Black Friday Digital Camera Deal Guide

In search of a deal on a digital camera this Black Friday? Look no further, there are plenty of savings to be had from every major retailer. Here are a few that stand out in some of the poplular categories.

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Point and Click

There are literally hundreds of deals in this category. Most with savings between 10 and 30%. But if there’s one that stands out it has to be the Nikon Coolpix L310 at Target. It’s on sale for $99, a savings of $100. Best Buy will sell the Nikon L610 (which offers a small boost in megapixels) for $50 off at $149.

At the entry level Walmart has the 16 megapixel Nikon S3200 priced at $69. HHGregg has Canon’s 16mp PowerShot A810 for $49. Walmart will also offer the Samsung ST195 (also 16mp) for $99.

Looking for a pocket sized point and shoot? Save $100 on the Canon ELPH 110 at Office Depot and get a free 8gb SD card, which definitely the theme this year. Most stores are offering free SD cards in the 4 to 8gb range with the purchase of a camera.


Mirrorless cameras are the rage in the industry right now so you’re not going to find many steals here, but one to point out is Walmart’s $50 savings on the Nikon J1 at $399. The deal even comes with a coupon three free mounted 8×10 prints. Best Buy will have the Sony NEX-5RK for $100 off at $659. The camera comes with built in wifi and some pretty outstanding features for it’s price.



black fridayOne of the best deals on Black Friday is in this category and it will be at Best Buy. It’s offering a $300 savings on the Nikon D7000 kit, dropping the price to $999. Another great Nikon deal will be going on at Staples, which has the entry level Nikon D3100 for $450. It includes an 8gb SD card to get you started.

Canon’s Rebel T3 is the most popular SLR of the day, with several stores putting the entry-level camera in a package deal. The camera will be $499 at pretty much all major retailers, a $50 savings.

Radio Shack is offering Canon’s 75-300 lens for free with the in store purchase of the Rebel T3. Target is offering the same lens in a package with a free 4gb card and hhregg is following suit but adds an 8gb card and holster camera bag. Walmart, Sears and Best Buy, and meijer are offering similar deals.

Other offerings worth mentioningSports Athority has the new GoPro Hero 3 Silver and Black editions offered with $25 cash back for a future in store purchase. Pretty good for a popular new piece of technology.

For the kids, Kohl’s has the Discovery Kids digital camera, regularly priced at $69, on sale for $19.99.

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