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Hihomumio - Wednesday, September 16th 2009 6:21 PM
Ballard wasted alot of my time and the FW staff's time following up on a Cash Back for a purchase I made with them. The click ticket is in my history, yet Ballard denies I went thru FW, stating I purchased thru a newsletter. This is not true. The experience with Ballard's was a nightmare as apparently their website isn't up to date enough to allow you to check out thru FireFox browser--the buttons you need to click are missing among other things. I ended up having to complete the purchase thru Internet Explorer but it's quite clear a) the purchase was made and the info posted to my tracking ticket and b) I did receive and keep the item. After reading heykarinakarina's comments, I'm undecided about calling and giving them a piece of my mind--I'm not sure it would be worth my time or aggravation. One thing is certain though: I will NEVER shop Ballard again.

aussiekk - Tuesday, May 19th 2009 12:26 PM
I've had nothing but great service and friendly customer support for products I've purchased from Ballard.

heykarinakarina - Thursday, April 24th 2008 2:11 PM
What a nightmare! First FatWalleters need to know that if you have a problem ordering on the site, the blood-sucking CSRs who want a commission will pressure you to do a phone order. They do not resolve problems. I did not find the service enjoyable. It was rather a nightmare. I've never experienced something as bad as this.

The CSRs & Specialist are just flat out rude. They just want to hear a few words, then tell you what to do, you try to explain more to them as they are not understanding... then they cop at attitude with you as you are totally wasting their time that is better spent on trying to get commissions rather than trouble shoot.

I ordered a very expensive armoire that was on sale and I have been eyeing for months. The width was 49", the depth was 27". I measured the doorway to 30". The Specialist whom left a message for me to ensure that this piece of furniture will fit through the door... not only insulted me, but after telling her that I'm sure it will fit... she still stops the shipment. She tells me NO it will NOT fit through your doorway, it would need to be more than 49" wide. Ok I know what measurements are. She wasn't going to put up with me, because she thinks width is the depth of the furniture and I can't convince her otherwise.

Meanwhile I call back and talk to a CSR. She informs me of the stop that the Specialist put on my order. Now I'm fuming. I explained to the woman that the Specialist is wrong, this piece of furniture will fit through my doorway. What does she tell me? "The Specialists are specially trained to know what will fit through your doorway. If the Specialist has decided that your item won't fit, they would know (better than you) so there is nothing you can do." I'm flabbergasted. I'm usually a really nice person, but I threw down the gloves now. I said, "I want to speak then to that Specialist." She put me on hold, I assume the Specialist was hiding under her desk because I'm not going to go away until I get the furniture I wanted. The CSR came back on the phone and asked me if I wanted her voicemail. I said, "No. Send me to the supervisor of the Specialists, please." A nice woman named Crystal answered. I let her know that with just one order that about four of my phone calls have resulted in me being pretty upset when I'd hang up and the service is flat out rude and it's entirely inappropriate. I told her that I am 100% sure that this item will fit through my doorway, furthermore if there were special needs for this item... it should be listed on the website. I know how to measure and I did so before I ordered. Poor Crystal, I'm sure she deals with irrate customers all day... I wish I would have dealt with her this whole time and probably then I'd be a happy customer.

Crystal fixed the problem. She was courteous and willing. I appreciated it, but I would NOT recommend buying from this store at this point. It's a hard thing not to do as the stuff is so pretty, unless you've got a lot of time to literally FIGHT with CSRs to get your stuff.

FatWalleters need to know that if you have problems with ordering on the site. 1 out of 3 calls resulted in a CSR flat out offending me when I told her I can't put in a phone order as I was refered by an affiliate. She said, "What do you care about an affiliate and about them getting their commission?" And continued on how I shouldn't care about their affiliate FatWallet. Apparently she doesn't know what FatWallet is (shame on her! lol) but I mean this really upset me how pushy some of them are... they diss their affiliates. Of course I didn't back down on ordering online and did so through FatWallet. As if I am going to let go of my CashBack! And even IF I wasn't getting anything out of it, knowing about affiliates I wouldn't feel right about dissing one just to make the ordering process easier for the CSR who cares about getting a commission by making things harder than they are.

WATCH OUT THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR AFFILIATED! SALES PEOPLE WILL SELL AFFILIATES DOWN THE ROAD! WATCH OUT FOR THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU'VE EVER HAD IN YOUR LIFE! WATCH OUT FOR UNWARRANTED INSULTS FROM CSRs!!!!! And finally, do your own research... don't go by a word they say, know exactly what you are buying.. how big it is... when you should get it and so forth.

Administrator - Thursday, April 24th 2008 1:39 PM
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