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Sleuth - SAXOPHONE sorry i didn't think it worked the first time...don't suppose anyone knows how to delete silly posts

It has come to our attention that answers for BeeBuzzPoints are being shared on website blogs. As we believe there are many people that appreciate the postings; any member that is posting to these sites can be disqualified as a member of BeeBuzzPoints and lose all their privileges.

BeeBuzzPoints is the #1 media rewards site in the Sacramento area. It is a free site for readers of The Sacramento Bee and we want it to be fair for everyone.

The members that are both supplying and getting answers from these blogs have an unfair advantage to win points and therefore win prizes. If this, continues we will have no other choice but to limit the number of prizes a member can win to one per month. This is not fair to the members who are finding the answers without the assistance of these types of blogs.

If you are one of the over 34,000 members that are enjoying BeeBuzzPoints in the way it was intended... THANK YOU. We hope you continue to enjoy BeeBuzzPoints.

I would be extremely happy to be limited to "just one win per month"... but then I would need to win first and that has not happened so far. Nice thing about this website is that it is available to all 34000 members as well..only takes a little effort on their part.

Like TooOldTooSlow, I would gladly be happy with "just one win per month". I have tried many times over the last year to win just one time and haven't yet!! So what seems to be happening is others are winning multiple times per month. I say let's make it a rule that you can only win once per month and that way there can be more winners!!! As for the posting of answers/codes. . . everyone has equal access so all is fair. It appears the one(s) complaining may have been the multiple winners and reaping contest benefits and now don't want to share!!! As one of the 34,000 members I say let's share the wealth in these hard times!!! Anyone else agree???

2/23/12 Thurs Trivia:
Nevada Co party participant arrested: Petaluma
Child Molester tracked: 169 years
8 year old critical: Thumbs up
Killings at Smud: Hunting and Fishing license
Support coalesces in Seattle: No reservations
Democrats want to extend: Public Employee Pensions
Democrats want to extend: Twenty Seven
Local Dancer: Brain Surgery
Nugget Market: Fulton Ave

Here's the funny thing about giving answers to other people. Every answer you post lowers your chance to win! The more points you win the better the chance you have to win. So if you keep sharing the answers you will never win. So why play!

Didn't know there was an issue since it was posted on a public forum for anyone to see. Like you say it lowers your chances of winning. For me it was about helping out the community, not necessarily trying to win more. That's why I post under my BeeBuzzPoints name. But, I get the message.

I like thinking of it as a Team or Family effort!!! We all should be playing the game for fun and if we win something that's a bonus. Apparently you or people who complain to you, are in it for the win!!! Pretty selfish I think!! You and the complainers represent what our country has evolved into. . .thinking of only themselves and what they can get!! I'm a country boy who grew up believing helping others is a priority! That's why I served my country in the military for 22 yrs and as a police officer for another 16 serving my community. Obviously you/complainers don't see it that way. But you all have a right to your opinion. . . please, just don't try to impose it on others!!! Have a great day and God Bless you and those that complain about not winning!! I believe we all have a fair chance. I think people are taking this game way to serious. It's for fun!!! If you want to do some serious gaming. . Take your dollars and go to Red Hawk or Cache Creek Casinos!!!!

Considering we have never seen anyone win more than movie tickets (I just did a search for "won"...it is a remarkably small number of posts considering the length of this section, and it isn't like folks here wouldn't brag about winning if it happened), I daresay we aren't changing our odds that much. Some fraction of infinitesimally small is still infinitesimally small. Seriously, has anyone ever won one of those MM prizes?

And not to debate this with you, but if you think about it, if we contribute just one answer, and the others contribute just one answer (but a different answer) then everyone who participates gains more points than what they gave up by giving up their respective answer. But you already know all of that. So in some way it is advantageous. Not a whole hell of a lot as it turns out.

But honestly, I don't think that anyone here is seriously concerned about winning. Like I said, no one seems to. Perhaps you would like to share the statistics showing the influence of this site on the odds...After all, the Sacramento area MUST be winning more prizes (the national ones) if this site is really such an influence, right?

I just like answering the questions, and splurging my points occasionally. It is sort of like playing the lottery...you really have virtually no chance of winning, but that typically doesn't stop us from playing.

