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<![CDATA[Free Kindle Book- Scrum, (Mega Pack), For the Agile Scrum Master, Product Owner, Stakeholder and Development Team]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379689/ Rating: 3 Posted By: remick
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AUTHOR NOTE "I write this text as a certified scrum master with experience in international blue chip companies dating back to 1999. That experience includes leading projects for the BBC, General Electric, Oracle, BSkyB, HiT Entertainment (responsible for Angelina Ballerina, Bob the builder and other titles that you love watching with your kids or siblings but wont admit to) and Razorfish. These roles have all involved leadership on a wealth of mobile, internet TV and web software projects."

Scrum is a simple framework for managing even the most complex projects, In this book you have all the tools you need to start implementing it in your team or business.

This book is an amalgamation of the following books sold as a cost effective box set (so be sure not to buy them again):

1. The Power of Scrum, In the Real World, For the Agile Scrum Master, Product Owner, Stakeholder and Development Team
2. 72 Reasons Why Scrum Works, For the Agile Scrum Master, Product Owner, Stakeholder and Development Team
4. The Scrum Checklist, For the Agile Scrum Master, Product Owner, Stakeholder and Development Team
3. Scrum of Scrums, Agile Programme Management, For the Agile Scrum Master, Product Owner, Stakeholder and Development Team
5. Scrum Top Tips, For the Agile Scrum Master, Product Owner, Stakeholder and Development Team
6. How to Become a Scrum Master, In 7 Simple Steps, For the Agile Scrum Master, Product Owner, Stakeholder and Development Team
7. How to Meet a Project Deadline with Scrum, In 7 simple steps For the Business, Agile Project Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team
8. Kanban, The Kanban guide, For the Business, Agile Project Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner and

Book 1. The Power of Scrum
Chapter 2. Introducing Scrum
Chapter 3. Kicking Off a Project
Chapter 4. Establishing Stakeholders
Chapter 5. The Scrum Roles
Chapter 6. Building the Product Backlog
Chapter 7. Sprint Planning
Chapter 8. Release Planning
Chapter 9. The Sprint Lifecycle

Book 2. 72 Reasons Why Scrum Works
10 reasons why AGILE PRINCIPLES work
5 reasons why THE SCRUM MASTER ROLE works
5 reason why THE PRODUCT OWNER ROLE works
5 reasons why THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM ROLE works
6 reasons why PRODUCT BACKLOGS work
3 reasons why THE DEFINITION OF DONE works
6 reasons why Sprint PLANNING works
7 reasons why THE Sprint works
8 reasons why THE DAILY SCRUM works
5 reasons why BURN-DOWN CHARTS work
3 reasons why PRODUCT BACKLOG GROOMING works
5 reasons why Sprint REVIEW works
4 reasons why the Sprint RETROSPECTIVE works

Book 3: The Scrum Checklist
1. Scrum Master Check list
2. Product Owner Checklist
3. Team Check List
4. Check lists for each scrum practice

Book 4: Scrum of Scrums Programme Management
Pt 1. Establishing a host
Pt 2. Establishing the invitees
Pt 3. Lessons from Industry

Book 5: Scrum Top Tips
Book 6. How to Become a Scrum Master

Book 7. How to Meet a Project Deadline with Scrum
Chapter 1. Make sure the product backlog is "ready" to start work on
Chapter 2. Only commit to what you can confidently deliver
Chapter 3. Buffer all tasks
Chapter 4. Use evidence from the past (empirical evidence) to make commitments
Chapter 5. Develop efficient means of communication
Chapter 6. Get a kick out of completing tasks
Chapter 7. Use the retrospective: Keep improving on meeting deadlines!

