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gahibb - Thursday, April 17th 2008 9:07 AM
I buy quite a bit laptops for my own business as well as friends in my home country. I usually to buy Thinkpads for my business, HP or Dell for friends or home use. Laptops are not error free, sometimes they come with pixels missing, or different hard drive ...etc. What is important for me is, how does the company handles the after sale requests. And at this part, i decided to dedicate my time and submit this commentary about Dell. Dell has been #1 in market for a long time, and after reshuffling in HP they lost their ground. Basically, HP and all others upgraded their online sales functionality, start to use coupons agressively and made their prices competitive. In return, Dell start to offer their products in brick and mortal chains as Staples and Best Buy. All good from point of customer as now we can configure HP much easily and see Dell before purhcase. However, Dell changed their customer service policy in bad bad direction. It s not the policy maybe (though they added tricks like -you may be charged restocking fee???) but for sure the customer service. First, they charged me 100$ more than what I submitted and see with my eyes over the screen. It took 2 months of long phone calls, first they admitted overcharge, said they ll credit. After two months, I got my money via credit card dispute. Horrible experience. Most recently, i wanted to return a laptop. It took agent over the phone exactly 40 minutes to locate my order. I give the order # CORRECT, although he claim he could not locate. He pull my account and still can not locate half my orders. I am not even addind the attitude and constantly asking you to call back later time. In the end, he agreed to process the return and supposed to send me my return sticker. Nothing received so far. It has been a total frustration dealing with Dell Customer service. It seems like they are asked to trick the customer not process what is asked and keep down the returns. In contrast, HP returns are easy and no questions are asked. They process it professionaly and fast. In sum, if you are a casula buyer, you will get a much much better configuration, better customer service and better pricess with HP than you get with Dell. Sorry Dell, but unless you reshuffle your Customer Service, you probably can not catch up with HP. Hope that helps to everybody.

mimimc - Monday, October 15th 2007 1:32 PM
Have been buying from the Outlet long before I joined FW. The pricing I have seen of late are super high. you can do better buying a new System with a monitor and selling off the monitor and come out with a new Tower for much less than they are charging @ the Outlet for the same configuration refurb or scratch & dent.
The XPS prices are even worse. Anybody paying the current outlet prices for refurbs & scratch dents are plain & simple getting ripped.
The $30.00 shipping is more than double the price I pay for an HP refurb from Onsale oe Fry's.com.
The sales tax adds insult to injury.
HP seems to have better configurations for a lot less money than Dell.
The only upside is the 1YR warranty from Dell VS
90Days from HP. You decided if the extra warranty is worth 40% premium Dell charges for similar configuration.

st3ll8rng0 - Monday, February 19th 2007 2:49 AM
Dell has the worst customer service. I bet they hire chimpanzees for their CSRs, but that's an insult to the chimps. I had trouble applying a 10% coupon to my order. As many as you know, the outlet is real time. You only have about 5 seconds to add it into your cart and 15 minutes to review it over before it escapes and go back into the wild. I had trouble applying the coupon, but with my limited amount of time, I thought to myself, 'I'll just order it now and apply the coupon over the phone. It shouldn't be a huge biggie.' BOY WAS I WRONG. I contacted Dell's customer service and was on the phone for 2 HOURS. Yes, 2 hours. 2 hours of my life wasted talking to useless CSRs. I was transferred between Customer Care, Technical Support, Shipping Department, and even Warranty. It was horrible! Sometimes even between transfers, I was disconnected. I was promised that if I were to be disconnected they would call me back. HA. That never happened. After 2 hours, I never got my coupon applied.

However, I filed a report with the BBB. I received a phone call from Dell a couple weeks later after I filed the report. They apologized for the inconvience and told me that they would refund the face value of the coupon.

In the end, if you ever need to buy things from Dell, make sure that you know what you're going into. If you do need to contact their Customer Non-Care, make sure you have BBB.com bookmarked.

netstroller - Thursday, October 13th 2005 9:36 AM
One of my Dell D410 came without the Media Bay, Dell first said they could find it in their system. So I looked it up on their own web site and gave them the numbers, and then they refused to send it to me anyways. I kept the laptop that shipped with the Bay and returned the one without the Bay (these two were ordered with identical specs by the way, but Dell didn't want to hear it). There was a LOT of runaround, no one there know what they were were talking about. Their "technician" didn't even know this model cannot take an internal drive, and wouldn't believe me when I told him LOL. Don't they have access to their own website? They have good prices sometimes, but forget it if you run into problems! Better double-up on your heart medication before you call them.

Administrator - Thursday, October 13th 2005 9:30 AM
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