The Ultimate FatWallet Gift Guide Round-Up!

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The holiday season is all about gift giving. From little children wrapping up their “#1 Dad” mugs to co-workers exchanging funny gag gifts, its an enjoyable time for everyone. It is often the most obvious way a partner can show interest, strengthen a bond or even signal that a relationship should end. One of those signals could be a present that has been regifted and sent back to you.

A case in point was when my friends and I decided to do a gift swap for Christmas. Everyone was supposed to bring a gift to share and no one would know who their gift would go to. We went around the room, and each person picked out their item. The first person started by opening their selected gift and then the next person had the option of opening their gift or trading with the person before them. We took turns swapping our gifts and finally it was my turn. I was very excited and ripped through the wrapping paper to discover my new treasure.

I can’t even begin to describe the look of confusion, disappointment, and anger that must have crossed my face. In retrospect, I didn’t even know how to react. My friend re-gifted a present that I had given them personally the year before. I’m not even sure if it was more embarrassing for me to open, or for my friend who had thrown it in the gift pile. Clearly, it was one bad gift for them, but now it made two bad gifts for the both of us. I forced a smile and thanked them while trying to diffuse the steam pushing out my ears.

So this year, try to avoid the bad gifting scenario that I went through. Be the giver that everyone likes and find that perfect gift for anyone on your list. To help you out, we’ve assembled a monster index of FatWallet gift-giving articles that we’ve come to love through the years as well as a shortened version of our favorite gift ideas. It is our hope that these resources will educate you and jump start your creative juices for any holiday shopping ideas!

We have more gift guides to come! We will add them to this post and keep it updated for you as they’re published!

