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Check your emails. Not sure if this is targeted or not, YMMV.

Title says it all: Discover is giving $20 Cash Back bonus when you redeem $20 of your current Cash Back bonus at Amazon.com:

Directly from the email:

Using your
CashBack Bonus at Amazon.com just got more rewarding.
It's easy! Simply shop Amazon.com and pay using your $573.98 CashBack Bonus at checkout by May 15th. We'll match the amount of your first redemption - up to $20, and add it to your CashBack Bonus account!

Hope this helps someone. I know I sometimes ignore these emails.

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<![CDATA[NOTICE - Sam's Club Discover changing to Sam's Club MasterCard - brief summary of rewards]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1358056/ Rating: 0 Posted By: kchunk
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I did a quick Google search but didn't find any links. The following info is from my April billing statement.

Starting June 23, 2014, Sam's Club Discover card program will be replaced with the Sam's Club MasterCard program.

  • Redeem (current) Rewards Loyalty Program Balance by 6/19/2014

    • You will receive statement credit for any unredeemed balance on your first billing statement following the change.

  • MasterCard (new) Rewards Loyalty Program highlights:

    • 5% Cash Back on fuel at Sam'sand gas stationson first $6000 spent
    • 3% Cash Back at restaurants and travel
    • 1% Cash Back on all other eligible purchases
    • Rewards period is calendar year,Jan 1 - Dec 31
    • Maximum $5000 Cash Back rewards can be earned in each calendar year.
    • Cash Back checks are issued annually (February) and made out to Sam's Club. You may redeem your Cash Back check at any Sam's Club in the U.S. or Puerto Rico.

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<![CDATA[Investment Advise]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1358053/ Rating: 0 Posted By: nubie8791
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I have close to $175K just sitting in my bank account for the past couple of years, was too scared to put into Mutual funds or stocks.I have no auto or home loans and pay off my CCs every month in full. I have never needed to take a loan and have a 779 credit score from Experian.

I plan to break this up and invest 30% in mutual funds, 20% in stocks, 30% in CDs and 20% in cash.I plan to take a home loan after 1-2 years at which point I will need to liquidate all investments. Looking for advise if this plan sounds good and/or if there is any specific advise on mutual funds & stocks management accounts.


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<![CDATA[received collection request (paging CN47!)]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1358042/ Rating: -1 Posted By: TheDragonn
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Help! I received (out of nowhere) a collection request from IC System, Inc, citing some balance due delinquent account, blahblah. I have literally no idea what this is for, or where it came from. Do I call them and say "I dispute, please validate?" or write that in a letter...? Much appreciate the help, dudes.

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<![CDATA[avoiding auto sales tax]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357995/ Rating: -1 Posted By: gooseman13
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I live in California but am moving to Texas later this year. Could I:

buy a car in Oregon, paying no sales tax but just registration fee?
Import it to Texas. TXhas a use tax, but from what I read it is not charged to new residents (there is just a $90 fee in lieu of 6.25% tax).

Car would be in CA for fewer than the 20 Day maximum to register an out of state car...

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<![CDATA[Family farm dispute]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357921/ Rating: 3 Posted By: skagen
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My wife's father and grandfather had a falling out some time ago. Her father had helped save the family farm by contributing a good amount of money starting back in 1986. There was a lot of animosity that arose when there was discussion about paying him back around 1997. Basically, the borrower (grandpa) wanted to pay $50,000 as payment in full, and the lender (wife's father) wanted $100,000. As is common with many family arrangements (or so I hear) there wasn't a great deal of documentation. Things went rather sour, and basically all relations ended.

Fast forward to 2014, and grandfather is in his mid 90s, and there appears to be some wish to reconcile at least this difference.

Here are the details.

During the period of 1986 through probably no later than 1992, there were somewhere between $36k (reasonably substantiated) and $50k in payments fromwife's father to grandpa("it could have been as high as this").
In 1997, an offer was made from grandpa to wife's father in the amount of the $50k. Wife's father, wanting $100k, disagreed. Things clearly got heated and relations broke off. No money changed hands.

I've generally been seen as a fairly objective and logical person, and so I was asked to put together my thoughts on what would be fair. I told my wife that the folks on fatwallet would likely have a lot of good insight, so please don't let me down.

While I don't know the exact payments and when they occurred (I have just $36k-$50k basically, starting from 1986 and going for a few years), I gave them a spreadsheet to work with and my opinions on the interest rate that would be reasonable. There was already some recognition by the executor of grandpa's trust that interest would be paid as he had initially stated "4.7% seems like a fair interest rate" with respect to the 1997 payout offer.

My suggestion was this -
Use annual mortgage rate averages from 1986-1997 against the principal. 1997 was when the payout was not accepted, and I think it changes the way I'd think interest should be calculated.
Post 1997, even though other asset classes would have outperformed, use inflation. While CPI may or may not be a great gauge of inflation to some, it's a gauge and it'd be a way of trying to pay him today the same amount that would have been paid in 1997.

The funny thing is that if they had just split the difference at the time, it'd have been about right based on my calculations.

Any input? I would really like to help find a fair solution for wife's family.

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<![CDATA[Realtor Rebates and Tax Implications]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357892/ Rating: 0 Posted By: JSnuka
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Here's my situation:

I'm buying a new construction house for ~600k. My real estate agent is my fiancee's father and works as an independent contractor through a national real estate company. He's offerred to split his portion of the commision with us. As part of the deal, the seller is paying all closing costs (up to 6%). My interest rate is already locked and mortgage amount approved. I tried to get the rebate applied to my closing, but my lender told me that normally, any real estate agent contribution/rebate would go towards closing costs -- but in my case, the seller is already paying closing costs. Also, he told me that it is illegal for the agent's rebate (enticement?) to be applied towards the down payment. He claims that there is no way to apply the rebate prior to closing and that it would have to be done afterwards and that the real estate agent will have to pay taxes on the full commission first.

1) How is the best way to structure the commission rebate/refund so that neither the real estate agent nor the buyer show that amount as earned income (and so neither has to get hit with paying taxes on it)?

2) Does it have to be done prior to/during closing?

3)Does it have to be disclosed on the HUD and/or does the actual money transfer have to take place at closing?

4) Is it any different taxwise if the agent writes me a check after closing for the full amount of the rebate and then claims the rebate as a business expense once he files his taxes?

