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theblackghost - Thursday, July 3rd 2008 7:23 PM
4 pcs Powerizer LFP-RCR123A 3.0V 450mAh rechargeable LiFePO4 Battery + Smart Charger --- Most safe ever ( CH-LFP-RCR123AC01 )

Alright, I ordered this product a while ago and here is my review of it

I have been looking for a good place to purchase the batteries for my Airsoft gun and for my Airsoft combat flashlight. Usually, I order from Airsoft stores around the internet but I found batteryspace and its prices seemed quite low. I was curious to why they were so competitive. I did a little research on the internet for reviews of the retailer and all I found were positive experiences. So, then I gave it a try. I ordered this product for my combat flashlight because the old, non-recharageable ones never seemed to cut it.
The shipment arrived within a week of sending my order and I was very please at how the product was packaged, everything was in working order. The RCR-123A charger comes in a small white square box that holds the charger, AC adapter, and car cigarette lighter adapter. The RCR batteries come neatly packaged, preventing power from being discharged during storage and shipment. Delivery box was about 1ftx.5ftx.5ft in size.
The charger is simple to use- just plug the charger into one of the adapters, and then it¡¯s ready to go. It takes about 2 hours to charge a completely used up battery or about 3 if you charge two at a time. Operation is simple: just wait for the light to turn from orange to green upon completion of charge cycle. After charging the batteries, the charger can be unplugged from the adapter and stored in the small box it comes in. Instructions are easy to read and understand.
Now to the batteries; these babies last a very, very, very long time. My Airsoft flashlight uses two of these and can last for days of use. The beam of light is strong and constant. These batteries won¡¯t die on you when you need them most.
To this day, I continue to charge the batteries again and again and I do not see much loss of charge in the batteries- they still perform very well.
For $20, you get a quick charger with two adapters for use while on the go or in the house and 4 reliable batteries. I have looked around at stores including Wal-Mart, Target, Circuit City, and Best Buy. None of these retailers can compare to the price, quality, and quick shipping of BatterySpace.
Overall, this product was a great buy! I haven¡¯t found any complaints about it so far and I doubt I will. The charger is safe and the batteries strong and reliable. Thanks for a great and smooth transaction with great products!

Dyau - Monday, May 19th 2008 11:46 PM
Hey there. I recently bought the 9.6 airsoft crane stock battery for my m4a1.

First I will start with the buying process. After searching everywhere (eBay, other battery sites, airsoft sites) I found this was the cheapest by far. $35 for a 4200 mah 9.6 crane battery was a heck of a deal. Other places sold it for around 50-60. Not only was this the cheapest but it was the best quality cells after owning about 4 powerizer brand batteries. My friend had an intellect that literally exploded while he was charging it.

The order process was very easy. In about 30 hours they sent me a shipping # (they use ups). It got to my house in 3 days. I live in socal and batteryspace is located in around central cali i think. Either way that is incredably fast. The packaging was nice to. They use large bubbles to prevent any movement from the contents.

On to the important part, the battery. The battery was much larger than I expected but the fit was perfect. The fit inside my crane stock was very good. It was to tight, but tight enough to make no movement. Although its pretty heavy I liked that because it evened out the wieght on my m4. The wires 16 awg. Which is the ideal size for airsoft. Its strong enough and isnt to big to get caught in the little wire holes and stuff.

The performance is phenomenal. My fire rate is going at around 14 rps. I have a kwa m4 that pulls a m120 spring. 14 rps on an m120 with a 9.6v battery is amazing. The discharge rate is strong very constant. A lipo (11.1v) will get you around 15-18 rps, thats almost a 1.5v difference! 4200 mah lasted me.....well I dunno how long it lasted cause I never ran out. If your gun is stock I bet this battery could go through 4000 rounds (1 bag) of bbs with one charge.

Doing a comparsion to other cells:
The chinese battery you get with your clone rifle: Trigger lag is very noticable, even more so when it gets old. Reliable, but very bad rof and discharge rate.