FatWallet’s Favorite Gift-Giving Articles Through the Years


  • Top 10 Black Friday Deals: Video Games

    • Last year was a big year for video games. And who doesn’t enjoy a good video game? We rounded up the best consoles and games for the gamer in your life.
  • Stores Offering Cash Back on Gift Cards: Holiday 2012
    • Who doesn’t love receiving a gift card? What’s even better is receiving cash back for purchasing or redeeming one! We’ve rounded up a blueprint of FatWallet merchants who are generous enough to pay cash back when you buy or redeem one of their gift cards/eGift cards!
  • 35 Gifts Every Mom Secretly Wants
    • If you’re having trouble thinking of what to get mom this holiday season (does she really need another candle?), look no further! I’ve complied great gift ideas for lots of different mom personality types. So whether your mother is the type who enjoys arts and crafts or she’s gadget-obsessed, you’ll be able to find something for her here.
  • 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Millennial Generation!
    • If you have yet to start your holiday shopping, be thankful that we live in a digital age that makes shopping affordable, convenient and quick. Inside the blog post today are five holiday gift ideas for Millennials that will go over extremely well without breaking your bank.
  • Hot Fashionable Holiday Gift Ideas for Her
    • Tis’ the season to be… shopping! Holidays are on the horizon, and the time for giving is among us. For many, this can be a grueling time, dedicated to finding the “perfect” gift for “her”, the trendsetting fashionista that is expressive, modern and daring. Based on reports from leading fashion experts like Vogue, and Fashion Magazine, we have compiled a list of the 10 most fabulous fads of the fall/winter 2012 season. Not sure where to begin searching for the ideal present? Never fear! With a list of style selections this chic, any one of these ideas is bound to make her holiday wishes come true!
  • 6 DIY Glass Ornament Ideas
    • Give a splash of color to your ornaments by using materials you already have around the house. From napkins to old baby socks, you can transform any plain ornament into something fun. Here are six different ideas on how to dress up or reuse glass ornaments.
  • 10 Holiday Gifts for a Couch Potato
    • Let’s face it, we all know someone who is a certifiable couch potato. Whether it’s your husband, daughter, or brother-in-law, a couch potato spends his or her spare time on the sofa in front of the television. It can be difficult to choose presents for couch potatoes. What do they really want the most this holiday season? Here are the top ten gifts for the lovable couch potato in your family:
  • 15 Must-Have Video Games For the 2012 Holiday Season
    • Ahhh, the holidays! Whether it’s the turkey on the table, the chill in the air or the ceremonial un-dusting of that hideous Christmas wreath, everybody gets excited when the holidays swing ‘round; especially gamers. This year brings extra reasons to celebrate: highly anticipated sequels, top-notch new titles and a brand new console in the WiiU. We’ve combed through all the reviews and previews to bring you the top 15 games to watch for on store shelves.
  • A Parents Guide to Video Game Ratings
    • With the craziness of the holiday season approaching, it’s easy to overlook something like video game content, but parents need to be informed as they make purchases. Video games aren’t just for kids anymore, and parents now have an easy resource to make decisions that aligns with their own parenting style. Here’s a breakdown of the video game rating labels and what they mean.
  • Clutter Free Gifts for the Whole Family
    • After looking around our family room one January, realizing it looked like a preschool classroom with toys packed into every nook & cranny, we decided to take a tip from the 90’s exercise icon, Susan Powter, and “Stop the Insanity!” Instead of focusing on getting all the top gifts of the year for the kids, we opt for a clutter free, experiential gift instead. It saves us money and gives us something fun to do throughout the year!
  • Easy Pinterest DIY Holiday Gift Ideas
    • Check out these easy and fun do-it-yourself holiday gift ideas. These are great gifts to give to coworkers, teachers, friends, & family!
  • Unique Gift Wrap Ideas Easy on the Eyes and Budget
    • With the holidays approaching, sometimes gift-wrapping is the last thing on our minds. Or, we’re simply dreading the last-minute marathon to wrap up all those hours shopping.  So here are ten budget friendly gift wrapping ideas!
  • Gift Ideas for the Crafter in Your Life
    • Don’t know what to buy the crafter in your life?  Here’s a post with several affordable and creative gift ideas that will inspire and entertain!
  • 5 Tips for the Office Secret Santa
    • The Secret Santa gift can mean a lot of office laughs for many but also public embarrassment for others. Before taking the Secret Santa gift run, it’s best to pour a glass of eggnog, hide your credit card, and read these Secret Santa tips.
  • Meaningful Holiday Gifts: 5 Do-It-Yourself Ideas
    • It’s the holidays, and it’s been hard-wired into your brain since the time you were young that it’s the season for spending money. However, one Christmas, after spending hours at stores and online, trying to find the right gifts for my friends and family, I realized that the more personal a gift is, the better it is, and there’s no simpler way of personalizing a Christmas gift than by making one yourself. Here are some successful ideas I’ve tried over the years that’ll save you money while wowing your loved ones.
  • Gifts for Him – and the Backyard Pitcrew
    • Whether you are buying for a wannabe mechanic, a skilled automotive DIYer, or someone you want to be a mechanic, the surprise of killer tools and gadgets elevates the average gift-giver to rock star status.
  • 10 Bad Gift Ideas for Christmas 2010
    • Once again, the holiday season is approaching, and since we’re nearing the end of 2010, it seems only appropriate to discuss the 10 worst gifts of the year.  After all, it’s hard to suggest the best gift ideas for people you don’t know, but I can tell you with certainty what gifts will ensure that you’ll be mocked, ridiculed or cursed behind your back.  Or, worse – giving these gifts will likely ensure that you get equally horrific gifts next year.
  • A Christmas Crash Course in Holiday DVD’s
    • The holidays are stressful enough without worrying about which holiday re-release is best. With that mind, the B-List Bargain Bin Crew compiled this holiday survival guide to Santa’s DVD library, along with the special editions to enjoy – and the over-priced re-releases to avoid.
  • Clothes to Get Him For Christmas
    • You’ve got a dilemma.  A special guy in your life, be it your brother or your BF, has a hard time shopping for himself. He knows what he likes (T-shirts), he knows what he doesn’t like (anything he can’t pronounce), and has a hard time stepping out of that Bro Code uniform – even though you know he’ll look better than ever as soon as he dons that shawl-collar sweater you’ve had your eye on.
  • 10 All-Too-Common and Unacceptable Gifts for Girlfriends
    • This article is dedicated to all the ladies out there who, like me, have ever been disappointed in your guy’s lack of gift-giving skills. Guys: PAY ATTENTION.  Here are the gift giving rules and the top 10 gifts NOT to get your significant (female) other!
  • Coworker with Cold Hands? 9 Solutions
    • My hands are always cold – especially at work.  Sometimes they are freezing, other times downright chilly, but cold is the constant. Here’s a gift for coworkers: hand warmers! Read the results of testing nine different types of hand warmers on the market.
  • Gift Picks For Your Boss & Co-Workers ($50 & Under)
    • With the holiday fast approaching (only 15 days left until Christmas by today’s calculation), it’s time to select gifts for your family, loved ones, friends, and colleagues. I will give advice to you if you are unsure what to get that special someone.
  • Top 10 Gift Ideas for the Sports Fanatic
    • Sports Fanatics! Everyone knows or has come in contact with one. Some are the occasional, low-octane fans who like to cheer on their alma-mater on game day. Others are a bit more involved: the kind of who has 3 fantasy teams because their favorite team is doing terrible. From the grass courts of Wimbledon to the grass fields of soccer games; from the greens of Augusta to the green turf of Monday Night Football, fans come in all sports and colors.

The Cliff Notes to Gift-Giving for Every Personality

The Techie

  • Computer/ Tablet – The best gift for any tech lover is a new computer or tablet if they don’t already have one. Check out our FatWallet deals for Computers and Laptops to find the best deals on your gift.
  • Digital Magazine Subscription – If your tech lover already has a new computer/tablet, another great idea is a subscription to a popular magazine. With the digital subscription you can save the paper and go green. During this time of the year, subscriptions can go as low as $3.99 for a year.
  • Video games – Most techies love to spend their down time playing video games, whether they are on Xbox or on their computers. Check out our 15 Must-Have Video Games For the 2012 Holiday Season and Top 10 Black Friday Deals: Video Games for more inspiration.
  • Smartphone or Computer Accessories – Most techies will never be seen without a smartphone or fun computer accessory. You can score some great deals on cheap phone covers or gift cards so they can download more applications.

