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crazydave2b - Saturday, April 14th 2007 3:20 PM
First time buyer and was very pleased with my purchase of an AMD Athlon XP3100+ computer system. Service was excellent and the people I talked knew what they were talking about. Was given there web site by a computer tech and he said that I could get what I needed from these folks and he was correct. The price was right and the service was too. They built my system just as I wanted it and I didn't have to buy something that I didn't need in the system. Check these people out on what they offer, I did and have been satisfied ever since.

dmantom - Saturday, April 14th 2007 11:54 AM
Ascendtech's sales reps know their stuff very well. It has been truly a joy to work with this company. I work with a lot of hardware vendors, and these guys are top-notch. When I ask a question, it is answered almost immediately. IN ENGLISH. Emails are always returned in a quick and efficient manner. Prices at Ascendtech are very competitive considering they carry alot of hard to find replacement parts. The peace of mind I get from knowing that I'm getting good quality equipment makes it even more worth it. Cheap computers are just that...CHEAP. I have commercial clients who rely on me to recommend and purchase hardware for them, so cheap is not an adjective I like to use when describing the equipment I ordered for them!

Build time is a little longer than I would like, but it's not really an issue since they do such a great job. Generally there are 2 ways of doing a job...quickly or correctly. They do it correctly. I had them build a PDC server for me and it was flawless. Way to go!

I would definitely order from them again, and plan to very soon. Keep up the good work, I'll keep buying!!!

tkspeed - Saturday, April 14th 2007 12:46 AM
I found the ascendtech through www.pricewatch.com, and took a look at them because of their low prices. i did a little research, and decided to place an order for a very nice barebones system (2.66 ghz, 512ram, 120gb).

The site was very user friendly and easy to navigate.

My order was processed and arrived in about 7-8 working days. I used their techsupport service when the product arrived as 1 of the 2 power connections for the motherboard had come loose in shipping, which was solved pretty quickly and i was up and running.

Anyway, the product I receive is working great, and the price was right (lower than anywhere else i could find, and i'm fairly savvy) at $566.72. Actually, if i had purchased parts individually (based on lowest prices from pricewatch.com) and assembled it myself i would have only saved about $50-70. In my opinion the professional assembly and testing, 1 year warranty, and lifetime techsupport are worth that $70 and more.

I was contemplating a new notebook/laptop as well, but wasn't as impressed with their pricing in that area as i was on the desktops/workstations.

Certainlty keep your eye out for good deals elsewhere, but my experience with ascendtech.us was pretty good. I'll certainly be back (assuming the prices stay competitive).

rbtomas - Saturday, April 14th 2007 12:23 AM
I am surprised to see the reviews on this site, but I thought I could shed some light on AscendTech's business practices. I found AscendTech on eBay and bought a barebone computer from them after seeing their 15000+ excellent feedback and 99.4% positive rating. I completed my payment on Sunday. Wednesday I was surprised to see my barebone delivered to my door, when I only selected UPS ground for a shipping method. I set up the barebone, and it does not work. Called AscendTech was on hold about 30 seconds and get a hold of Jim. Jim was a very corteous gentleman who assured me that all will be fine. I was further amaized to see UPS pick up my computer back the next day. After sending the comptuer back, a friend came to help me with my troubles. After brief diagnosis he told me that it was my memory that was faulty. I felt like a complete goof. Called AscendTech to explain the situation. They were just as corteous as before, and promised to try and rerout the system back to me. They kept their word as the system was back at my home the next Teusday. Jim even called me back to ensure the system arrived and walked me through in properly setting it up. It turned out my memory was defective after all, but AscendTech helped me regardless of that fact. I have since got a great deal on an LCD TV monitor from them. It was a 23" Dell which AscendTech sold me almost $80 below the lowest price I saw. I guess what I am trying to say is that AscendTech is simply a great company. Their customer service and eBay ratings speak for themselves.

