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GWYDIAN - Sunday, October 19th 2003 10:18 PM
I was honestly hoping to be able to write a good review for GameVE. Their prices were very good. However, the $1350 order had wrong, missing and damaged items.

I ordered Kingston Ram, I received Elixir (a product they do not even offer for sale.) The 2 sticks were thrown in a simple zip lock baggie, back-to-back and bound with a rubber band and were used. Two fan kits were missing.

Although shipping boxes looked perfect, both computer cases were damaged. On one, the plugs for the side window fans were left loose and flopping so that their movement in shipping scratched up the side windows. The other had the extra wires and metal parts loosly tossed in the case which further scratched up the window, the plastic front cover was broken off and the top of the metal case was dented in. The bottom of the latter's shipping box had obviously been resealed with a different type of packing tape. This was obviously a case that someone had returned damaged and GameVE simply resealed it and shipped it to me. I did not report this as I did not want to pay $40 for shipping back to them and an additional 15% restocking fee. (They do charge a 15% fee even on returned of damaged and dead merchandise). For that price I could almost buy a whole new case.

I called GameVE about the memory and missing fans. I was told that the memory substitution was their error and that the fans were on back order. Their site showed the fans were listed as being in stock, and continued to be listed that way through today. Instead of taking the info on the phone, they told me to fill out an RMA request from their Web site. I did so, clicked send and was sent to a "page not found" screen. I did this on three separate computers with the same result all 3 times. I sent them an e-mail and was told, "if our RMA page do not work. Please try to contact our RMA Department by phone." One last Web based try the next morning and the RMA request went through. I immediately received an automated copy of my RMA request in e-mail and was told to wait for an RMA number. Two days later I finally received the RMA number. I returned the incorrect memory to GameVE along with hard copies of all e-mail exchanges.

Five days later, after no word from them in any form, I sent them a note asking for an update and received no reply. Three days later I sent another e-mail, this time copying the owner (Lawrence@gameVE.com). The next day I received a reply from him stating, "Our RMA Agent confirms the package yesterday. If there is any delay, I do apologize for it.. it will be taken care no later than tomorrow."

Two days later I received email from their RMA department... again telling me how to ship back the merchandise (that I had shipped back weeks earlier) and giving me an RMA number. I replied promising that if they did not get this straightened out fast I would be in contact with my credit card company and the California Attorney General's office. Early the next day I received a notice that the package had shipped and a tracking number.

Five days later (17 days from filing the original RMA) the package was received with correct memory chips but no fans. I attampted to fill out another RMA request and again received the page not found error. I wrote e-mail to Lawrence and 4 names at GameVE with all of the details including the fact that their RMA page was not working. 24 hours later there was no reply. I tried the Web site again... same error. Sent e-mail again, this time I received a reply from "orderstatus" to call in the RMA. That evening the RMA site was working again.I seent in the RMA info and, once again, immediately received an automated form e-mail that my RMA request was received and would be considered, and to await a reply which would come in one to two days.

Two days pass with nothing more.

Monday morning I will be in contact with the the offices of the California and Ohio Attorney Generals, and my credit card company. 30 days will have passed so I guess I lose there. I will be posting my review of GameVE in every review forum on the Web I can find... maybe I can save other prospective buyers from having to deal with GameVE.

So, if you like to gamble, definitely buy from GameVE. Chances are if you only order a single item other than a video card or CPU (going by other reviews here), you may get lucky.
Personally, I went broke and got broken merchandise, broken promises and broken English. From now on I shop at NewEgg.com and Googlegear (aka zipzoomfly.com).

NYCxJACK - Thursday, July 17th 2003 7:43 PM
Took forever to receive my item.
Finally, when it came - received the wrong item ordered! A less valued model, worth $150. My FX5600 was suppose to have VIVO built in, and I paid $170! I think they tried to pull a fast one on me.

So I decided to return it. They wanted me to pay for return shipping! $10 from NY->CA!! On top of that, there was a 15% restocking fee on$170!
Resulting, I would have to pay more just to get the card I wanted to originally get. FX5600 w/ VIVO.

I call them up, their customer service sucks - they are extremely rude!

I have threatened with a credit card chargeback to obtain a FULL 100% refund - they then agreed to a refund full amount, minus the return shipping fee.

Its been a week since I mailed the card, I have yet to see the refund. If I do not get it anytime soon, I am calling my credit card company to file a chargeback, and a complaint. Hopefully, their VISA/MC merchant account will be pulled from them. I will also file necessary complaints to the proper authorities. This is illegal, it is a form of "Bait&Switch".

Again, I stress, DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE! If you insist in dealing with them, use a CREDIT CARD with FULL Consumer protection!

johnt - Thursday, March 13th 2003 11:54 AM
In case you don't want to read this entire review, I've had horrible service from GameVE and will never buy from them again, I've waited almost 3 months for my video card, and I've made probably 20 phone calls to find out what was going on, and I still don't have my card.