BONUS Book 8: : Kanban
Chapter 1. Introducing Kanban
Chapter 2. The Kanban Board - Deciding on your Workflow
Chapter 3. Determining Priority
Chapter 4. Understand The "Pull System"
Chapter 5. Establish Work In Progress Limits
Chapter 6. Understand Toyota's Six Core Rules
Chapter 7. Create and Refining your Process

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<![CDATA[Free Kindle Book- Outsmart Mosquito Bite Allergy Now: How to Repel Mosquitoes and Remedy Mosquito Bites]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379685/ Rating: 10 Posted By: remick
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Exclusively on Kindle, ours is an eBook which tells you everything you need to know on How to Repel Mosquitoes and Remedy Mosquito Bites, the Natural Way! After all, there are natural ways by which you can outsmart mosquitoes instead of them outwitting you. With plenty of useful information, you will not make the same mistakes others have already made.

Designed for anyone who has had trouble dealing with mosquito bites and allergies, what this eBook proposes are real solutions that work! Simple yet effective, these solutions come in the form of mosquito-repelling foods and herbs, insect-repelling garden plants, natural essential oils, and therapeutic remedies which drive mosquitoes away for good. Safe and practical, they also include preventive measures which you can apply in your daily life as part of smart, mosquito-free living.

Ultimately, the mosquito problem is one that is never too big to handle or face, not when you have natural mosquito repellents and remedies behind you. In the battle between man and mosquito, you can rise above infection and win over disease. Suffer no more from the symptoms and effects of mosquito bites and allergies, now that the problem has become something which you can treat, control, and prevent!

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<![CDATA[FREE Children's Minecraft Book: Villager Takeover (Kindle)]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379505/ Rating: 9 Posted By: carlover20
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Easily get your kids off the computer and into a book. My kid loved the last book from this author, so this one must be good too. Probably won't be free for long so get it now!


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You need to sign up and become a LEGO Club member. Please allow 6 to 14 weeks for delivery of your first mailing.


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<![CDATA[FREE PINT OF BEER w/Blood Donation - Sparks Firehouse Deli - 621 5th Street SW, Puyallup, WA 98371 - July 27]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379404/ Rating: -3 Posted By: BigBoyMichigan
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DONATE BLOOD AND RECEIVE A FREE ???? 2014-15 THREAD - Free Gift Cards, Amusement Park Tickets Movies Meals Tickets + http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1289688/m17895810/#m17895810

Cascade Regional Blood Services - FREE PINT OFBEER- ONGOING

******** UPDATED JULY 26, 2014 *******

Give Blood GetBeeris a theme for a series of blood drives conducted by Cascade Regional Blood Services that enables local restaurants and pubs to support our community in a unique and fun way. CRBS brings a bloodmobile to the sponsoring business for a Pint-for-Pint blood drive around lunch time or early afternoon. All registered donors receive a prepaid coupon for a pint ofbeerthat can be redeemed beginning the day following the drive.

Cascade Regional Blood Services started Give Blood GetBeerwith a Pint-for-Pint Blood Drive in September 2008 at The Swiss in Tacoma. Because The Swiss Pub was already supporting the community in a variety of ways, they were a great initial partner to help us promote the fact that blood donations are always needed. The calendar quickly filled that first year, with five other establishments booking Pint-for-Pint Blood Drives. Drives were spaced every 56 days to give donors the opportunity to donate the maximum number of times allowed.


MAKE AN APPOINTMENT: You may make an appointment by calling 1-877-24-BLOOD. Walk-ins are always welcome, Then schudule your next appointment for 56 days later for morebeer.

PREPARE: Before donating blood, be sure to eat well and drink plenty of non-caffeinated beverages.

AT THE DRIVE: The bloodmobile will be parked in front of, or near the sponsors location. When they register to donate, donors will receive their pre-paid coupon that can be redeemed for a pint ofbeerat the sponsors location beginning the following day.

REDEEMING YOUR COUPON: YOU MUST BE AGE 21 OR OLDER W/ PHOTO ID TO REDEEM COUPON, NO EXCEPTIONS! - As always, CRBS recommends abstaining from caffeine, alcohol or tobacco prior to donating, and at least 4-6 hours after donating. The pre-paid coupon is redeemable beginning the following day. The expiration date is set by the drive sponsor.