toda - Thursday, February 22nd 2007 6:46 PM
Complaint Description:
As follows is an email thread between myself and Jim who is a telephone sales agent for ascentech, Inc. I ordered a replacement mother board for my sons computer. The board was not responding when I installed it. I telephoned tech support and was advised to re-inset the memory chips and the booting problem will be resolved. After a couple of weeks the board has continued to become more unstable. My son is a senior at UNCW, Wilmington, NC. I asked Jim to send another board with a new proceesor for a quote of $114.00; which was supposed to include shipping and handling. The board I am returning included $9.99 shipping in the $89.99 price. They are charging me a $9.99 shipping fee for the returned defective board and $17.00 cancellation fee; Eventhough I'm paying shipping to return the board. I have never heard of a cancellation fee for returned defective murchandise. I wasn't informed that there is a $9.99 shipping and handling fee for the new board. This operation tries to manipulate numbers to meet their profit line through dishonest sales. Not disclosing costs until they have your card number. This Ohio based company should be held accountable for their deceptive business practices. I have no problem paying them the $114.00 as quoted as a total price. I feel that I am intitled to a full refund for the defective computer mother board. I feel this is a subliminal company who has no integrity when it comes to honest business practices. Below is a pasted thread of my attempts to rectify their fabricated expenses. OK ~ I see you have a "cancellation fee"; I have never heard of a cancellation fee? Is that the same as a bad board fee? or is it a "screw the customer fee?" Please explain to me what was cancelled? I'm am returning a defective board ~ is that the same as a cancellation fee? Returning junk is the same as a cancellation fee. The $89.00 board included $9.99 shipping and handling ~ Right. O, Yea the $17.99 cancellation fee. Now you're saying that the $124.00 board doesn't include shipping and handling...of $9.99; it is $13.75? Not $9.99 like the other board that included shipping and handling. Apparently you or your handlers cannot make the numbers work....AscendTech is a warehouse operation of con men. I cringe at the though that you have my credit care number on file. Have you ever heard of the Federal Trade Commission? Or the Ohio States Attorney Generals Office? Pal, I just want to be treated like a customer...not someone to be ripped off. I didn't disagree with you when I telephoned you. Only when you began to fabricate numbers after the purchase. Not all companies operate under the one customer concept. -----Original Message----- From: jim@asendtek.com [mailto:jim@asendtek.com] Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2007 12:06 PM To: 'Tommy Davis' Subject: RE: RMA Ok Let me try this one more time the original board was $89.99 including s/h of $9.99 so when is returned the s/h is not refunded plus the cancellation fee of $17.99 that gives you the total of $62.01 as a refund The new board is $114.99 plus $13.75 s/h, total $128.74. Please call me @ 216-458-1104 if you have any further questions. Sincerely, Jim -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Tommy Davis [mailto:toda1@mindspring.com] Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 4:07 PM To: jim@asendtek.com Cc: sales@asendtek.com; feedback@pricewatch.com Subject: RE: RMA Please forgive me for my math prowl ness, but if I send the board back to you! You charge me $9.99 shipping and handling? So if the new board (and I use that term lightly) is $128.71, PLEASE explain to me how you came up with $128.71? It looks like you are trying to insult my intelligence: Let's try this scenario: Let's say the new board is $114.00 or - and you add SHIPPING AND HANDLING @ $9.99 ~ you with me so far? That totals $123.99. RIGHT so if I pay you shipping and handling on the RMA (plus $9.99 s/h = $27.98) so I'm paying to ship the defective board back and paying the advance shipping and handling on the replacement. Please follow me with this: $9.99 (returned board); new board shipping $9.99....are you still with me here? Shipping the new board cost me $19.98 ~ right. How does your company stay in business. Below is a paste from New Egg....Your company can learn something here if you have an interest in repeat business: I assemble computer systems in my home based business. In this day of Web blogs, your employer may not endorse your math concepts. -----Original Message----- From: jim@asendtek.com [mailto:jim@asendtek.com] Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 10:23 AM To: toda1@mindspring.com Subject: RMA Dear Valued customer as per our discussion, the total of your refund is $62.01 the 20% of the total amount paid is $17.99 plus $9.99 s/h = $27.98 As I was explaining the difference of RMA being for credit or refund and as per your request we had sent the motherboard and cpu combo to you as an advanced replacement, for you did not want to wait to have it come back to us and exchanged. Please let me know if you have any questions. 216-458-1104 Sincerely, Jim

