10 Holiday Gifts for the Couch Potato

Couch Potato Gifts

Let’s face it, we all know someone who is a certifiable couch potato. Whether it’s your husband, daughter, or brother-in-law, a couch potato spends his or her spare time on the sofa in front of the television. It can be difficult to choose presents for couch potatoes. What do they really want the most this holiday season? Here are the top ten gifts for the lovable couch potato in your family:

1. Movies – Buy a couch potato his or her favorite movie or a boxed set of a television series on DVD. Favorites from 2012 like The Hunger Games, The Avengers, and The Dark Knight are sure to be hits. You can also opt for a classic like The Sound of Music or an all-time favorite television series. Make it a great gift by picking one or two that the entire family can enjoy.

2. Dust Buster – For a great gag gift, a lazy person will get a kick out of a dust buster. Couch potatoes don’t like to relinquish their spot to pick up crumbs from the floor or sofa. When they need to clean Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos, and Tostitos, a dust buster will certainly come in handy!

3. Television – Of course, a couch potato’s true love is the television. Stores like Best Buy and Walmart offer tons of choices, from LED to plasma. Check out FatWallet’s TV Deals to find the perfect TV for your couch potato.

4. Headphones – In order to quiet the noise of a football game or TV episode, give a couch potato an awesome set of headphones. Retailers even have wireless headphones so you can avoid tripping over the cord and losing the sound connection. Save on high-quality headphones with a Skullcandy coupon from FatWallet .

5. Blanket – Make the couch extra comfy as the weather gets colder this holiday season. Give a fleece blanket that is big enough to cuddle in. Another good idea is a heated blanket to keep you warm all day and night. For a personalized gift, find a monogrammed blanket or one with a customized design.

6. Slippers – In addition to a cozy blanket, slippers make a great gift for a bum. Find a pair in his or her favorite color and style. Slippers are great to have for trips to the fridge or the bathroom. Save on Dearfoam and Isotoner slippers at Kohl’s with a 15% off coupon from FatWallet.

7. Online Media Subscription – If the couch potato in your family does not own many movies and prefers to watch online, consider a subscription to Netflix or Hulu Plus. Then, he or she can watch all the shows and movies he wants!

8. Snack Basket – When a couch potato needs something to eat, a snack basket is just the ticket. Give a popcorn kit or box of assorted chocolates. You can find great deals on snacks like 20% off Holiday Sweets from Crate & Barrel or free delivery from Harry & David.

9. Universal RemoteLogitech and other technology companies make the life of a couch potato so much easier. A universal remote controls everything he or she needs from one device. Turn on lights, shut off the television, and control the DVD player all at once. The couch potato will never have to leave the spot on the sofa again.

10. Beer – If you are lucky enough to know a couch potato who loves beer as much as the television, give a subscription to the Craft Beer Club. Every month, various American ales, lagers, and stouts will be delivered right to the couch potato’s door! Don’t miss the ultimate FatWallet deal: free shipping on every order from CraftBeerClub.com.

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