The Couch Potato

    • TV – The best gift for a couch potato is of course a TV. However, this option can be costly. Make sure to visit FatWallet’s TV deals to scan the prices, and see what is out there. You can always purchase a smaller, off brand HDTV for the couch potato’s basement cave or secret hideaway.
    • Movies – Since most couch potatoes spend their time in front of the TV, a valuable gift is always movies. You can opt for the newest releases or perhaps they like the older classics. In addition, you can go big and purchase complete series or sets. That will for sure keep them on the couch longer than usual. For more movie deals, swing on by our best deals page for Movies
    • Netflix or Hulu Plus – A year subscription to Netflix or Hulu Plus will allow your couch potato to watch unlimited shows and movies on a computer, smartphone, tablet or television.

It could save you money in the long run from not having to purchase any of their television shows/movies.

  • Snack basket – A snack basket is a great idea for any couch potato. You could make your own and fill it with popcorn and assorted candies. If you are looking to slim down your coach potato, strive to fill it up with nuts, fruits, and sugar-free candies.

Trend Setter

    • Prints – This year the runways are covered in nostalgic fabrics and prints and transitional pieces. Try a pair of boots with a an over-sized sweater.
    • Jewelry – Designs inspired by southeastern Asian cultures, modern and clean, and large and shimmery are the newest trends of jewelry are lining women’s wrists. Check out our Jewelry Deals

if you are still stumped.

  • Fur Collar or Vest – Real or faux furs are making a big hit on the runways. They can be worn with practically anything and will keep any trend setter warm this winter. For a wide selection of vests check out Express and Banana Republic


  • Lullubee Craft of the Month Club – With this club membership offered by Lullubee, your DIYer will recieve a new craft project every month to keep them busy.
  • Cricut Personal Cutter – This cute gadget can be used for a variety of different crafts, it will cut over 250 different shapes or any custom designs imaginable.
  • Craft or Home Improvement Gift Cards – For any DIYer a gift card to a craft or home improvement store is a great idea. This will save them money on whatever their next project is. Good stores might be Lowe’s or Home Depot.
  • Tools – You can never go wrong with tools for a DIYer. No matter what project they might be working on, tools will always come in handy. Look around their craft station, and see if they are in a desperate need for an upgrade or different variety. If the DIYer likes to scrapbook, look to purchase some new scissors or cutting tools.

Fitness Guru

  • Zumba Exhilarate DVDs – Have fun while dancing off those holiday calories. The DVDs can be found on Amazon or at Best Buy
  • Nike FuelBand – This is a new technology from Apple that allows a person to track their activity and gives feedback throughout their day
  • Bhakti Yoga Bag – There is nothing better than being stylish and convenient. Athleta offers the perfect gift for anyone who does yoga whether they are a beginner or an expert
  • SPI Belt – The SPI belt is a convenient way to hold your cellphone, keys, and whatever else that is important during your workout. It straps around the waist to hold your items secure through any workout.

Auto Fanatic

  • OBDII Scan Tool OBDII Scanner can diagnose whatever illness your car may have. This scanner will help a mechanic to find the problem and fix it quickly.
  • Tools – You can never have too many tools. Any gear head will appreciate a new set of wrenches.
  • Personalized Floor Mat – Floor mats are a necessity for any car so make it a personal touch with the person’s name or initials. Try for great personal touches.
  • Mechanix Wear Fabricator Glove – Help keep their hands clean and warm while they work on the car this winter with a pair of Mechanix Gloves.

The Sports Fan

  • Cable T.V. Game Packages – Your sports fan will love you forever when you give them unlimited access to their sports. They won’t be able to get enough of the latest news on their favorite teams.
  • Team Apparel – Any sports fan will love apparel with their team’s logo. They can wear it for every game and it can become a tradition to sport their favorite player’s jersey.
  • Special Team Collectibles – Whether its a small knick-knack or autographed ball, the sports fans will love to start building up their collection. They might have a favorite game memory as well. Most collectible stores carry framed pictures of historic moments in sports history.
  • Mini fridge – The mini fridge is the ultimate gift for your hard core sports fans who can’t miss one second of the game. With a little fridge stocked with their favorite drinks and snacks, they will never have to leave their seat.


  • Movies/ TV series – With the newer generation, you can never go wrong with movies or TV shows. They’ll love lounging on the couch, or having their friends over for a movie marathon.
  • Music – iPods have always been attached at the tween/teen hip. You can gift them one of those, or an iTunes gift card so they can load up their iPods with some current tunes.
  • Clothes – Making a fashion statement in school has always been around. If your teen/tween has a favorite store to shop at, make sure to stop by there. Ask one of the younger sales associates to help if you are unsure if its a popular piece or bad outfit. Within FatWallet’s Seasons Savings Deals, you can find lots of merchants with higher cash back values. One of the merchants listed, Sears, features the Kardashian Kollection that has been a big hit with the younger female demographic.
  • Gift cards – Sometimes, teens/tweens are just downright hard to shop for. With a gift card, you give them the option to pick out their own gift. To avoid the question of which store to choose, you can get a prepaid gift card, like the Visa gift card, that can be used where ever they desire.

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