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The answer is "MESMERIZE" for Tuesday, October 25th.

The previous answer was "ANOESIS".

Daily Newspaper Crossword = AROD
Party City countdown to Halloween = Sure do!

read/watch & win
Regis Philbin = 28
NBA = 1998-99

FYI: we post the sleuth and other daily answers on the forum http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/contests-and-sweepstakes/903165/... where we post NY radio station info. Send one of us a PM if you want info on how to join. Actually, it's very similar to the PIX one so you may understand the way it works...any other questions, just send one of us a PM...

scripto: the individual sites have winners on them.
for WPIX, look at the following, under:
My Account (top right hand side, next to Log Out)
Where Is My Stuff ....2c what u won
OR also under My Account: look under My Entries to see what contest u r currently entered in

for winners list:
Use Points
Contests - Closed
2c a list of the contests and partial e-mail address of the winner
for more about a particular contest, just click on it 2c more info. On WPIX, most of the prizes are MM (multiple market) which means everyone in the country (possibly world) are entering as well. All of us hoping to get that 1 item available 2b won. I don't know anyone that has won any of the MM prizes. Many of us have had luck on the "L" or local contests which are drawn from the members of that particular rewards site only. As you can see, this increases your odds dramatically...

On the other forum (NY Radio Codes), we try to (a) only do 1 post/person/day by editing that one post when we have additional info to add (but I didn't know if you would look back for a reply) and (b) that we have conversations like these "off line" via PM so as not to take up others' time having them read through all this....things u may want 2 consider on your forum. Hope this helps! Good luck!!

Is there a thread to post any winners? I thought by now I'd definitely win something

secret word = goblin

daily crossword = Ken

History = Kurt Russell
TV Rewind = Cage, Fish & Associates
Sports = Mickey Mantle
Wacky Laws = a bee

Games = Clubs - Clu

Dice = Hawaii - Haw
Consumer = Dashboard - Das
Consumer2: night - not working - big shock there. email them.

HowStuffWorks.com VI(Commonly Challenged Classics) = "Lord of the Flies" - lor

HowStuffWorks.com VII (Internet Pioneers) = telegraph - tel

string so far = cluHawdasteLor

For 500 Points: What is the brand name of the product with the arrow in the logo?


secret word = village

This Day in History: Pittsburgh
TV Rewind: Siegfried
US Sports: 7
Wacky Laws: Throwing eggs at a public speaker could result in up to one year in prison.

Games: 25
Consumer Guides Auto: Center Dash at Night
Dice: searching
Healthcare Points Zone:
Healthcare II (Stress & Acne): If one parent has an allergy of any type, chances are 1 in 3 that their child will have the allergy too
Healthcare III (Fibromyalgia): 88% of those with chronic pain say their condition significantly impacts their ability to stay physically active
HSW Mon-Fri Trivia:
HSW V11 (Who Sold It?): Carrie Fisher

sleuth = lensticular
updated string = DasSeaParChrCar25Len

Singer DiFranco
3 letters


secret word = chiller

This Day in History: Franklin Roosevelt
TV Rewind: Mash
US Sports: Football
Wacky Laws: Wyoming

Sleuth Trivia = LENTICULAR (LEN)
Games: Undo (und)
Consumer Guide Auto: 3:01
Consumer Guide Auto (pm): centered wide dash shot (cen)
Dice: The Dice Report and Marketplace Trends (dic)
FreeFlys: The Doctors (doc)

Fitness & Exercise: <<must complete quiz>>
Health Insurance: exercise is a key component to a healthy life...
Rashes: in about 70% of hives cases...

HSW M-F Fun:
<<must complete Flash Mob thru DEET quizzes to earn points>>
High Roller: $135,300

Updated String (includes both Auto versions): 35,3:0barquounDicenlenexehivmaiDoc

Daily Newspaper Crossword = ALEC

secret word = parade

This Day in US History = 52
Topic 1: TV Rewind = Hobie
US Sports = 13
Wacky State Laws = 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Games: 64
HSW M-F Fun:
VII (Daredevil): the twin towers of the World Trade Center
(must complete other HSW and Healthcare quizzes to earn points)

sleuth = NYCTOPHOBIA (nyc)
crossword = ant
Prilosec OTC Trivia = Request a Free Sample
string = NYC64TwiAntReq

secret word = dominican

hot music trivia = Wish You Were Here

This Day in US History = John F. Kennedy
Topic 1: TV Rewind = Harry the Hat
US Sports = 24 to 0 (NAVY WINS)
Wacky State Laws = Limburger
Games = 5

