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Twin Cities listen and win

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Adjusted = Eating

HMO = Defined

Video Trivia Time = President

Videos NDN Style = Willy

Kerio Workspace = Impulsive

Before They Were Famous = The grapes
First Lines = Byron
Get Your Game On = Missile Command
Show Me The Money = Mercury
What Did They Say = I can breathe for the first time
Foodie Fun Trivia = Coconut milk
Travel Trivia = Alaska
Video Trivia Anyone? = DRInking Beer
Video Trivia - Trending Videos, Entertainment = COMputer Keyboard
Video Trivia - Watch and Win! = FORk


For Your Health = SPEcialists
Minnesota Department of Health RADON = CANcer
Regions Hospital = CONnection
Wild Mountain = 4

Hot Music Trivia = Bridgit Mendler


Games n eCards Trivia = 64
Music Quiz = Watermelon
Vintage Videos on Demand = Green

1500 - CHEek
107 – SEAgull
95 –ENDorse

Ben Affleck Wins Big at the Golden Globe - ADEl
2013 Golden Globes: Jennifer Lawrence - RED
2013 Golden Globes: Claire Danes - TOE
2013 Golden Globes: Lena Dunham on Girls - SHArp
Video Trivia - Watch and Win! - FORk
Tina and Amy's Hilarious Opening - ANN
Justin Timberlake Drops New Single - EXPerience

String - ExpAnnForShaToeRedAdeLitCheSeaEndEatDefPreWilImpConForRadSpeComDriCan4


Hollywood Hot Dish = LITer

String = CheSeaEnd4EatDefPreWilImpdricomforspecancon

7:50 = OWN


8:50 = GLObes


Kool Timeline - 8:25am = 1993
Kool Timeline - 10:25am = 1953
Kool Timeline - 2:25pm = 1973

String = gopacworholitglownseachendri53739364specancomforconadexpredtoeshann

95 Paycheck: Jason Newcombe, Theresa Alberg

9:30 - Holiday

10:45 - Word

9:30 - Gophers . They've changed Listen and Win from Prize Vault to 'Rewards'.

Now they give 100 points for listen and win, but then many more points, anywhere from 25 to 2000 points for doing Twitter and Facebook items. I had to enter my e-mail, then reset the password to get in, it shows zero points, I click on Listen and Win, enter Gophers, hit 'Submit', it looks like it doesn't take it, but then I saw I had 100 points.
So none of the prize vault points are there. Apparently the two are now separate, but I don't see the link to Prize Vault any more on the 1500 Home Page.


11:15 CSI = MOM

95 @ noon = pack

Dez = pack

1500 12:15

1:40 = GLObe
2:12 = VOIce

Anyone know the 1500espn registration bonus code?

If that's the one they call 'Intro Video', it's BONus

BHQ = Bruno


GL - MOTorcycle
I can't get any of the words to give points.

What is your take on the "NEW" Rewards from 1500 page ya' all?

Face book string = seachendwinbon

String = holitglowngopacwormomotkaevoibrupinmatsex53739364speforedricomconshadexptoeann

Are you using the whole word Dixie?
I guess I like more local prizes, but I can't find if they are all local, including the big prizes.
When I first started I had 100 points, then suddenly I had about 50,000 points and can't figure out how I got them all. I see a list of the last 13 things I earned and then a box marked 'More' which I assumed would show the full list, but it doesn't.
I don't like the social aspect. It's really the only way to earn big points, but it says we'll tweet or post on your behalf. I'm not sure how facebook works, does that mean my friends would be getting annoying updates about my 1500 posts? Is there a way to make a new facebook account that my friends can't see?
I can't find a list of rules.

the 50000 means you has like 5000000 on the old site they are closeing that one down and switching everything over you get 1 for every 100 or something.

It sounds like all the prizes are local this is just for 1500 from everything I have seen. I dont love it... But I hope to still win stuff!!!!

good luck all

I'm not happy with it Dixie, nor am I pleased about all the video questions that one needs 4 GB of ram to run efficently and 20 or so trivia questions every day. I don't have 3 hours a day to waste on the four stations. I think it's time to go back to one station.

Carpet Countdown = ROCsi
Music Challenge = Face Value
Country Music = Dawn

I'm with you rapid! It's getting to be a big waste of time and effort!The only time I've ever won anything is when you were able to purchase it with your points!They haven't offered anything that I'm aware of!As they say in Garage Logic Good Luck!

String = holitglowngopacwormomotkaevoibrupinmatsex53739364spedeforedricomconshadexpretoeannwilimpreatcan

Yeah Jovoal I have spent 31 million points and won a $5.00 MacDonald gift card. Did get my carpets cleaned but the bill was still was almost $200 for there SPECIAL PET AND KIDS FORMULA for one floor which is 1080 square feet.

Only 10,000 points for a t-shirt Jo. Never mind it's probably the same one they hand out for free at the State Fair, but it'll only take 20 listen and win code words to earn it. :::Trying to think positive:::

Wonder what they would have charged to do the carpets in your Mopar Rick?