I know rebates are typically not a taxable event, but with all the conflicting information out there, I want to make sure we do this the best way.



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<![CDATA[Angel Investment]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357890/ Rating: 0 Posted By: bobaldie
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Just came to be aware ofhttps://angel.co/syndicates while i was looking for alternative investments to real estate, which i am familiar with.
I am sure some of you have experience with it and have some advise. Appreciate any suggestions you have if i want to look in to this vehicle for investment.


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<![CDATA[Help with budget]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357877/ Rating: 0 Posted By: elektroshok
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Hello -

Once again, new to the forums but am already getting great info from perusing.

I'll be starting residency in July (one year somewhere then 5 somewhere else) and really want to start off right with the budgeting and saving.

Student loans as follows:
160k unsub at 6.8
17k sub at 6.8
13k private at 7.9

I plan, during residency, to do income based repayment which puts my monthly loan payments (on the govt loans) at 350/mo going up to about 440/mo at the end of residency.

My plan for the first year is as follows:
3188/mo post tax
Per month:
-100 utilities
-700 rent
-460 roth
-500 (for jul-nov to get $2500 tax deduction on loans)
-500 for private loan

This will leave me (on average since I'm paying the 2500 in the first five months) ~$1200/mo for spending/saving/other.

Trying to be realistic and still be able to have fun, I think all in all I could probably spend 5-700 per month on food/fun. I had planned to just save the rest in a savings or no fee mutual fund or something.

For the next 4 years I'll be in a different city with higher rent (since I think I have been convinced to rent instead of buy by everyone here).
This program will have 403b starting right away, after 1 year they match 1:1 up to 6% and after four years there I would be vested 60% of their contributions.
Also, those four years there will be increased income beyond what I have budgeted below from moonlighting but it wont be consistent so I did not include it in the budget yet

My plan here is as follows (My income will go up around 3k per year for these four years - this is just the first year for this example):
3526/mo post tax
Per month:
-1000 rent
-100 utilities
-500 loans (IBR payment and difference directly to principal)
-460 roth
-465 401k (10%)
-~150 (in lieu of SS tax)

This leaves me with about 800 or so a month for spending/saving. My plan was to use what I could to finish paying of the private loan until that is gone.

As far as any extra money from moonlighting - my initial plan was to just dump all this into principal of the loan. Does that seem like a good idea?
I know there is the 10 year public loan forgiveness thing, for which I'm going to do the paperwork every year for but my plan is to not work at a public institution after I'm finished which is why I'm going to try to pay a little more each month to principal beyond the IBR payments I need to make.

Any thoughts/changes/comments are much appreciated as I really want to start off on the right foot and not be even more behind than I am now with regards to savings and retirement.


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<![CDATA[American Express Platinum Card 100,000 MR Points/$450 Fee TARGETED]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357866/ Rating: 0 Posted By: lotusgardener
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Recently went on an App-O-Rama to get some points for a few vacation this year, and two months later I received this offer from AMEX.

100,000 MR Points after $3k/3 months.
$450 Annual Fee

$200 Airline Fee Credit (1 Specific Airline) for bag fees, in flight drinks, flight change fees etc.
Priority Pass for $99
Hotel Benefits

So the FW question here is, is it worth the $450 for the quick $1,000.00. The mathematician inside me says yes, my instincts are weary about paying an upfront fee to get the points. Am I crazy???

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<![CDATA[unsolicited check/loan - can i just change the terms on the back? ]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357855/ Rating: 0 Posted By: Ma171aC
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Strictly curious here, I don't need this, want it, etc.. But whats stopping someone from just changing the terms on the back of this check and cashing/depositing into some random temp account, etc.. What if someone grabbed my mail or it got delivered to the wrong place and someone cashed it somehow.


Also I'm stuck at home and bored, soo sorry if this is a stupid post.

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<![CDATA[Navy FCU $50 for New Members]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357836/ Rating: 3 Posted By: misterspaghetti
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Looks like Navy FCU is offering $50 for new members through referral from existing members. They have some fairly stringent requirements, but if you qualify, NFCU has some of the best rates on home and car loans. Definitely worth considering.


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<![CDATA[Have anyone seen this type of Fraud?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357810/ Rating: 1 Posted By: prozario
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Have anyone seen this type of Fraud? I just got a certified mail from USPS .. just signed it, opened it and it has a BB gift card. No name on the mail envelope. I suspected something strange, obviously it has 0 balance. But someone paid $3.79 to have it shipped to my address. Any advice on what i should do? Obviously i'm going to check all my credit card. Recently found fradulent changes from a fake Amazon user id on my Amex card. Amex resovled it. Amazon knew about it - onnly thing they did was close that account, never bothering to contact the owner of credit card (even though i'm Prime member).

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<![CDATA[$400 Cash back bonus from Discover for $2000 a month spending?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357802/ Rating: -3 Posted By: dyslexiateechur
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OK, I know I signed up for this but I can't seem to find the program details anywhere now.

I think I have to spend $2K a month for 3 months....but is that April-June? Or does the clock start when I signed up for it?

Is anyone else in this program? If I spend it all at Lowe's, do I get the 5% Cash Back as well?

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<![CDATA[Using Discover Price Protection to purchase a TV?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357756/ Rating: 5 Posted By: Knocks
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I am considering buying an expensive LED TV from a reputable store like Crutchf1eld (current price $2,500) and then using Discover's Price Protection feature to price match to a sketchy non-authorized dealer that usually advertise hot-ticket items on Google Shopping for hundreds less. As many FW'ers know, many of these "stores" (Abe's of Maine, Big Box Superstore, etc) are actually owned by the same people, and their business model is to take an order over the web and then pressure you to buy extras, such as white-glove delivery and other junk over the phone. Often, if a customer doesn't agree to be upsold, they will cancel the order.

Discover covers the first $500 of the price difference. This way you get the best of both worlds--proper support from the merchant and the manufacturer and a (much) lower price.

Has anyone used Discover Price Protection before? Anything to watch out for before trying to pull this off?

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<![CDATA[Rental Losing $105 a Month Should I Sell?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357745/ Rating: 0 Posted By: anandtechuser
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Renting a Condo in Irvine for $2045 a month Rental's Total Monthly cost is $2150, bought for 425k now worth about 525k

Monthly Expenses
$200 HOA
$368 Property Tax
$32 Insurance HO-6
$1520 Mortgage
$30 Gardener
Total $2150 vs $2045 Rental Income

*This does not include any repairs, prob cost of repairs is $100 a year.