Personally, I would just love to know how some folks on beebuzzpoints can have like 30 more trivia questions answered than I do, when I have answered EVERY trivia question presented to me in a given week...some folks seem to already have much more of an advantage than any collaboration on this site would provide.

I opened up my email and saw a message from BeeBuzz points, so I immediately came to this site to check out other members' thoughts about this subject. I was also wondering if anyone at the Bee would read our responses here and am glad to see there is someone from the Bee who actually is writing back. To whomever you are, I address the following comments:
1. If you would check back through the last many pages, you will see a member who states he has been playing for THREE YEARS and hasn't won a single thing. And yet you claim this site gives us an unfair advantage? What a load of *&#*. Have any of us here actually won anything?
2. I saved up over 1,000,000 points to enter the laptop contest and had over 150 entries. Did i win after all my hard work? Nope.
3. I agree with forsaken1 about the statistics of us on this site winning anything vs. other Buzz points members. Care to take up that challenge and prove to us that one single person here has "an unfair advantage?"
4. From your comments, it sounds like there are some people (none of here at this site, though) who are winning multiple times per month. REALLY??? Now, THAT sounds unfair. So by all means, limit the winning to one per month to give others a fair chance.
5. I, like other members, was playing for the fun of it. I was actually learning things by reading for the answers and also supplementing some by coming to this site. But not any more.
5. I used the past tense in my last paragraph for the following reason: Because you have threatened members who post answers here, that leaves such a foul taste in my mouth, that I will be canceling my subscription to the Bee. I am thoroughly disgusted that you would take such a fun activity and turn it into such a petty issue.

Now, to all of you wonderful members at this site, I wish you all luck. Bless you for trying to have fun and sharing!

A Disgusted Former Bee Reader

The problem with one prize a month is that as soon as you win a movie ticket that makes every single entry you have in other contests void. Do you get the points back? I highly doubt it! Who's going to bother with a movie pass (which doesn't even guarentee getting in) if it means missing out on something else that isn't even on the horizen yet? Big deal, people sharing information, promoting participation on the Bee's own contest site, the horror of it all for the Bee!

To: SACBEE. Who has won any of these prizes anyway. I would like to know. Do you allow individuals, who do not pay for the Bee be a member and win? Also, how many of these 34,000 members have won anything. I do not want to win movies because it is not worth it. Because, you have to pay for gas, get to the theatre, and be there two hours early. If you continue with this tactic. PEOPLE WILL CANCEL THE NEWSPAPER. You cannot stop indiviuals from talking to each other. If you are going to monitor this website. There are other ways to contact with your friends and family. I do not care if it lowers my chances because I like help other people. I believe if it is meant for whoever to win. They will.

Hi BeeBuzzPoint Players!!! I just called SacBee newspaper over the ongoing issue of fairness. They gave me the Game oversight person who is Steve Nutter. His email is snutter@sacbee.com. They stated he is the one who runs the show. I have just emailed him my thoughts!!!

I just found this site and think we should all email this Steve Nutter and find out whats going on.

Interesting. Did anyone else notice that the two 10K thursday codes for Facebook and Twitter (kingsnake and rattlesnake) are both listed ON THE BEE BUZZ POINT website itself - off to the sides below some advertizing. So, it's ok for them to post them, I guess, because it helps everyone. But now if I list them here, we get in trouble? I thought the avatar that BeeBuzz point says a lot about their attitude. Most of us just keep the fun, happy guy...they chose the alien monster...



We are sincerely sorry that our posting has upset any of our members. BeeBuzzPoints is a free site and has been active for 1.5 years. We have known about this site for months and have said nothing because it was isolated with a small number of participants. The reason for the note today, is because we have been getting complaints from other members that do not think this is fair. So who do we make mad! Everyone... if we say nothing the people who do not think it is fair quit playing and stop their paper. If we tell the people that are using this site that we feel it not fair they quit playing and stop their paper. So the only way to address this issue is to inform the complete member list that we are aware this is happening and let everyone know that they COULD be disqualified for posting these answers. The Bee is not threatening anyone, we are simply stating the rules everyone agreed to when they registered to participate on BeeBuzzPoints. You can find these rules under terms in the "Gaming or Fruad" section. Here is the link http://buzzpoints.sacbee.com/terms.aspx . So again, if we have upset anyone by posting this, we are sorry you disagree and hope you will continue to subscriber to both The Bee and BeeBuzzPoints.

