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Product Information: 4 Stars  (6.7 out of 10)

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  Ease Of Order: 4 Stars  (7.7 out of 10)
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kevwallet - Sunday, April 20th 2008 1:04 PM
Wow, surprised by recent reviews. GameFly freakin rocks in my book. I do the 2 games at a time, $22/month. Send one back and keep the other, always have a game. I've had a Wii for a year and have only bought 2 games and rented the rest. It would have costed my hundreds to buy all the games.
Takes about 3 days to get a game (EAST COAST) here in NY. It ships from PA, but they have 3 or 4 shipping centers. Fast return works if your drop it at your post office and they scan it, return is 2-3 days for me.

oh and, ummm, jugger777, not to discredit your reviewm but GameFly has the largest game library available, how can you say they have a "small selection"??

jugger777 - Saturday, January 5th 2008 7:07 PM
I dealt with this company for 5 months. The used game pricing is ok, but you can almost always find a better deal buying a new game at TRU with their deals. For the renting games side of things, their service is HORRID! I have never recieved a game that was first on my list, they usually pull a game that is ranked 12-17 out of 50 in my queue. The shipping times kept getting worse and worse, and their is no outlet to their customer service support that seems to do their customers any justice for their poor services.

hbj200 - Tuesday, March 13th 2007 9:58 AM
Definitely would *not* recommend this service. Delivery is painfully slow, especially for those living on the east coast. They claim to use "fast shipping" when USPS scans in your returned game, but it still takes at least two full weeks for a round trip on each game: from the time they mail one to you to the time they receive it, even if you keep the game for just one day. I have the regular, 2-out plan and I can get only about 3 or 4 games per month. It's a poor value. Also, the game selection is very small, and game availability is often lacking. This is definitely not the NetFlix of online game rental. Very poor in every aspect. BTW, website is not even secure. Avoid!

jacobsen - Monday, November 6th 2006 5:05 PM
My buddy told me about GameFly, he was like, Why are you dropping 50 bucks at least every time you buy a new game? Good question. Because renting games from Blockbuster sucks and buying them used means you're buying them scratched? And he said, You're smoking crack, get yourself a GameFly account.

That's what I did and so far it's pretty hassle free. In two months I've got six games in the mail that I might have otherwise bought. If I ever get totally attached to one I can buy it from GameFly at a discount, which rocks. As soon as I send one back -- they've got a fast scan thing going on with the post office, which is important for me since I'm in Florida and they're in Cali -- they always send me the next game in my Q. It's a solid system going on and as long as youre not smoking crack you can time it so you've always got one game in your box and one in the mail. The subscription price is flat monthly so if you rent enough games you're totally saving yourself tons of cash. End transmission.

pkellog - Wednesday, September 6th 2006 7:13 PM
Hey, I'll say I live all the way out in Maryland and even though their shipping center is in LA I've never had a problem with getting games on time. The thing is you got to be a smart renter, like, if you go with their fast return program then as soon as the postal service people scan your return into their system, then you can order your next one. If you play it right you can always have one game in your hot hands while another is on its way. Like it enough and there's often a Keep It option. If you don't like a game then you didn't waste like 50 bucks on it, so congratulations, you're saving money already. Just keep on top of everything and it's the smartest way to go.

mbdsmith - Saturday, December 31st 2005 8:50 PM
I tried GameFly for about 6 weeks. In that time I never received a game I requested and they never received a game I sent. I did a search on GameFly on the internet and it seems this is a common problem. Either the mail delivery people are pocketing these games or perhaps the employees themselves are being dishonest. I have never had trouble with deliveries from any other company before so I would say this company has some serious issues to address if they want to stay in business.

PunishedOne - Sunday, February 13th 2005 7:03 PM
It depends on where your located in the country. Obviously on the East coast, it'll take 3 WHOLE days for a game to come. Same thing with sending.

I contacted GF about shipping and asked if they were building another "shipping ware" on the eastern coast, and my reply from a representative stated that they were looking into the possibility and how many "shipping wares" to build, which probably means it's going to happen.

rtsai123 - Tuesday, October 19th 2004 2:07 AM
im considering trying out this GameFly thing, havent heard much about it. it says it ships from the la area and i am in the la area, so hopefully itll be faster over here. do they give you games that you want? and anything else i should know?
thanks in advanced

dluong - Saturday, February 7th 2004 12:18 AM
It's me or what but tbe between time of recieving and sending out games are so darn long. I've the games in mail and GameFly doesn't recieved until 5 days later. When they recieved the games, it take them 2 days to send out the games. Another sad thing is that when they send out the game, i won't recieving the game until like 4 days later.

So in all, you will waste a lot of time for waiting for the games. Plus if u calculated out the amount of each games u could rent, it little bit cheaper to rent at local store then Gameply.com. The waiting for the game are more like you will get the max 3 games a month while you are paying $21.95 for the membership.

I hope that they could improve the time they sending out the games so at least i could rent like 6 games per month.

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