Should I sell or keep?

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http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357745/ Fri, 18 Apr 2014 01:58:18 -0500
<![CDATA[Part-Time 1099 Work while on Unemployment Insurance Benefits]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357715/ Rating: 0 Posted By: trekwars2000
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So my wife has been out of work for 6 weeks and is now receiving UIB payments. She is constantly looking for work and a very good prospect is coming up in which she would start work in around 6-8 weeks. Until then, she has been socializing with a company about doing some part time work up to a big event that is 8-10 weeks from now. It would be 1099, independent contract (IC) work. They are more or less offering to pay a flat rate but do state: "Again, we're estimating 200 part time hours for the project with a budget of $x,000. Please keep track of your hours. You will be compensated for significant hours (10%) above the estimated 200."

I have some questions for other ICs out there. First, I see the IRS is very strict on who is and is paid as an IC. I have a list of questions for her to ask tomorrow that include if her expenses are reimbursed for driving for work. If this answer is yes and they insist that she keep track of her hours is she really an IC?

Also, the amount they are offering to pay is right about what she was getting paid hourly before at her old work, but without any benefits. If she was paid like $10/hour before with medical, 403b, vacation, etc what would the IC rate be? 12/hr, 15/hr, 20/hr, 30/hr? Additionally, if this is a IC situation I see we will owe 15.3% + our federal tax rate. I also see we can deduct expenses like home office use, computer equipment depreciation, auto expenses, etc. Can we still deduct this if this is a very short work assignment? I don't know much about these deductions but are any of them going to be decent? My wife is being told she will be doing almost all the work from home.

Finally, I know this really probably depends on the state (NV here), but is there anyway to leverage this? I am pretty sure here if you work in a week and are not paid you still need to estimate what you will be paid and that will be deducted from your UIB weekly payment. So I would think if this is part time we do something like work 0 hours, then 40-60 hours, 0 hours, 40-60, but I'm not too sure about it. Does anyone have any experience with this type or work schedule being on UIB in NV or any other state?

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<![CDATA[Help Me Figure Out Sales Tax Charged on Gift Cards at Lowe's ]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357622/ Rating: 0 Posted By: Compeek
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To make use of the current 5% Discover category, I just went to Lowe's in a town in Illinois and bought these three gift cards:

Shell - $25.00
Google Play - $10.00
Virgin Mobile - $30.00 (technically a top up card)

Subtotal: $65.00

I was charged $2.85 in sales tax (~4.38% of $65.00). Sales tax in this town is 8% on normal items, but I was not expecting any sales tax on gift cards.

I bought a Shell gift card at a Lowe's in a different town recently and paid no sales tax (but there is sales tax on that town on normal items).

Can somebody help me make sense of this? Clearly I wasn't charged the normal sales tax rate on the total, but the numbers don't make sense even if I was only charged it on one or two of them.

My guess is the Virgin Mobile top up card is treated differently, but 8% of $30.00 is $2.40, not $2.85.

I'm slightly annoyed that I canceled out most of the 5% Cash Back I earned by paying sales tax, but at least I didn't lose anything. Mostly I want to figure this out so I can buy more gift cards at 5% Cash Back and not pay sales tax. Like I said, I bought another Shell card recently and paid no tax, so there must be some special thing here I'm missing. I'm guessing the gas card is not the problem, so if I should only buy gas gift cards, that's fine, but it would be nice to know exactly so I can diversify.


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<![CDATA[Bank Asking to Authorize Tax Transcript from IRS for Credit Card]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357618/ Rating: 4 Posted By: PerkGetter
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I applied for a Credit Card for cash bonus purposes ($100 after $1,000 in purchases, etc...) I usually get approved instantly. This bank wants me to sign a form authorizing an entire copy of my tax transcript from the IRSbefore approving me. This seems pretty extreme for a credit card. They've already done a hard pull and have a copy of my driver's license and all the standard info an application requests. I thought I'd check here and ask if there is a reason not to authorize this request. I applied with honest figures, so there is nothing to hide, but certainly this is very personal information that I don't want to provide to just anyone. I already even have a checking account with them.

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<![CDATA[USAA insurance policy]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357606/ Rating: 0 Posted By: HawkeyeNFO
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Been with them for many many years, and have never received a call to "review your policy" until yesterday. Have they changed how they do business? I haven't bought a new car or house in the past few months, so this seems to me like some kind of scam or attempt at fraud. Anyone seen something similar?

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<![CDATA[Boat Repair Scam?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357594/ Rating: 0 Posted By: joemah
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Morning FW,

I have a predicament and wanted some advice. I have a 17 ft center console boat that the floor is getting soft on. I went to a local boat repair shop to get a price on fixing the floor. Was told 3k to redo the fiberglass floor. The guy told me he had another option also. He said I could purchase a 20 ft center console boat that another customer was working on, but ended up buying anew boat after installing a new gas tank and redoing the floor on the 20 ft boat. It was the same model as mine but 3 ft longer. It just needed some touchup fiberglass work done and for it to be painted. I was told the boat would be $500 and to get it all finished would be an extra $1500 for parts and labor. I would just need to buy a motor to go on the boat. I was having problems here and there with my motor starting so I decided I was going to go ahead and get the bigger boat fixed up and sell the 17 ft boat. When I told him a week later that I would go that route, he said OK, he would need $1000 to start to get boat paid for with original owner and start fiberglass work. Wrote a check for the amount and waited. He said he would start in about 2 weeks because he had some other jobs in front of me.
I stopped by after 3 weeks and boat hadn't moved. He said he would get to it the following week.
I stopped by again after 2 weeks and boat hadn't moved. He said he would get to it the following week.
I stopped by again after 2 weeks and boat hadn't moved. He said he would get to itthat week.
I received a text from him the following week saying he needed more money to get started on the boat. I called him up and asked what happened that he needed more money. He said boat cost $750 and that he needed more than$250 to start. We went back and forth about the price of boat supposed to be $500, not $750 and how it had been 2 months already. Of course everything was verbal. At the end of the phone call, I told him I would bring some starting money but needed everything in writing prior to and that I wanted the boat title and trailer title.
I arrived the next day and he had written out fiberglass repair and paint in details for a total of $2200+, $1500 of it being labor and an extra $750 for the boat already paid. I asked him what happened to the $2k total since we are at just under 3k now and he said he had never mentioned those prices. At this time I was pissed but just wanted to get this over with. I gave him another $800 check and made sure we were on the same page with what exactly the boat was going to look like when completed including trimmings, hatches and cleaning out the hull.
I located a motor on another boat and contactedboat repair guythe following week to see how he wanted to handle getting the motor. He said bring the boat by and he would get the motor off and get it ready for the new finished boat.
I stopped by after 2 weeks and boat had moved to inside his shop but hadn't been touched. He said his paint guy had a hurt leg. We discussed the fiberglass and all the sanding that still needed to be done prior to painting.He told me the motor was a pain and took him 3 hours to get off the other boat. I told him we were coming upon 3 months and I was getting frustrated.
He called me 1 week later and said he was finished fiber glassing and painting and I needed to get him the rest of the money to true up. I stopped by yesterday and the paint job looked terrible. I could see paint brush marks everywhere and there were lines where fiberglass was laid down. I asked him what was going on and he said there was nothing he could do about the fiberglass lines and he rolled the paint so there is no way I could see paint brush marks. I asked him several times to stand next to me and look at the paint brush marks but he wouldn't move. He then told me I owed him $300 for removing the motor from the other boat because it took him 5 hours and he charges $60 per hour. My jaw hit the floor. I told him I never would have brought the motor over on theboat if I knew he was going to charge me to remove it and that he had previously told me it took him 3 hours. He said he was tired of me questioning every dollar and that I needed to pay up in CASH and remove the boat from his property within 3 days.

