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Hi all, is anyone else having trouble with the secret word for today?
Thanks for the info Scripto - appreciate it very much

Also, did you notice that they changed the last HSW question?
Sorry, it is a healthcare question on oral care - answer is:
the bacteria in your mouth, known as mutans streptococci, multiplies 30 times overnight if you have not brushed your teeth before bed

*secret word = fort lee

Read/Watch & Win = Madison Square Garden

Daily Crossword = MEADS

secret word = jersey city

This Day in US History = 1775
Topic 1: TV Rewind = Azrael
US Sports = Steve Christie
Wacky State Laws = Whales

Games = 6
HSW (Isaac Newton) = the Priory of Sion
Diabetes: diabetics experience about a 2.8 to 3.4 times greater risk of developing destructive periodontitis...
Health Insurance: people suffering from obesity have 39% higher than average healthcare costs
USMC = once a marine, always a marine
WebEx Trivia = freetrials@webex.com
Offermatic = Fandango
Real Age = The Today Show

sleuth = PANSOPHY
String so far = 6theonctrifantodpan

Read/Watch & Win = Striiv

Daily Crossword = ODOR

READ/WATCH/WIN - Disney On Ice's Dare To Dream is coming to all of these local arenas except which one? - Madison Square Garden
About how many Americqans suffer from diabetes? - 26 MILLION

This Day in US History = 1953
Topic 1: TV Rewind = ABRAHAM
Wacky State Laws = SKUNKS

secret code word = veterans

games = 7

string (njfw answers below) = 7weiextjusaddextStaBooSenSub

"The Simpsons" character with an 18-letter last name = apu

What do clinicians call the coughed-up, colored phlegm? = sputum

Read/Watch & Win:
At age 63, Crystal would be the oldest host of the show since whom did it in 1978? Bob Hope
What do clinicians call the coughed-up, colored phlegm? sputum

My Healthcare questions seem to be different:
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I (Can bad teeth cause health problems?) = Just like cows, people chew from side to side, not up and down.
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II (What is the most important thing to do for my skin on a daily basis?) = In addition to premature aging smoking has also been linked to acne; with 40% of smokers developing acne to only 10% of non smokers.

Saturday, November 12:

Daily Crossword = CCL

Day in History = Anne Hathaway
TV Rewind = Christmas
US Sports = Boston Celtics
Wacky State Laws = Bottles
Games = Blue

U.S. History = 1922
TV Rewind = Kristin Shepard
U.S. Sports = Dan Gladden
Wacky State = Pants

Games = 10

This Day in US History = Run-D.M.C.
Topic 1: TV Rewind = The General Lee
US Sports = Len Barker
Wacky State Laws = cheese factory
Games = Clubs

secret word = cashmere

crossword = tide

sleuth = FASCICLE

HSW (Vote): optical mark sensing (quiz NOT working properly)
Shaving: 78% of men who shave have experienced some form of irritation
Dental Danger Signs: 40 million people...grind their teeth to a point of jaw pain or damage to their teeth
Curiosity I: = Sir Isaac Newton: arguably the greatest scientist of all time ...couldn't figure out the 3 letters that worked here 4 the string...

String so far = CluCasTidFas78%40

joe fresh: the answer is NOT 5...thanks jg49: where did u find it??

Joe Fresh answer is "6"

I have a different answer for this one (did they change the question?):
Curiosity I = optical mark sensing

Oops...sorry sams1997...I see you had that under HSW...it's working now!

Tuesday, November 15th:

Daily Crossword = Hula

Read/Watch & Win:
According to Dr. Steve and (from Shape magazine) Bahar Tekhtechian, what is the "biggest" mistake people make when it comes to holiday leftovers and possible related sickness? Leave food out for too long

secret word = #pixpregame

This Day in US History = Dave Thomas
Topic 1: TV Rewind = Emma, Jennie, Chip
US Sports = Petty
Wacky State Laws = South Carolina

Games = four
HSW (World Made Of) = flat
Stress and Acne = contact dermatitis leads to approximately 5.7 million doctor visits each year
Open Enrollment = the trade association... says that more than 11.4 million U.S. residents have HSA-eligible health insurance plans
sleuth = plague

Healthy Samples Trivia = Where should we send your complimentary offers? (WHE)
Jack Threads Trivia = NIXON (NIX)
Shoe Privee Trivia = Free shipping and exchanges. (FRE)

updated String = fouflaconthePlaWheNixFre

secret code word = tmobile

Games = diamonds

History = Lisa Bonet
TV Rewind = Mypos
US Sports = San Diego Chargers
Wacky State Laws = pickle juice

Healthcare = answers below
HSW = more than 1.8 million
Sweetest Kid Contest Trivia = no purchase necessary

updated string = DiaMorPlaAmeTopPur

crossword = ryan

Read/Watch & Win:
What is the title of Chef Lorena Garcia's newest cookbook? Lorena Garcia’s New Latin Classics: Fresh Ideas for Favorite Dishes

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I (What could cause my gums to bleed when I am brushing?) = While nearly every American brushes his or her teeth, only 10-40% of people floss daily.
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II (What are the functions of skin?) = The top layer of our skin, the epidermis, is only as thick as a sheet of paper; but is constantly flaking off skin cells and being renewed.

secret word = JETS

US History = 1981 (they probably mean "1781")
TV Rewind = Texas Tea
US Sports = Maurice Richard
Wacky State Laws = a refrigeratorHSW (Meteorologist) = Norway
USMC Trivia = they have had as a Marine
Games = 120

String (so far) = 120Northe

Hi all. Is anyone else having trouble with the heartburn question on today's trivia. I get just so far and there is no "fact".

