Secret Santas at Kmart: The Sequel

I wrote earlier this week about how anonymous people were going into Kmart stores and paying off layaways with toys and kids clothing on them. You can get the details in this post: Secret Santas Paying Off K-Mart Layaways.

Several of us were inspired by it and put the word out through the office email about our Secret Santa KMart Mission. Many walleteers generously contributed to our layaway fund this week, dropping off $10’s, $20’s, $50’s and more in my office.

Executing Our Secret Santa Kmart Mission:

Today Shelly, who is like the FatWallet mom, lunch-lady, handy-woman, and organizer extraordinaire, and I went to Kmart with $339 in our pocket and grins smeared on our faces. I would have loved to wear reindeer antlers or a blinking Christmas sweater to match my mood, but went in civilian clothing to be sure we blended in with the other shoppers while we searched the store for the layaway desk.

Our strategy was to pay off several smaller accounts so we could surprise more people, instead of paying off just one larger balance. We wanted to make sure that the accounts contained toys and were being paid on regularly, but hadn’t been paid off yet. We also asked if there were any regular customers that the layaway clerk knew needed the help.

We were able to pay off 5 different layaways, leaving only a penny on the account and we applied the remaining $25 to one more account. One of the layaways was for a Kmart employee with 3 little kids who was a very hard worker and needed the help.

Here are the balances we paid off:

  • $64.14
  • $43.66
  • $98.23
  • $43.15
  • $64.75
  • $25.00

Mission completed.

Thank you to all who helped us make a difference for others! I’m so proud to be part of this company and to work with all of you!

Happy Christmas!

:) Heather

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