I know there were a lot of mistakes on my part not getting a lot of stuff in writing prior to starting anything. I wanted to get opinions on what I should do. He wants a total of $1500 cash now. If I pay him the remaining balance, I am stuck witha terrible looking fiberglass and paint job for way too much money. If I request my $1800 back, I guarantee he will say no. He has the motor also that I paid $2000 for and I don't want to lose that either.

Should I just pay the $1500 and take him to court for the terrible product he produced?
Should I request my money back and try to get the motor also and deal with going to court to try and get my $1800 back?

Any similar experiences? Any other suggestions?

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<![CDATA[CARDCASH BEWARE after 45 days policy]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357563/ Rating: -11 Posted By: judesarah
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business with Cardcash for over half year. within 45 days refund policy. its ok service,like other reviews you have to follow up refund. probably service cant catch up business grow up. my issue here was-- after 45 days. the card I used them was been rejected by store cus original card owner dispute to store or bank to get money back. I treat as scam fraud. I m personnel suggest and appreciat cardpool or giftcardresuce are always willing to help to try get my money back cus they have all doc from original card owner. so any one be aware, its alwasy risky to buy used gift card if someone buy card from store, then sell to cardcash , then they go back to dispute from store or bank. u will be losser if buy from cardcash after 45 days. and also beware they may duplicate send u gift card, my case was I got physica card already but not all. somehow they mess order, when they re-mail rest of card. it include "PRINT PAPER CARD" with card number & pin. I told them this would be problem if they double sell & increase their logistics fee. I sincerely hope they can improve their business, eventually still benefit us cus discount is always welcome

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<![CDATA[When Liking a Brand Online Voids the Right to Sue (NYT)]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357553/ Rating: 24 Posted By: tuphat
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FYI for FWF legal beagles. Excerpt:

"General Mills, the maker of cereals like Cheerios and Chex as well as brands like Bisquick and Betty Crocker, has quietly added language to its website to alert consumers that they give up their right to sue the company if they download coupons, 'join' it in online communities like Facebook, enter a company-sponsored sweepstakes or contest or interact with it in a variety of other ways. Instead, anyone who has received anything that could be construed as a benefit and who then has a dispute with the company over its products will have to use informal negotiation via email or go through arbitration to seek relief, according to the new terms posted on its site."

"A growing number of companies have adopted similar policies over the years, especially after a 2011 Supreme Court decision, AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion, that paved the way for businesses to bar consumers claiming fraud from joining together in a single arbitration. The decision allowed companies to forbid class-action lawsuits with the use of a standard-form contract requiring that disputes be resolved through the informal mechanism of one-on-one arbitration.

"Credit card and mobile phone companies have included such limitations on consumers in their contracts, and in 2008, the magazine Mother Jones published an article about a Whataburger fast-food restaurant that hung a sign on its door warning customers that simply by entering the premises, they agreed to settle disputes through arbitration."


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<![CDATA[What Does an Extreme Early Retirement REALLY Require To Work?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357506/ Rating: 39 Posted By: robronson
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Mr Money Moustache and several other Early Retirement Extreme bloggers have been all the rage the last few years. I think ERE is certainly a possibility but only for very few people in very specific circumstances. Most of the time people who mention ERE on this forum (and on Bogleheads) are laughed at. Let's have a real discussion about what circumstances could allow one to retire in their 30s or 40s.

1) No children. If you have kids or want kids, ERE will be something almost impossible to attain for 99.999% of people. The problem is not only the high cost of children but also the uncertainty in costs. You never know how much your kid will cost (braces, emergency medical care, lawyer after getting arrested, etc.). The variability is so high you can't plan for it.

2) No health problems. If you are obese, are a chronic smoker, have diabetes, or some other issues, you're boned. Your expenses will be highly variable. On the positive side, early retirement could allow you greater freedom to exercise more, cook all your own meals and eat healthier, get more sleep, reduce stress, and improve your health. This almost certainly will reduce your long-term healthcare costs, if you have the discipline and desire to live a healthy lifestyle.

3) Willingness to live in a low cost-of-living area. If you want/need to live in Manhattan or San Francisco, you're boned. 99.9% of people won't be able to save up enough money by their 30s/40s to retire in a place where rent is $3k per month. You'll easily need 3x to 4x as much money to retire in a place like NYC or SF as you would to retire in Florida.

Those are my top 3. There's many people who crap on people planning for ERE because one or more of those three reasons apply to them, and those ignorant people believe that everyone else in the universe fits in that same box and thus anyone who believes they can do ERE is a fool.

Some people (who live in places like SF or NYC) say, "What good is retiring if I have to live in some crappy place?" My reply is "What good is living in SF if you're working 60 hours a week and commuting 20 hours a week and can't enjoy it?"

