When to Buy What: April Shopping Trends 2013

Spring time savings are the theme for shoppers in April. It’s time to clean the cave, switch over the closet, make the chariot shine and spruce up the surrounding premises. Whether we’re cleaning, detailing, rearranging or upgrading for the warmer weather, it’s a good month to add something new to the house, garden, yard and wardrobe as we’ll see a variety of spring sales to help out the budget.

April also trends early for clearance on snow equipment and later with great tech deals on Mother’s Day gifts. A recent comprehensive Nielsen report showcases the fast rise in the Boomer population and rapid adoption of new technology. Boomers make up more than 41% of Apple’s computer customers and are the fastest growing genre for making smartphone and tablet purchases.

Boomers also make up half the total CPG sales and are the real power shoppers each spring. They have plenty of capital and happily spend to protect and upgrade things in their homes, autos and wardrobes. Here’s an overview of all the main products that trend as top savings in April.

(early April)

Winter Equipment Clearance

With most of the winter sporting goods and outerwear picked through, we won’t dwell on the 70-80% mark downs as it may be tough to find your size, but winter tools and equipment will be heavily discounted.

  • Snow Removal Equipment: snow blowers, plows/accessories, shovels

  • Winter Tools: snow tires, chains, ice scrapers, brushes, brooms, ice melt/salt

Tip: Look for winter equipment deals quickly as the higher quality items get picked quick.

Spring Fashion Deals

Spruce up time! Either the new spring designs are too cool to resist, or last year’s fashion just doesn’t fit quite right. Either way, retail vigorously competes for your dollars and each will throw a few special sales on a long list of apparel savings.

  • Clothing: business and casual wear, skirts, dresses and jackets

  • Footwear: casual shoes & sandals, running, hiking & walking shoes
  • Baby and Kids Clothing rain coats, rain boots and umbrellas

Tip: Sports apparel gets sharp price reductions as well, including golf apparel, running apparel & shoes, and various athletic outerwear.

(late April)

Home & Garden Deals

Spring brings more than savings on new threads and treads. Look for big spring sales on all of these items.

  • Furnishings: decor, bedding, furniture, appliances, blinds

  • Tools: yard tools, trimmers, tillers, saws, drills, garage storage/accessories
  • Garden: planting tools, garden products: soil, fertilizer, seeds, bulbs, plants
  • Yard/Patio: furniture & accessories, grilling, lawn mowers, fertilizer, bird feeder/food
  • Auto & Accessories: spring tune-up/detailing discounts, tires, cleaners/wax, wipers
  • Indoor: vacuum cleaners, cleaning supplies, paper products, and organics

Tip: April 22 is Earth Day and brings sales with deep discounts on green home needs.

Mother’s Day Deals

Look for great pricing on “mother-like styles” for those traditional gifts, but also for more techie items that keep mom connected and make her world more convenient.

  • Flowers & Gifts: (flowers, candy, books, crafts & supplies, jewelry, gift cards)

  • Home & Garden: cookware/kitchenware, sewing/fabric, plants, tools, feeders, outdoor decor
  • Electronics: laptops, tablets, smartphones, cameras, and various wireless/bluetooth devices

Tip: It’s not too early to look for Mom’s gift as early bird shoppers often get rewarded with exclusive deals and cash back increases while this annual buying cycle doesn’t hit its stride until early May.

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