Cheap Wine Friday: Celebrating Our Swanky New SEO Lounge

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, leaving us no time for Wine Friday’s, between everyone’s workload, office moves, and travel schedules. So this past Friday with everyone home and the SEO team settled in, we had lots to celebrate!

It was Ashlie’s first day as new intern on the Social Media team and Troy’s SEO team had completed the move into their swanky new workspace outfitted with a leather sofa, and plenty of chairs for everyone to sit and stay a while! Troy played D.J. providing us background music to enhance our wine-tasting experience.

Photo by “The Awesome Neil Bloom” with help from walleteer Megan Barnhouse!

We sampled three wines that spanned the gamut of flavors! My favorite was the Villa La Reserve Malbec but I liked all three. Here’s what the group had to say:

Villa La Reserve Malbec

Heather: Love Malbec to begin with! Has a smooth dry flavor that starts a little fruity and ends on the smoky side! Probabaly tastes better because of the awesome music and the sweet setting in our swanky SEO wine bar lounge!
Kelly: This had a good “cheek” flavor, but it left my tough dry.
Melissa O: Didn’t like this one – it was way too dry for my tastes
Mike: I enjoyed the dryness, but there was something about it that wasn’t quite right. Maybe it was just too complex for my tastes?
Ashlie: I agree with melissa! Too dry for me
Troy: I really liked this. The flavor was smooth and complex. It was an amusement park ride for my taste buds. It was slightly dry, but finished sweet and even a bit smokey and savory. I don’t know where it came from – or how much it cost, but I’m glad I found it tucked away in a bookshelf in my office. It was the perfect first wine to drink in the new SEO lounge. It’s worth noting that the bottom of this bottle had an alarming amount of sediment.
Bryan: Don’t remember this one. :(

St James Winery Velvet Red

$8.00 on sale 10.5% alcohol
Heather: Tastes like grape juice, über sweet, syrupy. Like jello shots that haven’t solidified yet.
Melissa O: It was almost too sweet. Very grape juice-y.
Mike: Too sweet, indeed.
Joe: Cloyingly sweet, dangerously drinkable.
Ashlie: It left a very thick aftertaste, and too sweet for me!!
Troy: This stuff seriously tasted like Concorde grape juice concentrate. It was sweet and syrupy. This might be good to add to a crazy sangria – but not to drink.
Melissa O: OH that would be a great sangria wine…
Bryan: I think my parents gave this to me, when i was little, and they wanted me to go to sleep. Too sweet, and coming from me, that’s saying something.

Illinois River Winery Cranberry Snow

Heather: Tastes like cranberry juice (duh!) with a kick! Fruity and fun with a little citrus background that makes my taser buds tingle a bit!
Ann: ooo let me know how it tastes, sounds good… now if it was “Lemon Snow” i think I’d pass…
Kelly: Wasn’t a fan of this one. I think Joe Striedl hit it on the nose when he said it reminded him of the cranberries you eat with turkey.
Melissa O.: First taste I didn’t like it, very tart! But after a few sips it grew on me. I agreed with others it would go well with turkey day meal, and probably wouldn’t taste terrible if mixed with Vodka!
Mike: Not bad. I think it would probably go better with a meal than by itself. I hadn’t heard the price at the time I was drinking it, however. This definitely qualifies as the best value of the day!
Ashlie: I think this would go better with 7-up or sierra mist, give it more carbonation/fizz
Ryan: I think this would probably be a lot better chilled.
Melissa S.: I really did not like this one. Again, I’m not a fan of red wines.
Troy: I thought this was quite nice. It’s certainly not a traditional wine. It’s not something I’d keep a stock of for regular drinking; however, it was certainly good enough to drink. I don’t think this would go well with any meal, and I think it’d be better cold.
Bryan Was ok, but i was disappointed it didn’t taste like Christmas. :(Would be good to make a potent Bay Breeze. 😛

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