Some people (who are obese from poor diet and lack of exercise) say "how can you retire early when healthcare costs are so expensive and go up 10% a year?" My reply is, "If you take care of yourself, you'll eliminate 99% of all medical problems and by not working, you'll have more time to exercise, eat well, and maintain good health."

Some people make the kids argument and then to defend their own life decisions will further argue that life isn't worth living unless you have children because they are so rewarding. Well, not everyone wants kids. And they aren't always so rewarding. People who have children will think about their experience and say they'd never give it up for anything in the world. If they could go back and change it, they wouldn't and would still have the same kid. Those people are failing to see only the things that are seen (the children) and not what isn't seen (the fun and rewarding relationship they could have had with their significant other if not for children). I'm sure kids are great, but how about not having kids, having a lot more sex, being able to sleep a full nights sleep without having to change diapers for several years, not worrying about your teen daughter getting pregnant every night, etc. There's lots of great things about NOT having children because you get to avoid all the bad stuff. If you want kids, go for it. Don't tell everyone they are missing out and crap on their life choices if they decide not to have them.

Numbers wise, I'd like to have enough money such that I can take out 2.5% per year and meet my annual expenses. I'd also like to semi-retire for a few years where I cut back my work to only 2 months a year, for a few years after I retire. That would allow me to keep my consulting skills relatively fresh, keep my toe in the water in case I decide I need or want to re-enter the field full time, and also delay distributions of my savings. That allows compound interest to work for a few more years.

I also think it's important to have several skills you enjoy doing that can fall back on in early retirement for extra cash. For example, maybe you like fixing cars. You can do that for a few hours each month on random side jobs for extra beer money. The detractors against ERE argue "but that's not retirement if you're working!" to which I retort, if you enjoy doing it, and can get a little cash on the side to do it, and you don't need to do it because you're financially independent, then it's retirement. You could turn the job down if the customer starts being difficult or if you simply don't want to get out of bed that month. Maybe you enjoy children and want to be a tutor. Maybe you like painting and are good enough to make a small bit of money selling at galleries. It doesn't really matter how little you make from these side jobs, since you don't need the money, as long as you enjoy it, and it does add a little bit to your savings.

Has anyone else here considered early retirement? Or considered why it wouldn't be feasible for themselves?

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<![CDATA[Real Estate Financial Advice Needed]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357493/ Rating: 0 Posted By: Komrade
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Three is a property next to my vacation property for sale that has a current income of $1000/mo.
There is a store and garage that have a potential income of $1000 in rent (trailer park)... although the potential of the garage is less clear to me (it's not easily visible from the road).
So even w/o the garage the yield of the property would be ~9% ((1000+500(store)x12)/200K.. We think it has potential (it's along the river, and used to be a campground, plus the wife would actually run the store)
I own my vacation property and it's worth 250K
I rent my primary residence.
I own a piece of land next to my primary residence that is worth 125K or so (planned to build primary residence on it)
The owners want about 200K for the property.
My credit currently is not that great (40k in CC debt, 20K in car loans, 10K in RV (going away), credit cards are all 0%.. creditkarma estimates my rating around 700
My bank account has 10K, and I have another 15K in stocks.
My discretionary income is 4K/mo.
If we buy the property, my discretionary income goes up to 6k/mo (move out of rental).
The credit card debt is some vacation built related (thought I'd built for cash, but ended up using 0% credit cards towards the end.. so it is temporary)

Do I
a) put a 10% down payment from funds I have (I have some other hard assets for real emergencies, but I do not favor this option).. would I even be able to buy it with 10% down these days?
b) take out a loan from 401K (not sure if they'd let me for a property like this, also not too much there, but enough to fill the gap for a 20% down payment)
c) mortgage my vacation property (15 year lower rate?)
d) get a home equity line (should pay it off as soon as I sell the land, due to credit risk)?
e) sell my current property

I personally think (e) is my best option, but I am not sure it could be sold as quickly as I need.
100K from it could be used as down payment, wipe out my CC debt, and leave some money to invest into the property (wife would run the store the first year or two)

What would you do to minimize bank fees and interest rates?

Also, the property is not on the market. How do I find a good property inspector (w/o necessarily using bank's)

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<![CDATA[Question on rent vs. buy]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357466/ Rating: 0 Posted By: elektroshok
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Hello everyone -

I'm new here but had a quick question.

I just graduated medical school and will be renting in a city for a year before moving to a different city for at least four years (possibly 5 if I do my fellowship there).

My gross pay for those four years will start at 56k and go up around 3k each year.

My question is basically whether to rent or buy for those four years.
I have already been looking a little bit at condos for sale within 2 miles of the medical complex and there are a few for around 100k which is what I would be looking to get.

My plan if buying would obviously be live there while I'm working and then if/when I move rent it out to new incoming residents that will be training at the medical center. The proximity of the property to the medical center is what is very appealing to me (and thus my thought of renting to future residents if i leave).

Any advice or other things to consider is greatly appreciated.


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<![CDATA[Best Strategy to pay future wife's student loan debt]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357456/ Rating: 0 Posted By: sullim4
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Basic situation:

Age 29
2013 AGI: $165k (software engineer)
Only debt is a 15 yr fixed mortgage @ 2.875%, 231k remaining balance, 14 yrs left
$40k in company stock, dividends are roughly 3% per year
$65k in liquid savings
$162k in 401(k) (78% or so is Roth)

Age 27
2013 AGI: $58k (civil engineer)
Student Loan Debt: $6k private loan @ 6.5%; $22k consolidated sub Stafford @ 6.1%; $26kconsolidatedunsub Stafford @ 6.1%; $12k Perkins @ 2.8%; $3k Perkins @ 2.5%; $7k parent PLUS loan that dad is responsible for, but she's paying on @ 5%. She is on IBR right now.
$10k in liquid savings
No other debt
$10k in 401(k) (0% is Roth)

We are getting married at the end of May. We will be combining finances at that time; due to mutual religious beliefs we currently live separately. Her parents didn't help her out at all with her education and so she's saddled with a ton of student loan debt. I want to figure out the best way to pay down this debt and I have a few ideas that I'm throwing around, and would like advice on what the best strategy might be. When we marry, obviously the student loan deduction goes out the window (she's currently taking the full $2500 per year). We plan on lopping $10k off of the loans via her liquid savings once we get married.