I agree about the avatar. We were the aliens to the site so I thought it was appropriate. But NOT!!! Thanks for bring it to my attention. See we do listen to feedback

The game isn't fair anyway, some people are given 20 chances to answer surveys, and others are only given 5 chances. The feedback people say it depends on the demographics. Some people are given chances to win free points just for sitting in the right seat at a meeting with limited capacity - like the guy who won a million points in a raffle. How is that fair to the people who couldn't attend the meeting?

I've spent thousands of points on the national games, with hundreds of entries to win the TV or the laptop, but there's very little chance I will win. I've even joined several different nation wide Triton game sites, to increase my chances, and I answer every trivia question and every survey I'm offered, but other people are always ahead of me on the leaderboard. How is that fair?

Edit: I also win about 2,000 points every night playing Solitaire, but how many other people have enough time to do that? Is that fair?

Hi me2me2me2,
The facebook and twitter codes (daily 1K and Thursday 10K) have been posted on the BeeBuzz site daily (M-F) since I have been playing in November. That's where I always get the rewards codes for those.

Thanks to the SacBee person for explaining that you are now getting complaints from both sides of this issue. Seems you can't win, huh? Oh, wait, no......that's ME who can't win anything and are therefore giving up the paper and the buzz. After reading everyone's comments here, it's obvious that there is too little chance to win. So I will spend my time on more productive things.

Good luck to the rest of the members, I really hope one of you wins big!

yarnladyneedsyarn said:   The game isn't fair anyway, some people are given 20 chances to answer surveys, and others are only given 5 chances. The feedback people say it depends on the demographics. Some people are given chances to win free points just for sitting in the right seat at a meeting with limited capacity - like the guy who won a million points in a raffle. How is that fair to the people who couldn't attend the meeting?

I've spent thousands of points on the national games, with hundreds of entries to win the TV or the laptop, but there's very little chance I will win. I've even joined several different nation wide Triton game sites, to increase my chances, and I answer every trivia question and every survey I'm offered, but other people are always ahead of me on the leaderboard. How is that fair?

Edit: I also win about 2,000 points every night playing Solitaire, but how many other people have enough time to do that? Is that fair?

It's also not fair that we have to listen to you. I think everyone is tired of hearing you whine. I wouldn't be shocked if you are also the "informant" to BeeBuzzPoints. The reason you are not winning is because you are WASTING your entries in the drawings where you have absolutely no chance in winning. Good luck trying to win the 1 TV or laptop available nationwide. The reason some of us have won dozens and dozens of times is because we are entering the drawings with a decent chance of winning (movie tickets, events, etc.) So, can you stop your whining and DEAL WITH IT!

No, I did not complain to BeeBuzzPoints, In fact, I started using this site BECAUSE the game is rigged, so I don't see it any different from any other form of getting more points.

To keflanag: I am merely reporting the facts. If you choose to interpret that as whining, that's your problem. I am replying to the BeeBuzzPoints member above me. He brought up the issue of fair. If you don't like my postings, don't read them.

P. S. I will now comply with the terms and conditions as they have been presented, and not share answers on this site. Thank you.

Stop complaining all of you and get off this site. Let the rest of us enjoy each other. Obviously you need to find something else to do.

If someone wants to share that is their business.

It's sad to see the bickering.
The bee provides a fun service to promote themselves and their advertisers - a good thing to do.
I play because it's fun, and I share because it's a nice thing to do.
I have no real hopes of winning something, but maybe just a passing dream of winning.
Perspective folks, perspective.
I'd like to know what some of the old-timers think...

8-year-old critical after Wash. school = conducting interviews
Field Poll: Obama resurgent in California = Rick Santorum
Nevada Co party participant arrested = Petaluma
New program mails free condoms = The Capitol Resource Institute
Teen arrested in flight ruckus = schizophrenia

Ok, let's all just stop sniping at each other. I think we should keep doing what we were doing before BeeBuzzKill decided to rear his ugly posts and email missives. We all agree that none of us are winning anything substantial, and we all know that the whole bloody thing is rigged. We pretty much knew that from the get-go. Hell, the lack of transparency about who is winning the big prizes really tells you all you need to know.