doight - Saturday, November 18th 2006 3:02 PM
I used buy it now on eBay to try and purchase a sound card to improve my Dragon Speaking recognition. They don't accept paypal from Canada so I paid throgh an online money order site. Ascendtech opened up a nonpayment dispute, saying I hadn't paid and was not contacting them, even after I notified them that the order was sent and gave a tracking number. They said it would be closed when the payment arrived. Then after a couple of weeks passed I emailed them to see if they received my money order. I didn't get a reply so I emailed them again. Then they said they hadn't received it. I felt bad and quickly offered them Paypal, credit card or send an urgent money order and sort it out with the online money order service. They said the only way was money order. I notified them that I would do that first thing in the morning which my wife did. We sent it expedited by Canada Post. Then after a few days I received an unpaid strike from ascendtech. I complained to eBay and because of my good record and emails that showed tracking numbers and communications with the company they removed the strike. I then got an email from Canada Post saying that the second money order was delivered. I then left negative feedback as I had been doing my best to pay and had the emails and tracking numbers to prove it. Ascendtech then left negative feedback on me as they said they never received the payments. They also wanted to do mutual feedback withdrawal. I then started to investigate why 2 money orders didn't get there. The first one sent by orionpay.com supposedly was never received. I had contacted them and they were going to give me a complete refund. I now asked them to look into what happened. They sent me a copy of the money order with the deposit stamp into Ascentech's bank account. I then sent ascendtech scans of my credit card statemet paying for the first money order, the link to Canada Post showing the second one had been delivered and a copy of the first money order with their deposit stamp on the back. The reply was that they were unsure if that was their account and wanted me to reverse the payment to see if any money comes out of their account. They were now also not sure if they received the second money order and would check into it next week. They informed me that the negative feedback that I gave them would hurt them less than the negative feedback they gave me because their percentage would not drop as much because of their higher number of transactions. (Of note is that they have 93 mutual feedback withdrawals). So to date (this all started Oct 2006) Ascendtech has double payment from me and I don't have anything except a nonpayment dispute, a nonpayment strike and negative feedback from them. Now that I am confident that I paid (twice infact) I have opened up mediation through eBay. I am requesting all my money back plus the money order fees plus shipping, as well as the mediation fees. I also which to cancel the order for the sound card and have them remove their negative feedback. I will not be removing mine.

The sadest thing was their sales department in denial that that the first money order was not deposited by them. It had their stamp on the back. Their reasoning was that the bank the money order was drawn on was not their bank therefore it coudn't have been deposited into their account?! I don't kow how to respond to that ridiculous statement. But I was reminded that if I worked with them I could mutually withdraw the feedback on eBay.

I would recommend not dealing with this company as even when they are dead wrong and have your money (twice) they won't admit it.

DrDean - Wednesday, October 18th 2006 7:00 AM
Found product (Dell Speakers) on their eBay site and paid their requesting price. Received the product timely however the casing was cracked and the product did not work. I even tried hooking it up 3 different computer systems to make sure it wasn't me.

Contacted company and got RMA number and shipped product back to AscendTech. According to their own site - "Replacement is normally issued within 3-5 business days upon receiving..." After 6 business days (8 calendar days) with no email or any contact from the company - I left them bad feedback on eBay.

They responded by leaving bad feedback on me although I did nothing wrong. I paid upfront, I returned the product accoding to their guidelines. Clearly they only wanted revenge for leaving a bad feedback rating on their eBay account. I called customer service and on the 3rd attempt was finally able to get someone on the phone. He was intially trying to be helpful but quickly became nasty and told me they would not be sending me a replacement - that they didn't want to do business with me because I left them bad feedback and they would give me a full refund "IF" I removed my bad feedback. WTF?!? So, if you want to use these posers go right ahead but don't be surprised when things go bad that they blame you and try to manipulate you to further their own business.

oellen - Sunday, September 17th 2006 8:26 PM
I find this company to be misleading in their verbal and advertised claims regarding data recovery. They are also exceptionally rude in their dealings with unhappy customers. I would never recommend them to anyone. On their datarecovery.com webiste they claim 100% satisfaction guarantee. Without going into all the details, let's just say I wasn't staisfied with my data recovery and they could have cared less. As with other dissatisfied people on this website, I'm sure they will say it's all my fault. It appears that they are never willing to accept any responsibility for their actions. When it comes to Ascendtech, it seems that the customer is always wrong.