Thanks NJFW thought I was going crazy. Kept trying and getting same results. Guess I will try again later. If I get answer, I will post.

Daily Crossword = NBC

Read/Watch & Win:
What record did Suki and Frances try and break? = Most Jell-O eaten with chopsticks in 1 Minute

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II
What is the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for my health insurance plan? = People with dental coverage are 33% more likely to get periodontal maintenance treatment, than those without dental insurance.

jg49 - yes, same trouble here with Heartburn question...

secret word = merina (that worked...though i think i spelled it wrong)

Day in History = George Bernard Shaw
TV Rewind = Alley Cats
US Sports = Baltimore Colts
Wacky State Laws = juggling

Games = Red

crossword = enemy

string (with the answers below: thanks njfw) = RedOmnAdoOve

Sleuth = OMNIBUS

Read/Watch & Win:
Actress/singer Terri White is currently starring in what Sondheim classic? = Follies

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I: Where on the body does acne most commonly form? = 40% of adolescents, by their mid teenage years, have acne or acne scarring requiring professional treatment.
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II: What are essential health benefits? = Your overall health can also benefit your vision. Among people with vision problems, 52% who are blind and 47% with impaired vision also ranked their overall health as fair to poor; compared to only 21% without vision problems citing their health as fair to poor.

Saturday, November 19th:

Daily Crossword = BBS

secret word = classics

This Day in US History = The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
Topic 1: TV Rewind = Peter Boyle
US Sports = 24 to 0
Wacky State Laws = $500

Games = Undo
USMC = humanitarian efforts and national emergencies

Prevent Cavities = fruit juices can reduce enamel hardness by more than 80%...
Sweat...Acne = beards are the fastest growing hair on a man...
HSW (Apocalypse) = a sun cycle will end
sleuth = SALVO
Free Gas Fairy Trivia = chef boyardee

updated string = bea seffrundsalboy (Note: leave the space between the "a" and the "s")

odd couple:
play written by = neil simon
neat freak = Felix Unger
oscar's job = Sportswriter
oscar is played by = Jack Klugman

Pocono Code Word of the Week = THANKFUL

Read/Watch & Win:
What does S.A.D. stand for? = Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka winter depression)

Daily Crossword = BAH
Joe Fresh2 = Joseph Mimran

secret word = oscar

This Day in US History = Blackbeard
Topic 1: TV Rewind = Corporal Max Clinger
US Sports = Harry Stuhldreher
Wacky State Laws = violin

Games = 11

Sharecare - canker sores answer = Canker sores only occur inside your mouth, whereas 95% of cold sores appear outside the mouth - around your lips, chin or even your nostrils

Arthritis answer = Both of the above
Avoid Checked Bag Fee = Book with the right credit card

Daily Crossword = TRIS

Read/Watch & Win:
What is the strategy to avoid the checked-bag fee? = Book with the right credit card

Wednesday, November 23rd:

Daily Crossword = DOPEY

Read/Watch & Win:
Who ranked 5th on the list? = Jeff Beck

This Day in US History = San Francisco
Topic 1: TV Rewind = eight
US Sports = Rusty Staub
Wacky State Laws = eight feet

Games = White
HSW (Student Banking) = explain overdraft policies

beginning string = WhiExp

secret word = turtleneck

Marines = TEAmwork,determination, and discipline.

HSW(Elite athlete) = JOHn Elway

String = teajoh

Day in History = 57 inches

TV Rewind = Dana Scully

US Sports = Max Magee

Wacky Laws = to spit

secret word = thanksgiving

games = hearts

Sleuth = Crepitate (good today and tomorrow)

updated string = teajohheacre

daily crossword = Ito


welcome daiquiri!!! thanks for the post...

This Day in U.S. History = THE MOUSETRAP
U.S. Sports = 316
Wacky State Laws = A LION
Games = YELLOW
crossword = palm

This Day in US History = Abraham Lincoln
Topic 1: TV Rewind = Candice Bergen
US Sports = Brooklyn Dodgers
Wacky State Laws = 1.00%

Games = Red
USMC Trivia = teamwork, determination and discipline (tea)
Scrapbooking Trivia = Lisa Bearnson (lis)
string = RedTeaLis

US History: 1924
TV Rewind: These pretzels are making me thirsty.
US Sports: Jack Snow
Wacky State Laws: June
games: blue

daily crossword = CALF

History = Boston
TV Rewind = A nuclear bomb threat in Los Angeles
US Sports = Mike Pritchard
Wacky Laws = Cars
Games = 7
USMC = Capt Vincent Stigal (Cap)

Healthcare 1 is a quiz

Healthcare 2 = 59% of women and 48% of men understand that by taking care of their teeth, they are taking care of their hearts (59%)

Healthcare3 = Did you know? The skin of the lip is made up of 3 to 5 cellular layers and is very thin compared to the skin on the rest of the face, which typically runs up to 16 layers deep (did)

HSW - First 3 do the quizzes
HSW = Feeling rested can reduce pain and swelling. (fee)

Modnique Boutique Trivia = Mary (mar)

sleuth = overinduldge (ove)
Updated String = 7Capt59%DidFeeMarOve

thanks 4 the daily word daiquiri!

Thanks sams1997


Pocono Code Word of the Week = SKI

Read/Watch & Win:
Where was Kate Moss "found" by a modeling scout? = JFK Airport

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