On December 16th I made an order for a Gainward Ti4600 Video card, and had it shipped to my parents house so I could build the computer while I was home on winter break. I received the card in a few days as expected, but when I started building my machine I had issues with the card displaying red marks and a checkerboard pattern on the screen, so I RMAed that card, and GameVE sent me a new one. By this time I was back at school, so my parents drove the card up to me. I installed the second card and it worked ok for a few hours, then the same thing started happening with this card, as the first. So I got the card back to my dad and had him ship it back to GameVE for me. I got a second RMA number and according to the FedEx tracking number they received the card on January 31st. Now it's March 13th, and I still don't have a card.

I called them on February 8th to find out what my new tracking number was and what was going on because my dad said he still hadnít received the card. The guy at GameVE knew exactly what I was talking about when I told him that I had sent back my second Gainward Ti4600 and said that they werenít going to ship me another one, because it could be my computer that was messing it up. I thought this was pretty reasonable since I had already spent an additional $40 on shipping cards back, and just want to have a functional computer, so he told me to call back in TWO HOURS because the RMA department was out to lunch at 3:00PM PST. So I called them back shortly before they closed and the guy I talked to had no idea what I was talking about and said heíd look into it and give me a call back later, or the next day. I never received a phone call the next day so I called them. I probably made 4 or 5 phone calls back to them before someone said theyíd switch my order over to an ATI card. The card Iím switching to is $32 less than the Gainward, but Iím only going to see half that differenceÖif I ever see anything at all. So then it was somewhere around the end of February, and I was happy since I should have gotten my card soon. Well I never got an email with my new tracking number, so I decided to call them up again and find out whatís going on. I was told that the guy I needed to talk to was out sick and Iíd have to try back the next day, since no one else had any idea what they were talking about. I call back the next day and get the same thing; so I try back a few days later, and the guy Iím supposed to talk to is back. He says that the database was messed up, but the card should have been shipped since the order was fixed on the 28th. ďThe card should get there today or tomorrow.Ē So I go to my leasing office the next day to find out if I had any packages, but the card still wasnít there. I called them again, and was told by the guy from the RMA department that the order was changed, but it hadnít shipped, and he was going to check into it and email me back in 20 minutes. Three hours later, I donít receive an email. So I called them back again, and I talked to someone that tells me the card was on backorder and thatís why the card hadnít shipped, but he was going to get it sent out either that day or the next. So today I check my email and the account info on GameVE.com and neither has my latest tracking number, which leaves us at March 13. I donít have a card, Iím almost $300 poorer, and Iím really pissed off at GameVE.

lunchbx2 - Wednesday, February 5th 2003 1:20 PM
I ordered an ATI 7500 All in Wonder Card APG and 2 Creative sound blaster Live cards. I received an ATI VE all in wonder PCI and One sound card..
Their return polcies is multiple saddness, email them..nah. They should be trained to give good customer service not nastiness.
People are really rude and they even screwed up by shipping the replacements to my home address when I stated my shipping address.
Never will order from them again, they suck!

hazard2600 - Monday, February 3rd 2003 11:00 AM
I purchased a geforce4 mx440 video card and a pc case w/ powersupply from these guys. I got the card just fine. But the case they shipped me was the wrong one AND it didn't have a powersupply. Upon calling them about the error, they graciously apologized and said they'd ship out a powersupply free of charge. Three weeks later, countless phone calls to them (90% of the time not being able to get through or them simply hanging up on me) and a few complaints later I just gave up and bought a power supply from COMPUSA. I will NEVER DO BUSINESS with them again.

graboid - Tuesday, October 29th 2002 12:51 PM
I also bought an AOpen GeForce4 Ti4200 from these guys. When the card arrived the cardboard retaining slot in the box was torn off so that the card was sliding around in the box. There was no user manual as was advertised in the product discreption, both at Gameve's page and on the AOpen web site discription. What really upset me is that there were deep retaining screw head marks in the retaining plate. This card was obviously "PREVIOUSLY OWNED". My purchase was for a retail product, not an "Open box special" or a "Refurbished" item. All I can say is "NEVER, NEVER, EVER AGAIN". No second chances for these guys. Word of mouth kills businesses, and I am sure this is not the first nor will it be the last, arrow shot at this place.Text

cirrus - Sunday, August 18th 2002 4:18 PM
I purchased an AOpen GeForce 4 Ti4200 128MB board from GameVE.com, I wasn't too sure whether I should based on the ResellerRatings comments because some people seemed to say that they had problems with GameVE. Nonetheless, their pricing was pretty good and I decided to bite. Although this board seems to have some problems hitting 500Mhz RAM(even though it is equipped with 4ns RAM and the original specs listed 500Mhz). Nonetheless, GameVE.com actually had good customer service when I called up for an RMA on the first board when there was a problem getting any drivers to work on the board at all(it would lock if drivers were loaded, even after I formatted, etc.) and they actually gave an RMA. The lousy thing is that there was no crossshiping available so I had to wait almost 2 weeks for my replacement(one week for them to get it, one week for me to get theirs). Nonetheless, the replacement showed up and worked great(except for the aforementioned RAM clock speed problem, but the default Mhz worked fine so I can't really complain). So all in all, for me it was good prices and relatively good customer service. I think GameVE.com has been trying to improve their service, even linking to resellerratings on their website now(just noticed this today)

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