Intellect: One stopped charging and my friends blew up.......

tenergy: Same problems with the chinese batteries. I had an 8.4 that had alot more rof than a 9.6 tenergy LOL.

Powerizer: Owned around 4 types and all have please me. Great performace with great price!

I have encountered one problem though. Recently it has stopped charging. I believe it is because i was kinda rough with it and like the contacts may have been pulled out or something. Batteryspace could give me some advice on this symptom?

juliusoh - Saturday, April 26th 2008 8:50 PM
I bought this battery package from batteryspace.com and it arrived safely and very sturdy. I was very suprised because it was handled with care. The battery is very reliable and solid, I am an Airsoft gun player and this battery is perfect for my G36C airsoft gun, it has amazing energy and durability. My gun will now shoot around 12 rounds per second because of the amazing energy this battery can produce. I am very suprised by batteryspace.com I guess they are steping up their game. The good thing about this package is that it come with 2 batteries and a SMART charger. This is a very good deal and cheap this is why I buy batteries from Batteryspace.com. The price is amazing. Originally from batteryspace it would cost around $70, from other places that over price their stuff would be like 35-40 for a smart charger and 35-40 for the battery which equals 105-120. You get this for $59 and no rediculous shipping prices.

The performance of the battery is very impressive, I have not seen a battery like this before at an affordable price it has made me step up my airsofting career. This battery fit in my gun so perfect that when I am putting on and taking off the battery I do not have to go through the hassle as I did with the stock battery. This battery was so much better than my 8.4V battery. It discharged at an amazing 25C. Trigger lag was decreased to a minamal and a white stream of bbs exited my barrel.

The battery should be one of the first upgrades you get for your gun. Battery space has amazing ship time. I live in Southern California and the battery came to my house in 3 days. 3 days!

Now on to the smart charger. This thing is awesome. Its light and compact you can take it in your gun bag to the field or your friends house if you need a quick charge. The charging capability holds its own. It charged my 9.6 in 3 hours. awesome. It has an auto stop so you dont have to worry about overcharging. I would say the auto stop is worth it for buying the charger itself. The charger has two charge options. 1.0 a and 2.0 a. the former is for batteries with less than 2000 mah and the latter is for batteries with over 2000 mah. Very reliable. Just remeber if you have mini battery, then get a small connector for it only has a large connector.

Battery space is great. They stock great products, have great customer service, fast ship times, and have great prices. For all you battery needs choose batteryspace.

tokenazn - Thursday, December 6th 2007 7:03 PM
Hey there. As stated I bought a 9.6 2200 mah nun chuck battery from batteryspace. Heres the link. http://www.batteryspace.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=1546
I placed the order on November 27 and it shipped on the 28th! Though UPS was 4 days late. Thats nothing to worry about though since that fault is on UPS.

When I recieved the small box on my porch I found a neatly packed battery inside with a air cushion to prevent it from moving around. The battery itself was very solid. The green wrapping fit very tightly and the wires were soldered very securely to the both of the packs. They used quite thick robust wires to for the packs and supplied lots of length.

I had a problem though when I tried to fit it in the gun, which is a KWA m4a1. It was to big and I could only fire it with the bottom hand guard. I am going to e mail battery space to see if I can exchange it with something. Besides that the battery discharged at a very high rate giving my gun a good rate of fire, about 12 round per second, even with a m120 inside my gun!

Comparing this to my old battery I bought from an airsoft store the rate of fire has significantly gone higher then before. Most airsoft stores get low quality, badly soldered batteries from a no name brand. I havent been able to take this skirmishing yet since of the size problem but I am sure that this will give me more advantage on the field! This thing has lots of juice, 2200 mah of power, thats about 2000 rounds on stock guns, and probably aorund the 1500 round neighborhood on mine since it has a m120 spring in it though i have not reached that mark yet since it is since running.

The quality of the battery is very good. This is possible the best or one of the best battery and battery company on the market! The price was absolutely amazing for the quality of the battery. Only $35 shipped! Thats a steal. Other store sell for at least $45 and usually around the $60 range, Especially airsoft stores. Batteryspace is definitely the best choice for ALL batteries. Also this is a Nimh, not Nicad which can has memory so nihm last much longer. Overall the battery is very nice but just measure the size to avoid confusion of fitting. Powerizer is a brand name you can trust and are great quality.