Option 1:
Live off my salary, and use her salary to exclusively pay off the loans in order of highest to lowestinterest rate. This would amount to payments around $3200 per month, and by my calculations, would pay off the loans in a little over 2 years. The con to this one is that I'd like to max out her 401(k), her company match is 15% of all contribution... andfollowing thisoptionwould take a big chunk out of what we could put towards loans.

Option 2:
Combination of selling stock and taking money out of savings, pay off loans now, and simply pay my savings back over a 2-3 year period. This puts our liquid cash fairly low and I'd rather hold onto the money, but that is hard to justify given the paltry interest rates I'm earning and what the loans cost to hold.

Option 3:
Take out a loan against my 401(k) to pay off her loans, and then pay it back with interest, probably throwing more than the minimum at it. I think the market is headed down this year, so I might be sheltering my money against a correction by doing this. I feel secure in my job, so I don't think it is likely that I will need to pay the balance immediately in the case of a layoff.

Option 4:
Jump on some 0% APR bandwagons, balance transfer the student loans over to the cards, pay off remaining balances with stock/savings, and pay cards off by the time the 0% expires. The con here seems to be BT fees, though the Chase Slate seems like an appealing option here.

Any other thoughts?

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<![CDATA[Currency conversion question]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357451/ Rating: 0 Posted By: stardent
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I'm getting paid by a customer in Euros and I need to pay one of my vendors in Euros. Wells Fargo who will be wire transferred the funds says they'd convert the money into dollars and then would do a reverse conversion to pay my vendor. Is there some way I can avoid the penalty inherent in the double conversion and go straight Euro to Euro? Getting my customer to pay my vendor is not an option. The amounts involved are several ten thousand Euros.

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<![CDATA[Simple IRA transfer to Roth IRA? - leaving job]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357447/ Rating: 0 Posted By: karinnc
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Hi everyone,
Young investor and have a question that I need guidance on. I currently have ~$10k in a Simple IRA with my current employer. I am leaving this job soon to go back to school to get my PhD. My question is this...can I easily transfer this to a Roth IRA and do you think that would be the best thing to do? Also, I am not happy with the current advisor (AXA). They have offered NO advice to me these past few years. My contributions have been $9506 since 2011 and there has been a gain of only $700. Is that normal in this market? I will definitely be going with a new company and hope to have an advisor that can actually educate me and assist me. When I met with the AXA advisor, he said they weren't legally able to give me advice on my account or what funds to purchase.

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<![CDATA[Eye exam - Insurance says covered but billed for $311]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357438/ Rating: 1 Posted By: netkicker2000
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Wife decided to get her eyes checked out. She doesn't use glasses or lenses she just wanted to have a routine eye exam to see if her eyes are still doing ok. She calls the insurance first to make sure it is covered. Insurance says it is. She makes an appointment with an eye doctor affiliated with one of the big hospitals. When she goes to the appointment before the procedure she also checks with the receptionist to make sure the eye exam is covered. She was told yes. Doctor says her eyes are ok there are no problems and no need for glasses or lenses. About a month later we received a bill in the amount of $311 after insurance. She calls the insurance finds out doctor did more than a routine eye exam for some reason and that's why it was $311. Calls the hospital explains situation. Hospital looks into it and sends a letter explaining it was not incorrectly coded so we need to pay. Is there anything we can do at this point? Does anyone have any recomendations/experience on how to fight this?

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<![CDATA[New Employer Retirement Plan - Quit and Rehire?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357429/ Rating: 0 Posted By: qualation
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Long time lurker, I'm 28 year old Male, $42k W2 with 5 years at company vested in pension. Currently get 23 days of PTO a year and have 9 weeks in the bank and max out at 9.5 weeks. Employer currently pays out 100% of PTO upon termination of employment, but almost definitely will change in next 6 months as outside consulting group works with company to save money. Through FWF techniques I'm hoping to retire at 35. I'm currently maxing 403B. Employer has been giving 1-2% raise annually. Don't believe I can be promoted any higher.

Employer recently change retirement plan. They made a Track A and Track B with everyone not vested in pension going to track B. I'm in Track A and don't have option to switch nor would I want to at this point. I know this sounds crazy, but I think I'm actually better of getting on the new employee track.

Track A
No 401A contribution or employer match
Pension: Monthly benefit decided by the greater of 1. $40/year up to 10 year or 2. 1%x last 7 year Average Annual Pay x Years of Service /12
Vested in Pension at 5 Years
Rehires join track B

Track B
401A contribution of the greater of 1. 3% of Annual Salary or 2. $1800
401A vested 100% after 3 years
Pension: Monthly benefit decided by the greater of 1. $20/year up to 10 year or 2. .5%x last 7 year Average Annual Pay x Years of Service /12
Vested in Pension at 5 Years

Up until the end of last year there was .5% match on 403b contributions up to 3% that has been cut for everyone.
Pension Plan before:Monthly benefit decided by the greater of 1. $30/year up to 10 year or 2. 1%x last 5 year Average Annual Pay x Years of Service /12

To get full pension you must wait till 65 and partial pension available at 55.

According to my math I'm better off on paper quitting and getting rehired on the new track if I work at company for at least 3 more years after that. I'm trying to come up with all the pros and cons of each. I worked part time for the 3 years so I'm definitely getting minimum benefit for next 5 years. I conservatively have at least 3 years savings and assuming I still have tenants could go closer to a decade without working.
1. Current Pension locked in at $200/month and not subject to future pension changes
2. Cash out PTO at 100% ($7500ish approx.)
3. Don't have to worry about maxing PTO
4. Collect $1800 in 401A that can grow over next 37 years and hopefully be greater than $20/month annuity
5. New pension continues to increase every year, If I don't quit Year 11 will probably still be min. benefit and year 12 will be in the $430-450
6. If die after 3 years heirs get 401A money.

1. Not vested in new pension for 5 years
2. Not vested with 401a money for 3 years
3. Lose 5 days of PTO a year for next 10 years
4. Will have 0 PTO for 2 weeks
5. May not get rehired
6. May get rehired at lower rate

I'm good at math and tried to assume I lived till 90 and used 25 Year annuity cost for the $20/month difference, but not exactly sure how much new plan would really save me assuming I only work 7 more years there and if it's really worth the risk. I'm hoping there's an actuary that can provide me some insight on life expectancy and other variables I may have missed.

Thanks for the help I've enjoyed reading this forum the past couple years.

