Stay Entertained in Line on Black Friday

Many commercial retail outlets consider Black Friday, an annual retail blowout extravaganza, the official start of the holiday shopping season. Holiday shoppers thrive on the excitement brought out by the door buster sales offered on Black Friday. Stores advertise early bird specials that attract consumers in droves. A large percent of these shoppers reserve their spot in line up to one week ahead of time in order to get their chance to grab a hot-ticket item. Almost every store offers a product that interests everyone. For instance, electronic stores may offer DVD players for a measly twelve dollars, or an office chair for twenty bucks. In 2002, Wal-Mart grossed over $1.43 billion dollars on Black Friday. Bargain hunters wait patiently every year to find unbeatable deals on this day. Despite its glamor, many shoppers find themselves bored while waiting in line to buy their items. In order to mitigate the stress of troublesome children, customers can bring along a few things to keep themselves occupied until the lines dwindle down.


Smart shoppers bring travel games to keep themselves busy while waiting in line. Not only will this kill time, it will spark conversation between the players and those sitting in line behind and in front of them. Kids love to play games, too. Other shoppers who inconveniently forget cards or miniature board games can play the games stored on their phones. Outgoing consumers can use their creativity to engage their neighbors in car games, such as 'I Spy' and 'Charades.'

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Smart shoppers bring fully charged cell phones, extra batteries for their mp3 players or iPads, and pay for the extra service on their mobile tablets. Shoppers with mobile media gadgets can play music or watch movies until the lines start moving again. Media devices can help shoppers pass the time when conversation turns frigid. It may also give owners a chance to learn something new about that application they never knew they had in the first place. Who knows? It may also lead to a heads up on other deals.


Smart shoppers always have an extra deck of playing cards stuffed in their pocket or purse. Cards are compact, versatile, and easy to play alone or with shopping companions. Parents can teach their kids a few tricks. Kids will love learning card games, especially when they can sneak them into class after Thanksgiving break!

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Smart shoppers who love to read can bring a good book on Black Friday. Nowadays, people bring their e-readers with numerous books uploaded onto their device for easy reading while waiting in line. Remember to bring a light in case it gets dark. In addition, bring something that the kids can read to keep them from disrupting others. Parents can bring a few educational books to refresh their kid's memories about the school material they learned all year before the holiday season.

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