I really, REALLY hate this new format. From what I can figure out, I have to 'register' to use this, but when I enter my email (which has not changed) and enter my password twice, nothing happens. It just takes me back to the same page that tells me to 'register'. Is this supposed to pull up my Prize Vault profile, or do I have to re-enter all my profile info to use Rewards. Either way, it won't let me in. I think that if I can somehow get to my Prize Vault points, I'll just cash them in on one of the contests and call it quits. I have been on FB for about 4 years, but I rarely post anything (including 'likes') and I don't have Twitter at all, so it looks like my chances of collecting points in the future are going to be very slim indeed. I'll continue to listen to radio and the occassional podcast, but I think I'm done with their points.

Video Trivia Time = 201

Videos NDN Style = Martini

UNU = 50

Teeth Trivia = bru
Whitening Trivia = whi
Video Trivia Time! = 201
Videos NDN Style! = mar

Same for me big sky, I'm getting out of this and face book is like big brother to me. Let's all give our personal info to the world. Okay it's a private site for now. Created by a little prick in a Ivy league rats nest that he stole from other Ivy league children. I have nothing against those who produce good things from Ivy league or any schools, face book is a joke. I have a account and I think I visited it about 5 months ago.
Peace, I'm going to crash. rick

Anything to do with Facebook sucks hate Zuckerburg with a passion. What a fake hack he makes his on taking 400 points from us then tracking everything we do.

Before They Were Famous = Pre-Law
First Lines = Hey Joey! Joey Doyle!
Get Your Game On = Pole Position
Show Me The Money = $20 dollar gold certificate (1905)
What Did They Say = Standing in line to see the show tonight and there's a light on
Foodie Fun Trivia = 2
Travel Trivia = Over 3 million
Video Trivia Anyone? = 7 Years
Trending Videos, Entertainment = DOSomething.org
Video Trivia - Watch and Win! = BROoklyn


Hollywood Hot Dish = BOTtle

Hot Music Trivia = Life Is But a Dream


Games n eCards Trivia = NOTes
Music Quiz = Mary's Boy Child by Harry Belafonte
Vintage Videos on Demand = With Catholic school girls on rollerskates carrying hockey sticks

Kool Timeline - 8:25am = 1974

String = bot74dosbronotbruwhimar2017 y

Hey all,
Sorry I checked out too early to join in to everyone's responses. You'd think they would be smart enough to survey their public BEFORE making an amateurish marketing blunder... Maybe they put Rookie i charge of it. I take that back they put Reusse in charge just to p$%^s us all off.

If you don't like it TELL them - specifically what you don't like that is the best move. The other 2 Hubbard stations won't be far behind I would think.

Here is the link to the Prize Vault: http://prizevault.1500espn.com/asp3/getpoints.aspx?status=curren...

I would like to say Thank You to everyone here on Fat Wallet for all of the answers you all have provided over the past two years, along with the great comments & witty banter among everyone. I have made a few comments and asked a few questions, but mostly just enjoyed reading all of yours. I too just cashed in over 7.6 million points on an upcoming drawing, and am not going to participate in their New "Social Networks" based game. Never won a thing, but enjoyed it. I believe 1500 will lose a TON of listeners due to this, and with losing the Twins games. Thanks again

Hey Northstar - thanks a bunch! I'd love hearing from others like you.

Now everyone LISTEN UP!
This is not so much up the "them" it is up to us! WE are their public and if your public walks so do the advertisers.

If you want to register your dissatisfaction and usurping of your first amendment rights (allowing them to “twit” in your name) go here:
Select Brad Lane Promotions

And don’t hesitate on pointing out the bogus "Seven Day Leader Board” numbers that is 1 day old.

Never underestimate a "Prize Vault" scorned!


7:50 = MAN
8:50 = THAnks

String = bothaman74dosbronotbruwhimar2017 y

I'm so surprised they took down Prize Vault. I should'a spent my 5 million points yesterday. I thought for sure they'd leave them both up and just let it become like the Fox and CBS pages, hardly any local support, but still some good ad revenue. Why did they bother sending out the weekly bonus yesterday if they knew they were going to kill it today?

I can't imagine they'll go back. They figure they are on the cutting edge, and social media is where it's at. Look how common it is for every news show, sports show and special event to to say "Let's see what you're saying on facebook", or to have a live twitter feed crawling. They figure young people lighting up social media about their station is where the future is and how to create buzz.

But shutting down Prize Vault proves they don't care about us dinosaurs.

9:30 - Wild

10:45 - Huffing

9:30 - Armstrong


Kool Timeline - 8:25am = 1974
Kool Timeline - 10:25am = 1978
Kool Timeline - 2:25pm = 1981


11:15 CSI = WHIte

String = whibotharmanwilhuf74781dosbronotbrumar2017 y

95 noon
VACation (perminent from kstp)

Burger King Philly trivia = PACific
Cute animal video = PINk
Deer video = COLorado
GAGA cheeky = VANcouver

string whibotharmanwilhuf74781dosbronotbrumar2017 yvacpacpincolvan

I have to run, I will miss Jason & Alexis listen and win codes, I haven't seen LAS for a while, you still out there?

Music Challenge = Destruction
Country Music = We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift

Now the "Rewards" link is dead....
Maybe a prediction of what is to come for 1500?


12:15 - Django

Anyone figure out how featured links works on the new page? Yesterday it gave me points, but today it doesn't.
Also how to find this?: "Post the Facebook Message of the Day from your profile"

1:50 - Fun

2:15 - Books (wonder where she is now?)

95 Paycheck: Kaitlyn Brubaker, Paul Kralabeck

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