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<![CDATA[ Private business owner looking to collect SS benefits]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357380/ Rating: 0 Posted By: polg0003
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Hello, I have been running a business for over 20 years and have reached the age of retirement. Is there any way to collect social security benefits without having to discontinue running my business?

If someone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

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<![CDATA[Interest rate for unpaid federal taxes?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357342/ Rating: 0 Posted By: dknafo
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I was looking at the irs website and it is pretty doom and gloom about not pay your taxes in full. Sell all your possessions, borrow from family and friends, put it on your credit card because of the fees and interest will kill you.

But they have no specifics.After digging a bit I find that If you filed your tax return it is 3% interest yearly interest and .5% a month in interest for the penalty.

Is that it or am I missing something?

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<![CDATA[ Third Federal or Penfed]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357324/ Rating: 0 Posted By: incoon
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right now, Third Federal has a low closing cost for 295 (5/1 ARM), they say they pay for all other closing cost.
Penfed does not pay any of the closing cost (for 5/5 ARM). The estimated closing cost for me is around 10k.
the rates are virtually the same.

Can someone confirm whetherThird Federal is a reliable lender? any hidden terms?

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<![CDATA[Credit Card Surveys: False Advertising?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357216/ Rating: -3 Posted By: a783783
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Igot the following e-mail:

"~~Marriott Rewards and Chase Card Services has asked IPSOS to conduct a survey about the Marriott Rewards credit card on their behalf.As a valued Marriott Rewards member, we would like to invite you to go online to answer some qualifying questions. The first 1,000 customers to qualify and fully complete this survey will have 1,500 Marriott Rewards points credited to their account. Please allow 6-8 weeks for rewards points to appear on your account. This questionnaire will take about 15 minutes to complete."

I wasted ten minutes filling out the survey and then got a random "This survey is already full" message. Shouldn't they be upfront at the BEGINNING of the survey and notonly notwaste your time but not collect personal information you provide for essentially free?

What's the play here? Even if compensation is 1500 points which by some estimates amounts to $1.50 per person, I feel companies like this need to be punished for deceptive practices. It's like going to a restaurant, ordering a steak with the understanding you will pay $20 for it, eating 3/4 of it and saying, "Nope, I don't need to eat this." and walking out without paying.

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<![CDATA[Yodlee Q&A]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357214/ Rating: 5 Posted By: hanahwy
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We had a Yodlee Q&A where we could post questions and Yodlee reps would answer. That was really the fastest way to resolve problems since opening tickets, unfortunately, does not go anywhere.

That topic is archived. I created this in hopes to revive this.

Please don't red this one even if you don't like Yodlee. It is still a free service, and it works pretty good when it works.

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<![CDATA[FinCEN and You Redux. The Laws Behind Trying To Manufacture Spend.]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357207/ Rating: 0 Posted By: TheHimalayas
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A follow-up on an archived thread:

WMs in my area have now been instructed by WalMart Financial Services to file CTRs for 10K or more of MoneyCenter (BPs/MOs/BB/etc) transactions in a business day even if the transaction has been paid using Visa/MC GCs. They argue that these GCs are "monetary instruments".


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<![CDATA[Postmark a letter after hours in NYC?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357137/ Rating: 0 Posted By: LagerChamp
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Anyone know a good way to get a letter postmarked after hours in NYC... as close to midnight as possible?

Yes, I know, I know.

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<![CDATA['Rowan Williams: Banks do not have God-given right to be repaid loans' (The Telegraph)]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357130/ Rating: -1 Posted By: tuphat
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"Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, has challenged the assumption that borrowers always have a moral responsibility to pay back their loans.

Debt repayment is not a "moral absolute", he said, because banks and lenders have themselves failed to accept the moral responsibility for their lending.

Dr Williams said the global financial system has repeatedly ignored and sidelined in every possible way the principles on which much of the Western world's moral code is based."


FWIW, I think the padre is walking a very very fine line ...

ETA: link to video: http://youtu.be/HrYiICPpaZY?t=48s

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<![CDATA[Chase "no hassle" credit line increase for reporting income. No hard pull. Targeted?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357114/ Rating: 0 Posted By: vquasarv
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Found in my email, probably targeted, but thought I would share. Offer gave a specific dollar figure increase ($1,000.00) and stated that any amount above that needed to be called in and would require a hard pull.

"Dear [FW user],
As one of our best customers, were offering you a fast and hassle-free way
to increase the credit line* on your Chase Freedom credit card.
Here's how easy it is to request your credit line increase:

1. Log in to our secure website by April 22, 2014
2.Enter your annual income
3.Get an instant decision

Its really that simple. Theres no hassle or credit report check!"

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<![CDATA[Dividend Stocks/ETFs vs Rental Properties]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357097/ Rating: 0 Posted By: wado1
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I am coming into some money and I am trying to figure out of the 2 investments in the subject line, which would be better for income only. I've thought about it, did research and it seems the dividends win every time. I think I am over looking something so I bring the question to you guys. Lets say I have 200k to invest:

Example 1 : For math's sake, let say in my area it's an avg of 50k to buy and rehab a home and the rent is $1000 a month. If I get 4 homes, that's 4k a month in gross revenue but maybe around 2k in profit after expenses and holding costs etc.
Example 2; I invest in 200k in high yield stocks/ETFs like IST, GF, MORT. That gets me approx above 5k a month in profit with very little if any expenses.

This looks like the stocks win hands down, am I looking at this incorrectly? Why isn't everyone doing this? I need a different set of eyes.

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<![CDATA[IRA conversion question]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357085/ Rating: 0 Posted By: Evilmagus
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I have 2 regular IRAs and a Roth

IRA #1 at institution 1
IRA #2 at institution 2 - maxed for 2013, 0 for 2014 so far, but will contribute later this year.
Roth IRA at institution 2

I want to roll everything from IRA #1 and IRA #2 including the 2014 contribution into the Roth. I seem to recall a limitation only being able to convert one IRA account once a year. Are there any gotchas to moving all of these into the Roth at the same time.

I.E. can I do the following
1) Move existing IRA#2 balance into the Roth at the same institution - procedure is easy, the institution allows me to move it online.
2) Move existing IRA#1 balance into the Roth at another institution. If this is permitted, how would I do it?
3) Move 2014 contribution to IRA#2 into the Roth at the same institution later this year. Will doing step #1 prevent me from doing this conversion later in the year?

