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S1216 - Monday, May 2nd 2011 9:12 PM
Many of the products Woot winds up with are ones that have a high failure rate so the manufacturer discontinues them.

Their poolicy if they send you something DOA? You ship it back at your expense. Inexcusable. Sorry Woot but this is part of the cost of doing business. If a customer took you to court on this you would likely lose. In the UK this policy would be illegal.

Never buy from Woot.

ltgeneralkasty - Sunday, June 22nd 2008 12:08 AM
Woot is a cornucopia of awesome products! Mostly surplus from warehouses, and apparently they have several billion SanDisk Sansas!!!! (that's a woot joke)

Every night at 1AM EST they list a new product for sale. When that product sells, it's gone! They also have a funny blurb written for each item and weekdays there's a podcast with some sort of associated "performance" to the blurb written.

You're limited to 3 items total.

Every Tuesday is a Twofer deal.

Shipping is flat rate $5 for any amount purchased and those who hate slow shipping READ THIS:
Woot.com utilizes FedEx's SmartPost. This is shipping via FedEx to a local "Sortation" facility, where its then put into the USPS mail system. It can take several weeks to receive your purchase. Most items ships out of the Woot warehouse in TX within 5 days. My first purchase (cool earphones) actually got misplaced and they had so many issues with that Woot's orders they FexEx Ground'ed most of the orders. Woot does give out SmartPost tracking numbers, and my packages usually STOP through six or seven states before making it from TX to CT.

They have very active forums, with the intent to give Wooters some personal experience to the product's worth and other questions associated with a product. It is heavily moderated: any nonsense comments are immediately deleted within minute, things like "this is crap", "where's the BOC", or "refurb". Forums also replace common terms used with substitutes (mainly to cover expletives or way too often used words). Forums for that item also are points for people to figure out where the product is if its been five days and no word from the Woot Shipping bot.

One thing they do is called a Woot-Off, where for a certain amount of time they keep putting up a new item when the previous item is sold out. Its usually signified by flashing lights on the site. Woot-Offs usually contain the Bag of Crap (aka BOC aka Bandolieer of Carrots). That's a $1 bag with assorted crap from the warehouse. One person said in the Woot forums they got a broken Roomba vacuum, was able to get a warranty replacement from US Robotics and got a new one free! A $150 vacuum for only $6 (including s/h).

Woot also has three other sites associated with the 1AM new lisiting. Short descriptions:
wine.woot.com: sells wine, duh. must be 21 to buy and get. lists the states it can only ships to, encourages users in non ship states to tell their state reps to let booze in. $5 flat shipping, $7 in summer to preserve bottle freshness. Usually new product come Monday morning at 1AM, but they have been occasionally putting up a new one mid week. Once in a while sell other wine associated products like cheese.

shirt.woot.com: sells shirts, duh. User designed shirts. Three of these shirts are sold as top three winners from a shirt design derby on a specific subject. $10 a shirt, XS-3XL. Shipping is free on first night it sells, then $5 to ship after. First night also offers $5 for overnight. Int'l shipping available.

sellout.woot.com: Woot sold its soul to yahoo shopping to essentially list another woot.com product. basically same thing as woot.com, except no woot-offs.

I've spent over $275 with woot: at least 10 shirts, several taco deep fryer sets, about a dozen cheap earphones, keyboards, mice, you name it. It's heaven!

flamingonut - Wednesday, April 30th 2008 8:53 AM
I've never had any major issues with Woot!. Nothing ever received damaged, an occasional delay in shipping, especially during wootoffs is to be expected.

woot.com - no problems with any of my many orders.
shirt.woot.com - a t-shirt never came, contacted them, they contacted me right away, apologized, and told me it would be resent out right away, which it was.
wine.woot.com - well packaged, but it's a hassle having delivered to NJ, which is not Woots fault. Luckily I know someone in NY, and having it shipped there, when possible, takes 3 weeks off delivery time! Yes, if NJ is on their list, it still takes about a month for delivery. Between their 3 websites I have ordered quite a bit and am extremely happy with the prices and service I have received to date.

chrisagile - Thursday, January 24th 2008 8:55 AM
HORRIBLE. They sent me USED (deep scratches and dirt all over the product). I tried to write to them THREE times and in more than a month have not recieved a response back. BEWARE when you buy from Woot. You are better off hitting yard sales (same used crap for less money).

hamburgularo - Wednesday, January 9th 2008 4:00 AM
Customer Service is terrible...I had received incorrect products and it took 1 1/2 months to return and get refund for the products. Woot won't even pay for my return shipping costs at their error. As others have commented when shopping there, if you had a problem with your product you are better off selling it on eBay.

wherehk - Tuesday, May 15th 2007 1:21 PM
anyone have experience with returning defective merchandise to woot.com?

cola262 - Saturday, March 24th 2007 12:23 AM
I had a positive experience with my order, but beware. Their message board is heavily edited (any post with a bad comment, like "this is expensive, it's cheaper on blah blah site or eBay" gets edited out).

peanutbuttercup - Monday, August 9th 2004 6:49 PM
Ordered a new ti 4200 videocard. They sent a broken, used one instead.

I wouldn't order from them again.

Mikul - Tuesday, July 27th 2004 2:24 AM
I purchased a Refurbished 120 Hour Series 1 Tivo from Woot. I received it a week later and works great! I received order confirmations and shipping notices. Woot has one item available a day, most of the time at 25% off the MSRP. The prices can't be beat!

Administrator - Tuesday, July 27th 2004 2:20 AM
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