Ghost Hunting Equipment Giveaway

What do you get when you combine 4 wacky walleteers, a box of ghost hunting equipment, too much mountain dew, and an old building? An adventure to the “dark side!” Wanna come with?

Of course you do, because we’re giving away all our Ghost Hunting Gadgets to one lucky winner! Read the post for details! :)

Most of us FatWallet employees are afraid to go into the spooky unoccupied portion of the building we’re renting. It’s a dark, full of cobwebs, and so many tiny rooms and winding hallways that it’s easy to get turned around and lost. Aside from the servers that power the FatWallet office, there’s nothing over there. (Or is there?)

Four of our brave coworkers decided to have some fun in the office testing ghost hunting equipment on a trip to the “dark side” of the office and document it on video for us all to enjoy!

Ghost Hunting Equipment:

But before we get into the videos, here’s a list of the most commonly used equipment for a Ghost Hunt:

1. Night Vision Goggles with Flip-out Lights
“Look sharp the next time you go to Laser Tag with these “Night Vision Goggles” from Meritline with retractable LED lights on either side of these nifty-looking shades!”

  • Store: Meritline

  • Price: $12.99
  • Cash Back: 4%

2. Spy Vision Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars
“They may be packaged as toys, but these Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars actually let you see fairly well in the dark, with your choice of Call of Duty green, Predator red and security camera blue! ”

  • Store:

  • Price: $42.99
  • Cash Back: 3.5%

3. Micro Headlamps
“As an entire afternoon of Walleteers blinding one another will attest, these Micro Headlamps are quite bright!”

4. The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor
“The instructions may be written on the back of an AP news article and the box even include a dubious stock offer, but this Ghost Meter does a great job picking electromagnetic fields ghosts leave behind!”

5. Panasonic Voice Recorder with Built-In Memory
“Whether you are trying to perform an EVP test for nearby spirits or just trying to remember what your history professor said, this Panasonic Voice Recorder has you covered!”

  • Store: eBay

  • Price $29.99

6. Ultra U12-40856 Carbon Noise Isolating Earbuds
“Want to tune out trick-er-treaters? Fortunately, these Ultra Carbon Earbuds are noise-isolating, giving you the perfect way to enjoy your Halloween free of treats (but maybe not tricks if you don’t give ’em candy).”

7. Mini-Ghost Hunting Kit
“This trio of motion and vibration sensors is ideal for catching both ghosts and the occasional burglar in you’re lucky!”

Want to get your hands on this Ghost Hunting Equipment? You’re in luck, because we’re giving it all away to one lucky person! Details are at the end of the post!

Ghost Hunting Locations

If you’re not “lucky” enough to work in a building with a creepy dark side to explore, but you want to create your own “Scooby Doo” type of adventure, here are some resources you can use to find locations that claim to have paranormal activity near you.

FatWallet Ghost Hunt Adventure

Video 1: Trailer of the Ghost Hunt:

Video 2: Testing the Ghost Hunting Equipment

Video 3: Ghost Hunting Adventure on the Dark Side

Enter This Giveaway to Win All This Ghost Hunting Equipment!

Here’s what you have to do:

Share your spookiest ghost story or silliest halloween joke (keep it clean) in the comments below to enter! You may only enter once. One winner will be drawn randomly on October 6th at 10:00am (Eastern) from the eligible entries (blog comments) received before 10:00 a.m. ET/9:00 a.m. CT, October 6, 2011.

Please review the official rules for this giveaway.


Congratulations to Our Winner!

FatWallet Member: gwallace87

Thank you to everyone who participated! We loved your spooky stories and silly jokes! :)


  1. Sandra Brothers says

    I have had strange experiences since I was born. I was an odd child, I use to sit up in bed and stare without blinking while rocking back and fourth. As I got older, I started predicting things, horrible things. I was able to stop many accidents. when I was 22, I became very ill which doctors called a mystery. I went on a local ghost hunt around halloween just for fun and watched as all these experienced ghost hunters with all this crazy equipment set up. I had just bought a digital voice recorder at wallgreens on the way there. The ghost tour took us thru two old victorian homes and a family cemetery right next to it. We returned to the car and I played back the evp recorder. I received over 40 class A EVPs in under an hour. The ghost hunters with all of their equipment got nothing, not even one evp. The historical society took my evp to review it, and were astounded that only I got voices recorded and no one else did, and so many of them! They started testing me, taking me thru buildings and seeing what I feel. Its how they and I discovered Im a medium and I attract the dead. So now Im extremely haunted every day of my life. Ghost hunters have investigated everywhere I have lived and they all just follow me around. Its hard for me to sleep sometimes, but I have also saved lives recording evps. My every day life voices are heard, objects move, sometimes I am pushed, and warned about someone trying to steal my car. Also, it makes me sick with more mystery illnesses to the point ive needed resuscitation. Not one doctor can help me. Not one. I havent found a ghost team or other medium that can help me either. The fact is though, since I attract it, Im in the best position to study it.

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