Fast ship out time
great quality
battery is solid
good discharge rate

Battery is quite large
can only be used for m4 styled weapons or if u can find a way to fit two packs onto your gun.

Great company! Planning to buy from again!

txo8 - Saturday, June 23rd 2007 2:29 AM
I have purchased and used this battery combo (24 of AA 2500mAh and 12 of AAA 850mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries) for $35.95 since January 2007 from BatterySpace. This was just simply the best deal out there at the time and I believe it still is since BatterySpace itself raise the price on the same item even though free shipping is offered. For a rechargeable battery for less than a buck for any size, it is always a deal to me.

Before the purchase, I spent a good amount of time to look for best deals and a good quality using Google and another well-known web site Thomas Distributing. Also I have both memberships at local Costco and Sam¡¯s club as I am savvy for these kinds of purchases. From all these different sources, I was debating myself which source I should use for a bulk package of batteries as demands for a good quality of rechargeable batteries in my family were getting serious with 2 digital cameras, all sorts of toys for 2 young boys and other electronics such as many different types of remote controllers, RC toys, MP3 players, emergency radios, lanterns and wireless computer-related peripherals such as keyboards and mice etc.

However, I should consider another aspect of rechargeable battery before I committed the purchase with BatterySpace even if I knew I found the best deal on the web. That is for last couples of years I have been using one of the best chargers (LaCrosse BC-900) in the market for my other rechargeable batteries, and have figured that some of those non-brand name batteries tend to lose their capacity pretty fast even if reviving process is performed. Some of them just did not get recharged at all and sometime the charger did not recognize they are inserted due to their defectiveness. This has made me wondered whether I could have got the similar issues with these batteries that I was about to purchase. However after reading other¡¯s reviews on the site, I decided to go ahead.

It has been close to 6 months after the purchase of the combo and all my family members have been very happy with the quality of the batteries. One of the easiest tests was from 2 different Sony digital cameras. For the main one, my wife and I use is 7 mega pixel point and shoot camera, and we love to use movie function with 4 Mb memory stick. Before we purchased these powerful 2500mAh batteries, it was usually the first one the camera shut off before it filled our memory up. Another example in our house is a wireless mouse (Gyration), which was no longer charged with an original detachable battery. Therefore, we had to buy an adapter that uses 3 AAA batteries, and those AAA rechargeable batteries available were 700mAh. It usually ran out 4-5 days, but now the AAA from BatterySpace let us recharge them about 3 times a month. This is a huge leap for us because we very heavily use this mouse for our entertainment PC connected to our TV set. I wish I could make this opinion more understandable and persuasive with these small examples for those whom may consider buying these batteries from the BatterySpace, and I hope these continue to work flawlessly.

Stach - Friday, December 1st 2006 2:11 PM
With our first child, we registered for numerous items (child swing, baby monitor, cradle rocker, etc..) and I quickly realized that our rechargeable stock of AA and AAA NiMH batteries weren’t going cut it any more as the new items required C and D sized battery cells as well. I started doing some internet searches for large cell NiMH batteries and chargers and found that the Vanson BC1HU was a fast, inexpensive, and intelligent charger that was highly recommended. The Vanson can charge a variety of battery sizes (AA’s, AAA’s, C’s, D’s & 9-volt) whether they are NiCd or NiMH. I then discovered that www.batteryspace.com had an EXCELLENT combo package that includes the Vanson BC1HU charger, 4xD-cells, 4xC-cells, 4xAA’s, 4xAAA’s, and 2x9-volt Powerizer batteries for less than $80! After finding this “steal of a deal” my next step was to make sure that www.batteryspace.com was a reputable retailer and my Google searches showed that they in fact were.

