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saeedm - Monday, June 30th 2008 3:45 PM
Terrible experience with this company... I cannot believe it what they are doing... Stay away from them... I think fatwallet should put a link to them and make the people aware of them.. when they are not listed, nobody knows that...

geraldren - Thursday, December 28th 2006 12:02 AM
They are cheater!
They never give you rebate!
Don't even think about doing business with them.

dallasboy - Wednesday, December 28th 2005 1:22 PM
I have filed with Better Business Beaurau for unfair practices by A1 Wireless and their sister rebate company. My complete filing is below for information -

Dear Sir I wanted to bring to your attention unfair business practice involved with cell phone rebates. I purchased two Sony Ericsson T237 phones from A1Wireless.com which had $150 rebate each. 1. I was not told explicitly that rebates could only be submitted after 6 months of active service. 2. All rebate forms were sent with order and I submitted them promptly. I was then informed by www.rebate-zone.com that my submission was invalid since I submitted too early, and as per them - "Please send any missing/corrected information no early then 180 days after your activation and no later than the latter of either (1) 210 days after your activation or (2) 30 days from this letter date to the following.." If you read this, see the unfair practices involved. By making time window too far out and restrictive, the company is making sure that they only honor few % of rebates. I none the less did send all the missing information (my copies of bill for 6 months) to them. I received no correspondence for 2 months. I inquired today and was told that though I submitted all information but it was in parts and I should have sent all information again. I pointed out that your letter asked me to send only the 'missing/corrected' information which I did. The supervisor kept saying the same and it went no where. Her name was Deb (1 866 615 0682 - extn 265). I sincerely feel that if they felt my submission was not complete, they should have sent it back to me or letter clearly should have stated to resubmit entire form. Please have a look into this unfair practice.

chism2be - Friday, December 16th 2005 1:50 PM
Confusing! I purchased a T-Mobile phone in June 2005 through A1 Wireless, because of two $50 rebates that came with it.

Upon receiving the phone, the number they assigned was not a local number. Any one trying to call my cell was charged long distance. I live in a major metro area, this should never have been a problem.

I contacted T-Mobile and they reassigned a working number. Now 6 months later I'm filling out the complicated rebate forms, and I see in the fine print that they will not honor the rebate if you have changed the number for any reason!

What a scam. Additionally, it says if I submit the rebate that I authorize them to charge me an additional $250? Does anybody know what is up with this. I'm afraid to even send in the rebates!

urayka - Tuesday, December 13th 2005 9:24 PM
I don't understand how A1Wireless is still in business. They are just fraud. They take every single oppurtunity to steal the money from you. They promise mail in rebate and would give a real tough time to send them to you. If you are a day late or a day in advance in applying mail in rebate. They take full advantage of it. They never send you the mail in rebates. They have the worst customer service. I had to get my cell phone replaces once. Beware, Its fraud. I lost $150 mail in rebates as I applied it just a week late and $50 because they processed my request twice and sent me two phone. Since I returned the extra phone little late which cost me $50 even though its their mistake. If you still have to buy from them then follow the rules, stick to their rules, go through every word of their rules and keep calling them several times only if you stick perfectly to their rules.

rsbellomy - Thursday, November 10th 2005 1:43 PM
I purchased two Motorla V400 phones with a $150 rebate advertised last year (2004) for a net cost per phone of $49. Instead, I paid the $200 and NEVER was given the rebate. I guess it's good that I'm pleased with Cingular Wireless. I followed the company's instructions regarding the rebate requests, but nothing... I tried to email them at the address shown above and it's no good.

JLundberg - Tuesday, October 25th 2005 6:34 PM
I'm not happy being told I won't get my rebate!!!
I went with a family plan and picked up 2 nokia 6600

The only reason I went with A1 was because they were offering $100.00 back on each phone. After I received the phones and read the rebate form I figured I could live with all the requirements.

I waited the specific amount of time required and filled out my forms exactly as requested. The rebate formes were VERY specific on what to include, how long to wait etc. After filling out the forms ... I even had a co-worker go over all the paper work just to make sure I did it right and sign the bottom as a witness. I sent all forms etc . in and did it by certified mail.

After waiting for over 2 months to get info back and finding the the post office had to forward them to another address (what's up with that????)
I find out the on all 4 items sent in (2 $50.00 rebate formes for each phone) that they are now saying that the paperwork in incomplete.

How can that be. Over 3 different people reviewed the forms. Each rebate had it's own copy of all the required documents.

So what's up???????

At this point I can't trust them. I can't get anyone on the phone.

Please A1Wireless or InPhonic I kept my end of the deal. If I were rich I would just forget about i, but I have another child on the way and NEED that rebate money.


yravi82 - Thursday, October 13th 2005 3:04 PM
Please don't buy from A1 Wireless a.k.a. IntelenetWireless a.k.a. Wirefly a.k.a. InPhonic. All are inter-related. I have the printout of the offer in which I purchased the phone from A1 Wireless. They promised me sending Accessory Kit(Cell charger, Headset and Cell phone cover). They never shipped them. There is 1 month time for me to return the phone. So for the 1st month they keep on telling me that they kept a note to warehouse and my accessories will be shipping soon. After my 1st month was over as I cannot return the phone, they started saying they never carried accessories for Nokia 6620 and they never advertised to give them. I have faxed them my invoice which says Accessory kit - $0.00. The customer service rep. was not able to answer and she forwarded to some manager and the MANAGER gave me a WONDERFUL answer that accessory kit is nothing but wall charger. They were asking me to send some reference number which they can enter and see the deal details for a particular day in past. But I had the printout of the offer itself which shows the original prices of the car charger, Headset and Cell Phone cover and also my price which is $0.00 for each of those three. So I faxed them that this time and then they talked as if I am telling lies with the fax, and they talked as if they are donating me $20.00 mail-in rebate to buy those accessories somewhere else online. That was the horrible talk I ever had with a customer service Rep. Not only that single talk, all the talks with the customer service rep.s at A1 Wireless. Now when I applied for the mail-in rebate they never show the status and when I try contacting them, they never respond positively regarding mail-in rebates. They register 3-4 websites and toll-free numbers and just switch us from one to another. So please consider my request and also the other complaints that came on this website A1 Wireless a.k.a. Intelenet Wireless. Please stop using this website from doing fraud business and cheating people. I really request not to use this website.

Responseinphonic - Monday, September 26th 2005 5:24 PM
Dear Valued Customer,

We are sorry to hear of your experience. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Please send an e-mail including your original order number to customerinquiry@InPhonic.com, and I will personally investigate your situation and ensure that somebody follows up with you. Thank you for your patience.


Customer Support

id990176 - Sunday, September 25th 2005 2:49 PM
I ordered a Sidekick 2 off of the A1Wireless site about a year ago. They also offered me insurance just in case the cell ever got damaged or lost so I bought that too along with order. It's almost a year later and I'm having problems with the cell. I call up T-Mobile and asked them about my insurance and they said that I dont have any. So I decided to contact A1Wireless customer support. I go to the website and I cant find any such customer support. I only find support on odering a product from their site, but no other kinds of support. There is no way that I can contact them about my insurance. I paid and extra $50 for it too and I don't think it was worth it. They should have customer support email, fax, telephone numbers available on their site for reference for people like me. I've been a customer their for quite a while now and have bought several phones through them. I have also referred many of my friends to their site and they too have bought cell phones from them. But they really let me down this time. Hopefully they'll help me before my insurance and warranty ends. I faxed them with the old contact information they gave me LAST YEAR. Their old customer support email doesn't work anymore and they seem to take long faxing information back or contacting me after I faxed them a while ago.

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