Easy Pinterest DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Choosing gifts for your friends and family during the holidays may be challenging. You can avoid stressful shopping trips during the holiday rush by making your own presents this year. Some creative crafters and bloggers on Pinterest offer tons of cute ideas for everybody on your list. Here are a few of our favorites:

Candy Caddy

Candy Caddy

This idea from The Macs (scroll down)(originally from Ashley Ann’s blog) makes an incredibly versatile gift for any holiday! Start with classic clear bottles that have been cleaned and their cardboard carrier. Use Modge Podge and wrapping paper or scrapbook paper to cover the carrier in a holiday theme. Red and green polka dots or stripes are cute patterns for Christmas. Fill each bottle with red and green M&Ms or your favorite holiday candy. You can Modge Podge a cheerful saying onto the carrier and each bottle. For example, “Joy to the World” and song lyrics are adorable on the bottles and make a great holiday gift.

Dollar Store Plate

Christmas Plate
For a fun gift that you can decorate and personalize, a handmade holiday plate is just the ticket. Inspired by A Step in the Journey, this Christmas plate is a great gift for any of your family members or friends. Buy a plain white plate, spray paint, and/or permanent markers from your local dollar store. Start by painting or drawing on the plate any way you want (stripes, a Christmas tree, two turtle doves, etc.). Write a cheerful phrase like “Let It Snow” or a monogram. Once it is set and dry, wrap for an amazing holiday present! Everyone will love the effort and thoughtfulness of this gift idea.

Chalkboard Wine Bottles

wine bottles
This idea by Selina from Creative Juices Décor is always a hit with moms, sisters, and best friends. First, prime an empty wine bottle and, when that dries, spray paint it red or green for a holiday theme. Use painter’s tape to mark an idea where you can add chalk paint. Spray two or three coats of black chalk paint onto the bottle and let them dry. Write a holiday saying with chalk and wrap for a great present. Recipients can use the bottles in the kitchen for a centerpiece, and these wine bottles make an awesome gift for other occasions, too! Teachers, moms-to-be, and new homeowners love them for their houses.

Cinnamon Candles

These cinnamon candles from hobbycraft smell incredible and make a beautiful present for the holidays. Find large candles at a crafts store and cut long cinnamon sticks to match the length of the candles. With two rubber bands (one at the top and one at the bottom of the candle), secure the cinnamon sticks side-by-side all the way around the candle. Then, tie string around the middle and take the rubber bands off. Put the candle on a microwave-safe plate and microwave for 25 seconds. Squeeze the cinnamon sticks gently to the candle, and microwave for another 25 seconds. This will melt the wax to the cinnamon sticks. Let it cool, remove the string, and decorate with berries and twine. They make beautiful accents for every home! These are just a few ideas from Pinterest DIY’ers, but the website is loaded with fun DIY holiday gift ideas. Check it out for more presents, and use them as inspiration for your own great ideas!

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