HSW (M-F) - Curiosity - Conserving Energy at Work = Lighting (lig)
string so far = 5Lig

crossword = ACC

secret word = disney

This Day in US History = Spruce Goose

Topic 1: TV Rewind = In Living Color


Wacky State Laws = livestock

Games = 3

hot music trivia = FALSE

Games = 3
Healthcare (Cavities) = the average person in a lifetime produces 6,250 gallons of saliva, enough to fill a swimming pool
HSW (Nuclear Power) = almost fact; as of 2010, there are 30 nuclear countries
Sleuth Trivia = METEMPIRICAL

String = 3avealmet

I haven't done the Read/Watch & Win the last few days w/ all the ups & downs w/ the power. If u haven't done them yet either:
Bill Cunningham On New Show, Headliners,... = 1 p.m.
Why dieters tend to regain weigh = 4 out of 5
Wireless Internet with No Strings Attach.. = 71

thanks njfw!!! nice 2cu here too!!!!

Daily Crossword = REDEYES

Daily Word = Dream

This Day in US History = Black Bart
Topic 1: TV Rewind = paleontologist
US Sports = Melvin Ott
Wacky State Laws = West Virginia

Games = Pick
HSW M-F Fun: (you must take these three quizes)
Everyday Radiation Quiz = all of the above
sleuth = IZZAT
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I: 70% of teeth stains occur between your teeth─ even more of a reason to floss.

string = AllPicIzzAde70%

njfw: thanks 4 the help!!! much appreciated since i don't get 2 those sites until the evening and rush 2 do them b4 midnite!

Crossword = ade

Read/Watch & Win:
The Skinny On The Top Five Detox Cleansi...
Which cleanse includes 3 vegan shakes with vitamins and minerals + 2 light meals? Lipman

@sams1997 - trying to help out where I can.

This Day in US History = The Wedding of the Waters
Topic 1: TV Rewind = eight
US Sports = Sweden
Wacky State Laws = leopard

Crossword = YAK

secret code word = tickets

Games = 3
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = In the winter humidity levels drop to below 30%, making it hard for your skin to maintain ideal moisture levels. As a result, causing skin lipids that form your skin's barrier and help maintain moisture decline by about 40%. (win)
HSW Curiosity I: (Famous Physicists) = Stephen Hawking (ste)
string so far = 3winstepre

Read/Watch & Win:
Steve Jobs book jumps to top of bestsell...
According to Nielsen's BookScan, how many copies did Walter Isaacson's book Steve Jobs sell in its first week? 379,000

Saturday, November 5th

Daily Crossword = ALI

Hot Music Trivia = The Spirit Room

Games = 16

This Day in US History = $100
Topic 1: TV Rewind = Martin
US Sports = Music City Miracle
Wacky State Laws = Polka dots

Women's Freebies Trivia - What is written on the submit button? = join now
Shoe Dazzle - What is written on the submit button? = get started now
Prilosec OTC Trivia - What is written on the submit button? = see if you qualify
FreeFlys Trivia - What is the show this was featured on? = the doctors
Cutest Pet in America Trivia - What does it say in Green under the Submit Button? = no purchase necessary
What time does The Bill Cunningham show air on PIX 11? = 1pm
According to the report published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine, about how many dieters wind up gaining back the pounds they shed in the following year or two? = 4 out of 5
In how many cities Clear coverage currently found? = 71
Which cleanse includes 3 vegan shakes with vitamins and minerals + 2 light meals? = Lipman

@sams1997, what is Hot Music Trivia = The Spirit Room? I can't find that anywhere?

Monday, November 7:

Daily Crossword = SPRIG

USMC Trivia = But somebody has to know how.