Be sure to schedule your appointment for the next blood drive! When donors register for their 5th Pint-for-Pint Blood Drive, they will receive their promotional Give Blood GiveBeert-shirt.


Sparks Firehouse Deli- 621 5th Street SW, Puyallup, WA 98371 - Sunday, July 27, 2014

Steilacoom Pub- 1202 Rainier St., Steilacoom, WA 98388 - Saturday, August 08, 2014

The Office Bar & Grill-813 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402 - Wednesday, August 13, 2014=13px

Mama Stortini's Restaurant-3207 East Main, Puyallup, WA 98372 -=13pxFriday, August 15, 2014

Cascade Regional Blood Services

Want to start a Pint-for-Pint Blood Drive at your Restaurant or Bar? Contact us at Email:marketing@crbs.net

DONATE BLOOD AND RECEIVE A FREE _____ 2014-15 THREAD - Free Gift Cards, Amusement Park Tickets Movies Meals Tickets + http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1289688/m17895810/#m17895810

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<![CDATA[Free Kindle Travel Books- LA, Grand Canyon, Havana, Prague, Shanghai, Beijing, Riga, Barcelona, NYC ]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379317/ Rating: 8 Posted By: remick
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HOW TO VISIT LA WHEN YOU LIVE IN LA: A Photographic Tour of Los Angeles

Grand Canyon Guide: Your Complete Guide to the Grand Canyon

Real Havana: Explore Cuba Like A Local And Save Money

Interactive Prague Guide

Shanghai Tour Guide Top 5 - a travel guide and tour as with the best local guide

Beijing Stories vol. 1: sites and their WanderStories, legends, history, life

Riga Tour Guide - a travel guide and tour as with the best local guide

ONE-TWO-GO Barcelona: The Ultimate Guide to Barcelona 2014 with Helpful Maps, Breathtaking Photos and Insider Advice

200 Color Snapshot Photos Of New York City Since 9/11

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<![CDATA[Free Kindle Book- Diary of America]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379310/ Rating: 10 Posted By: remick
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5.0 out of 5 stars (47 customer reviews)

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, students know less about American history than they do about any other subject. Let's change that. Diary of America tells the true story of the United States from its beginning in less than 20,000 words. Filled with trivia, comics, and patriotism, it will educate, entertain, and save you from communism!

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<![CDATA[Toms of Maine - send 10 free tubes of toothpaste to Oral Health America by downloading coloring book]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379300/ Rating: 5 Posted By: remick
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<![CDATA[Free Tattooed Art & Culture Decal]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379293/ Rating: 2 Posted By: KCQT
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I entered "None" in the Twiiterfield & "N/A" in the Income field and it went though.

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<![CDATA[Free Kindle Books- Diary of a Messy Mom: 7 Days to Change My Messy ways / Austerity Housekeeping]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379280/ Rating: 2 Posted By: remick
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The author writes with humor from the perspective of a working single parent of 3 children under the age of 12, who just cant keep her house clean. From the jackets on the back of chairs to the socks in the living room, the reader is invited to join the author while she makes small changes that have a big impact on the tidiness of her home.

This short book, details the authors journey towards changing her messy ways, in 7 days. She is honest and thoughtful and provides insight into the life of someone that absolutely hates to clean.

Its a quick read, with great inspiration for others in her situation.

Austerity Housekeeping

NOW INTO SECOND EDITION! Based on the popular and widely syndicated blog, http://www.austerityhousekeeping,wordpress.com,this book is a modern manual for achieving domestic Bliss, for people with limited time and money. It covers the basics, but also includes advanced techniques, so everyone can learn something. It is full of straightforward practical advice, based on historic housekeeping strategies that all our grandmothers were taught at school, but completely revised for the 21st century. Checked, reviewed and improved by over twenty busy parents, there is a wealth of information here. Economical menu planning and linked shopping lists, time and money saving healthy recipes, bulk cooking projects, setting up and moving home, interior design, sleep hygiene, streamlined cleaning tips and schedules, financial planning and recovery, tips for a stylish and well kept wardrobe, beauty advice, family time management, coping with Christmas, low cost vacations, the philosophy and psychology of housekeeping, school fete planning, children's birthday parties on a budget, disaster planning - it's all in this book.