We had a good thing going here, and there is no reason to stop. Disqualifying us from winning nothing is pretty much an empty threat.

Does Bee Buzz even have ANY authority to what blogs we, as individuals, can visit???

Bee Buzz is digging a very deep hole that they should NOT be exploring. After all, this is still a free country and NOT part of communism!!!

Good Friday Morning, all!

U.S. History = 3
T.V. Rewind = Blake Soper
U.S. Sports = 1963, 1965, 1967 (note: according to Wikipedia, it should be '63, '65, and '66, but the answer listed here works)
Wacky Laws = a hypnotized (or allegedly hypnotized) person
Games = 3

BeeBuzz Word = History

And finally, I think we can all appreciate the lose-lose situation our new BeeBuzz member faced. However, they could have stood for one principle and told the folks (who were upset about the "advantage" of websites like this) the following:

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Friday Ticket code: pancake


Had a day to think about this and to me it is simply a situation where BeeBuzz is in the newspaper business. Their game site is no different than all the other radio/TV sites which use the same boiler plate trivia/survey daily questions, such that almost daily 75% of the daily points are the same answer across all the sites or can be found without having a physical newspaper in hand. The "disadvantage to some of the 34000" is that they think the world is just this site as are the prizes too. If they ever discovered how a "string entry" worked (learned about this on this website ...thanks).they would think they had died and gone to GAME heaven. The only issue I see is that the paper charges a premium to their basic subscription to get the ONTV booklet which has the 25K bonus. So if that ans is available elsewhere..then those who have subscribed ( or always pay/ go to events to get additional privileges/ rewards are most likely the ones who complain). The game site only serves to show advertisers how many customers they can reach as well as using the XP "carrot" (that has no user value other than bragging rites)...how many core hits they can expect. I say thank you to the paper for their game site and a bigger thank you to all who communicate on this separate Fatwallet site. Enjoy the company. PS the local contests (L) are all yours.. I only play the MM and sit and wait and wait and wait.

Hi All,

I posted a couple of things yesterday and I just want to clarify that I was not complaining about any of you - ONLY "BeeBuzzKill" (thanks, forsaken1 - that gave me quite a chuckle!). I think most of you are nice and generous people.

Again, good luck and have fun!


Snoopy (Friday) = trips to sunny places
Ticket 5th movie = This means war

Have a good weekend. Enjoy the weather.

For us sport - 1963, 1965, 1967 is NOT an option.
3 Cy Young Award winner (1963, 1965, 1966)

Happier ever after? = 28 percent
Man who ran over cattle dog given more j = Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic
Bill would regulate, license pet groomer = Lucy
Groundbreaking on 49ers' stadium pushed = stadium builders licenses
Wine Buzz: Sacramento celebrates Beer We = BeerHapps
Mike Dunne: Russian River Valley's 'Ponz = 160,028 acres

Good morning and good evening Friends, thank you everyone for codes

Friday 03/02/2012

Weekly Bonus: 02/27/12..............: Win Prizes is new link via email:
Movie Codes March...................:

Weekly Codes Only (Mon-Fri)

Facebook (Weekly Only Mon-Fri) Old Stuff
Twitter (Weekly Only Mon-Fri) Tubman
Sleuth (Weekly only Mon-Fri) Riposte
Ask Scoopy (Weekly Only Mon-Fri) 105

Daily Trivia
Beebuzz (Daily)...............................................: Jenkins
Games.........................................................: 11
This Day in U.S. History......................................: From Here to Eternity
TV Rewind.....................................................: Murdock
Sport Rewind..................................................: 1961
Wacky State Laws..............................................: wire cutters

Read and Win 02/25 - 03/02 (Saturday-Friday)

(Sat) Home and Garden..............................: dogwood tree
(Sat) Fun and Games................................: Kenya
(Sun) On TV 25K Bonus..............................: Brad Garrett
(Sun) On TV 10k Bonus..............................: Strauss
(Sun) Sunday California Traveler...................: Min Qin
(Mon) Book & Media.................................: Conrade Mayer
(Tue) Family.......................................: Roni
(Wed) Food & Wine..................................: A Spring Feast
(Thu) Outbound.....................................: Blood Pressure Screenings
(Thu) Twitter weekly 10K...........................: Bloomberg
(Thu) Facebook weekly 10K..........................: Zuckerberg
(Fri) Friday Tickets 10k...........................: Blue
(Fri) Tickets......................................: is The Vow

