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bdodd - Thursday, December 30th 2010 11:10 AM
VERY DECEPTIVE in their registration process. I thought I was updating my account information since I had not bought stamps from them in several years, (just wanted a roll of first class stamps) and somehow I was signed up for a "monthly service" and being charged 15.99 on my credit card. When I tried to explain to customer service this was a mistake and that I did not even have a way to download and use stamps, they would not credit my money back, using the old "I'm not authorized to do that" routine. I do not recommend doing business with ANY company that practices business in this manner.

drvnsnow - Thursday, March 18th 2010 12:56 PM
I have used Stamps.com for at least 6 years. Its a fantastic service which basically eliminates the need for me to go to the post office. I can print all my own stamps, shipping lablels, anything I need. The whole set-up is very easy to use and their customer service is very good.

Considering that every single bad review listed here is the result of someone not reading the "fine print" and expecting to use a product entirely for free, I'd say they set themselves up for a bad result.

Kayley - Wednesday, September 12th 2007 5:58 PM
My service was a bit different from others. I signed up for the 14-day trial on 09/04/07. Online, it was crap, but then I called and my calls were answered quickly.

The first call I made was when I was having trouble accessing my account. For some reason, my password kept becoming corrupt (my original password wouldn't work, and when I requested a new password that hadn't worked either). The man on the phone was kind and helped me to reset my password in a way which would stop it from becoming corrupt so I could log in.

When I signed up, I had not been completely aware of what features Stamps.com had or did not have, so after browsing through the application a bit I decided not to use it. I called up again, and had my second call answered within seconds as well - even though it was for an account cancellation. The man over the phone was different this time, but just as helpful. He said that he canceled the account and I have received the confirmation email from it as well as wrote down the cancellation number.

As for fraudulent charges...I've never been billed by Stamps.com. I've just canceled my account so maybe in the future I will, but for now I'm going to say that I am satisfied with the service that Stamps.com has given me.

RZEWDad - Tuesday, August 14th 2007 11:21 AM
I signed up for what I was led to believe was Stamps.com's free one month trial period on June 26th. After looking over their product offering, I decided I did not want to continue with the service, so I called on July 27th to cancel the service. I was told at the time that the trial period was not one month, but instead 28 days, which I had just missed, and that I would be billed for the new month $15.99. I accepted this as misleading, but acceptable and resigned to pay the one month charge.

Later, when I checked my bank statement, I noticed not one but two monthly charges for $15.99. When I called back, their customer support representative informed me that the trial was not a free trial, but a "risk free" trial, meaning that if the service is not canceled in the "month" (read: 28 days) the initial month is billed as well.

skycliff - Monday, April 23rd 2007 10:28 PM
Do not believe their offers! I stayed in their programs for 90 days while I did not get my rebate checks and free digital scale!!! The worst customer support I have even met!

freudslipper - Friday, February 9th 2007 1:31 PM
They do not state on their site that they don't support macs. Their offers are misleading, their website confusing. If you want to "learn more" you end up at a sign up page that you can't get out of!
Here's where you can email your complaints to them:

amhidogha - Monday, August 14th 2006 3:39 PM

Their toll-free number is 888-434-0055. They tend to not advertise it.

mrzip6 - Tuesday, December 6th 2005 10:06 AM
Offers are misleading. The FREE trial is not free if you do not cancel within the 30 days. You don't get anything if you do not stay longer than 30 days. So basically, you get nothing, but charges. AVOID!!

Stryker - Monday, August 1st 2005 4:29 PM
Avoid stamps.com like the plague. Their trial is misleading and they're known to continually charge their customers even after they cancel. I used a one-time-use credit card number right before I cancelled so I was only charged what they said they were going to charge. If you're going to sign up for the free postage or the free scale, don't do it. The free postage offers are also misleading and the scale is very very cheap! Use USPS's free service instead!!!

Administrator - Thursday, February 10th 2005 5:40 PM
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