MegaZapFan - Friday, August 4th 2006 12:19 PM
First and LAST purchase from AscendTech.

15 days from order to ship. That is TOTALLY unacceptable.

Prices are good, but having to wait more than two weeks for the order to even ship is so not worth it.

Further, when telephoning inquring as to my order status, I was treated with indifference, the attitude was essentially "oh well, that's tough buddy".

I will never shop there again.

prabbit237 - Thursday, June 1st 2006 8:39 AM
(this was originally posted on www.resellerratings.com. Many kudos to them and this site for helpomg weed out the rip-offs from the honest merchants.)

5/26/06 1:41 PM
I ordered a motherboard/cpu/ram combo from them. The motherboard worked intermittently over the weekend and then quit alltogether. Called for an RMA per their website and was told I needed to email the request (they don't answer the tech support number at all, it seems like. Had to call the "customer service" number to even get a live body on the phone.) Returned the item and and they got it on Jan 13th but never heard back from them. After repeated calls and being told it was being checked out and then, on a later call, that the replacement was being shipped out "tomorrow" (this was around the 24th,) I finally called on Jan 31st to find out where the motherboard was and was told that they found no problem with it. I then did get irate on the phone and the person started telling me I was "acting childish" and then hung up on me. I called back several times and they wouldn't even answer. Then when someone did answer, I get a hesitent "hello?" and then got hung up on again after a minute or so.

I then put the matter in dispute with my credit card company. I had to send all supporting info to the CC company and sent them copies of phone records showing a total of 13 calls to this company and 2 emails (one asking for the RMA (they answered this one) and another asking about the status on the RMA (no answer to this one)) and they had the "testicular fortitude" to claim that not only had I not sent the motherboard back but that they had not heard from me in any way since the RMA request. I then did find the tracking info where the motherboard was returned and sent that to the CC company as well. It's still in dispute at this time.

Do NOT order from this company. They are a rip-off!

(this was their reply on that website)
Reseller Reply
Posted by 5/31/06 11:20 AM
I have no way to respond to your comment as you did not provide an Order # to resellerratings.com - Sounds like a COMPETITOR leaving us a feedback rather then an actual customer. Our customers have no problems getting through in normal business hours. There is also emails available for proof of contact. It's also kind of strange that you state you placed an order in January and we are almost in June. Took you over a half a year to leave us a feedback. Sounds fishy to me. If what you state is true the credit card company would have returned your FUNDS long ago. But if they still haven't returned funds to you after 6 MONTHS down the road, that means 1 thing CREDIT CARD company must FIND what you state is UNTRUE. AscendTech, Inc.

Update on May 31st after ascendtech replied: My first reaction was "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!" The invoice number WAS entered into this system. Want it here? It's invoice #137054 (strange that it shows right above when I'm editting this post. Funny how you seem to claim that it wasn't provided.) Want the order number? Order number was #141608. Want the amount? It was $143.21. Want the date of the purchase? It was Jan 4th (BTW, that's not "over half a year." It's not even been quite 5 months. No wonder your service is so shabby when you can't even tell that 5 months is not "over half a year.") As to the delay, not everyone knows about this site when they make a purchase. Sometimes they don't find this site until it's too late and they've bought from the wrong sleazy company. But people who you try to rip off sure will remember YOUR site. Also do you not know what "still in dispute" means? For those who haven't had to go through that with a credit-card transaction, the CC company puts a provisional credit back on the card (which they did do the day after it was in dispute) but the dispute can take several months to resolve, especially when dis-honest companies like this lie through their teeth.

Oh, yeah, one last note: Notice how this company has such piss-poor ratings on both customer service and refunds/returns. Gee, I wonder why that is. Heck, in terms of customer satisfaction, they rank lower than over 800 other companies (out of just over 1000 in this system.) (note: this part was in reference to their ratings on www.resellerratings.com)

Update on June 1st: Does this company get any more sleazy? Yesterday, they tried to re-charge my credit card for the amount under dispute, not knowing that I had that card canceled and had gotten a new one. There was a charge on my statement for the amount and then where it was denied/reversed and the bank verified it was attempted on the old card. I'll say one thing for these guys, they got balls. Not much sense but plenty big gonads.

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