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  Ease Of Order: 4 Stars  (6.1 out of 10)
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coralzhao - Monday, May 10th 2010 9:20 AM
Too bad i didn't look at the review before i booked my trip. It is terrible, the hotel is not as they described on the web, once i went to the hotel i trid to call them asking if i can change the hotel since it is worse than a motel. And i got different answers each time, i asked for the supervisor, they just put me on hold forever. Once they sold the ticket, they won't care.

jinghe1997 - Monday, May 3rd 2010 10:37 AM
It's good to use Expedia as the searching engine for a ticket, it can provide the information about which airline which is have good price for the itinerary. However, if you might have any itineray change/cancellation after you book the ticket, it's almost IMPOSSIBLE! I really feel exharusted with Expedia about a cancellation of a ticket I purchased one week ago. They refused a refund any penny to my account if I want to cancel the ticket.

Bonnetta - Monday, May 25th 2009 6:11 PM
It is sad to see that we all had bad experiences with this company and they still have not improved their customer service. Maybe we should spend our money with companies that appreciate us and value our hard earned dollars.

I took advantage of a promotion that was a free gas card. I crossed my T's and dotted my I's to make sure that I qualified for it. Months after the trip completed and I did not receive the gas card I contacted Expedia. They stated they would research it. Well, their final result was that I did not qualify because of the hotel in which we stayed. This was not listed in the fine print. The funny thing is... if I were a lawyer I would have sued them. However, the time, money and effort is just not worth it...maybe someone else can catch them in their lies and sue them and include all of us in a class action law suit. To appease me they gave me $150 in hotel credits. If they look at my activity I rent cars. I rarely stay in hotels. I guess that is why they gave me something I would probably never use.

Well, today I called to use them and they were not there. Luckily one nice rep in the bunch gave me the $150 in credits. However, by the time that was complete the prices of my trip were jacked up by about $500. Hehehehe what a savings! When I called them to ask about better rates the woman explained there was none available and sat on the phone silent for about three minutes. It seemed as if she was waiting for me to just hang up or to think she had disappeared. When I asked her about another flight price she stated that that flight never existed per her screen even though I was looking at it on AA.com. When I told her that it is on AA.com and gave her the flight number she sat again silent. I got tired of waiting her out so I said, "If you are going to stay silent, let me speak to a manager." She replied, "Sure, just one moment."

When her manager got on the telephone she was no better. I asked for the name of the CEO she stated they were not allowed to give that information out. I explained to her that Expedia is a publicly traded company and I can easily find that on the Internet. She then apologized and said that she had the information and gave it.

Expedia can keep that $150. I'm gonna look for a better company. I advise you to read my post and the post of MANY others and do the same. They are a rip off. I bet you they have a page on rippoffreport dot com.

yermomsux - Sunday, April 27th 2008 10:09 AM
Expedia's Best Price Guarantee is a hassle. I called 3 times and spent a total of 1 hour on hold. In the end, they claimed that I will be refunded the $50 difference between their price and Priceline.com's lower fare. We'll see if that actually happens.

CrazyMedic - Monday, October 15th 2007 6:19 PM
Agree with all other comments. Add to that the fact that their "BEST PRICE GUARANTEE" is a total BS. Spent >2 hours on HOLD with a completely retarded representative who refused to make an adjustment on my purchase saying that the trip protect I got was different from what was listed on the other website (Orbitz) - even though trip protection is not supposed to be part of the package. Moreover, they refuse to respond to these issues by e-mail, so you are forced to stay on hold on the phone

Maria7z - Sunday, June 10th 2007 9:46 AM
I agree with babylike, Expedia's posted and advertised information cannot be trusted. Honestly, I have used them several times without issue and had just filled out a glowing survey for them when I had my first (and last) error with them. I purchased a ticket for my brother and all the confirmations we received had incorrect information, i.e. airline he was flying was listed as US Airways, but was actually United. Result, issue cause him to miss his flight and they were not helpful in getting him booked on another flight, compensating us for the issue, or promising the information would be accurate in the future. When I spoke with customer service everyone was rude, I was informed that I couldn't read my itinerary correctly, and that it was my responsibility to sign into my account and take only that information into account. All the email confirmations I received said "print this and take it to the airport with you". These confirmations also had other incorrect information printed (flight numbers, confirmation numbers, and times). In the end I was compensated $100 for the flight to go away and be quiet, but I was left with the very distinct impression that my business did not matter, that I as a person did not matter, and that their Expedia Promise is a total load, they do not practice what they preach. My trust is broken and I will never use Expedia again, there are plenty of other comparable companies, my advice to you is use another company, Expedia won’t help you when they make a mistake.

babylike - Tuesday, April 24th 2007 10:08 PM
Expedia provides wrong information about the trips on their website. If you have a tight time schedule, please reconsider of booking any activities from them. The time information is wrong! And the worst thing is, they do not admit that. So if you find out that the actual trip is from 8:30am to 5:45pm instead of from 7:30am to 3:45pm as advertised in their website, it MUST NOT be their fault. It MUST BE your fault of booking that trip. If you want them to refund your money because you can not attend that trip due to the mistake. They will told you that the best thing they can do is to issue you a coupon (which will never been issued to you actually) for your future travel. Finally you have to dispute the money from your credit card company. So do not bother to call them or even argue with them. It is your own fault that you book your trip from them.

cdhomeoffice - Friday, December 22nd 2006 8:35 PM
1 of 10 POOR web site: I took the time to fill in all details for a reservation and when clicked Purchase button web site said cannot access my reservation, call customer service.

1 of 10 POOR customer service: when I called customer service, I waited on hold for at least 30 minutes to find out that the price for the flight was changed (2.5 higher)

Overall rating POOR 1 of 10

AVOID dealing with them if possible.

Try www.LastMinuteTravel.com for example (and I'm not an affiliate)

fatwhitton - Friday, November 24th 2006 4:57 PM
They are fine unless you need to change something and cannot do it online. If you call the help line, you will be on hold forever. I gave up and called the airline.

ddeng - Friday, September 8th 2006 12:59 AM
Expedia has the most worst customer service that I have ever seen. there are sharks behide the customer service phone, they are not there to help, they are there to rob you,rob you, they are ok if you don't have to call them, if you call them, you are falling into sharks's mouths!

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