4 Shopping Tips to Save You a Trip Back to the Supermarket

How many times have you gotten home from the grocery store only to find that the sale price for an item was not reflected on your receipt? Or the cashier missed one of your coupons when you were at the checkout? It happens to me occasionally.
A lot of the time it’s when I’m in a hurry or am distracted by my kids.

Here are a few tips to help keep you from making some of the mistakes that I make and to help you save the money you are entitled to at the checkout.

  1. Pay close attention as the cashier is ringing your items. Sometimes the registers do ring items wrong or sometimes maybe things don’t get changed in a stores system.
    I find this often happens at Wal-Mart when they do price drop or else on the first day of a sale at supermarkets.
  2. Count your coupons before you get to the register. This way you’ll know if one gets missed. Also, watch that they’re being scanned correctly to ensure they are being deducted from your total.
  3. Bring the store’s ad with you to the checkout. This could save some time if there is a discrepancy between the amount an item scans for and what it should be priced.
  4. Double check your receipt before you leave the store. This way if there are any errors on your receipt you can have them fixed at the store before you drive all the way home.

The other day I was leaving the supermarket and realized that some items I bought that were supposed to give me a “fuel discount” did not show up that way on my receipt. When I went to the customer service counter, they were able to fix the situation for me before I went and put gas in my car.

I’m sure we’ve all gotten back from the grocery store at some time to realize an item didn’t scan for the correct amount or that a coupon wasn’t scanned correctly. Hopefully by following these for tips and paying close attention at the register, you can save yourself some time and money at the supermarket.

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