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hexxuss - Thursday, April 3rd 2014 4:29 PM
I placed my order on March 15th. Their RMA policy states that you must submit the RMA within 30 days of PURCHASE. I ordered a buy one/get one for hand held bug zappers & got these rinky dink non hand-held ones that you have to plug in. C'mon really!!?? I live in FLORIDA - need to be able to aggressively swat them! I ALSO ordered a very nicely priced Blu-Ray player. What they do NOT tell you in the main page info OR the title is that it's refurbished. This same item - refurbished, from Newegg costs LESS and would NOT have taken this long to arrive either! Put in for the RMA to take the entire shipment back. Buyer beware - check the "Additional Information" tab to find out if you're getting a refurb or not - it hails back to the old 'Bait & Switch' tactics - which happens to be illegal under Federal US Law. NOT remotely pleased & will never, EVER, buy from them again. Had also sent them a message about the extremely slow shipping & NO reply even after 3 days.

MLP - Wednesday, February 29th 2012 11:42 AM
I am quite displeased with one of your retailors that is often on your daily deals. From that I ordered from http://www.justdeals.com to vupoint magic scanners. I never received a verification of my order other than from paypal. When looking at the items online I found only half of the description is stated and unless you click on to see the read more you can't see entire description.. I never received from vendor a verification or copy of my order, no shipping status nothing.I go on their site under my account and view my orders. It shows I have none. Package arrives. I remove the items look at the packing slip says the name of the items nothing else. Go to open the box big sticker remanufactured. I had no indication that this item was remanufactured. I went back to the site and again red. Still no remanufactured. I looked for contact # none. On the packing slip there was one- I called and it was disconnected. Finally found here on your website. I called vendor to be told "recertified" never heard that term used for remanufactured. I would assume that the product had been given another certification (like patent). Very decietful. No refunds, no return label. I guess this is common practice with them as many have had the same problem of being mislead and stuck. I never ever buy anything remanufactured nor would I in the future. I knew of the item becuase I had seen it before and new that it was a good price..never seeing remanufactured anywhere. $100 later of hard earned money and I have no choice to return and get refunded. Horrible way to conduct business and I have done my fair share of interent shopping. Interesting how they use recertified in there description that no one realizes what that means and then puts a big remanufactured sticker on the item when you recieve, but you can't do anything about.

ShamelesslyThrifty - Sunday, November 23rd 2008 10:56 PM
Ordered a "refurbished" Logitech mouse. I promptly received a VERY used mouse that looked more used and worn than my two-year old purchased-as-a-refurb Logitech mouse from Overstock. Oh, and the left-click button was totally broken.

Now I am out the return shipping and instead of facing the risk of getting another DOA "refurbished" product. I looked up the definition of refurbished: " The process of restoring a product by cleaning, repairing, recovering, and reusing the item for its original intended use." This does not describe the product I received at all.

In fact, now that I recall I also bought a PlayStation 2 wireless controller from them, also Logitech. It also arrived DOA.

I recommend you stay away from these guys. They seem to send out scrap that is anything but refurbished.

thegambit88 - Friday, May 30th 2008 10:52 PM
I recently purchased a Logitech MX500 from the seller "JustDeals.com." I made a prompt payment, and received the item within a few days. However, once I opened the package, not only did I find a non-working item (every company has its lemons that slip through inspection), but it appeared heavily worn (I have used the same model mouse for over two years at the place of my employment, and it possessed no where near the wear and tear this item had), which did not match the "open box" description that the seller gave: see "http://www.JustDeals.org/jd/condition_detail.htm"

I contacted the seller and had to spend even more money to have the item shipped back. I was informed they were out of stock, and eventually refunded my money--except for the return shipment (after contacting them several times via email). The whole process took a full 30 days.

The problem I have, however, is that I have checked today on the eBay website, and have found several listings of the same item from the same seller.

Why then was I informed that they were out of stock? Does this seller make it a habit of listing items in better condition than they are in order to make a higher profit? I find it rather strange that they would have several listings, but "out of stock" (I was informed of this eleven days ago--before the listings were posted).

I feel this seller tends to do business very dishonestly.

penyo5 - Friday, March 14th 2008 12:37 AM
May first and last experience with them was also my worst online shopping experience. I bought a Logitech wireless mouse V450 from JustDeals.com through eBay auction. To their credit, it came fast. The item was dead on arrival (DOA). It is open box item and under the seller's 30-day warranty. JustDeals' description stated that they test such items. If it was tested it would be found non-operational. This mouse does not require any installation of software or any settings to start working with the base mouse functionality almost immediately when the RF receiver is plugged into an USB port. It appears the seller knowingly sent me a broken item. According to JustDeals' policy, the buyer pays the return shipping. What guarantees the replacement will not be another DOA if the seller is not responsible for the return shipping cost? However, I requested a RMA and a return shipping label (thank blackmaximus below). JustDeals created an RMA and agreed to send me the return label. They had never sent it to me. Two different people just kept sending me emails saying that they will send the label ... until the RMA and the 30-day warranty period expired. According to their policy "Returned packages with an invalid or expired RMA# will be discarded" ... or, I suspect, may be sold to another naive buyer. It appears JustDeals figured out a way to sell "bad" items.
The communication with them is difficult. They list only an email address. I found their phone and called but it was after business hours and I left a message. I never got a response to it either. After I opened a PayPal dispute they ceased all communication with me.

blackmaximus - Friday, January 25th 2008 6:57 PM
I purchased the Logitech LX 300 cordless Keyboard and Mice (wireless). The price was way below market price for the item so I was very happy when it arrived. Needless to say the cheap piece of crap broke the second I touched it. I'm very glad some one posted their phone number because they don't respond to emails. They have rude customer service reps who rush you off the phone quick as possible. I got an rma from them with no shipping label, so I called them back and they told me "You have to ask for a shipping label." As if I was going to pay to ship this broken piece of junk. I'm still waiting for the shipping label 2 day later. Pay more for your toys and have a piece of mind. Stay away from just deals.

VikingDan - Thursday, September 14th 2006 8:28 AM
My first (and last) experience with them has been quite poor. The product I ordered was defective and I was required to return it at my expense. I notified them that I would order a replacement in advance and they should refund the original one when they recieved it. Instead they sent another.

I was not willing to return another unit at my expense for their errors and ended up disputing the charge on my credit card.

They provided poor service that places the burden on the customer. I will never buy there again.

christoj879 - Sunday, January 29th 2006 10:11 PM
I haven't had any problems ordering from them so far. But then again, I've only ordered mice/keyboards, wireless networking products, and microphone headsets. They do take awhile, but for everything I've bought, shipping has been free, so I won't complain.

I haven't had to experience their customer service, so I can't comment on that.

Pato - Saturday, January 7th 2006 9:54 AM
Ordered a Logitech 659 from them advertised as a factory refub. It arrived DOA and after contacting Logitech, these were not refub'd by them as JustDeals advertised. Who knows where they got these from and their other stuff from.

ugochuik - Tuesday, February 22nd 2005 9:43 AM
Before buying from any online store, call the number posted and make sure you can talk to someone. If you can't, and they only have an email address send them a question and see how long it takes to get a reply. JustDeals have great prices but I think I rather order a product and not fret about it. They do not answer their phone, they take 24-72hrs to answer emails. They should buy an ERP II system which enables customers to track the progress of their order as it passes from sales to shipping. I would not recommend them to anyone, pay the extra buck and have some peace of mind, rather than worrying if you haven't been scammed. But there are other cheap more efficient online stores to chose from.

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