Word of the day = dagostino

This Day in US History = Paul Newman and Robert Redford
Topic 1: TV Rewind = Barney Miller
US Sports = Robin Ventura
Wacky State Laws = Raccoons

Games = Moist (moi)

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = As many as 400 distinct bacterial species may be found in plaque. (dis)

HSW curiosity I = 14 cents per hour (14)

Carbonite Trivia = Green Dot (dot)
Top Savings Tips Trivia = Dollar Sign (dol)
Home Business News Trivia = Joe Coleman (joe)
Publisher's Clearinghouse Trivia- EZ

Updated String = MoiButDis14SavDisDotDolJoeEZ

scripto: sorry about that; i posted hot music trivia bec it's on the other stations that have the same type of Q's as PIX does. I didn't even check 2c that it actually is offered on PIX's trivia list....my apologies

scripto: 2 things...(1) u don't have 2 make a new post; just edit your last post (saves space & makes it easier 2 read), and (2) those 2 questions are the last questions from the Healthcare Points Zone (HC) and the How Stuff Works M-F Fun (HSW)...

Wshew, I thought I was losing it. Also can't find these two but going to chalk it up to that as well?

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = As many as 400 distinct bacterial species may be found in plaque.

HSW curiosity I = 14 cents per hour

Tuesday, November 8:

Daily Crossword = RANSOM

Read/Watch & Win = 26 million

Word of the day = FACEBOOK



HSW (Curiosity I WHICH IS THE LAST Q) = biodiesel
Scavenger Healthcare I = (how does tongue cleaning help): The surface of the tongue
Scavenger Healthcare II = (why does my skin develop red blotches): 20% of the population

Diabetic Connect = 21 Days Guide

string = 20%Wplebiosur21

secret word = fort

This Day in US History = Mary Kelly
Topic 1: TV Rewind = Nick
US Sports = Ernie Banks
Wacky State Laws = three sips

Games = 40

HSW (Time Change)= to provide more daylight on Halloween
Nail Care: approximately 39,000 new cases of melanoma occur in men each year in the US...
>Skin Blotches: 20% of the population suffers from a dry skin problem **Not Working**

String so far = 40appro

Hi all, is anyone else having trouble with the secret word for today?
Thanks for the info Scripto - appreciate it very much

Also, did you notice that they changed the last HSW question?
Sorry, it is a healthcare question on oral care - answer is:
the bacteria in your mouth, known as mutans streptococci, multiplies 30 times overnight if you have not brushed your teeth before bed

*secret word = fort lee

Read/Watch & Win = Madison Square Garden

Daily Crossword = MEADS

secret word = jersey city

This Day in US History = 1775
Topic 1: TV Rewind = Azrael
US Sports = Steve Christie
Wacky State Laws = Whales

Games = 6
HSW (Isaac Newton) = the Priory of Sion
Diabetes: diabetics experience about a 2.8 to 3.4 times greater risk of developing destructive periodontitis...
Health Insurance: people suffering from obesity have 39% higher than average healthcare costs
USMC = once a marine, always a marine
WebEx Trivia = freetrials@webex.com
Offermatic = Fandango
Real Age = The Today Show

sleuth = PANSOPHY
String so far = 6theonctrifantodpan

Read/Watch & Win = Striiv

Daily Crossword = ODOR

READ/WATCH/WIN - Disney On Ice's Dare To Dream is coming to all of these local arenas except which one? - Madison Square Garden
About how many Americqans suffer from diabetes? - 26 MILLION

This Day in US History = 1953
Topic 1: TV Rewind = ABRAHAM
Wacky State Laws = SKUNKS

secret code word = veterans

games = 7

string (njfw answers below) = 7weiextjusaddextStaBooSenSub

"The Simpsons" character with an 18-letter last name = apu

What do clinicians call the coughed-up, colored phlegm? = sputum

Read/Watch & Win:
At age 63, Crystal would be the oldest host of the show since whom did it in 1978? Bob Hope
What do clinicians call the coughed-up, colored phlegm? sputum

My Healthcare questions seem to be different:
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I (Can bad teeth cause health problems?) = Just like cows, people chew from side to side, not up and down.
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II (What is the most important thing to do for my skin on a daily basis?) = In addition to premature aging smoking has also been linked to acne; with 40% of smokers developing acne to only 10% of non smokers.

Saturday, November 12:

Daily Crossword = CCL

Day in History = Anne Hathaway
TV Rewind = Christmas
US Sports = Boston Celtics
Wacky State Laws = Bottles
Games = Blue

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