Unclutter Your Life! How to Tame Your Mess, Calm Your Mind, Lighten your Load

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<![CDATA[40+ Best Free Vintage and Retro Fonts and other free fonts]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379238/ Rating: 2 Posted By: remick
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40+ Best Free Vintage and Retro Fonts

Free Fonts for your Flat Design Projects

14 Best Free Fonts For Graphic Designers

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<![CDATA[Free Baseball Dudes Car Window Decal]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379233/ Rating: 2 Posted By: remick
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<![CDATA[Free Hardhats for Highways decals]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379231/ Rating: 2 Posted By: remick
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<![CDATA[Hugo Man Fragrance Sample]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379219/ Rating: 0 Posted By: CindyLouWho2
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~~Hugo Man Fragrance Sample
Sign up for a free fragrance sample of Hugo Man. Please fill in the order form and submit to request your free Hugo Man sample.

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<![CDATA[Hugo Boss Bottled Free Sample]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379218/ Rating: 1 Posted By: CindyLouWho2
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~~Hugo Boss Bottled Free Sample
Get a free sample of Hugo Boss Bottled. Simply fill in and submit the form to claim yours.

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<![CDATA[Happy Crafters - Free 9 x 12 Sheet of Happy Face Iron On Vinyl Decorative Heat Transfer Film]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379216/ Rating: 2 Posted By: CindyLouWho2
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~~Happy Crafters - Free 9 x 12 Sheet of Happy Face Iron-On Vinyl Decorative Heat Transfer Film
Get a free 9"x12" sheet of Happy Face Iron-On Vinyl Decorative Heat Transfer film. Add it to your cart and complete the checkout process. If you aren't a customer, you have to register. This item is free and so is shipping.

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<![CDATA[Boss MA VIE Pour Femme Women's Fragrance Sample]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379214/ Rating: 0 Posted By: CindyLouWho2
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~~Boss MA VIE Pour Femme Women's Fragrance Sample
Request a free sample of Boss MA VIE Pour Femme Women's Fragrance. Please complete the sample request form to claim your free fragrance sample.

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<![CDATA[Free Discovery & New Frontiers Space Thrills Poster - School name required]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379213/ Rating: 2 Posted By: remick
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To receive a free copy of this poster, fill out this form completely. Due to COPPA laws, if you are under the age of 13, you may download the poster, or ask your parent/teacher to order one for your classroom. This information will not be released to any outside part

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<![CDATA[Free Brandon Semenuk Poster ]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379212/ Rating: 2 Posted By: remick
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Every once in a while an athlete comes along who makes the impossible seem as natural as breathing. Brandon Semenuk is just such an athlete, a rider who has defined a generation of mountain bikers with his effortless style and big air. Though hes often thought of as a slopestyle genius, the laid-back Canadian can do it all, from downhill to dirt jumps, making it seem that he was born on a bike, and was sending it before he even learned to walk.

Back in the dog days of summer, while on hiatus from competition due to an injury he sustained during the slopestyle contest at Kokanee Crankworx, Semenuk headed to Green River, Utah, to do a little riding and a little filming.

Photographer Sterling Lorence captured the shot. Trek and Bike magazine turned it into a poster.

Give us a little information and well send you your own Brandon Semenuk / Trek Session 88 poster. Fill out the form and opt in for Treks enewsletteryoull get one shipped directly to your door by Trek. Only while supplies last. Offer valid in the United States and Canada only.