Newspaper Trivia Questions and Answers
(Tue) *Special 5K Trivia: Elation now - big vo.....: 30 years
(Tue) California prisons clearing out..............: capacity
(Tue) Car sales soar despite high gas prices.......: Jesse Toprak
(Tue) Harvey House restaurant to bring more ra.....: railroad signs and lanterns
(Tue) Mayor Johnson pressed Maloofs for a comm.....: David Stern
(Tue) With Stockton on brink of bankruptcy, ci.....: Forbes magazine
(Tue) County votes to earmark about $3 million.....: Roberta MacGlashan
(Tue) Darrell Steinberg urges immediate change.....: tougher
(Tue) Project aims to photograph every inch of.....: water quality
(Wed) SEIU president tells Jerry Brown's tax-p.....: Rick Jacobs
(Wed) Singer Davy Jones of The Monkees dies in.....: 16
(Wed) Storms damage country music resort town......: main strip
(Wed) Support for gay marriage takes dramatic......: U.S. Supreme Court
(Wed) Divorce lawyers: Pet custody cases incre.....: David Pisarra
(Wed) Dr. Mom: Start teaching kids 'stranger s.....: the Safe Side
(Wed) Environmental groups want California wol.....: Center for Biological Diversity
(Wed) Help your dog adjust to baby.................: a baby crying
(Wed) Marlins' Buehrle makes a pitch for anima.....: Hope Animal Rescue
(Wed) Pudgy pets are problematic...................: measuring cup.
(Wed) Sac region's 'leap day' babies find quad.....: Zach
(Wed) Science-based parenting classes help mom.....: Birth & Beyond program
(Wed) Talking Dogs: Teach dog to behave when a.....: front yard
(Wed) Teen Talk: High schooler doesn't want to.....: Desperate Daughter
(Thurs) Death penalty opponents say voters will ...: capital punishment
(Thurs) Fish & Game Commission head acted 'like ...: mountain lion
(Thurs) Price would rise as clothes come off und...: Jim Nielsen
(Thurs) Lawmakers hammer Corrections official fo...: Corrections
(Thurs) Health fair on diabetes set at Sacrament...: Taking Control of Your Diabetes
(Thurs) 300 pets still in Fukushima facilities.....: Miharu
(Thurs) Susanville stable owner has hearing on h...: Stephen King
(Thurs) Kennel Club: Americans still love labs t...: 21st straight year
(Fri) A family's pet goat becomes a cause cele.....: 200
(Fri) Account of killer slide detailed by Sier.....: new snow
(Fri) California's lone wild wolf crosses back.....: 90 years
(Fri) California's lone wild wolf crosses back(2)..: scent trail laid down
(Fri) Californians may vote on death penalty i.....: Oregon
(Fri) Californians may vote on death penalty i(2)..: dangerous
(Fri) Child Sense: How to help your child when.....: Tactile
(Fri) Childhood memories return with long-lost.....: Cambridge
(Fri) City of Sacramento unveils new drawings .....: term sheet
(Fri) Damage control when your daughter brings.....: Karen L. Schiltz
(Fri) Exhibit features photos of babies born o.....: pens and paper
(Fri) Family Meals Matter: It's Greek to me........: Dairy Council of California
(Fri) Fashion show glamorizes moms.................: Babycenter.com
(Fri) Jerry Brown seeks Chinese investments fo.....: Mitch Daniels
(Fri) Obama calls student in contraception deb.....: personal attacks
(Fri) Roseville hopes Sammy Hagar-themed resta.....: Sammy's Rockin' Island Bar and Grill
(Fri) Satisfy Creole cravings at Original Po B.....: plastic
(Fri) Teens driving while high.....................: 2000
(Fri) Watch that bird feeder like a hawk...........: Cooper's hawks
(Fri) Winn school escapes closure..................: $442,000

Good Saturday Morning, all.

U.S. History = Buenos Aries
T.V. Rewind = Myra Monkhouse
U.S. Sports = Los Angeles Rams
Wacky Laws = six feet
Games = 5

BeeBuzzWord = psychology
Home and Garden = dogwood tree

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