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just tried it and community is now working - yeah!!

I to WPIX and it has been fixed. Frugal Mama took "community"

WPIX Secret Code Word = MONSTER

U.S. History = 1891
TV Rewind = William Daniels
US Sports = Max McGee
Wacky State Laws = bears

Twitter Bonus Code = SNOOZE
sleuth = JEJUNE
American Family Sweepstakes Trivia = Enter Now
crossword = HBO
Games = Dry
HSW M-F (Puppy Bowl VIII) = Jenna
Trivia I (Cavities) = 80% of all cavities occur in only 25% of the nation's children...
Trivia II (TEWL) = You use about 2.5 gallons of water a minute in the shower.
Trivia III (Health Insurance) = A Harvard Medical School study showed...

string (w/ the answer mctwins posted below) = SnoJunHBODryJenScr80%YouA HNow ....u need the space here

Hot Music Trivia = Pumped Up Jams

robotblue: sorry about the mix up. Hot music trivia appears on other sites like the pix site (for ex, WPLJ's site). Guess i shouldn't have put it here....sorry about the confusion...

Jealous Robot Quiz: scrubbing oil spills

Read/Watch & Win:
Spartacus: Vengeance's storyline picks up shortly after the end of the previous series, titled Spartacus:___________? = Blood and Sand

Where can I find the "Hot Music Trivia"? It doesn't show up on the list of trivia games.


robotblue: sorry about the mix up. Hot music trivia appears on other sites like the pix site (for ex, WPLJ's site). Guess i shouldn't have put it here....sorry about the confusion...

U.S. History = Chamoix
TV Rewind = Buddhism
US Sports = Jack Snow
Wacky State Laws = peanuts

crossword = aloha

games = bruiserbots

Puppy Hall Of Fame Video = Jackson
What Does The Sussex Spaniel Hunt? = NOT WORKING

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = Each year, eight million people see a dermatologist for help controlling their acne.
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = NOT WORKING
Diabetes 101: You have to take the Quiz

Games = Bruiserbots

string so far = AloJacEacBru

twitter code = UPLOAD

WPIX Secret Code Word =MESSAGE

Sussex spaniel hunts: birds

American Family: enter now


Read/Watch & Win:
Albert Nobbs is adapted from a short story by what Irish author? = George Moore

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = Your teeth never stop moving, however after only 2 years 1 in every 5 people have stopped wearing their retainer. (You)

sams1997: Thank's for the info. I thought I was really missing something there!

WPIX Secret Code Word = GRAVE DIGGER

This Day in US History = up to 40 inches
TV Rewind = collie
US Sports = Dominique Wilkins
Wacky State Laws = flamingos


Games = 7

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = 51% of workers participated in a health benefits program in 2010.

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = Eight in 10 consumers think diet and exercise are the most important factors associated with aging skin.

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia III = The erosive potential of colas is 10 times more than fruit juices.

Smile Bright Quiz ... Take The Quiz

string so far = 751%EigTheSer

Twitter Bonus Code = DAD

Daily Crossword = ASHE

American Elect Trivia = Get started by providing your email address (Get)
Health Quote Direct Trivia = Gender (Gen)
Skin ID Trivia = Start Now (Now)

Read/Watch & Win:
The rumor mills and gossip sites are aflutter with news that The Office may spin-off one of its core characters. Which character may potentially be leaving Dunder Mifflin (for redder pastures?)? = Dwight
PIX11 Video Valentine (what famous singer?) = Barry Manilow

WPIX Secret Code Word = MANILOW


U.S. History = DePaw University
TV Rewind = University of Miami
US Sports = One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Wacky Laws = Suspenders

Sleuth = SERENDIPITY (for Thursday, January 26th and Friday, January 27th.)

Games = 11
HowStuffWorks M-F:
Extreme Couponing = Eric
TLC Frugal Mama = one

Spot The Deal Quiz = take the quiz
Dorm Decor Quiz = take the quiz
Trivia I (Disability Insurance) = Anywhere from 50 to 129 million Americans...
Trivia II (Bitter) = Tongue cleaning can eliminate bad odors in your mouth by 75%.
Trivia III (Insurance for Seniors) = Nearly 9 million people are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.

string so far = 11EriOne50 Ton9 MSer ...need spaces where indicated


Read/Watch & Win:
Sasha Graham is the author of what book? = Tarot Diva

Updated String = EquEriOne50 Ton9 M11Ser7 lUsiAprFru <-- all spaces are required

This string includes all Healthcare(3), HowStuffWorks(4) & HSW(2) trivia.