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<![CDATA[Free 2GB Flash Drive From Surf The Point - FB - YMMV]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379197/ Rating: 2 Posted By: remick
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click on ​Free 2GB Flash Drive on top of the page

YMMV - there is little information on the company

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<![CDATA[Free iPad/Tablet Stylus and Pen]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379191/ Rating: 1 Posted By: amkaos
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Free iPad/Tablet Stylus and Pen if you subscribe to a newsletter:

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<![CDATA[Free Maple Holistics Sample - FB like & PM]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379103/ Rating: 1 Posted By: remick
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'LIKE' our Facebook page and recieve a FREE sample of any Maple Holistics Product! Just message us with the name of your product of choice and shipping address!


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<![CDATA[Free Kindle Book- I Want to be on TV! ]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379071/ Rating: 4 Posted By: remick
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Have you ever wondered how those kids on TV got there? Does your child have what it takes to be a working actor in Hollywood? If you've ever been interested in exploring how to have your kid become an actor in Los Angeles then "I WANT TO BE ON TV" is the book for you. This is a "how to" book of what it takes to get an agent or manager in Los Angeles without spending thousands of dollars. Once you have representation the book will also explain about headshots, Coogan accounts, acting coaches, work permits and what is expected of you and your child on set. All this information is interspersed with real life stories that have happened to parents and kids at casting offices and on set. Some are funny, some sad and all are true. They can be helpful guides of what to do and what not to do when navigating the crazy world of showbiz.

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<![CDATA[Free Kindle Books- Knitting Scarves From A-Z / The Beginners Guide to Knitting]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379070/ Rating: 4 Posted By: remick
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Knitting Scarves From A-Z: Learn How to Knit the Perfect Scarf

With this book you will learn:

Scarf knitting basics such as sizing and how to determine your gauge
How to choose the correct yarns and needles for knitting your scarves
Scarf Cast-on techniques
How to complete the Knit Stitch
How to complete the Purl Stitch
How to complete the Stockinette Stitch
How to complete the Ribbed Stitch
Binding off your scarf
How to block your scarf
This book also includes 4 scarf patterns for you to work on (Ribbed Scarf, Triple Loop Scarf, Basketweave Scarf and Open Rib Scarf).
BONUS: As an added bonus this book includes a knitting glossary at the end, for you to use to help understand knitting jargon!

The Beginners Guide to Knitting: Learn How To Knit The Easy Way

This book will teach you the basics of knitting. It can also be a great refresher for more advanced knitters. This book will get you up to speed on the following:

Proper Knitting Needle Sizes
How to Choose Yarn
How to Cast on Knitting
The Most Popular Knitting Stitches
How to Start a New Ball of Yarn
Binding Off
Basic Color Knitting
How to Read a Knitting Pattern
Seaming and Finishing
Increases and Decreases
Knitting in the Round
How to Purl
How to Use Circular Knitting Needles
Knitting Wool
Links to Video Instructions For How to Knit a Scarf
The book also includes a BONUS section that includes a basic knitting dictionary and links to 10 videos that will help you get started! Dont hesitate and get started right now, on the incredibly fun hobby of knitting!

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<![CDATA[Free Kindle Books- A Guide to Eliminating Excess, Living on Less & Loving It / Getting Organized]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379069/ Rating: 16 Posted By: remick
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Beyond Basics: A Guide to Eliminating Excess, Living on Less, and Loving It

End your relationship with clutter, debt, and overspending. In Beyond Basics: Eliminating Excess, Living on Less, and Loving It, you'll find more than 200 frugal living tips, along with down-to-earth advice for clearing your home and your life of the clutter and bad habits that are weighing you down.
By living well within your means, you will open the door to greater wealth, better health, and an immense sense of satisfaction with life as a whole.
Many books on frugal living focus solely on helping you save money. This one is different: It is meant to serve as a roadmap you can use to completely redesign your life so you have less of what you don't want and an unlimited supply of whatever it is that is most important to you.
Whether you want to spend less time at work and more time enjoying time with your family or pursuing your life's true passion, this book was written with you in mind. No matter what your version of the simple life looks like, you'll find exactly the practical advice you need for getting rid of things and habits that no longer serve you and for focusing on the things that matter most.
Learn about your relationship with the "stuff" you've accumulated, then begin clearing space so you can live the way you've always wanted to. There is luxury to be found in simplicity, and this book will help you to discover it.

