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frustrated11 - Tuesday, July 18th 2006 2:01 PM
Worst online shopping experience.. Got a phone and it started having problems once I started to charge it. Had to exchange it at my own cost. It has been over 4 months and I have not yet got my rebates. The online status has not changed from 'processing' and the customer service folks refuse to help... Do not buy ur phones from them... They go by the names 'Wirefly', 'IntelenetWireless', InPhonic... all of them are anything but phoney!!

Fis - Wednesday, August 4th 2004 10:22 AM
There are lots of discussions about inphonic in the Hot Deals forum (they always have great deals). I have now purchased from them twice. Each time I have received my phone promptly and gotten the exact deal as described.

It's pretty simple. The initial order is from inphonic, which is an authorized agent. Your monthly bill comes from T-Mobile, Nextel, etc. (whoever you selected). As far as I can tell the difficulties with orders that are in limbo come when you don't have good credit. When you fill out your order online you have to give all this personal info. inphonic can't complete the order unless the cellular company approves your credit.

I for one would definitely order from them again and have recommended them multiple times.

PS - You might want to check the Hot Deals forum before ordering. inphonic operates lots of web sites that sell cellular phones (including names like CircuitCity.com, COMPUSA.com, etc., and they often have different prices for the same items.

dotzero - Sunday, July 18th 2004 10:45 AM
One of the worst service I’ve ever tried! I can’t believe these guys are still in business!

I placed an order this last Monday and that part was very nice. I had a question so I called their toll free line and was pleasantly surprised to be able to talk to a live person within a few minutes time. The sales person was nice and offered to help me place my order right then. After a few questions we were done and he said that I would receive an email with my order which I shortly did. This was the only pleasant part of dealing with these incompetent jerks.

About and hour after I received the email I clicked on the link to check the status to find out “additional info was required” so I called them in the number provided on the screen and the rep I talked with had no clue what that message meant so she said she would just redo my order. So I said fine and I gave all the info again. After about an hour I checked my email and there were no new messages from them, so I clicked on the link to check my status again to find out once more that I still needed “additional info”. So I called them again, and this time the rep apparently had some idea (although I can tell she wasn’t sure either) of what to do. I gave all my information to them (for the third time now) and waited some more. After an other hour I was happy to find that my order status now was “processing”. (This is supposedly the stage where they send your info to your requested carrier, which is Verizon in my case, so that they can check your credit and activate your account)

I kept checking the status of the order every few hours until late next day and the status kept on saying “processing”. Very frustrating since I know one of the local dealers can get an answer on if I got my credit approved and how much deposit I need to give (if any at all) in a matter of minutes (or less). So I decided to call them again and I was rudely told that they could not help me and that I would have to fill out a customer service request form online if I wanted any further info on an order already placed. So I figured I would just give them little more time and I waited two more days, but that did not help, as my order was still in “processing”. So I filled out a customer service request form and sent it in asking why it was taking days to process my order. That was 2 days ago and now its Saturday. Today I called them back and tried to get one of the sales guys to see if they can let me talk to someone and the answer was NO! You have to use the online form. I explained that I had sent it in two days ago, but the only reaction I got out of the sales rep was that I was just going to have to wait until Monday, because customer service does not even work on Monday. Just before I was rudely hung up on by the impatient and unhelpful sales rep I thanked him and here I am now.

My intention was to look online for a good deal during the week and if I could not find one buy one locally this weekend, but now I can’t on the count of my order is “processing” by this freaking morons and I can’t even cancel the order because they say the sales reps have no access to existing orders.

Like I said worst service ever! Stay clear of these idiots.

Administrator - Sunday, July 18th 2004 10:43 AM
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