Daily Crossword = Cap'n Crunch

U.S. History = 268.9
TV Rewind = Philadelphia
US Sports = Jim Gentile
Wacky State Laws = 1:00 p.m

Twitter Bonus Code = ICE


games: 3
skin: start now
health quote trivia: GENDER

U.S. History = W.C. Fields
TV Rewind = Frank Welker
US Sports = Michael Vick
Wacky State Laws = a whale

Games = green

Twitter Bonus Code = FACEBOOK


Twitter Bonus = RADIO CITY

U.S. History = Christian Bale
TV Rewind = Lucky
US Sports = 18
Wacky State Laws = in a swimming pool

HSW-Gift Giving Tips = 16 Years

HSW-Trimming Costs = 31 years old

HSW-Savings = Two

HSW-Great Pasta = Vitamins & Minerals

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = Studies show that anticavity rinses with fluoride have been shown to reduce the bacteria that can cause cavities by up to 50%.

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = Among two to five year olds, 28 percent have some sort of tooth decay.

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia III = Only 18.8% of Americans over 18, met the recommended Physcial Activity Guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening.

Games = 2
sleuth = NEOTERISM
JCP trivia = 3 kinds of pricing, 1 happy return
string = 1631TwoVitStuAmoOnl2NeoKin

Twitter Bonus Code = RADIO CITY

Pocono Code Word of the Week = SKATE

Read/Watch & Win:
According to Colin Hagendorf, pizza blogger at sliceharvester.com, what 8th Ave. joint has the best slice in Manhattan? = NY Pizza Suprema

Daily Crossword = CAROL

Twitter Secret Code Word = RACING

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = MANy diseases, such as diabetes, become apparent because of oral problems. More than 90% percent of all systemic diseases produce oral signs and symptoms
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = ABOut 64% of adults aged 1864 were covered by a private plan.
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia III = WHIle healthcare costs have continued to grow across the board, overall health care spending grew at a 14 percent lower rate for those in high-deductible health plans.

HSW-Mashed Potatoes = BOTh of the above are advantages to using instant mashed potatoes.
HSW-On A Budget = 8 grams
HSW-Fiber = RASpberries
HSW-Fresh Herb = CILantro
HSW-Banana Pepper = HEAdspace

games = hearts

String so far = manabotwhirascilhea8

U.S. History = Kilbourntown
TV Rewind = Till Death Do Us Part
US Sports = Walt Fraizer
Wacky State Laws = seven days

crossword = Epoxy

TWITTER bonus code = MSG

READ, WATCH & WIN: It's Your Money: Maximize Your Tax Retur... How many millions of taxpayers does the IRS estimate, who are eligible for the EITC, fail to claim it? 6 million

JCP TRIVIA: three kinds of pricing


WPIX Secret Code Word = ASTORIA

#PIX11tweetcode is BARRY.

History = La Boheme
Rewind = Kiss my grits
Sports = Let's play two
Wacky Laws = Vacuum

games = 22
USMC Trivia = Roosevelt
sleuth = DOYENNE
string w/ sleuth = 22RooDoy

daily crossword = LSU


WPIX Secret Code Word = BARRY

U.S. History = The Swiss Family Robinson [currently accepted as correct! Factual correct answer is Robinson Crusoe]
TV Rewind = Norm's wife
US Sports =: The Wonderful Bop
Wacky State Laws = bounce

games = 14

**U.S. History = Robinson Crusoe (is now being accepted as the correct answer - as of 11:30am ET)

Twitter Bonus Code = MESSAGE

Read/Watch & Win:
Steve Wilkos started out as security on what other, noted daytime talk show? = The Jerry Springer Show

Daily Crossword = HOI

Sleuth = SCHMALTZ (Sch)

Scavenger Trivia I = 74 percent of visits to a doctor involve drug therapy. (74)
Scavenger Trivia II = 23 percent of dental emergencies relate back to fillings, caps, or crowns. (23)

String so far = 14Sch7423

WPIX Secret Code Word = LOVE


U.S. History = Al Pacino
TV Rewind = Obstetrician
US Sports = Buster Douglas
Wacky State Laws = 25 miles per hour

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I(Irritate) = Over 40% of people say they have sensitive skin.
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II (Health Problems) = About 90% of all foods contain sugar and starch that cause high levels of bacteria...
HSW I (Estate Freeze Trusts) = to minimize tax liability and transfer family businesses and farm assets to the next generation.
HSW II (Ramen Noodle) = vegetables

Games = 8

string (w/sleuth) = Exc8OveAboTo Veg ..need the space here

crossword= Thais

Read/Watch & Win:
What did Party City's Jennifer Jackson use to make the red rims on the glasses of the "love potions?" ? = Red sugar

crossword: Mandela
sports: Oakland Athletics
tv: Columbus, Ohio
History: 60,000
wacky law: gun
games: blue

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