons, free shipping, and a generous price matching policy. Sign up for their Business Rewards program and get both cash back and frequent coupons in the mail.

danorthface - Saturday, February 21st 2004 6:05 PM
Staples has been great to me in all my orders in the past. Customer service is good too, if i had any problems they would handle it with concern and care. Thanks

Next - Monday, December 22nd 2003 12:44 PM
Ordered from Staples on Nov 19. Got half of my order delivered, the other half took 6 phone calls and 3 additional weeks. To make it worse, the online store charged me for the full amount. When the other half of the order arrived, they billed my credit card again for that half. Frustrated, I decided to return the entire order....but since I was charged twice for the same order from different departments, and none would acknowledge the charge from the other, I could not get the full refund! Had to take it up with American Express. I'ts amazing how the BM store would not pick up the phone to confirm the charge with Staples.com, and Staple.com would not pick up the phone to confirm charges from the BM store. Everyone should look at their charges from Staples order real carefully!!!

lsocoee - Wednesday, December 3rd 2003 8:00 PM
Staples agreed to pricematch bestpriceaudiovideo.com and ship out my digital camera. I called them today to get the order number and they told me that it hadn't shipped and they were checking with corporate. They told me that BPAV.com was not an authorized retailer of canon cameras. I told them "That's funny because I called Canon and found out that they were an authorized retailer." At this point, the representative on the phone says "hold on." She comes back and says "Oh sorry, I must have read it wrong, it's not that, it is that Corporate couldn't verify that it comes with a USA warranty." I am furious right now and I ask for corporates phone number, 877-235-9088. She passes me off to her supervisor at this point. I read to her off of BPAV.com saying three times on just the camera's webpage that it comes with a USA warranty. She tells me that corporate does this all the time and they know what they're doing. Don't ask me why, but I asked the supervisor what the number was to the corporate office and she tells me "We don't have that number." HA!! She and all of her cohorts working at Staples are a bunch of stinking liars!! I'm not giving up...I will keep hounding them until they give up.

Long story short, I'm ordering through BPAV.com and I'll post when I get the camera whether or not it came with this USA 1 year warranty.

Staples is going down!!

Willard48 - Saturday, November 22nd 2003 7:38 PM
Having just ordered from the Staples website, and NOT receiving
all my order in a timely fashion, or able to get any explanation
from their customer service, I thought I would post this info .
Last May 22, the Federal Trade Commission levied a $850,000 penalty
against Staples for not following the FTC's "Mail Order Rules"
(see www.ftc.gov/opa/2003/05/staples.htm)
Judging from my inability to get Staples to even acknowledge that
they have even lost part of my order, it would seem that they have not
learned from their mistakes. Caveat Emptor.

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