Getting Organized: Improving Focus, Organization and Productivity

Getting Organized is a collection of simple ideas that address at least six major issues that could be generating chaos and disorder in your life. The ideas are presented in a simple format, with specific suggestions on how to put each idea to work, so busy people can find the time to read and try them.

Even if you've tried unsuccessfully to get organized before, consider reading Getting Organized. You'll find effective solutions to your organizing challenges and will enjoy the benefits for years to come.

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<![CDATA[Free Destiny Beta for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379068/ Rating: 0 Posted By: remick
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If youve yet to get a code and download the Beta, now is the time. Every single Guardian with a pre-order code is welcome to join us in the Tower. Detailed instructions for scoring a code and redeeming a code can be found right here.

If youve already played, you havent seen everything yet. Weve got some surprises in store, and if you play on Saturday, July 26th beginning at 2pm PDT, weve got a permanent reward on reserve that will commemorate the experience.


July 24 UPDATE: As of 4 PM PDT today, The Destiny Beta is now open to all who would like to play. You no longer need a code to download. Just navigate to the store on your console (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360) and search for the Destiny Beta.

Q. Hey, what is the Destiny Beta and when is it?

The Destiny Beta is your chance to play Destiny and give us invaluable data and feedback prior to launch on September 9th, 2014. The Beta will include character creation, story missions, cooperative and social activities, competitive multiplayer, and more.

The Destiny Beta will be available without a code on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 on July 24th at 4PM PDT. The Destiny Beta will close at end of the day on July 26th PDT.

Q. I get an error about a corrupt download when downloading on Xbox One. What do I do?

If you try to start playing the Destiny Beta on Xbox One before the download is complete you may get the following message:

The installed game is corrupted. You must delete the installed game and then reinstall it to play this game.

Your download is likely not corrupted, and happily downloading in the background. Do not delete and re-download. Please wait until the Destiny Beta is 100% downloaded before launching.

To monitor the progress of your Destiny Beta download, please navigate to the Games & Apps tile from the Xbox One home screen.

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<![CDATA[6 Free Marvel Infinite Series Digital Comic Books- Deadpool, Iron Man, Wolverine]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379064/ Rating: 2 Posted By: remick
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<![CDATA[Free on Google Play - Detective Comics #27 Special Edition (Batman 75 Day Comic 2014) (2014- ) #1]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379063/ Rating: 3 Posted By: remick
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<![CDATA[Free No Hot Pets Window Decal ]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379062/ Rating: 5 Posted By: remick
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Click here to take the Pledge!

Participants will receive a free No Hot Pets Window Decal (while supplies last)!

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<![CDATA[Nutrients For Life Magazine - Free Subscription]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1379036/ Rating: 0 Posted By: CindyLouWho2
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~~Nutrients For Life Magazine Free Subscription
Order a free subscription to Nutrients for Life magazine. Scroll down and click the 'subscribe' button on the right of the page. Then fill in and submit the pop-up request form.

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<![CDATA[Free e-book - 8 Step Guide to Maximizing Garage Sale Success! ]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1378894/ Rating: 2 Posted By: bigdaddy99
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8 Step Guide to Maximizing Garage Sale Success! Free!


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<![CDATA[Free Chromatic Tuner with Tone Generator for iOS]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1378876/ Rating: 8 Posted By: remick
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***Featured on Apple's "New and Noteworthy","New", in US, UK, Australia and many more stores.***
*** Featured by FWA Mobile "Mobile of the Day" ***

insTuner is a chromatic tuner that helps you tune instruments quickly and accurately. It also features a Tone Generator just like a pitch pipe with four different wave forms.

With advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithm, it is highly accurate (1/1000 semitone or 0.1 cent precision). Rather than providing only one mode like other tuners, insTuner supports different tuning units applicable to different situations, such as Instant Tuning Unit for quick tune and play, Fine and Strobe Units for accurate tuning, FFT Unit for sound analysis etc. What's more, many advanced features are provided such as Concert A calibration, historical temperaments and transpositions, which make it more powerful than other tuners.

insTuner is well-designed and easy to use. It features a unique "fixed" note wheel, which helps you to find the position of detected pitch easily. You can also use it as an electronic pitch pipe to tune by ear, matching the generated tones.

It is suitable for tuning acoustic or electric guitar and bass, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, bowed strings, woodwinds, brass, timpani and more. In fact, almost any instrument that sustains a tone can be tuned using insTuner. It supports Built-in Microphone as well as Line-in and other audio interface such as Apogee One. Clip Microphone is supported too.

=== FEATURES ===
* Universal App, purchase once, available on all of your iOS devices: iPhone/iPhone5/iPod/iPad.
* Supported both Landscape and Portrait mode
* Precise to 1/1000 semitone (0.1 cent)
* Tuning Range from C0 to B8, covering the range of almost all of musical instruments
* Instant Tuning Unit
* Strobe Tuning Unit
* Fine Tuning Unit with a highly responsive tuning meter for perfect tuning
* Historical Curve Unit that shows tuning results over time
* FFT Tuning Unit for frequency analysis with Log, Linear or Note Display options
* Real-time Spectrogram Unit with Log, Linear, Note and Median Frequency Display options for real-time audio analysis
* Well-designed "Fixed" note wheel display
* Adjustable A4 (Concert A) calibration in 0.1 Hz increments
* >30 historical temperaments
* Customizable temperaments
* 12 notations
* Needle damping
* Customizable transposition options for transposing instruments
* Tone generator with four wave forms
* Line-in and Built-in Microphone Modes
* Customizable Input Channels
* Supported Apogee One

Our customers said:

Best tuner Ive ever had. Im a professional clarinetist, and Ive told all of my musician friends to use this app.

I highly recommend this app and who can beat the price. My violin teacher compared it to her personal device. She wants an ipad to get the app for her personal use.

I have the iPhone 5 and play tenor sax, I compared this to a 40 dollar tuner and its perfect

As a high school band director, I use this tuner more often than my strobo tuner. Besides the obvious portability, it is actually a bit more sensitive than the multi thousand dollar strobo and I Iove the multitude of options!

Absolutely love this app. I use it for my guitar, my sons violin and upright bass. The new features are even more amazing

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<![CDATA[Free Southern Tide Sticker]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1378874/ Rating: 4 Posted By: remick
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<![CDATA[Free "Don't Tread on My Obamacare" Sticker]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1378863/ Rating: 0 Posted By: mungbai
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Get this hilarious take on the Gadsden flag in bumper sticker form for FREEFree Sticker

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<![CDATA[Amazon FAOTD: Bloons TD5 for Android]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1378849/ Rating: 1 Posted By: JimT23
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Amazon's Free App of the Day is Bloons TD5 for Android. It's normally $2.99.


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<![CDATA[Free Kindle Book- Understanding Explosure]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1378848/ Rating: 15 Posted By: remick
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A photography book discussing various techniques of photographing moments of destruction including wiring diagrams and full instructions on how to do so. The book starts with a description of basic methods of switching the flash for high speed photography and progresses to triggering a 30 000 volt spark with an ignition coil connected to the flash. An extensive chapter on using a sound activated flash trigger for high speed water balloons and smashing light bulb images follows. After that is a chapter on wiring up a high powered silicon controlled rectifier to explode a piece of wire for special effects photography. Finally the Trigatron is discussed, a device used for switching very high currents, and instructions are shown for making and wiring up a Trigatron to the camera flash switching circuit for explosive photography.

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<![CDATA[Free 2-ct of Drinkin Mate plus sample of their new energy product - survey]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1378777/ Rating: 2 Posted By: remick
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<![CDATA[Free iPhone 5/5S Case with Fluke Connect app download and account creation]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/1378775/ Rating: 2 Posted By: remick
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