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<![CDATA[Filing an insurance repair for windshield damage]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357077/ Rating: 0 Posted By: spydermonkey
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A rock hit my windshield and made a nice little star crack. Its small enough to repair and its not in my line of sight. Safelite says they can fix it for free, that insurance would cover it. If I don't get it repaired, the crack will likely get bigger, which would cost more to replace the entire windshield. Since this is a non-collision claim, this shouldn't cause my insurance to go up, correct? Anyone have experience with this?

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<![CDATA['TurboTax Maker Linked to 'Grassroots' Campaign Against Free, Simple Tax Filing' (ProPublica)]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357039/ Rating: 32 Posted By: tuphat
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"Over the last year, a rabbi, a state NAACP official, a small town mayor and other community leaders wrote op-eds and letters to Congress ...[all] against a...proposal that would give taxpayers the option to use pre-filled tax returns ... Intuit [which makes TurboTax] has long worked against return-free filing. The company has said in [SEC] filings ... that it views free government tax preparation as a risk to its business. Last year, the company spent more than $2.6 million on lobbying, some of it to lobby on four bills related to the issue."


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<![CDATA[New Car Deductions for Business 2014]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357017/ Rating: 0 Posted By: sharpie130
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Okay so I'm planning to get a new car. I have my own business/LLC and will be using this vehicle for "business" only as I do plan on keeping my 08 civic for "personal use".

Car I'm planning to get is around 50k.

I'm trying to sort out/understand the deductibility of the car. It seems that based on type of car and gross weight (above 6000 pounds) there are various deduction limits.

I plan to purchase sometimes this year.

Seems like if I buy a new SUV under 6000 pounds I can only deduct up to 25000.

If i get something over 6000 pounds I can deduct up to 250k

I'm a bit confused on the language. I see a depreciation table with this many thousands being deducted every year but I also see things where you can deduct 40k off a 50k new car if it's above 6000 miles.

Anyone have some insight?

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<![CDATA[Dentist bill reasonable?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1357000/ Rating: 2 Posted By: Table83
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Attached an image of potential dentist bill. Brush & Floss every day yet I still have 4 cavities. One of the cavities is in a tooth that the cavity is underneath old work that was done years ago by another dentist in an area that I don't live in any more. New dentist is saying that it needs to be crowned. I'd be OK if a crown didn't cost $452 after insurance. To remove my last remaining wisdom tooth is only $39.80. To spend $874 is just too much for me. I'm considering not getting the guard. And am considering shopping around for the crown price, but don't know if you can do that on dentist stuff because they have the x rays and stuff. This is very expensive for me as I don't have a lot of disposable income.

1) Are these charges reasonable?
2) Is it possible to shop around for stuff like this?
3)Would you just pay and be done with it?
4) Does it cost extra if I just want to be put under when they do all these? I hate the smell of teeth, and the novocain doesn't work to well on me.
5) Any other advice?

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<![CDATA[Social Security Number on check sent with tax return]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1356993/ Rating: 0 Posted By: bighitter
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I owe tax with my state return. The instructions say to write the social security number on my check. Given all the recent reports of identity theft, should I comply? My concern is possible identity theft at the bank processing center. What do other FWer's do?

Edited to add this online article:

"Who has the right to request your SSN? Federal law mandates that state Departments of Motor Vehicles, tax authorities, welfare offices, and other governmental agencies request your SS number as proof that you are who you claim to be. However, the Privacy Act of 1974 requires that government agencies at the local, state, and federal level disclose to each person whether submitting your Social Security number is required, details on the use of this information, and what law or authority requires its use.Please note that this Act stipulates that no one can deny you a government service or benefit for failing to provide your SSN unless federal law specifically requires it.You aren't legally required to provide your SSN to businesses unless one of the following is true: You'll be engaging in a transaction that requires notification to the Internal Revenue Service; or You're initiating a financial transaction subject to federal Customer Identification Program rules... "

.Article here

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<![CDATA[Banks Refusing To Give Accounts To RVers With No "Home" Address?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1356973/ Rating: -1 Posted By: robronson
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Question for my crazy uncle who is too paranoid to post on the internet himself (or he'll get hacked and all of his money will be gone). He's been retired for a few years and RVs around the country. Put his drivers license to a mail forwarding place that he read about on some RV forum. Apparently he's never been hassled with that address for anything (his income taxes, bank statements, credit cards, etc) and he calls them once a month to forward the mail to him at whatever campground he's at.

He tried to open a new bank account last week and they opened it for him. He's not as financially savvy as me, but I'm pretty sure his CHEX and all credit bureaus point to his mail forwarding address, based on the information he's told me. The account was opened and he had another bank cut a check directly to this new bank. The new bank got the check and now has decided the account is restricted because he doesn't have a residential address on file.

Everyone in my family has heard about this all week because he's complained to everyone about the new bank is holding his money hostage and won't return the check and he can't give them the information they want (some kind of a utility statement showing that he lives in his mail forwarding address that is on his drivers license). The bank is playing the Patriot Act card which only made my tin-foil hat uncle more fired up.

I'm not sure what to advise him. I find it strange that he already has (according to him at least), a few bank accounts (checking, saving, etc) with his mailbox address as his "home" address, he was somehow able to convince the DMV to put that address on his drivers license, and now this new bank won't give him an account. My uncle has always been a little nutty and suspect so I'm not 100% this is accurate but it seems reasonably legit from the questions I've asked him. What do you suggest I tell him?

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<![CDATA[Homesteading apartment in commercial building?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1356972/ Rating: 0 Posted By: raman117
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I own a commercial building and built an apartment on the top floor. Is it possible to homestead the apartment for a reduction in property taxes?

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<![CDATA[Is it better to run small business under my wife?]]> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1356965/ Rating: 0 Posted By: fleetwoodmac
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So I work full time and have 401K from employer
I also have a side business under my name. I learned that I can invest 25% of the net income from this business to solo 401K. The total of 401K investments can not exceed 50.5K.

Then I read somewhere that it is better to put my wife as partner in the business so she can use salary deferral whatever that means. I guess there is an advantage to do this. I am not sure what. She works part time and not making much. But I have no employees in the side business never needed one.

Is there a benefit of showing her as an employee? Or make her my partner? which one benefits us the most in terms of 401k invesments or salary deferral or financial gain maybe paying less taxes?

any input is much appreciated

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