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dgtish - Thursday, March 14th 2013 8:32 PM
I placed an order on 2/21 which included shipping charges, only to be emailed by All-Battery trying toextort more shipping. I asked why and they replied it was because (DSG) was listed on the item description for this Lithium battery. I promptly told them to cancel/refund the order and immediately went to two different sellers and bought the same batteries with no hassle or dishonest charges. Had to file a Paypal claim to get my money back and Paypal found in my favor but it took until April 7 to get the forced refund from All-Battery. They claimed theycouldn't refund because of Paypal, but they also never responded to Paypal. Glad I didn't give them my credit card number!

I am always suspicious when there are so many five star reviews about a company and every single reviewer only has a single review. You will find this to be the case on another reseller review website.

Jethro32 - Tuesday, September 22nd 2009 11:34 PM
Ive purchased batteries from All-Battery.com a few times and Ive never had a problem. Shipping has been fairly quick and the batteries seem to live up to their ratings. In fact I recently order some new rechargeable batteries from All-Battery.com - Rechargeable batteries & Chargers
The website has a simple easy to use layout and the product information is easy to understand. Unlike some websites, shipping estimates are provided prior to checking out so you're not left guessing or being forced to cancel an order because of high shipping fees. I have ordered from All-Battery.com - Rechargeable batteries & Chargers several times and every transaction has been trouble free. On this most recent order I purchased some AAA rechargeable batteries Rechargeable Batteries & Battery Chargers - AAA 1000mAh Tenergy high capacity NiMH Rechargeable battery flat top. I have used this in the past and they have worked out very well. They charge fast and the charge lasts a good amount of time. They are must have for children's toys.
I also purchased two 6V receiver packs Rechargeable Batteries & Battery Chargers - 6V 2300mAh NiMH Side by Side RX Receiver Battery Packs w/ Hitec Connector for RC Aircrafts / Walking Robot. I have been using two of these in my RC trucks for a while and they work very well. The 2300mah capacity provides for long run times without having to recharge and the 6V provides adequate power for my high torque servos. It can be difficult to install these in smaller radio boxes, but if you can make them fit they are definitely worth it.
Overall All-Battery.com - Rechargeable batteries & Chargers has proven to be a trustworthy company that provides a quality product. I will not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone looking to purchase batteries.

emtwallet - Wednesday, December 10th 2008 11:11 PM
I am very disappointed with All-Battery’s customer service.
To summarize the events:
I ordered the R2U AA 2300mAh batteries on 11-29-2008 when the items were in stock. The packing slip that came with the order indicated the R2U batteries were sent with the order however 2600mAh batteries were placed in the package instead.
I reported the error and was told that the R2U batteries are out of stock and to either keep the wrong batteries or wait until 01/31/2009 for an exchange. I responded by saying I did not want the wrong batteries/ to wait and requested instructions for return/refund. I am then told to return the wrong batteries at my cost and then a credit for shipping/items would be made.
These are my complaints regarding the above statements:
The purpose of a Packing Slip is to show what is placed in the package. Clearly this company lacks quality control because the packing slip shows the ordered batteries but wrong batteries were placed in the package. And now I learn they are out of stock of the correct batteries.
The suggestion that I accept the wrong batteries saves them any expense for their mistake, i.e., the cost of return for the wrong batteries and the cost for shipping the correct batteries. The R2U batteries are more expensive than the wrong ones sent and no offer was made to refund any price difference.
The suggestion that I wait until 01/31/09 for an exchange and to just hang onto but not use the wrong batteries is unconscionable. For a Company whose primary business is selling batteries, the inability to replenish normal stock for two months indicates a severe problem.
The suggestion that I return the wrong batteries at my expense with the promise of a refund is unacceptable. There are plenty of ways to have a prepaid shipping label sent without me further indebting myself for All-Battery’s mistake.
After sending this complaint to Lydia Del Real, the customer support rep, I never received a reply. Obviously, Lydia is not Real; just a façade for a poorly run company working out of a shopping mall suite in CA.

shilloy - Tuesday, June 3rd 2008 8:36 PM
This has to be the most frustration I have ever had ordering from a company. I actually received a "Your Order Has Shipped" email on May 12th, but then on May 16th, I was told the order was back-ordered and was asked by Lydia Del Real how I wanted to proceed. I asked to have the order cancelled, but received no response. I emailed again, no response. Finally, I went on their chat line and spoke to, who else, Lydia Del Real. She told me the order was cancelled. Two days later, I was told the order shipped. I asked her to cancel shipment (which was through FedEx). She said she did, but I spent the next week watching it get closer and closer. Finally, I called her supervisor the day it was supposed to arrive and she no speak the English goodly. Her name was Jane, but I doubt that was her given name. Anyway, someone who doesn't work in my office signed for the package inadvertently, so I've spent the past few days getting it sent back. The RMA guru, Edison Wu, told me there would be no refund without them receiving the package. Lydia and Jane both told me once they received word the package was on its way back, they would refund promptly. Long story short, these people are very bad news and don't need to get your business. You'd thank me, I'm sure, if you saved your money and went elsewhere. I ordered from onlybatteries.com and received good, but not fantastic, customer service.

CProgrammer - Thursday, February 28th 2008 12:41 PM
I am reposting this becuse it was removed for some reason. Is fat wallet really neutral or do they accept payments?

All battery seems to be a good company to most, but when something goes wrong the dont take any care of you. This is my E-mail to their feedback.

I would like to complain about my entire transaction with All-Battery, there was literally no positive aspect of it.

After a week of no contact and no status on the battery and charger I bought from you off of e-bay, I filed a paypal claim. After almost a week I get a response:
I have contacted you before regarding this item. This was out of stock and we needed to build, but we are now out of the individual cells to make these batteries for you. Please let me know how you would like to proceed.

I got no such email, but thats irrelevant. When asked how to proceed, I said I wanted a refund. After more then a week of no contact I get the package in the mail. Problem is I already took my business elsewhere, why wasn't I refunded? I did not want to get the batteries from All-Battery because I already have better batteries from another company. All-Battery just wasted $50 of my money.

I have no interest in sending my product back at this point because I believe All-Battery will take the items, resell them and never refund my money. Plus I would have to pay for shipping to give it back. Not something I am going to risk. I am just sick of dealing with All-Battery.

The service in this transaction whole was absolutely awful in all aspects. All-Battery made it clear to me that they have no interest in seeing that things are done in even a relatively timely manor, keeping in contact with me or handing things when it gets as serious as a paypal claim.

The case ID is: [snip] if you want to look it up.

loraksus - Friday, May 4th 2007 12:33 AM
2 orders placed, 2 orders received and great batteries. No more looking for Fry's deals for crappy rechargables that work 5 times and die!

Administrator - Friday, August 11th 2006 12:56 PM
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