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rebecca12606 - Tuesday, August 19th 2008 1:42 PM
Horrible Experience. I wish I'd found these reviews prior to my purchase. I had the exact same experience as the others. If I was going to pay the amount I did, I would have gone to the camera store in my area. Then I would have a reputable store and sales persons to go to for support.

Improvements - Thursday, May 22nd 2008 11:48 AM
At all costs, DO NOT SHOP HERE. This is an unscrupulous dealer of GRAY market products. Here is what they will do to you if you purchase online:
1) You purchase camera online
2) They send you and email the next day saying you need to call them to "confirm" your order,
3)You call them and they immediately begin to upsell you camera accessories, because the camera you purchased is a gray market product and comes with a 20 minute battery (so they try to sell you the standard manufacturer battery that you thought was already in the kit you purchased) and they try to sell you a different battery charger (Because the one included in the kit you bought might not correctly fit your American electric outlets, and etc... Then they may finally say, well,what you are buying is a "Gray" market camera, one that is not the "American Package" but you have the option to buy the American package at 100's of dollars more. When I asked about the product manufacturer warranty, they said it does not have a manufacturer warranty, but it does have a 1 year Broadway photo warranty. At that point I told them to go to hell and cancel my order immediately.

At all costs, save yourself a ton of grief and stay away from this unethical company. They are a bunch of fast talking creeps who dupe you into purchasing their products and then try to upsell with high pressure tactics, to a model/package that you thought you had already purchased!!! Of course there is nothing on their website to tell you that you are buying a "gray market" camera. So buyer BEWARE. STAY AWAY.

faymorris51 - Friday, July 27th 2007 6:21 PM
Stay away. They are crooks. My son and I both got caught in their trap but didn't take the bait. They will tell you the camera is in Japanese and you need to pay more to get it in English. They will try to sell you a battery for $99 that you can purchase new on eBay for $6 to $10. They get angry when you refuse to purchase the extras and cancel the order on you. They are rude crooks. Let's put them out of business before they take advantage of more people. Glad my son nor I purchased from them.

Mechilia - Saturday, September 30th 2006 9:30 AM
I had all the same experiences as the hundreds of other angry customers who took the time to post there concern. My Nikon D70 was listed for $771.00 and a quick talking salesman and my credit card bill is ended up costing me $990! i called customer service, and they were quick to apologize and claim that they would refund to my bankcard within 3 business days... that was over a month ago... now when I called customer service to inquire about the status of the refund, they just get mad and yell at me.

It has been 1 months and it still upsets me to the point that I can't really enjoy my camera like I should.

These guys open a new web store once every few months. Be Aware!!

Payton5 - Thursday, April 13th 2006 4:54 AM
Re Broadway Photo:

We purchased a camera battery from bwayphoto.com We did not have any problem with the order.

HOWEVER, their privacy policy leaves much to be desired. Because we have our own domain, we are able to create unique "alias" email addresses for those with whom we do business.

We've started receiving spam from multiple sources addressed to the unique email address we created for Broadway Photo and only for them. The spam has included an illegal stock market scam hosted by a site in Vietnam.

As a result, we've killed that email address and recommend that you do NOT do business with this firm (broadway photo).


johncmng - Monday, July 26th 2004 5:01 PM
I also had a bad experience with Broadway Photo. I wanted to purchase a Nikon D70 camera. It was a very good price. I ask if they had it in stock and if they can ship it buy 2 day express. But when it can to paying for it they wanted me to purchase a 512mb memory card for $399.00!! I said why does it cost so much? He said it was a high speed card. When I asked him how fast, he didn't know. I said I'll pass on it. Then he said that only that CF card will only work with that camera. BeeeeeeSsssssss! CF Card will work with any camera. But I refuse it anyway. Here's the funny part of the whole thing. When I insisted that I just wanted the camera, he said that the camera does not come with anything, batteries, charger, LCD cover, ect. Basically they are stripping out everything that came with the camera and trying to sell it back to you at an inflated price. By this time I'm pissed and told him I just wanted the camera. He finally said OK. But he can only ship it ground????? I didn't bother for the explanation and then told him him to forget it. Don't buy from these crooks

catnick268 - Thursday, June 10th 2004 9:21 PM
These people are crooks at Broadway Photo. I bought a Sony DSC-W1 at their price of $359.00. I had been waiting for it to come available, hopefully before I left on vacation. It just did come on the market the week before my trip. I called and asked if they could ship it to me in time for my trip in 10 days time. He said he could ship it to me the next day. It shipped 4 days later. The sales man tried to sell me everything under the sun. He got so pushy, I tried twice, to cancel the order and then he backed off to keep the sale. He told me I should buy a better battery for the camera and I asked him if it was a special battery. He said yes, it has a super-long life. I asked if it was 'proprietary'. He said 'yes'. Unfortunately, in all my researching on cameras, I forgot this one had rechargable AA batteries. The batteries I received in the shipment were Power 2000 AA rechargeable batteries retailing at $14.95. He charged me $59.99 for these special 'proprietary' batteries. He sold me a camera case, which I wanted, for $18.00. When the order arrived there was no mention of a case on the order invoice and no camera case in the package. I wanted a UV filter. He said it needed an adapter. He wanted an outrageous price for the adapter. I refused it. I bought the filter for $29.99 after he came down on the price quite a bit. So in essence, these people are doing a 'bait and switch' technique. They offer a lower price than competitors for the camera and then they inflate the price on the accessories to an extreme. We sent back the accessories today. Now we'll see if they live up to their 'SATISFACTION GUARANTEED' policy and credit our account for the correct amount of money for the accessories. And by the way, even thought no mention of the camera case was on the shipping invoice they charged my credit card as if the item were there. They send an invoice with the whole amount priced as the camera and the accessories don't have a $0.00 dollar value indicated. Now the camera costs $467 plus shipping, rather than $359.00. Another little trick the guy tried to pull was to try to sell me insurance in case UPS damaged the shipment. I refused it so the salesman said he would include it in the shipping price anyway. I also argued him down on the shipping price. I'll never buy anything for these guys again. And, I'll try to put the word out on every review site I can. DANGER, STAY AWAY FROM THIS RETAILER!

eliteitc - Saturday, May 8th 2004 10:56 PM
Same Problem, Bought online, then they jacked up the credit card charge. Now fighting with GM Card to get my money back. See more info about this company:




arzan - Wednesday, September 3rd 2003 9:41 AM
These guys are complete crooks.

They lower their price on the website and then charge a ridiculous amount for shipping and "insurance". They are a block away from my house and they will not allow a warehouse pickup.

The people who came on the telephone were so rude, it felt like i was talking to the Mafiosi....well maybe they are a money laundering front for the mafiosi.

my advice STAY AWAY so they go out of business soon.

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