After placing my order with them and receiving the batteries I decided to see if using the “discharge feature” of the Vanson on some of my old NiMH batteries could breathe some life into them. Sure enough, several AA and AAA batteries (around 90% of the ones that I tried) were able to be discharged, charged and then used again even though my old Energizer charger (which only charges AA and AAA’s) refused to charge them any more. Having a quality charger like the Vanson, had already paid off as I could start using most of my old, left for dead, NiMH batteries again.

My next test was to see how the included Powerizer batteries from www.batteryspace.com would last in my various “toys”. The 2500 mAH AA batteries powered my Canon PowerShot camera for many more shots that my previous 1800mAH NiMH batteries that had served me so well. I also swapped out the old 700 mAH AAA batteries from my universal remote and replaced them with some Powerizer 850mAH AAA batteries and noticed that they lasted around 2 months, instead of the 1 month that I was used to with the old batteries. Granted this may be because the old ones have been around the block a few times, but I have noticed that changing batteries in the universal remote was a monthly occurrence, so my wife will be happy that she’ll find a dead remote half as often! Next I put the new Powerizer D-cells into the baby swing and noticed that they rocked the swing for the same month or so that the Alkalines they replaced did. Finally, I swapped out the alkaline 9-volt battery in my electrical stimulation unit (for my back) and swapped in a Powerizer 9-volt to see how many sessions I could get out of the rechargeable 9-volt. While the mAH of the Powerizer 9-volt is only 200 versus an Alkaline’s rating of 600 mAH or so, I feel justified in the fact that I won’t have to buy another Alkaline 9-volt every 2 days of stimulation, even though the Powerizer only lasts about 1 day. So unlike the other types of Powerizer batteries, the 9-volt NiMH comes up short in duration when compared to an Alkaline, but it still makes up for it by decreasing waste and saving money by using the rechargeable, so I’m happy with it as well.

Overall I had a GREAT buying experience at www.batteryspace.com and am EXTREMELY pleased with the combo package that gave me a high quality Vanson charger and an assortment of high quality rechargeable Powerizer NiMH batteries. I would definitely recommend making your battery charger and rechargeable battery purchase from www.batteryspace.com, an EXCELLENT company!

nygirl1984 - Monday, November 27th 2006 4:36 PM
have bought their NiMH AA batteries and their NiMH AAA batteries several times . Their prices are great (especially when they have some bulk-pack deals), and their shipping is fast. Their site has a forum where you can find out more than you ever cared to know about rechargable batteries

One time, I ordered a bulk pack that included some 2300 mAh AA batteries.

I use their batteries in my digital camera and mp3 player. However, the most use I get out of them is for the dozens of kids toys that eat batteries really fast. I pop the NiMH batteries in the charger and use them over and over again. The batteries have really long life and recharge well if you use a good charger (be sure to get a good charger!). I used to burn through regular duracell batteries in about 2 hours in a portable CD player. I get way more time when I am using Batterypace's Powerizer 2300 mAh batteries. Of course, rechargables cost much more than regular disposable batteries, but you can reuse them so many times that it is well worth the money.

One warning: the 2300mAh (and higher) AA batteries from Batteryspace have a lot more power in them than a standard AA battery that you might buy at a Drugstore (duracell, etc). If they are not handled correctly, they can start a fire. Be sure to keep the charged batteries in the plastic cases that usually come for free with the batteries. I let my son use to of the 2300 mAh batteries to power a mini motor that be built for a science experiement. The motor started to smoke and the batteries got REALLY hot.

If you visit their website, don't be surprised by the stuff that they sell. Most consumers just need some basic batteries for electronics. Batteryspace has loads of other batteries for more specialzed needs. I don't know for sure what all those other batteries are used for, but I believe that it is for stuff like RC cars and aircraft, paintball guns, etc.

The bottom line about Batteryspace.com is that they have great prices, fast shipping and good products. Anyone who frequents forums for digital photography professionals or technology consumers has seen references to Batteryspace on many other websites.

My only complaint is that NiMH batteries do not have a very long useful life (supposedly 1 year, but I have been using some for much longer). This is a problem with most NiMH batteries, and not Batterspace's products in particular.

Administrator - Sunday, October 16th 2005 12:08 AM
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